master eraqus

Okay but guys

What if Ventus has been having nightmares this whole time

Because he’s traumatized by all the stuff that happened in Birth by Sleep

And he’s been seeing reiterations of what happened so many times that they start to warp and they’re telling different stories

So now Ven doesn’t know what’s real or what to trust anymore, his dreams are slowly derailing further and further from the truth

Things like people’s actions and words start to get mixed up, was it Terra or Aqua who first warned him about Vanitas, did he really meet up with the others in Radiant Garden at all, how much did he enjoy growing up with Terra, Aqua, and Eraqus, again

Did Master Eraqus talk about eventually killing Ventus regularly or is that his imagination

Did Aqua leave him in Castle Oblivion to protect him or to make him a prisoner again

It starts with the unexpected loss of something dear.

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The warmth that comforted and cradled just disappears,

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and in its place, there’s nothing, just an endless empty hole.

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The light that shown the way is gone and darkness takes control.

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Bitterness and anger are quick to fill the void.

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The path to isolation is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed.

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The cold seems to grow in my soul, it’s consuming me. Confused, am I losing myself in a strom?

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Growing jaded, being pushed, being pulled, I’m unraveling

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Can’t find myself when I’m constantly forced to conform.

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Enemies surround me,

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but the worse appear as friends.

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Liars and pretenders, only seek to reach their ends.

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Everything is breaking right before my eyes.

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Looking in the mirror, I see someone that I don’t recognize.

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Mirror, what’s this thing I see? Who is staring back at me?

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This stranger to my heart that’s filled my life.

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Mirror help me, who am I?

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