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Human Kung Fu Panda Team by CoraOvart (deviant art) I really love humanized versions of animated animals. Everyone has such creative designs for them, and I can’t help but like It! She did an amazing job, especially with Po’s design!

Sushi by otisframpton (deviantart)
This would actually be a great scene for the warriors to relax after a hard day of butt-kicking! Order Up! 🐼🐯🐍🐛🐲🍨🍙🍲🍱🍜🍣🍤🍥🍢


[1/?] Favorite Squads (in no particular order) → Jade Palace fam

“We are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five, and we’re here to bring you to justice!”


  • Mantis: Remember that time you dared me to lick that swingset?
  • Crane: No, I said, "Mantis, don't lick the swingset," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Crane." And then you licked the swingset.
Warrior or Traitor, a KFP Fanfic

It was midnight, 3 felines jumped roof to roof from houses in the Valley of Peace. The three landed on a rooftop, which looked like a museum.

“We reached our destination.” One feline said. The other two nodded. The feline used her sharp claws to remove a small window at the top and get inside. A rhino guard ran toward her, she grabbed his horn and gave him a pressure point, he fell on the ground without letting out any yelp, unconscious. The feline made her way to an artefact placed next to a big column, it was a mask. “Yes. Finally.” She picked up the mask. “I got it! Nobody will be able to stop us now, sisters!”

“But what are you gonna turn into?” Another feline asked.

She chuckled evilly. “Wait and see.” She concentrated and put the mask on her face, a golden light flashed, changing her form into Tigress.

“And now to do something evil in form of Master Tigress!”

In the Jade Palace, Dragon Warrior and the furious Five were training.

“Alright students. I’ll teach you a new technique today. So get ready.” Shifu told.

“Sound bodaciously awesome!!!”Po said, hugging Tigress excitedly. She smiled at him and then pushed him away.

“Panda, focus.” Shifu said. Po stood straight. “Good. So, let’s begin. Tigress, come here.” Tigress was a bit surprised that Shifu called her first and not Po.

“Yeah, right. You’re the lucky one, Tigress.” Po said, annoyed. Tigress stepped forth and bowed.

“Get ready, Tigress. This might be difficult.” Shifu said. He waved his hands in the air for a moment and then, in a blink of an eye, there were 10 forms of Shifu surrounding her. Her eyes widened at the odd scene.


“Tigress, you must use your hundred-eye orb to figure out the real me.” All Shifus said together. Tigress had to admit this was a difficult task. She looked around and leapt at one Shifu, only to find it was a shadow. “Very sloppy. Try again.” She tried again and again, but only ending up by leaping at a shadow, until she started panting. “Hmm… this is worse than I expected. Look behind, Tigress.”

Tigress looked back see Shifu standing and looking at her sternly. “I am sorry, master.” She said, bowing.

“That’s okay, Tigress. This was your first try. Po, would you like to give it a try?” Shifu asked.

“What?! Me?! If Tigress can’t do this, how am I supposed to do this?” Po asked.

“Just try, Dragon Warrior.” Shifu said. Po had no choice but to try, only ending up failing.

“Uh, Master? May I try once again?” Tigress asked. Shifu looked at her. “I think I got how to do this.”

“Yes, sure, Tigress.” Shifu said. Once again, 10 forms of Shifu appeared. Tigress closed her eyes and started concentrating. Shifu smiled. “Concentrate on your chi. Focus on your hundred-eye orb, and the right threat will appear.”

Tigress opened her eyes and leapt at Shifu, tackling him to the ground. He smiled. “Very good, Tigress.” As soon as Tigress got off him, she bowed. “See everyone, that’s how you do it.” Po started clapping and whistling. Tigress rolled her eyes.

“MASTER SHIFU!” lots of voices came together, catching the warriors’ attention. “Master Shifu, we have been robbed! And we know who the robber is!”

“What?” Shifu asked. “Who?”

“It’s Master Tigress!”

“What?!” Tigress exclaimed. “Have lost your minds?! Why would I do something like that?!”

“Tigress, calm down.” Shifu said. “What makes you think Tigress has done it, citizen?”

“Master Shifu, we watched from our own eyes! She even attacked us!” One villager said.

Shifu’s ears twitched, as he said. “You might have mistaken her by someone else, people. I request please stop disrespecting Master Tigress by this false blame, she is my most decent student, as well as an honourable master, this means she deserves resp-”

“Would you just stop showing the reverence of her magnificence?” A villager asked. “She is a thief.”

“Anyway, what has been robbed?” Shifu asked.

“All our gold and money! As well as the Shang-Li mask from the museum!”

“And what makes you think it was Tigress?”

“Master Shifu, it was a full moon night, we clearly saw her face!” a pig said. We even found her footprints!

“Master, I have not done it, I swear!” Tigress said, totally shocked.

“Tigress, I am not blaming you on doing this. Just tell me, do you know anything about all this?” Shifu asked.

“Of course not, master. How could you even think that? You know I have nothing to do with gold or money. This- This is a conspiracy against me!” She said.

“Yes master, I know she can’t do anything like this.” Po said, stepping forth.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Shifu said. “I can’t just believe blindly that Tigress has done something like this. But we’ll try to figure what’s going on. Please leave.”

“Yes, Master Shifu. But you better tell Master Tigress to stop doing this.” And with that, the villagers left the Jade Palace.

“Tigress, You better be careful.” Shifu said and left the courtyard. Tigress frowned, she had no idea what was going on.

“Don’t worry, Ti. We believe in you. We know you can’t do anything like that.” Po said, placing a hand on her shoulder, and so did the others.

“I really don’t know anything about this, Po.” She said.

“Well, Tigress is the only tiger in here, but she isn’t the only feline in here, right? I think they might have been confused by some other feline.” Mantis suggested.

“I don’t know. But I am sure it wasn’t Tigress.” Po said.

“Thanks, Po.” She said.

“That’s okay, Ti. And we’ll proof those villagers that you weren’t the one who did this. I promise.” Po said confidently. Tigress couldn’t help but smile at his response.

“Thanks Po. I think I better go to the bamboo forest to meditate, this blame is really bothering me.”

“Don’t ya’ think it’s too late to go out?” Po asked.

“That’s okay, Po. I’ll try to come back soon.” She said.

To Be Continued…