Polyphemus moth cocoon. It’ll eclose sometime in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.

I talked to one of the camp admins about my anxieties and he eventually asked what the next step I’d take with Garden Girl would be. I beamed and said, “I’m having my mother send me Polyphemus cocoons and I’m going to give her one!”

He looked at me, shook his head, and said, “You’re giving your crush a cool bug. You’re like a seven year-old boy.”

Hell is not part of geography, it is part of your psychology, and so is heaven.  You create your hell, you create your heaven.  And it is not in the future.  Herenow somebody is living in heaven and somebody is living in hell - and they may be sitting together, they may be friends.  Don’t be worried about hell and heaven; they are just your states.  If you live in the mind, you live in hell.  If you live in the no-mind, you live in heaven.

‘Pro-Play Home Arcade’

[MISC] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1988]

  • Game Player’s Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games, September 1988 (#03)
  • Scanned by Phillyman, via RetroMags
  • Imagine being the coolest kid on your block, if you had this in the late ‘80s. Though with that “I’m that rich kid from every live-action Disney movie” price tag ($500 after inflation) it looks oddly enough like something you’d get at Ikea.