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INDEX FINGER, typically reserved for affiliation rings (fraternal, familial, membership crests). Associated with power, assertion, authority and the planet Jupiter. While tin is the associated metal, most commonly bright silver rings are worn.

FOURTH FINGER, usually reserved for wedding or engagement rings (more typically on the left hand, but acceptable on the right). Non-wedding rings worn on this finger tend to be silver. Associated with the moon, romance, creativity and beauty. 

okay but think how great a downworlders spin-off would be, we never get to see how downworlders really react to stuff, only the aftermath of it and i just want this so badly i’m aching


This moment is so important. And I’m so proud of Harry Shum Jr. for being able to deliver such a powerful performance, as powerful as the moment is.

Because this is Magnus admitting that there’s darkness inside him. And we could discuss a lot about if he was actually controlling his powers, because he certainly consciously directed his magic against his stepfather, but he was just a little boy, still in shock for his mother’s suicide and being harshly blamed for it… But anyway the anger was there, the fury was there, and Magnus remembers.

Because Magnus was just a 9 year old boy then, and this moment, when he burned his stepfather, was probably Magnus’ first encounter with his darkest side. Magnus’ magic is linked with his emotions, and with all the distress he was exposed to, I really find just natural that he has losen all kind of measurance. But, to Magnus, this was his first encounter with the “demonic” part of him, that part that wants to destroy and doesn’t care about the results (and here I wonder if this was really Magnus’ “demonic” part, of actually the “human” one? Wouldn’t we lose all control in the situation that Magnus was? Wouldn’t we do the same or worse destruction, being capable of what Magnus was?)

This was also probably the beginning of Magnus thinking, on the deepest of his heart, that he’s actually a monster, an abomination.

And then again this moment is so important, because Magnus is admitting his darkest side to Alec, the man he loves. Magnus could have agreed with Alec: he was a boy, he didn’t want to cause his stepfather any harm, he didn’t know what he was doing. But actually Magnus knew he had magic, maybe not the extent of it but he knew he had, and he knew that he wanted to hurt and harm, and maybe he was distressed and hurt himself and he was just a little shocked child, but the intention of harming someone else was still there…

And Magnus knows, and Magnus need Alec to know to, because he’s scared and he doesn’t want to lose Alec (just look at his expression right after admitting that he was controlling his powers; look how vulnerable he looks, how he looks at Alec slowly as if he was waiting to be rejected), but he doesn’t want Alec to believe he’s completely innocent of everything. Magnus doesn’t want to deceive Alec in any way, that’s why he’s letting Alec to know what really happened.

And I can’t help but wonder if someday Magnus will realize that this scene, this moment of him admitting to Alec that his stepfather was “right”, is exactly what proves him wrong.

Because, what kind of “monster”, when having the opportunity to hide the darkness in him and keep the person he loves, decides to show that darkness in all its extent, so this person would know what he’s signing for? What kind of “abomination” would risk losing the love of his life, because he can’t help to be honest with him, even when that truth terribly hurts him?

Just, what kind of “monster” or “abomination” could love… In the beautiful, selfless, heartbreakingly honest way that Magnus Bane does?

Don’t know how I found this photo but I am going to share it for those who’ve never seen this one before. He’s so dreamy ❤


😂😂😂😂 Alec seems to like Magnus’ power plays. Who can blame him? It’s SO HOT!!! 🔥💪🔥

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P.S. Harry… don’t you mean 1899 BC? 😜  #HowOldIsHeReally #MagnusBane #Malec #Shadowhunters

Look at this precious gem that I just found 💜 I took screenshot from an amazing video of Stefán singing and cropped/sharpened it for you guys 💖Look at that face ;-; He is extremely gorgeous and I just can’t ! ~ ! ~ !

Can you guys believe that Alec will sit down and convince Magnus Bane - Master of hiding his broken heart - to talk about his past and how much he is hurting??? Can you guys believe that he will hug Magnus and most likely be all reassuring and loving and Magnus will finally allow himself to cry and break down properly and let himself believe that he deserves the love he’s being given and that Alec will not leave him??? CAN YOU GIYS BELIEVE THAT MALEC ARE THE MOST SUPPORTIVE AND AMAZING BOYFRIENDS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SO HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL!?!?

If anyone needs me, I will be off buying napkins to bawl into, bye!

My dudes. I completely caved and drew even more Robbie Rotten, except this time way more cartoony. My poor exhausted son, I just wanna embrace him and tell him it’s gonna be ok.

Also I have even more headcanons about him. You guys already know I headcanon him as being on the autism spectrum and having sensory issues but i also headcanon him as having depression and severe insomnia. That being said it’s totally canon that he has pretty severe sleep issues. “I’ve been awake for 3 days!” (Season 1 ep 7 Hero for a Day) I believe a good amount of his sleeplessness can be attributed to him consuming about half his weight in sugar everyday. He’s always in a perpetual loop of eating too much sugary sweet cake, getting really hyper and having a sugar rush and then shortly after a sugar crash. He uses the sugar crashes to supplement his sleep as best he can as it causes him to feel so crappy he just passes tf out (frequent daytime naps) if he’s lucky. But other times it just makes him even more awake and his depression makes it even worse. So he tries to shift his focus to anything but sleep so he tinkers and builds, invents and sews throughout the night to keep himself occupied. Other times he tries to watch mindless television until he’s mind is a soup of sleep deprived hallucinations and worry. His stimming becomes more frequent and severe the more tired he gets, so he has to use his hands, give him a tool and he goes to work. Give him a problem it’s his only focus. During a lot of these sleepless bouts the townspeople won’t see Robbie for days.

(I’m the worst. It’s 3:30 am and this is what I’m doing with my time.)

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Hey omg im sorry to bother but ? ive been seeing so much mcelroy stuff on tumblr and its rlly funny so i wanna watch more of their stuff but?? im not sure like. where ? do they have a youtube channel or something pls help me out fam ty

I’m so excited to share this with you anon! Welcome to my new obsession the brothers McElroy. Your oldest brother Justin McElroy, your middlest brother Travis McElroy, and your sweet baby brother Griffin McElroy! 

My first encounter with the McElroys was Griffin’s Amiibo Corner.

This is my favorite episode.

My next encounter introduced me to the Oldest McElroy brother, Justin. He and Griffin do this delightful show called Monster Factory. In this amazing entertainment nugget you can see the brothers create delicious content. Here is my favorite episode:

After binge watching all these episodes I stumbled upon greatness. The podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. An advicecast for the modern era. I was also introduced to the middle brother Travis here.

You can listen to every episode here:

After listening to hours of this show I found my new love. The Adventure Zone!

This is a DnD podcast starring Griffin as the Dungeon master, Travis as Magnus the fighter, Justin as Takko the elf wizard, and the brothers’ father Clint as Merel the druid! This show is just fantastic and Griffin is a masterful storyteller. I highly suggest you listen to it all because it has me on the edge of my seat.

So there you have it. The amazing McElroy Brothers have brought so much joy to me. BUT WAIT THERES MORE!


MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER AND ME!  A seeso show you can watch online here:


You’re welcome. I love you and please keep me updated.