master assassins otp

why a netflix clintasha show whould be the best thing ever
  • we could find out what the fuck happened in budapest
  • more natasha backstory in the red room
  • more clint backstory at the circus
  • maria hill and phil coulson cameos
  • nick fury
  • the rest of the avengers could show up
  • flashbacks from when clint was sent to kill natasha and he didn’t (awesome fight scenes people!!)
  • more badass scenes of hawkeye and black widow
  • they could spend some time showing us the effects of loki’s mind control to clint
  • also we would get to see natasha trying to wipe out her ledger (hospital fire, sao paolo, etc)
  • CLINTASHA CUTE MOMENTS (either as friends or even lovers/we-dont-know-what-we-are)
  • clint may have a wife so the series will have to agree with that, but AT SOME POINT THEY BANGED THATS SURE
  • more clintasha moments trying to built friendship and trust between them
  • MORE C L I N T A S H A

do i even have to say anything else?


fanfic appreciation ♡ clintasha headcanon ficlet by @buckyforcap

the 3 am snack he’d made last night, when he got in from his last mission. a melted cheese sandwhich he’d barely been awake enough to microwave and had made with his eyes mostly shut and lucky nosing at his hip. he’d thought the cheese had been really nice. he hadn’t really put it together, but yeah, that was tasha’s. tasha’s weird russian thing. tasha had killed his coffemaker over her weird russian thing and had been standing there waiting for him. this was definitely strike three.