Abandoned by Zac Robinson

For the past two days we have been exploring the island of Vaeroy at the Southern end of the Lofoten Islands. This is an often photographed lookout, and for good reason. The view below is amazing. There are two ways to reach this peak. One may either hike up a service road (located behind me), or instead, one may hike up that ridge in this image. We did the latter on the first day of the island but the light was very flat at the summit, so we woke up early the next day and hiked the service road before heading to the National Day celebrations. This was a special day for us, and we enjoyed a picnic amid the abandoned houses of Mastad, located at the end of the peninsula and seen in the distance in this image. The image is a combination of 3 shots stacked for focus. Camera: Canon 6D Lens: Canon 16-35 f/2.8 ISO 100 FL: 16mm Av: f/5.6 Tv: 1/160s Filters: No HDR: No, but 3 images have been stacked to blend the focus from foreground to background. Panorama: No

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