master and the doctor

Doctor Who comics

I’ve read 2 Doctor Who comics in my entier life, both of which are from Titan comics.

I also own both of them, and the preimse for each one is more out there than the last.

Therefor, here is the run down of the exciting, wonderful, and at times rather hilarious and wtf Doctor Who Titan comics A matter of life and death and The Heralds of Destruction, starting with the 8th Doctor’s comic.

A matter of Life and Death - An 8th Doctor comic

- 12th Doctor goes to an auction with Clara and buy (steal, bc he aint got 2 million credits) his 8th self his new companion

- Placing said companion where his 8th self will find her and give them a possibly dangerous/deadly to-do list so they’ll have some adventures toghther and she’ll agree to travel With him

- And so they can discover her weird, screwed up backstory that almost kill them and the 12th Doctor totally knew of.

- Most likely knowing the 8th Doctor is soon going to be caught up in the Time War - as is shown by him wearing his outfit from Night of The Doctor - and a rather suspicious line saying ‘yes. Yes, indeed. It’s certainlygiven me something to reflect on’ after having met an evil alter ego of himself…

- Also to save them from aliens coming alive and steping out of his companion, Josies, paintings, said companion has to paint a copy of The Doctor and make him come alive.

- Ends with the 12th Doctor watching them read a book by Charlotte Brontë through the window, Clara teasing him about growing old and being sentimental.

Heralds of Destruction - a 3rd Doctor comic

- Rámon Salamander, the dude that looked exactly like the Second Doctor from Enemy of the world, is back - and no I’m not even kidding

- It is confirmed Salamander was thrown into the Time Vortex

- He’s hell bent on world domination and want revenge on the Third Doctor, therefor succesfully inventing time travel

- He pretends to be the Second Doctor having come to help the Third Doctor to infiltrate UNIT

- And it is Delgado!Master who sees through his bluff and actually help them track him to his secret base, enabeling them to defeat him

- Delgado!Master lock The Brigadier in a closet and pretend to be him, having an epic marcial arts battle with The Doctor once he is discovered

- Delgado!Master use his Brigadier Mask as a parachute when he jumps from a plane

- The Doctor enters the mind of Jo Grant, which in itself is quite intresting, defeating some aliens in her subconscious while he’s at it

- Jo Grant knock an alien trying to strangle The Doctor in her mind unconscious with a book containing everything she learnt over the last two years

- Sergent Osgood & his Inhaler does their best to follow the 3rd Doctors instructions

- Poor Brig doesn’t know even half of what’s going on and no one cares to explain

- Epic battle to the death in the house of parlament (I think?) in 1868, ending with the second deafet of Salamander.

Last but not least, THIS was an alternate cover for one of the 5 seperate comics this adventure was originally sold as:

Otp Imagines: Bite me, Asshole!

Person A: *growls* Bite me, asshole

Person B: *shrugs* Okay

Person A: Wait what!?

Person B: *bites person A’s shoulder*

Person A: ugh… *grips person B’s arm*

Person B: * stops and pulls back*

Person A: *flushed pink and eyes dilated* Who told you to stop! Bite me, Asshole.

Person B: *smirks* As you wish.

Person A: Stop quoting Princess Bride!


                                                     She was my first friend.
                               Always so brilliant, from the first day at the Academy.
                                                          So fast, so funny.

Otp Imagines: Silly jealousy

Person A: I’m so in love with a handsome bastard.

Person B: *shouts* Bitch who!

Person B: I thought we were together. Who the hell are they!

Person A: *stares at them*

Person B: What?!…… *whines* OH my God!

Person B:… It’s me…

Person A: *kisses their cheek* heh I love you.