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No but seriously, I just really wanna’ say thank you to everyone whose been a part of this blog’s life. Whether you’ve known me since my first url, blue-haired-bastard, or just met me yesterday, I just want to say that I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you all. I don’t think I’d still be here if it wasn’t for you guys. I remember taking, like, a half a year hiatus back in 2013 because I didn’t think anyone would want to roleplay with me here, plus I thought Tumblr was fuckin’ dumb. Then, I remember coming back here, in March of 2014, just to delete this blog, but, this blog somehow started getting more popular over god-knows-what; so I decided against that idea and wanted to see how this blog would come about, anyways.

Now, a year and a half later, I’m sitting here on one of my– scratch that, my one favorite muse with 1,000 followers. I know that’s not the highest amount of followers I’ve ever had on a blog, but that’s still the one milestone I’ve been really waiting to reach. And thanks to all of you, I finally did it! I really can’t say thank you to you guys enough times to really express my feelings. Sorry for getting sappy and gross, but thank you for putting up with Grimmjow’s shit ❤ and here’s to many more months of shit to come! Now raise your dukes and square up, punks.  (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง 

I love you guys, and don’t fuckin’ forget it. 
- ℒexie 

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Dekota's Apology [Starter for master-cifer]

Darkness surrounded his older brother’s “mature theatre,” it being so late into the night that even the creatures of the night had ceased their joyous songs of solitude, therefore leaving the parking lot eriely quiet and leaving Dekota feeling slightly uncomfortable. It made his soft, quiet breathing seem to roar obnoxiously in his sensitive ears, and his calm pulse felt as though it were pounding in his fingertips. He attepting to steady himself with a deep breath, knowing full well that if he didnt become acustomed to the silence soon, he would get nervous and lose his cool, thus he would end up avoiding the inevitable once again. He had to do this..

His private little pep talk had his feeling better, and the silence seemed less tense. He felt at ease now, his posture slipping into a more relaxed, laid back pose as he patiently waited. He knew that the person he awaited would soon exit the building, tired and possibly hungry, ready for a well needed and deserved rest. Dekota shook his head in attempts to clear it. Why the hell was he thinking this way? Dekota Nixon cared for no one! He was merely here to just….say he was sorry. Thats all he was doing- he would leave him alone after his apology was accepted. At least, thats what he continued to tell himself.

“It isn’t your fault at all. My family is poor and they needed the money to continue their own lives. I was the only thing of value they possessed so it was all they could do to sell me,” despite Renji’s words Ulquiorra did harbor some dislike for his parents because of what they had decided to do with him. He could never in a million years imagine selling his child for a few gold coins and a chance at a better, more comfortable life.

“It was here or the slave markets. Who knows what would have happened to me there….so I am at least a little grateful that it was you who took me and not some filthy slave owner that could have done anything with me,” would it have been better for him to live a short miserable life with a slave owner or the long sad life he had been living in the palace?

Ulquiorra was not exactly sure of the answer, but he supposed that at least here he had managed to keep his dignity in tact, “I have never been one for wanting much and what I truly did want you already gave to me.”

“They only wanted a better life for you, Ulquiorra…..but I wont delve onto the topic further….but maybe they just made a mistake….like I had done.” He smiled half heartedly. “Though I am glad that you are excited to see your family….I wish nothing but the best for you ” He looked up into those now brightened emerald hues and couldnt help but become lost in their beauty. 

It was growing harder and harder to let the man in front of him go. He wanted to hold Ulquiorra, he wanted the man to stay by his side and never leave him but he knew…..he knew that this was the right thing to do above all else, including his own retched feelings. Ulquiorra would only be happy if he had his freedom, and if there was nothing more the king could do, he would give the other that much. 

He tentatively reached up and cupped the others cheek, his thumb ghosting over the smooth skin. “It makes me happy to know that you will be happy once you leave here. Im sorry….I cant express just how much so…..but…..I am truly sorry that it took me so long to give you this….I could have saved you years of loneliness”