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female villains+ archetypes

The Bitch: the abusive autocrat, she lies, cheats, and steals her way to the top.  She doesn’t care about the peons around her; only the achievement of her dreams matters.  
The Black Widow: the beguiling siren, she lures victims into her web.  An expert at seduction of every variety, she uses her charms to get her way.    
The Backstabber:  the two-faced friend, she delights in duping the unsuspecting.  Her sympathetic smiles enable her to learn her victim’s secrets, which she uses against them.  
The Lunatic:  the balanced madwoman, she draws others into her crazy environment.  The drum to which she marches misses many a beat, but to her, it is the rest of the world that is out of step. 
The Parasite: she collaborates for her own comfort.  She goes along with any atrocity, so long as her own security is assured.  She sees herself as victim who had no choice and blames others for their crimes.  
The Schemer: the lethal plotter, she devises the ruin of others.  Like a cat with a mouse, she plays with lives. Elaborate plans, intricate schemes, nothing pleases her more than to trap the unwary.  
The Fanatic:  the uncompromising extremist, she does wrong in the name of good.  She justifies her actions her intent and merely shrugs her shoulders at collateral damage. Anyone not an ally is an enemy.
The Matriarch: the motherly oppressor, she smothers her loved ones.  She knows what’s best and will do all in her power to control the lives of those who surround her.

#2 & #43-Kylo Ren

Warning: None

Words: 1.1 K +


Breathing heavy, you moved with the wind. Your hair flying in front of your face and your lips pursed. You could feel the force around you, caressing your skin and piercing your being. Closing your eyes, you shivered, gripping the hilt of your lightsaber.

He was there. You could feel it, however, you couldn’t figure out where exactly. However, he knew where you were. You could feel his energy, swarming around you.

Gritting your teeth, you hunched forward. Ready to strike, ready for him. Yet, he didn’t come. Instead, your head began to throb. Gasping, you struggled to stay on your feet. Shaking your head, your palms began to sweat. Kylo was like a blender in your head, weakening your knees. Your blood thudded through your whole body, your heart pounding against your chest. Pulling your eyebrows together, you swung around. Searching the trees for the dark figure that was your teacher.

“Focus…” He muttered as if he was whispering in your ear. Inhaling sharply, tears stung your eyes. It was like his hands were muffling your ears, squeezing your head. You wanted to cry out. But opening your mouth, he would not allow it. “Focus!”

“I can’t-I can’t!”

“Channel your strength. Push me out.” Kylo’s words were simple, at ease. You could picture him sitting on a rock, his helmet off, his eyes closed. Kylo sensed you thinking about him. “I’m not that far…”

Suddenly, a dark shadow passed over your shoulder and there he was. You could hear the crackling of his lightsaber, the ignition like a soft purr, yet dangerous. The red hue illuminated your robes, the soft fabric that wrapped around your legs and waist twirled with your movement. Igniting your lightsaber, you swung it around. But Kylo was faster. He blocked your move, then, unwrapping your whole body in the force, held you with a tight lock. You groaned, shaking violently. Attempting to break free from the immense pressure.

Anger then boiled in the pit of your stomach. You blinked the tears away, staring up at Kylo. He leaned over you, blocking the sunlight. Lifting his hand to your face, the leather brushed up against your cheek.

“Get out of my head.” You gritted, pushing against him. You could tell through the hint in his voice that a small smirk lifted the corner of his lips as you broke free. Your anger grew stronger. He always did this. Played on your thoughts. Your heart squeezed in your chest, and Kylo, glancing down, stayed silent. Every. Time. Made you weak, at his mercy.

Fight.” Shakily, you then tore through the fabric of his force, snarling as you ignited your lightsaber before spinning around, furiously jabbing the burning saber at Kylo. As you expected, he blocked your move, then sighed through his mask. The pressure of his lightsaber against yours, the sizzling sound of the two burning objects meeting in the middle of fire made your arm shake. However, you didn’t want to give Kylo the pleasure of beating you. Not today, not ever again. It was your turn to show how strong you were. Breathing heavily, your chest heaving, you gasped for air. But held your ground. Your feet dug into the soft dirt as you leaned forward. Grasping the hilt with both hands. Yet, when Kylo deactivated his lightsaber, letting down his guard, you squinted at him in confusion. Not knowing what his next move was. “Good.” You found a certain pleasantness in his voice, something you hadn’t heard before.

“That’s… That’s it?” You deactivated your lightsaber following his.

“For today. You still have a lot to learn, but, we made progress. You have to be quick on your feet. The second you feel me approaching your mind using the force, you must block me.”

“Yes, master.” Pausing, you noticed Kylo move his gaze to the ground, then, reaching up, he pulled off his helmet. Taking a breath, you always found yourself looking at his soft complexion a little too long.

His eyes piercing yours.

Biting your lip, you clipped your lightsaber onto your belt. Turning around and making it up the hill. Kylo seemed to stand in the position you had left him in, not moving a muscle, but breathing slowly.

The wind picked up, and wiping your hair from your eyes, you breathed out. The air immediately clearer, refreshing away from Kylo. His transparent presence around you still sensible, however. You found that he was always keeping an eye on you. His presence was growing on you. Comfortable.

Watching your feet as you walked up the hill, pushing through the doors, you moved to your room. Sweat soaked through your robes from the tiresome session. You could hear the quiet conversation of Stormtroopers as they moved about their routines, but, the last person you were expected to see, was General Hux. He walked tall, his hands laced tightly behind his back and his orange hair parted with the preciseness that was, well, him. He stared you down, giving a dissatisfied look. Cocking an eyebrow, you noticed him pause just as you passed him.

“Miss y/l/n?”

“Yes, General Hux?” You couldn’t hide the annoyance in your voice, but neither did he even try to.

“You do understand that Kylo Ren has much more preceding matters at hand then training you, yes? As a matter a fact, Snoke has allegedly not even finished training your, ‘master.’”

“And this is because…” You trailed off, looking for Hux to finish your thought.

“You might wish to take it upon yourself to retract whatever matters you and Kylo Ren have. He has been getting distracted lately, and I have no doubt it is by your doing.” As if scolding you like a child, Hux relaxed his shoulders for a breath, but then lifted his chin. You felt the need to sneer at him and his superiority. You hated the guy, always acted all high and mighty, as if he knew the answer to the galaxy, the meaning of life. But wouldn’t let anyone else in on the secret.

Hux then gave a quick nod and, looking for acknowledgment, after you looked down, he continued his walk. You continued to stare down at your feet, mulling over his words.

Sucking in a deep, tired breath, you then shook your head slightly, attempting to shake the feeling that there was something more between you and your master than what called for. Wondering why the Hux had used the specific word, distracted.

Then again, we all get distracted by something we know we shouldn’t have.

The Last Jedi SPOILERS

Just watched The Last Jedi, and I promise, every Star Wars fan would love every second of it. STOP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY SPOILERS

Here are some spoilers so you can kill me.

  • REYLO did happen, then suddenly, I’m barely shipping it now lol jk
  • Snoke is the bridge to their force bond oopsss
  • Kylo Ren is unredeemable, that nasty little bitch. Ben Solo is dead, Leia and Luke knows it
  • Luke Skywalker is still a badass specially with the semi light saber battle with Kylo Ren
  • Porgs porgs porgs
  • I CRIED FOUR TIMES ALL THROUGHOUT THE FILM (including the opening sequence yes)
  • Leia Organa used the Force
  • M A S T E R Y O D A
  • Rey’s parents are just nobodies lol
  • Poe Dameron is still our spirit animal
  • The Force bond talks of Rey and Kylo is so amazing, Daisy and Adam did great
  • Ask me more looool i am so sorry

Flip-flop, the alternate universe with Master Solo & Darth Rey!

Art by Vincent Tanguay aka @saintgenesisart

722 Days until the Han Solo Movie

561 Days until Episode VIII