the signs as quotes from tyler joseph
  • aries:it's shrimp in a bag! 0:
  • taurus:dude, get back on the bed - i mean couch. we're not lying on a bed together in our underwear.
  • gemini:i'mma let you finish, but josh dun is the best drummer
  • cancer:i actually never leave my house
  • leo:winter is coming
  • virgo:josh is an adorable napper
  • libra:like i'm singing this song that i wrote for my mother and there's some guy in a full body gingerbread man suit getting crowdsurfed to the front
  • scorpio:this is not normal at all. and i like that.
  • sagittarius:so i sit back in my emo chair with my emo slippers on in the middle of winter and i'm just like, "this is absolute garbage."
  • capricorn:i thought the boyfriend said something, but it turns out it was just the turtletop rattling in the wind, barely hanging onto the top of our Kia
  • aquarius:ew, dude, i don't think i could dig that, like if i looked over while you were drumming and you just had these honking nipples
  • pisces:love you merm

Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post



The heart of Chibi-Usa’s problem is that she doesn’t know how to grow up, she literally is paralyzed as a young girl because she’s so terrified of not being able to live up to her mother’s legacy.  She’s subconsciously frozen herself in this form because she doesn’t think she can do it, because she can’t manifest her crescent mark, because she can’t be an elegant lady like her Mama.

That’s why Endymion encourages her to do a proper greeting, why he makes a point of being gentle with her, and why he praises her for taking that first step, that she did a good job with it.

We don’t see much of what happens in those ~900 years of Chibi-Usa not growing up, we don’t know how Endymion and Serenity handled it, but what little we do see is exactly like this:  Endymion encouraging her and telling her she’s done well, he’s giving her every indication that she’s shown good judgement and can do proper greetings to make those first steps to being a wonderful lady.

It obviously can’t solve the problem for her, but it’s never been because her parents ignored her or didn’t care or didn’t encourage her.  (And this part of what makes Chibi-Usa’s story even more meaningful to me, because it’s about her and her feelings and how she sees herself, that journey through that.  It means more to me because it’s not some outside source to be fixed, but something in her that she has to work through, just like it’s something in me that I’ve had to work really hard to deal with.)

Lucario has a spike in Smash Bros 4!

For those for you who don’t know, a ‘spike’ in Smash Bros is an attack that will instantly KO an opponent downwards if they’re at a high enough percent and the spike is performed properly.

Here is Lucario using his down-air on Mewtwo. Spikes are often the characters down-air (if they have a spike at all), with a few exceptions being Mario’s forward-air and Lucas’s back-air.

Now let’s zoom in a little bit- do you see it?

There it is! Lucario has a spike!

But wait!

Here’s Lucario using his down-tilt. After years of research and data mining the game, we have found Lucario has 3 spikes!

Can you see them? It’s hard to believe but they’re definitely there.


Let’s see what happens when we connect all the tips of his three spikes:

Is that… a triangle?




jjba simplified
  • phantom blood:where dio part 1
  • battle tendency:the mask starring jim carrey
  • stardust crusaders:where dio part 2
  • diamond is unbreakable:david bowie and his cat
  • vento aureo:*tough guy finger snapping*
  • stone ocean:end of evangelion
  • steel ball run:everyone has ptsd
  • jojolion:there is literally no way to explain jojolion. ask anybody. they can't explain shit about jojolion.