massive wood

Chapter 3

I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Luke 5:32

Kaleo – Way Down We Go

It was quiet in Father Baelish’s study. The sound of footsteps was muffled by the elegant carpet on the floor. Three windows, reaching almost from floor to ceiling, gave view to the old churchyard, now a beautiful garden planted with countless flowers with abandon and surrounded by a dense, thick yew hedge. An old, mighty linden stood forlorn, surrounded by a rotting wooden bench. In front of the window Father’s Baelish’s massive cedar wood desk was in perfect order, books and papers neatly organized on top of it. Across the room a fire was crackling in the fireplace. The rest of the walls were covered in high, wooden shelves, in them old leather-bound books that filled the air with their own, ancient scent.

Sansa felt at ease at once. The Father’s counsel would be just what she needed, she was sure of it. She wanted to be good. He would help her achieve it. She sat down in one of the inviting, velvet wingback chairs in front of the fireplace, reached into her purse, and took out her bible. Then she made the sign of the cross and waited for Father Baelish to arrive, God’s word clutched tightly in her lap.

He came not long after, dressed in his usual cassock, its collar shining white in the dim light. His hair, in contrast, looked jet black. His grey-green eyes were dark and deep. Sansa swallowed hard. Focus on his words. Follow his instructions. Be a good girl.

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A little thing for obscenelybefuddled​, post Tunnels of Time. This is my ship now, I like this ship. I like Pen and Ink for a name for it, but I will wait for a fandom consensus. Anyway they are adorable and I will be unbearable from here on out. Still spacetrash first and foremost, tho.

the lateness of the hour

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward sleeps in a bed worth over sixty-thousand US dollars. This is just shy of forty-thousand Great British Pounds. It’s sixteenth century, Jacobean. It’s solid oak and weighs as much as a small car. It’s massive, darkly-stained and four postered. The panel in the back would extend nearly to the ceiling, if the ceilings in Lady Penelope’s bedroom weren’t vaulted. The word ornate fails to fully summarize the sheer detail and grandeur of the carvings that cover the nine-paneled tester. These depict figures and foliage, intricate and twisting geometry, and must have taken a master craftsman years to complete, so many centuries ago.

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ELI5 : Since millions of years ago there was a much higher oxygen content, did fire behave any differently?

If I’m not mistaken, there was a relatively long period of time where trees had evolved but the cells that enabled trees to form rigid structures could not be broken down through biological processes (it took a long time for bacteria, algae, fungi to evolve the ability to digest). During this period, trees would die but not decompose. Forests would become massive areas of dead wood. These would catch fire and created staggeringly large fires. Much of the coal we consume today formed as a result of this period.

It’s known as the Carboniferous Period. With the entire planet covered in wood and microbes, it still took 60 million years before a microbe evolved an enzyme capable of breaking down lignin.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

I always had a massive crush on Oliver Wood’s character. I don’t know if it makes me weird but I just love his devotion to Quidditch. I mean come on, Sean Biggerstaff is hot, and so is his accent. I guess having his actor be attractive was a bonus for me.


trk countdown: Favorite Scene from The Raven Boys

The stream trickled sluggishly out of the woods from between two diamond-barked dogwoods. With Gansey in the lead, they all followed the water into the trees. Immediately, the temperature dropped several degrees. Blue hadn’t realized how much insect noise there was in the field until it was replaced by occasional birdsong under the trees. This was a beautiful, old wood, all massive oak and ash trees finding footing among great slabs of cracked stone. Ferns sprang from rocks and verdant moss grew up the sides of the tree trunks. The air itself was scented with green and growing and water. The light was golden through the leaves. Everything was alive, alive. 


Hand in hand, they climbed after Gansey. The trees grew even larger, some of them grown together into trunks like castles, turreted and huge. The canopy soared high overhead, rustling and reverent. Everything was green, green, green. Somewhere ahead, water splashed.


Gansey looked up to them, and she saw in his face that he loved this place. His bald expression held something new: not the raw delight of finding the ley line or the sly pleasure of teasing Blue. She recognized the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that was sometimes so big that it felt like sadness. It was the way she felt when she looked at the stars. 


It’s April 14th in my timezone, so i’d like the opportunity to wish our Christopher (Chris) Wood a massive: Happy 28th Birthday!
Thanks for ruining us with your smile, dazzling us with your personality and amazing us with your incredible acting skills (a sociopath to a police officer, big change, eh?).
From Adam Weaver on The Carrie Diaries to Kai Parker on The Vampire Diaries we can’t wait for what’s yet to come. Happy Birthday Chris! 

Life After Love


Peter sighed and threw his hands over his eyes and his head back as he rocked back in the plush office chair he’d parked himself in oh maybe four hours ago. It was nice having a multi-billion dollar company. The endless cash flow and the creature comforts that came with it were certainly nothing to sneer at. But he hated the dilemmas it put him in. Anna Marie, being or not being Spider-man, the Avengers, worrying about a bottom line, having to listen to shareholders, board members, Anna Marie constantly telling him what was good or not good for the company….

He yearned just then, having spent the last third of his day hunched over proposals and projections, for the simpler life of Peter Parker kid from Queens sometimes hero. Sighing, he got to his feet, pushing the chair back into the bookshelves behind him without a care and then moved around the massive real wood desk and all of its accouterments, heading for the mini-fridge and bar. He just wanted a water, never touched the liquors there though he had vague recollections of Otto Octavius entertaining all kinds of high-powered individuals from the very spot he now stood in. He’d just stooped to grab the ridiculously expensive green glass bottle (he’d have to talk to his secretary about that because simple plastic bottles would suffice when he wasn’t expecting company) out of the fridge when his spidersense washed over him.

At thirty stories up, the only threats that could reach him here were either masked in nature or coming right through his front door. Well, unless there was about to be some kind of disaster. Senses on high alert, he straightened… just as Deadpool smashed through his wall of windows.

Well. That answers the question. What the hell -

I was the most annoying child ever. There’s an episode in season one where there is a character called “Ser Hugh” [of the Vale] and he has a bad day on the joust where he gets a massive shard of wood in neck. Me and Sophie [Turner] were following around the actor who played Ser Hugh [Jefferson Hall] all day going: Ser Who? Ser Hugh! Ser Who? Ser Hugh! All day, I shit you not.

Maisie Williams on the Nerdist Podcast talking about on-set antics

I will never not think of him as Ser Who now.

Daughter of the King (ChapterOne)

Title: Daughter of the King (ChapterOne)

Description: As Crowley’ daughter and the prince of Hell, you’re left wanting for nothing. Anything you ask for iz yours. However, iz your most resent  request to big a demand? surly, your father can retrieve an Angel of the Lord.

Word Count:3,837

Warning: mild violence

Chapter:   1   2   3   4  

Daughter of the King (ChapterOne

The soft soles of your ornamental slippers make a sharp smacking sound as you pad hurriedly down the long, stone hallway, your skirts bunched up in your fists so you don’t trip over the ends in your rush. Every once in awhile you pass a guardsmen, sparticly standing against the walls like the torches bracketed beside them. Some of their eyes flicker black, giving you leering looks as you move down the halls but you pay them no mind. They’d never try anything. They wouldn’t dare.

You round a corner and there before you is a massive, aged wood door, a more fidgety demon sulks in the shadows of its archway. As his gaze shifts to you, you feel gentle, guiding fingers on your spine, straightening out you back in an attempt to make you look more authoritative.

“I need an audience with the king, privately.” The reassuring phantom touch on shoulder giving your voice conviction.

The blond man, Keaton, shoots you a sly smirk, but pushes off the wall regardless, “Of course beautiful”  he’s careful not to brush your shoulder as he retreats down the hall, but his gaze leaves the ridges of your spine shuddering.

You take in a slow, steadying breath through your nose, hold it for a moment, then let it pass between your parted lips, lungs decompressing and shoulders relaxing as you do so. Turning back to face the massive, dark stained oak door, fastened to the doorway with large, crude iron bolts, you smooth your hands down the front of your full, peach colored skirt, an annoying habit you’ve picked up recently, and tilt your chin up. Squaring your shoulders while forcing on an air of bravado, you raise your slightly trembling fist and knock on the old door’s, rough wooden surface three times. There’s a pregnant pause that seems to last an eternity, you stand there gnawing on your lower lip, fingers curling into the fabric of your dress as you wait.

Finally, Finally . A voice calls out to you from the other side. “Enter”

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