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I need help finding this one specific fic. It was a star wars AU where in the beginning Levi is Erwins padiwan and they travel to a sith planet where they find Eren and Mikasa and take them back to train to be jedis. (I don't want to spoil so i'll stop there) it was a great fic on AO3 and i'd appreciate the help finding it again. Please and thank you! :)

I’m gonna go out on a very small line and say that this is probably the fic you’re looking for. I’m not interested in Star Wars, so I haven’t read it, but the summary seems pretty accurate compared to your ask!

Rule of Two
Summary: In a distant galaxy far, far away, the interstellar Galactic Empire, created from the ruins of the Republic, faces a new threat. Civil war and rebellion have broken across the galaxies and in an attempt to reveal the identity of the true enemy, the Jedi Order has sent Jedi Master, Erwin Smith, and his apprentice, Levi Ackerman, on a secret mission to desolate planet Korriban of the Outer Rim. A fateful encounter sweeps up a young hunter and his sister from their provincial life into a chaotic war of politics, love, and the eternal struggle between the light and dark side of the Force.


r u kidding me, galaxy far far away? you have robot arms and fish tanks full of magic healing goop, but apparently not prophylactics. i am starting​ to believe all the hype about anakin going dark side for want of a good baby doctor. i am incensed. i bet they don’t have proper sex ed courses on coruscant. i bet that when jedi masters sit down their padawans for “the talk” it is wildly misleading and inaccurate. no wonder those two crazy kids got knocked up at the most inopportune moment, they were trusting the force and “taking precautions” with space oregano.

“help me obi-wan kenobi” more like help me ob-g-yn.


“This is Obi-Wan Kenobi: a phenomenal pilot who doesn’t like to fly. A devastating warrior who’d rather not fight. A negotiator without peer who frankly prefers to sit alone in a quiet cave and meditate. Jedi Master. General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Member of the Jedi Council. He is respected throughout the Jedi Order for his insight as well as his warrior skills. He has become the hero of the next generation of Padawans; he is the Jedi their Masters hold up as a model. He is the being that the Council assigns to their most important missions. He is modest, centered and always kind. He is the ultimate Jedi. It is characteristic of Obi-Wan that he is entirely unaware of this.”

Matthew Stover


“The road lies before you, Anakin Skywalker. Will you walk it alone?”        "No, master. As a Jedi. If you’ll show me the way"

ILUM - CRYSTAL CAVE - Young master Obi-Wan Kenobi & his padawan Anakin Skywalker (I love to draw this era)

“Ilum,” Obi-Wan answered, watching his padawan’s expression carefully.

The name brought a spark of recognition to Anakin’s face. His bright eyes flashed. Still, he kept his tone guarded.

“I see.”

“We’re not here on a mission” Obi-Wan continued. “It’s a quest. It’s here that you will gather the crystals to fashion your own lightsaber.”

Anakin’s sober face cracked with the grin that Obi-Wan had come to look forward to seeing, a smile that radiated pleasure and hope.

“Thank you for this honor” he said.

“You are ready” Obi-Wan replied.  

A guide to lightsabers