master chief quotes

Master chief readies his team
  • John-117: Kelly, Linda, Fred. Gear up, we've got a new mission, and it's gonna need all our skills.
  • Fred-104: (tosses combat knife at practice dummy)
  • John-117: (unimpressed) oh, you can throw a knife. But you know what you can't throw? A party! For my birthday! WHICH WAS WEDNESDAY! (Sobs) I REMEMBERED YOURS!
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  • Master Chief: I’ve never had a sidekick before.
  • Cortana: It’s easy. I provide the banter and commentary, and you do the stuff.
  • Master Chief: What stuff?
  • Cortana: The talking and the running and the saving of the world. If a helpful hint – or, you know, an inappropriate joke – is needed, bam! I’m right there.
Master Chief and Locke Making up on Sanghelios
  • John-117: It's going to take all of us to stop Cortana. Friends?
  • Locke: Friends. (shakes hand)
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: NO FRIENDS! You must fight to the death!
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: What is with you, lately? everything is "to the Death!"
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: Not everything.
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: Two nights ago, we went out for Pizza and you said, "Pizza to the Death!" I mean, what does that even mean?
  • S.o.S. Elite 3: Yeah, and remember "Movies to the Death!"?
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: What's going on, man?
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: I don't know...(looks down)I don't like my Job.