Hey guys, my friend really needs your help. Her Dad just recently came out as transgender and is struggling to make ends meet so he can safely transition. They need $300 by tomorrow or else its back on the waiting list, and after living his life physically as a girl for 40 odd years he really wants to finally be able to transition and be happy. 

A note from Flyn:

“My beautiful father has recently came out as transgender. He desperately wants his body to match how his felt his whole life.
He needs a mastectomy and hysterectomy. All donations are appreciated no matter the size.
We have struggled for a long time and he has been through everything to take care of me and my brother.
He is a beautiful person who deserves the world, however all he asks is for no more boobies!
Love and kisses Flyn (16yo daughter”

If you could help, AT ALL, even if its only a dollar, they’d be forever thankful

Thank You

FTM Fitness Problems

I lift, I run, I eat healthy, I take supplements, I drink protein shakes, I improve my body and make it more masculine..
But no matter what I do I can’t change my chest. I could have rock hard defined abs but just a few centimetres up there’s this tissue that can only be solved by SURGERY. I try to think of it that WHEN I have surgery, all this fitness will make it look so much better, but every time I look at my progress my eyes are drawn to my chest. I can’t be proud of my body….not with breasts.

Hello! My name is Ari, if you didn’t know that already, and I made a Gofundme for my top surgery. I decided that I would start early with this because I’m hoping that having some money set aside for it would bring me some peace of mind while I’m trying to cope with dysphoria. If you can donate anything at all I would be eternally grateful.

I’m in the queue for the mastectomy and since the max waiting time in Finland is 6 months, I should get my cans removed right before my birthday! My social security number should be changed around that time too so maybe 2016 is the year, when I can finally start living my life to the fullest ;u;

“It is reassuring that they see nothing that makes them uncomfortable. They can see my small scars and that’s it. Everything else is just Mommy, the same as she always was. And they know that I love them and will do anything to be with them as long as I can. On a personal note, I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.” - Angelina Jolie

Angelina's breasts, Angelina's choice.

Whenever something monumental/important happens, the internet tends to rally together and react appropriately.

Minus the idiots. Minus always the idiots.

Today, the idiots came out in droves when it was revealed (via Angelina) that Angelina Jolie would undergo a double mastectomy to lessen the 87% chance she has of developing breast cancer. So she could live for her kids, and her partner, and her friends, and her family. She willingly signed herself up for a long, arduous, and painful procedure to prevent chemo, radiation, and god only knows what down the road. Pretty brave. Pretty terrifying. So what could someone possibly say about that?

Well someone always has something to say. And in the case of a famous actress and her breasts, more than a few men (see: my last Tumblr re-blog) stepped up to comment on “the great loss” via “poor Brad” jokes, and any number of badly-written puns. Because when a woman takes something away from herself – FROM HERSELF – it becomes automatically about how (sexist) men will suffer.

Sexist men. Not some men, and certainly not all men. Sexist ones. The ones who believe a woman’s body somehow owes them something. The ones who consider breasts their turf. The ones who feel they’ve earned the right to ogle Angelina – or worse, that Brad Pitt slums amongst them, and will somehow see Angelina as less of a woman because … why? She wanted to save her life so she could spend more time with herself and the children? What actual kind of fuckery is this.

Well, we know exactly what it is. And we know that we see it every day whether via catcalls or via tweets or via any number of sexist, misogynist, and downright terrifying comments and actions. Our society is a sad one, but the increasing intolerance towards the “comedy stylings” of wannabe shit-disturbers is at least a sign that the times they are a-changing. (FYI gentlemen, as I tweeted today, if Tucker Max would laugh at something you’ve said, you may want to dismantle your laptop and hurl it into the sea.)

What Angelina Jolie has chosen is just that: a choice. Her choice. We’re lucky she chose to share it with us; to enlighten us on a deadly gene – to give us intimate, graphic, and vulnerable details about a procedure that some people might not even know existed. This isn’t about Angelina Jolie cutting her breasts for the sake of attention or for a role or for anything someone tweeted to earn a fav – this is about health. WOMEN’S health. And even if she were cutting off her arm or her leg or her hairthat is still all fine and good because again (say it with me!) it is her. choice. HERS. 

Women’s bodies, women’s choices. The reasons are irrelevant. The backstories are unimportant. The only person who gets to have a say in what a woman has chosen to do is the woman choosing, and the more “jokes” about “Brad’s loss,” the more we’re telling women that what they want is everybody’s business, too. It isn’t. Angelina chose to use her celebrity to educate and enlighten. But even if she walked up to everyone on the street and told them her story in person, that still doesn’t invite a response. Same goes for every other woman out there – but you guys all already know this. I’m saying this mainly for the idiots.