master cleanse detoxing

I’m starting the “master cleanse” on  Monday.

It’s basically made to flush out your system. It’s famous because Beyonce has done this cleanse. All you need is a bottle of purified water with grade B organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and fresh lemon juice squeezed in it. That’s all you drink/eat. You can do this cleanse for about 40 days, I probably won’t do it that long so I’ll try to get to 10 days and if I can do that then I’ll shoot for 20. I’ve seen amazing results on this, and some people lose up to a pound a day (a lot of it’s water weight.) So have any of you ladies tried this? Was it sucessful? Let me know I’d love to hear how it worked out. I’ll probably post body pictures when I’m done to show the results :)