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Aw yeah baby, here we have the re-invention of an otherwise rather lame character. Evil Sonic in the past was, no matter how much Ken Penders built him up to be a true baddie, a wannabe from another dimension with a leather gear and dark sunglasses, who so desperately wanted to be part of the blue blur’s rogue gallery. He was so unimposing he was even nonchalantly beaten by Antoine once. Pre-brave Antoine of all people.

But thanks to Ian Flynn’s writing, he has for the most part ‘evolved’ into a character who’s more than just an evil version of Sonic, and you’ll see just how much he means business as the issues go on.


like can we talk about him for a second 

✰ he punched the chaos emeralds oUT OF SUPER SONIC
✰ he’s a treasure hunter (with a cool hat)
✰ chillest level music 
✰ protects the master emerald, BY HIMSELF 
✰ made shadow take off his rings one time because he’s so strong
✰ a good friend i would be his friend and eat grapes together 


One of my favorite things to come out of the Shattered World Crisis story was Amy supporting Knuckles on their adventure to restore the Master Emerald and save Angel Island.

Throughout the story we see Knuckles getting down, feeling incompetent, and even coming close to giving up, but Amy’s optimistic trait shines brightly as she’s able to pull Knuckles up and help him continue moving so he can save his home.

Just having these two together on a serious and emotional adventure like this that shows us different sides to Knuckles and having Amy support him all the way is one of the things that I really love about the comics.

Things I'd Like To See In Sonic Forces

 -The blue blur’s most recent adventures have consisted of lighthearted and straightforward stories. Colours, Generations and Lost World have the same basic plot; stop Eggman and/or the monster(s) of the week. Whilst these lighthearted and colourful adventures are charming and fun, many Sonic fans have grown up with darker, more mature stories.
I’d personally like to see a darker storyline.

There is a game which balanced lighthearted humour with dark themes well, this being  Sonic Unleashed.
To this day, Unleashed is one of my favourite Sonic games in terms of story, dialogue and tone among other aspects.
In short, give us a game with its darker moments yet balance the more mature elements with lighthearted humour.

 -You have a cast of iconic, diverse and lovable characters to work with here SEGA. Please use them.

Amy, The Chaotix and Knuckles have already been confirmed to be joining the Sonics in this adventure. Fan favourites such as Tails, Shadow and Silver will mostly make their appearances in the game too.

With this said, what are they doing there? Will they contribute to the story?
Will Knuckles and the Master Emerald play a part?
Are Shadow and Rouge working with GUN?
Will Tikal and Chaos make their long awaited return?
Time travel seems like Silver’s forte, is there a timeline he needs to set straight?
Will Blaze be travelling across dimensions to help the cause?

I’d also like to see some character development.
For example: Sonic.
His arch nemesis has finally defeated him. Everything he knows has changed, Sonic has never been able to deal with loss and sadness. So how will he come to grips with this new world?

Give us new character interactions. How do the main cast interact with each other in this time of need? Do they band together or fall apart?

Show us relationships we’ve never seen before.
Show us Cream making flower crowns for Team Dark.
Show us Amy giving Blaze fashion tips.
Show us Big saving Sonic’s life!
Show us how these iconic characters get along!!

 -Sonic has been placed in a situation we never thought he would be placed in. A situation where he has failed to stop Eggman. Now he, his younger self and a mysterious new character must stop Eggman’s rampage.
This is all we know at the moment.

If time travel plays a part in the story, do not overcomplicate it. Generations and CD got it right.

The resolution shouldn’t be as simple as just collecting the chaos emeralds, going super and defeating Eggman. This is a story which we have seen plenty of times in the series. Give us a plot that we wouldn’t have seen coming.

This is Sonic’s 25th Anniversary. Let’s see a game we’ll be talking about for years to come. It’s time to stop criticizing the past, and look to the future. And it looks like one, bright future.

(Feel free to add anything you’d like to see)


The first scene/teaser of The Wrath of Nazo is out!! Will be updating a FAQ shortly