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Halo: The Master Chief Collection


This armour for Halo 5: Guardians really caught my attention because of the very Sangheili-like design it has.

The helmet looks exactly like the Arbiter’s, the arm plating has the exact same segmented design, the leg and foot plating is exactly what a Sangheili’s leg armour would look like if their legs were shaped like a human’s.

Oh, and the armour is called Helioskrill, as if that wasn’t enough of a hint.

Looks like we’ve got Sangheili and humans sharing designs, which is really fucking interesting as far as species interaction goes in the post-war era.

Cortana (Halo) Inspired Outfit

I’ve done a few Cortana inspired outfits over the past few years of Console to Closet, but I wanted to revamp a formal look for a classier Cortana ensemble. I started with this designer dress that’s got beautiful ombre blue lines, bringing in many colors of Cortana’s AI appearance. I also drew blue inspiration in the nail polish. I paired the dress with black, sleek accessories and modern jewelry, all with a Halo ring nod. 

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