master mantis

Awesome Dreamworks Cosplay group

I don’t understand why there’s so little fanart of Dreamworks characters together.

I mean you’ve got LOTS of dragons and dragon warriors, multiple mad scientists, a bevy of girls that could kick ass and compare axes, myths, monsters, fairy tales, and aliens… why do the Disney characters get drawn together but not the Dreamworks ones?

I mean, it writes itself.  Dr. Cockroach and Megamind trying to give scientific pointers to Guy and getting in an argument? Toothless playing with Donkey’s Donkragon kids? Crane, Toothiana, and Insectosaurus flying together?  Shrek getting fatherhood advice from Grug Crood?  Sandy trying her “cavewoman style” against Tigress’ Kung Fu, as Puss in Boots watches with hearts in his eyes? Roxanne trying to convince Ginormica that not all reporters are jerks?

(Is it because of Bee Movie?)