The Angst Corner

Warnings: Mild swearing, some anxiety, hints of self-doubt, okay there’s more anxiey and a panic attack. Also Anti being a massive jerk. 

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Notes: Based on this post by @turquoisemagpie.  Don’t ask me how they got there or why they are there, just… enjoy this. I based Dark and Anti on my own hcs and theories that I believe, so they might not be the same as yours sssssh. I feel like this is slightly ooc (especially Dark) but hey, who cares, it’s just a fic, right? I’m not sure I like the ending, but I couldn’t think of any way to end this haha. And lastly, a thank you to @words-to-fuel-the-imagination, @ilovemyspoopydad and @demonickittykat for helping me out (: (I’m also pretty sure there’s some others, but tbh I forgot who did what lmao sorry. Thanks anyways (: ) Enjoy this lil fic.

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