master driver

Au where Marinette was meeting Alya for a con after a shift at her parents’ bakery, forgot to take off her ladybug-patterned apron, and saves comic book legend Master Fu from a driver not paying attention, inspiring him to make one more comic series before retirement. He announces that at the con, but Marinette doesn’t see it because she had to leave to go back to work, and only later, when every social media outlet is flooded with the news, does she realize she is the one who saved Master Fu.


Flip-flop, the alternate universe with Master Solo & Darth Rey!

Art by Vincent Tanguay aka @saintgenesisart

722 Days until the Han Solo Movie

561 Days until Episode VIII









Pretty - Hoseok

Group: BTS
Member: Hoseok
Type: ANGST, minor bit of smut
word count: 1466

Warnings: blood mentions, sexual content, death mentions

A/N: Inspired by Pretty by The Weeknd (song and MV). I promise i’ll write some happy smut later, i was just feeling really angsty while listening to the song!

When a whore of a white dove sings her song
That’s all we want to hear

He looked at the thick blanket of white clouds in the clear blue sky, watching from inside the plane as it was finally making its landing on the ground of his homeland after a whole year of being away. The small, rounded rectangled window revealed glimpses of the town he knew so well and missed deeply. It wasn’t necessarily the town he missed rather than the house in it, where you would be waiting for him.

He smiled as he imagined you impatiently anticipating his return after 365 days without him. How he’d worship you when he’d finally set foot in the house you shared together. He’d make love to you all night, the day after, the night after that day and the day after that night. Being apart for such a long time is hard. It changes things. It changed you. He knew that. He tried to text and call you as much as he could, but words through a mobile device can’t keep a woman warm. His lips pressed together into a thin line at the thought of it. He promised himself he wouldn’t get jealous. He couldn’t expect you to stay lonely and frustrated while he was away, choosing his career over his relationship. He accepted the fact you slept with other men while he was gone. But as soon as he lands, you’ll be his again. He consoled himself with that thought when things got hard.

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“The Queen and her Knight of Ren”

(You know,Rey in Spanish means King.That’s why I called her Queen. And I think that’s fucking awesome).

Here you have the second quick sketch of the week.The only thing I want to do is to draaaw but I have to study and :(. 

 Whyyyy,I only want to be free of this pain.

And yes,this is based on this adorable post:

By @thecutiekitsune and @zer0pm ;).

If you want to see my other Star Wars work you can see it here:

Loveliest in the Rain

words: 10.6k
summary: By all accounts, Adrien Agreste has the perfect life. But he often wonders what it would be like to visit the past, and one night, he finally gets the chance. (A Midnight in Paris AU!)

a/n: a big shoutout and lots of love to the lovely @operamatic who gave me the idea for this in the first place! Buckle up for some 1920s ladrien, present day adrinette, and a little bit of 1890s ladynoir 😊

AO3 | Fanfiction

Adrien Agreste should be perfectly content right now. It’s a sunny spring morning at the Giverny Gardens, the breeze is perfect, and he’s standing on a romantic bridge next to his fiancée and childhood friend, Chloe Bourgeois, who looks like a vision in her pale yellow sundress.

Any other man in his place would feel like the luckiest man in the world.  

And yet—there’s something not quite right, like he’s got every piece of the puzzle in place but the last one and he can’t find it anywhere in the box.

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In the year 2016, the world is invaded by monsters of an unknown origin. These monsters, called the Bugstar, have begun infecting people using a computer game virus. The genius gamer M must master the Gamer Driver and the legendary Gashat games in order to fight against the Bugstar as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. A variety of Riders based off of different game genres will appear!

Game Start! Clear the game, eradicate the Bugstar!

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #11

Short but important one. Next chapter is gonna be so long I don’t even care anymore. I should probably start loading these on FF net too…

Chapter Eleven: The Apple Far from the Tree

Lucy sighed as she shifted in theplush armchair that was once a decorative item in one of her father'smany useless rooms. It was not like he wanted guests over, ever. So,she took it upon herself to practice the art of thievery on the particular seat that now was her ‘throne’. The smooth cloth felt nice on her bare skin, library days meaning she could wear shorts and whatever else she liked as long as she remained inside at all times.

Nobody from the outside dared intrude on Heartfilia property, especially on Sundays.

At her side, a fresh cup of tea rested on its cup plate, in turn sitting on a silver platter with crumpets and other small snacks. The teapot was the only item that did not match the clean flowery looks of the china, the spout cracked and aged with constant use and wear.

The set Lucy used had been a gift for her thirteenth birthday, but the pot belonged to the set her mother received as a wedding present. After Layla’s passing, Jude tried to smash every last piece of the beloved set in his pained rage. The little teapot was the only thing Lucy managed to save.

All around her, books were stacked in order of topic, becoming more like a wall of literature that shielded the blonde from the cruel world. Not even Levy dared to disturb the organized chaos of the leather bound books, knowing Lucy had a plan for them and would return them to the shelves after the items served a purpose.

Speaking of, the blue haired woman coughed as she glanced up from her massive desk in the center of the library, the light of the sun casting through the giant windows at her back. Lucy glanced up from her tome of Fioreian history, pulling off her red rimmed reading glasses in amusement. “Yes?”

The petite librarian rose a brow, setting down her quill and crossing her arms over the paperwork; eyes leveling with the blonde heiress with serious knowledge behind her lips. “You have been in here for the past five hours, Lu-chan. Is something else troubling you?”

Something else, referring to the morning after Jose’s party when Lucy came barreling in with nothing but her sleepwear on and asking about the assassin caught that night. Levy, fortunately having heard about such an incident along the grapevine just hours earlier, informed the blonde that in a strange upset: the assassin broke out and vanished. Jose was clearly upset, claiming that the assassin had help and clearly was a threat to his safety.

Hence the doubling of his guards.

Lucy shook her head with a smile, grabbing the handle of the dainty cup and blowing on the hot liquid. “No, just doing some reading to pass up my writers block. That prisoner escaping Jose’s grasp was quite a distraction. Knowing Sir Jose, he must certainly feel embarrassed about his prisoner escaping, but that is none of my business.” The woman  mused with a light giggle, sipping her tea with great poise and airy care.

Levy giggled, rolling her eyes. “No, never.” Her arms unfolded, fingers pinching a quill as the librarian began to bury herself back in the paperwork. “Though, I do wonder about your little meetings in the gardens…”

Lucy choked, nearly dropping the delicate cup back on its plate as she breathed, face turning bright red. “Wha- I do not- what do you speak of?!” she spluttered, not at all graceful or totally inconspicuous. Her face burned under the blush, her whole head feeling hot.

The librarian chuckled, pressing her hand to her mouth to hide the grin that was so obviously there. “Right. My eyes have deceived me. You were not going to the gardens for a boy. Not you.”

Lucy scowled at her friend, huffing. “Levy, I do enjoy the company of nature-”

The blue haired woman grinned wolfishly, hazel eyes sharp for the kill. “Oh? You seem to favor that one bush at the corner of the garden-”

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Ben Solo - The Padawan Years.

Han: Leiaaaa… Ben’s wearing Anakin’s robes again!! Are you going to tell Luke, or should i?
Leia: Luke’s a Jedi, Han!! You’re his father ffs, you tell him!! 

(It’s hard when you have to raise a force sensitive emo punk son. I’ve always imagined him going through Anakin’s stuff, and trying it on..pissing Han and Leia in the process coz the robes were the only thing that was left and Ben was obsessed with anything and everything that belonged to Anakin..that is, until he found the helmet)

anonymous asked:

How would companions act if they met Shaun? (Bearded institute old man Shaun)

Cait: She ties to remain civil, but you can tell she’s on edge. She gives terse responses and holds her hands close to herself. 

Codsworth: “I can’t believe it’s you….” He’s so shocked and dumbfounded he literally shuts down for an hour. 

Curie: “Finally, we have met the men of science!” She asks 7332 questions about all the scientific advancements the Institute has made. 

Danse: “Hello…sir.” He’s similar to Cait, very on edge. He manages to keep a good small talk going.

Deacon: “So, the master slave driver himself. It’s an honor, sir.” He’s really sarcastic and mean to poor ol’ Shaun. 

Hancock: “Wow, never thought I’d live to see the day. You’ve got a hell of a parent here, Shaun. I hope you know that.” 

Nick: “Do… do you remember me? The cop? Please, please tell me what happened to me here. I can’t remember a thing.” he says, voice full of desperation.

Preston: He’s very cautious, pursing his lips pensively. “As long as you stay away from our settlements, we’ll have no issues. 

Piper: “How long has this place been here? Why are you hidden? Why kidnap people? What’s with the synths?” Proceeds to ask 69,420,666 questions with no breaths in between. 

X6-88: “Hello, Father. I hope you’ve been satisfied with my work lately.” Very solemn and respectful. 

MacCready: “Hey, I know we’ve just met but… do you have any cures for my Son? He’s really sick and… I don’t want to lose a child. Please.” He asks, eyes both hopeful and sad. 

Strong: “Old human weak. Won’t survive.” He observed, looking down on the bearded man. 

Dogmeat: Cautiously sniffs him and keeps an eye out.