NEWS Ramblings # 1: Indirect Kissing
  • During a NEWS concert. Ryo takes Pi's water bottle and drinks from it.
  • Fangirls:kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Koyama:(shocked) Eh eh? What happened?
  • Ryo:Oh, I drank from Pi's bottle....INDIRECT KISSING.
  • Pi:( unaffected as usual) Im the type who dont mind these things. What about you guys?
  • Kei:Drinking from the same bottle? I dont mind either.
  • Shige:Ah, it depends on who.
  • Tegoshi/Kei:OIIII!!! (offended? lol)
  • Shige:but if its Massu's it will be gross right?
  • Pi:Hey, you'll make Massu mad.
  • Ryo:(faces Massu) does that make you mad?
  • Pi:Massu, dont get mad.Neh, after this, Ill buy you some dango. (MASSUPi ♥)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Ryo really knows how to stir up a fangirl crowd. And LoL to Pi's solution to everything.....
Yamapi & Massu: Fanboying each other
  • Masu:Um, from Yamashita-kun’s point of view, what kind of person am I?
  • Pi:Umm… yeah well…
  • Masu:…………..(nervous)
  • Pi:Of course speaking of Massu’s good points, it’s his kindness!
  • Masu:(relieved)
  • Pi:I mean from what I see you’re nice. Your smile is overflowing with kindness.
  • Masu:Thank you very much ♪
  • Pi: And when you’re going to drink something in the backroom, if I’m next to you then you’ll, without fail, ask “Want a drink?”. From Massu’s point of view, how am I seen?
  • Masu:I respect you. Everything about you. In the convenience store I often buy the products you were in a commercial for.
  • Pi:What kind of way to show respect is that (lol)
  • Masu:It’s like, “Uh oh. This, isn’t it the thing Yamapi is advertising? Isn’t it totally awesome?” that kind of feeling. Totally like a fan’s view!
  • Pi:But you know...I also drink the acai drink you recommended.
  • Masu:(^__^). ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • cr:lifeisgoodtrans. Pi 'listening to Massu's recommendations makes this OTP even more adorable.
MassuPi Moment: texting & bromance ♥
  • Massu:When I sent Yamashita-kun an email for his birthday he replied “Thanks. I love your smile, Massu ♥“. I was really really surprised. My heart beat hard for a moment. If I was a girl it’d probably beat so hard I’d die (lol). Aaa! Yamashita-kun, I just realized I haven’t given you your present yet. I’ll make sure to soon. Please look forward to it.
  • P.S. I love Yamashita-kun’s smile (embarassed).
  • ~~~
  • How can you not love these boys.
  • cr:lifeisgoodtranslations.
A MasuPi moment: When Pi compliments Massu....
  • Yamapi:Right, let's go with E. I'd say "Smile (=EGAO)"! I love Massu's smile. The shape is nice.
  • Massu:No no, that's embarrassing (blushing)
  • Yamapi:Massu think of an E too!
  • Massu:umm....YamapiEee?
  • Yamapi:........Eh!? (laughs)
  • Massu:Ah, was it a fail? (^___^'')
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASSU <3!!!! Stay are lovable as you are now.
Yamapi and Massu: Exchanging 'gifts'

Masuda :What’ll you get for me?
Yamashita :For you I’d get those huge loose pants like you wore when we were singing “weeeek” on TV.
Masuda Eeeh! Well that’s fine… OK for Yamashita-kun’s present I’ll get you some of the 5 toed socks I’ve been into lately. The color will be pink!
Yamashita: That’s great, pink. Brings out energy. Though I think I’d definitely never wear them except at home.
Masuda :If you wear pink 5 toed socks, then you’ll think of me (lol). Maybe I’ll get you a belt or something too. Is that too practical?
Yamashita: Nope. I think I’d be happy.
Masuda: Is there something you really want?
Yamashita: A bike, I guess.
Masuda :You have one though, old lady bike.
Yamashita :That’s that, but I was thinking it’d be nice to have one more.
Masuda :All right, then I’ll get you the one in the store that has the best sounding bell (lol).
Yamashita: Massu, what do you want?
Masuda :I guess a leather jacket.
Yamashita: You have that though.
Masuda: I just want one more, I thought it’d be nice if I had a leather jacket that I got from you. The point of it is “I got this from Yamashita-kun!” after all (lol).



Massu probably got tired  jealous of Koyama’s KOYAPI ramblings with their matching jacket nuances and all. Pink toe socks on Pi and a leather jacket on Massu …thats uh..yeah…something.