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Mad Max Fury Road is the best because it screams in your face “HEY LOOK HERE’S A V8 INTERCEPTOR AND A MASSIVE FUCKING TRUCK COVERED IN SKULLS AND A GUITAR FLAMETHROWER AND BIG ACTION SEQUENCES AND EXPLOSIONS, ISN’T THAT COOL??????” and then it gently takes your shoulder and whispers in your ear “but you know what’s cooler? respecting women & dismantling the patriarchy”

Hard Times

Request: Peter Parker x Reader where the reader gets kidnapped for leverage and gets tortured but Peter comes to save her.

Warnings: Language, depiction of violence/torture?

Word Count: 1068

A/N: Written in Peter’s POV || This made me super emo but I hope this is along the lines of what you wanted!! Also, SUPER SORRY that it took me so long, I had writer’s block for Peter but now I’ve come through! @painting-tragedies

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Block B as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked: After reading your Monsta X mafia reaction and the other ones, I was wondering if you could do one for Block B too|||

Zico/Woo Jiho

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  • There are many gangs in Seoul but his is definitely the worst
  • Literally 5 minutes before chaos
  • When he was little he thought about taking over the city and now he’s one of the most badass leaders out there
  • Successfully robbed a bank once, so now he does it every month, just to see if he can get caught
  • No mercy for anyone who interferes with his work

You were working at the bank when they raided it. As stubborn as you were you always got into dangerous situations. You were asked to get the money but refused to comply.

“What the fuck did you just say? Bring her here.” he told his men.

“Can you repeat that honey?” he asked taking hold of your chin.

“I said go get them yourself you fuck!” and you tried to spit him in the face but he avoided it at the last second.

“Woah! Feisty! Get her in the truck.”

Lee Taeil

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  • Definitely not the one you should mess with.
  • His appearance may seem innocent but he’s far from that.
  • Enjoys torturing people not only for info but also for fun because on who else can you test the new weapons.
  • Has a massive truck and will run you over if you get in his way.
  • Gets a tattoo for every big, difficult but successful mission.

You didn’t know about his work because even though you two knew each other from childhood, he has become distant lately. One night he came knocking on your door all beaten up.

“Taeil! What the hell?”

“Oh yeah, I never told you. I’m in the mafia.” he laughed.

“What? How can you joke in this condition?”

“Can you help me out here. I will tell you everything later.” he said slumping down on the sofa.

B Bomb/Lee Minhyuk

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  • This one is sneaky. Really sneaky.
  • Can steal so much in a small amount of time that nobody even notices he was there.
  • Likes to play mahjong with Pyo and Ukwon. But they don’t.
  • He always cheats and it’s impossible to catch him doing that.
  • As he wins most of the time, he has been banned from a lot of casinos,, that doesn’t stop him from going to them though.
  • Loves those tiny bb bombs

He was just kicked out from the casino when he saw you standing beside the building, smoking. He came up to you and took the cigarette out of your mouth.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be smoking.” he said putting it out.

“That’s none your bussiness.”

But he ignored you and took you by the arm.

“Say, if you get me inside the casino, I could make this evening way more interesting for both of us.”

Ahn Jaehyo

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  • Seems to be a pro at making any kind of black market deals.
  • But he’s actually not, he’s just really lucky.
  • Is pretty much lost all the time and without meaning any harm gets in a lot of trouble.
  • But also that way he made a lot of new strong allies.
  • Travels a lot around the country because of his work.

You have been making deals with him for as long as you can remember, so it didn’t bother you anymore when he called you to get him out of trouble.

“Jaehyo! What happened this time?” you asked, picking him up as he was barely able to stand.

“Wrong time, wrong place.” he smirked.

“As always. Come. I will patch you up.”

U-Kwon/Kim Yukwon

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  • Loves guns and the smell after you shoot somebody.
  • Likes to hunt his enemies, making them scared and begging for their life.
  • Even though he’s a very skilled assassin, he only takes those offers that can be of value to him as well.
  • As opposing to others, he doesn’t mind working in the daylight and can even kill somebody in a centre of a busy street.
  • Slaps Minhyuk in the face whenever he loses against him.

You worked as a guard for his target. He thought it will be easy to deal with you but you were expecting him and slammed him down on the ground.

“Okay, so I guess I will have to get serious.” he told breaking free from your grasp and pointing his gun at your head.

“Now be a good girl and tell me where my target is.”

P.O/Pyo Jihoon

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  • How did even this ball of sunshine get in the mafia I have no idea.
  • Can seem intimidating but he actually prefers talking to violence.
  • Grew up in the mafia business but ran away from his father gang because he was too strict.
  • Is very quick in knocking his opponents unconscious.
  • Then apologises to their seemingly lifeless bodies.

You were following his father’s orders to keep an eye on him. You were aware that he noticed you a couple of days ago but decided not to act on it when you felt his hand on your neck.

“Stay still. It’s more than easy for me to break it now.” he told you and you complied.

“My father doesn’t send just anyone, so you must be important. You will have to come with me.”

Park Kyung

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  • The second most important person in the gang and Jiho’s right hand
  • He may seem all nice and stuff but he’s actually been plotting to overtake Jiho’s position as the leader
  • Makes it easy for others to trust him but in reality he’s a great liar and can betray you for his own gain
  • He’s the one who finds new, secluded hideouts for the gang
  • He’s also the one who makes the plans for all the missions

He met you at a fancy party for big shots. He has been watching you all evening, so you finally decided to approach him.

“If you have something to say then do it.”

“Oh no, I was just thinking that a party like this doesn’t suit you.” he smirked.

“Is that so?”

“Here.” he said extending his hand. “Come with me. I will show you something much more interesting.”

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions  etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😉

Stick With Me, Kid *Negan x Reader* (2/?)

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Summary: Negan finds a little girl, no more than ten, amongst a car wreckage, after finding out she’s alone in the world. He takes her as his own, raising her through the apocalypse. If there’s one thing that his greatest pride but also his biggest weakness, it’s his daughter, Y/N!
Ratings/ warnings: Teen, mentions of blood and violence. I feel like, Negan as a dad is a warning.
Writers Notes: This doesn’t really have a set plot, it will follow alongside season 6 & 7, I’m unsure if I’ll make it so Carl and reader have a thing. But… I got big feels seeing Negan and Judith.

Notes: I had this idea last year, I wrote a few parts and then forgot about it. Now here I am, uploading it because I miss writing Negan! - Rosalee

Chapter One: Everybody Dies

Chapter Two: Not Everyone Is Gonna Wanna Save Ya!

You were silent and nervous at the new place with Negan and his men. The night you arrived people looked at you oddly, even more so due to the fact you clung to Negan like glue. The only person you really trusted, trust was a stretch, he was safe. The morning after, he passed you off to a woman named, Mary. You didn’t see him for a few days after that.

Mary, whilst she was nice wasn’t safe. It was also boring, Negan’s policy of living was different to the one you had come from; you pull your weight, you are rewarded or something to that extent. Being the youngest out of everyone wasn’t fun, Negan allowed you time to adjust, meaning you had nothing to do but wait till Mary got back to her room.

You prided yourself on being adventurous. You used to somehow always manage to leave your mother’s overbearing side, a door which unlocked, wasn’t going to stop you from looking around. Negan’s community was in some kind of warehouse, huge and industrial, it housed many people; more than your last community. You didn’t see any harm in looking around, seeing exactly what this place was like. Stretching on your tippy-toes you opened the door, peeking out and then walking out into the cold corridor, shutting it with a little click before carrying on your adventure.

Throughout your little adventure, you had to hide, not to be seen or spotted by one of Negan’s men, you didn’t exactly know if you were allowed to just walk around and you didn’t exactly want to find out the answer to that question.

You came to door, the window looking out was shining sunlight, you smiled and pushed it open. The rays of golden light hitting your face instantly, warming you up a little. You walked out and see a line-up of motorcycles, various colours and styles, you also spotted two men with their backs to you. Leather jackets, jeans and talking loudly amongst themselves, you swiftly turned and walked around the corner of the building.

You noticed a tall, caged fencing, with a frown you stepped closer and through the panels of woods that reinforced the fencing you could see movement. You recognised that sound, the sound of growling and frustrated grunts, yet you still looked. It was some kind of obstacle course, various junk was scattered and those people admitted throughout.

Then from the right, suddenly, a man began to violently shake the fencing for attention. His clothes were just sweats, grey with a large ‘H’ spray painted on in yellow. He had this terrified look in his eyes, they were locked on you and he was panting heavily, sweating under the sunlight.

“Little girl,” he rattled the fence. “You gotta help me,” he persisted, “Open the gate, please?”

Stepping back, it made him rattle the fence in frustration. “Why are you in there?”

“Because I tried to leave,” he tells you, “they found me and brought me back here, please. Just open the gate, I gotta get outta here,” he begged and you nodded once but before you can walk a hand is placed on your shoulder.

It’s large and warm, judging by the man’s wide, shocked eyes you know who it is. You look up as Negan is giving a hearty smile to the man behind the fence, you recognise two of the men from a few nights ago beside Negan.

“Well, hello to you too, Bill,” Negan calls out, “I see you met our newest resident, Y/N, I hope you weren’t trying to make her open that gate. Get her in trouble, get her thrown in there with you, I’d hate for another life be on your hands.”

Negan was clean shaven, leather jacket zipped up and the same baseball bat in his left hand, he had a menacing grin plastered on his face. The other guy, behind the fencing, named Bill was clinging to the metal; shaking under Negan’s stare. You could hear the slight rattling of the fence under the white-knuckled tightness of Bill’s hands, you frowned at his terrified eyes, did he actually deserve to be in there?

“Mike, take Bill to his… room, I’ve got to have words with this little sweetie.” Negan grabbed your hand with his right, pulling you a little forcefully away from the caged area and around the building. A few men littered, watching guard and a few working on the massive trucks. “Where’s Mary?” It was a simple question, yet, you didn’t know the answer.

You lightly shrugged, still holding his hand. “I don’t know,” your voice was small and delicate amongst the loud noises around you. “I didn’t intend to get caught, you know,” he let out a loud chuckle at that.

“A little smart ass,” he commented before he stopped walking. “I didn’t put you in Mary’s care for you to wander off and talk to our castaways,” you look over your shoulder, trying to still see where Bill was kept and Negan chuckled. “We survive. We provide security to others. We bring civilisation back to this world. We are the Saviors.” He gestured around, the men all nodding, “And people who don’t abide by the rules, get punished, Bill, didn’t tell you that he ransacked our medicine, and killed three men in the process of him ‘leaving’. Fair punishment, fitting for his crime.”

You were silent for a minute. “Am I going to go in there?”

“No. Unless you break the rules,” he looks down at you. “I get it. You’re adventurous, curious about this place. It’s okay, I just don’t want you running around alone, not a lot of the men here are very forgiving if you get in their way.” You gave a little nod, “you’ll get used to living around here soon enough,” Negan name is then called, “I’ll have someone take you back to Mary’s room. No more wondering without supervision, got it?” You nodded and he did back before walking around you.

Two Days Later

“He has bigger things to worry about than a little girl,” Mary tells you walking through the Sanctuary’s corridors. “He’s busy still proving to everyone around here he’s leader, it’s a climb to get everyone to completely trust you, he has to be seen as alpha around here. He can’t do that with a little girl clawing at his leg, can he?”

Mary was a small, agile women. Blonde hair and kind eyes, it was easy to see why Negan trusted you with her, he passed you off to motherly figure. There probably wasn’t many around and she seemed to be the only one, so far, that wasn’t cold and horrible towards you.

“He’s trying to lead all these people?” You asked walking into the workhouse, she chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, he has his second in command, Simon.” You remembered Simon, he hadn’t been around much. “Negan has outposts for miles around, a lot of the soldiers are at those with communities of their own. I was at one before this, I was brought here to look after you,” she nudged and you smiled a little.

There were tables all lined up, piles of either food or clothing on them. Mary had explained the point system to you, this was the first time you had seen it played out. It reminded you of the Flea Markets your mother used to take you to before all of this. There was a man dealing with medicine, another women with food and other necessities a human may need.

“Did you used to get allowances?” Mary asked you nodded lightly. “Well, this is that. You earn points and you spend those points on stuff here, it’s pretty simple and easy to follow, you have few that still try to get around the system. It’s our way of life, now yours!”

You followed Mary around as she got food, a few little things that she needed, she was nice enough to get a chocolate bar for you.

“Don’t wonder off, stay where I can see you, kay?” You nodded and walked around the large warehouse room.

The bustling of people, lining up for what they wanted or needed. You slowly strolled around, eating the chocolate, getting bumped into and pushed around because of how small you are. You peeked over a table, smiling at the man sitting behind it, clothes piled on the surface.

“You must be the new resident,” he amused. His ageing face was either due to the torment of today’s problems or just him ageing. “Must be a big change,” he sighed.

You nodded, “It was a lot smaller and I lived in a house,” he nodded, “and everyone shared what was found, you didn’t have to work or earn, it was given.” He perked up at that, “Maybe that’s why it failed?”

“Nonsense,” He smiled. “That sounds like our new worlds, a new paradise,” you chuckled lightly, “Who knows, maybe, one day that will happen here. I’m Martyn.” He sighed but stands up, you frown and turn seeing two of Negan’s men walking over, shoulders tense.

“Leftie,” The bald one called, “Wade needs new jeans, whatcha got?” Not even glancing down at you as he comes around the table, lightly knocking into you.

The man, Martyn, sighed. “Again? That’s his third pair this month,” causing the man beside you to chuckle at that. Martyn shifted through the clothes he had laid out, “in your own time, leftie.” It was only when he struggled to go through the clothes you noticed one arm, the other sleeve was pinned to keep out of the way.

“He’s going as fast as he can,” you speak up with a little frown, Martyn shakes his head at you but you ignore it. Both men look at another with raised eyebrows, “His name is Martyn, not Leftie!”

The shorter one of the two, light red hair, almost blonde knelt down. “Listen, little girl, let the adults take care of this.” He smiled, “Just cause Negan brought you here doesn’t mean you can mouth off, you don’t get no privileges.”

Mary came running up, closing her hands around your shoulder and giving apologetic smiles to both of Negan’s soldiers. “I am so sorry, I told her not to go wandering off,” you looked up at her as she glared down at you but shakes her head.

“Mary, I don’t want to have to tell, Negan, that you can’t handle the child,” He stands up and she nods once. “Teach her some manners, when to keep her little mouth shut, we then won’t have a problem.”

“Y/N,” you tell him and he frowns, “My name is Y/N, you give basic respect, you receive basic respect; what my dad used to say.” Mary chuckles and tucks you under her arm, a little behind her as the man glares at you.

Martyn butts in with handing the jeans, muttering apologies for taking so long. You were glaring at the two men who took the jeans, giving Martyn a few words before turning to Mary, looking her over once. Their scowls made your skin crawl.

“Well, little girl, you’re here because your daddy is dead. Got it? So, whatever that useless fuck taught you are now forgotten. You respect people higher than you, that’s about everyone in this goddamn place, ya hear?” You looked to the floor, the harshness of his words tugging at your heart. Mary gave a disapproving glare to the men.

“She’s a child,” Her voice laced with motherly venom, you had heard your mother talk with the same harshness a few times before.

“No, she ain’t. In this new world, children either get killed or get you killed, don’t let it be the latter Mary, I’d hate to see you killed.” Both men nodded at Martyn, glaring at your silently crying form before leaving.

Mary took you back to her room, wherein she over a few rules to you. Mostly, not talking ANY of Negan’s men unless, completely, necessary. Negan had already said that his men aren’t entirely sympathetic, you just didn’t really think of it till now. She also told you not to go walking around on your own, even Negan said that, but you needed to talk to him.

Mary had given you a brief tour, not that you remembered where everything was, but you had the general direction to Negan’s living quarters. You heard a few female voices, you peeked from behind the wall and see three women talking before walking through a door, you frowned and snuck up behind them.

Pushing the door open silently, it was a big room and it had just those women inside. A bar was settled in the back, lavish chairs and it seemed music was playing, you hadn’t heard actual music in a while.

“Y/N?” A loud voice called your name, it caused the three women to look at you, you gave a shy smile before looking to see Negan walking towards you. “I specifically told you to not wander around alone!”

He stops a little short in front of you, crossing his arms in question. “I wanted to speak with you, I didn’t know how to find you without wandering.”

Instead of answering, he leans forward and pulls the door shut and taking your right hand, again, leading you down the corridor away from the room. He came to a door where he opened it, it was a bedroom, you skipped inside and he chuckled slightly as you sat in one of the armchairs he had settled by the window.

He followed sitting in the opposite one, raising an eyebrow as you looked, incredibly tiny against the overly large chair. “What did you need to talk to me about that couldn’t wait for you to get Mary to bring you to me? Is it about Mary? What’s she like? I’ve known her since the beginning, I figured she’d be good for you. She had two sons; you settling in a’right?”

“Fine, Mary is great, better than most of the people here.” He raised his eyebrows at that, “your men are rude. They treat anyone who is ‘below’ them poorly,” you expected some kind of response but Negan chuckled. You often got that type of response from adults when trying to be serious, often calling you ‘ferocious like a kitten!”

Negan stopped chuckling, “Listen, kid. I get it, you came from a little community that worked like equals, honestly, I wish it could be that way here. But you got to establish that the men who go out and risk their lives for them, for me, even for you now, well yeah; they deserve a new level of respect. The soldiers, my soldiers, are excluded from the point system because they deserve that privilege.”

“But they’re mean for the sake of it,” you frowned a little and Negan sighed.

“I can’t help it if people are sensitive to that,” he shrugs and that made you frown more, “You gotta develop a thicker skin to survive. You gotta work for what you want, work hard in order to get what you need, I can’t always have your back. Mary isn’t gonna always be lookin’ out for you, I’m not either, you can’t just come to me because someone isn’t treating you like a child; you aren’t one, not anymore.”

You remained silent letting his words sink in. You hated to admit it but he seemed right, you couldn’t rely on him nor Mary, plus maybe you were too sensitive. Martyn was a man, you didn’t know and you stuck up for him, he probably doesn’t care about being called ‘Leftie’. You gave a small nod, Negan nodded.


After your talk with Negan, you remained quiet when around Negan’s men. You didn’t want to say anything to upset them, yet it seemed you had created a feud, the two soldiers from days ago had a grudge against you. On purposefully knocking into you, telling the workers to only deal with your points when Mary was with you; only Mary was out scavenging with a small group.

It was a problem, a real one. Yet, Negan’s words echoed in your head; you can’t act like a child and go running to him when in need, you had to handle this yourself. So, that’s what you decided to do, it wasn’t going so well.

“Mary is out, I need this now,” You try to sound stern but it comes out more of a plea, the women working the food table, the broth bubbling in the pan gives a sympathetic smile. The soldier, Smith, known by his last name because there are four other John’s was standing with his arm crossed. The shorter one from when you first met Martyn. “I have all the points together, I’ve been helping with laundry, what’s the big deal?” You asked.

“You’re a child, we can’t just give you things because you may or may not have earned it, your guardian has to do that for you.”

“You can’t have it both ways,” he frowns at you, “I’m either a child or not, you can’t tell me one week to learn to be an adult and then today say I can’t buy soup because I am not an adult, so what am I?” Your little rant caused the attention of everyone to turn, you didn’t realise your usually small voice was now a yell.

Smith didn’t like that, he stepped towards you with a new fire in his eyes, the mocking smile he had was now gone and replaced with a sneer. “Listen, you no good cow, you should have died the day Negan brought you here. In fact, he should have left you, but he showed all of us his soft side. No wonder he has to work harder to prove himself, he let a stupid bitch like you live,” you backed up a step, knocking into a table as he continued to stalk to you. “Yeah, nothing to say now, no one to stupidly look out for you too. Look around you, not everyone is gonna wanna save ya, not everyone is as stupid as Negan was on that day.”

“Or compassionate,” you say before you can think. “That’s what makes him good, better than you-”

Before you can finish a force so harsh knocks you off your feet. A deep pain is stinging your cheek, your whole face really, but mostly a burning sensation is stricken on your left side. Tears welling up in your eyes, you look up at Smith who is leering over your body as everyone around is too stunned to move.

“You really, really, shouldn’t have done that Smith.”

(So, long chapter, I know. Hopefully, everyone likes this. Totally am not hinting Mary is Mary Winchester, I kinda am, it’s funny too. Love me. Let me know what you think, that helps me lot. - Rosalee)

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what if peridot becomes too small and someone steps on her

You leave my lovely little green bean alone. She is beautiful and powerful and she can do anything she sets her mind to.

I have a nice workplace in terms of management and most of my coworkers so my experience here may be a bit skewed but I’d like to speak about my experience with something that affects a lot of people on this page MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE.

This is gonna get long and I’ve actually cut out a lot to save explaining because it’s a bit …shitty… but here’s the main story. 

I just wanna say on the out -  don’t be afraid of sharing. I found that sharing actually did help me a lot at work, and if I told them earlier it would have saved me a lot of hassle.

I’ve worked for the same company for almost 4 years now. I started as a high school student, transferred and then continued as a university student. Before that I worked in a really terrible small store as a summer temp, and I’ve worked for my school during the summer for three weeks (and ongoing corresponding throughout the year that I’m paid for) as part of a summer school exchange. But. My focus for this will be my main job and the store I’m currently at.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder - with it brining symptoms of depression but I would never really say I had depression or even depression and anxiety. I don’t take meds and I’m not currently in therapy (I had a short stint at the beginning of this year but had to bail as it interfered with class). Although I believe understanding your symptoms is important I’m not 100% of self-diagnosis but I was pretty sure prior to diagnosis that I had problems with anxiety. I was diagnosed in 2014. 

I’d never properly brought it up at work. I sometimes mentioned feeling increasingly more anxious at times when I was at store 1 during my high school days and this was brushed off. I think my supervisor said something along the lines of, “everyone gets like that! just relax!” he was a pretty nice guy, but, a bit dim. Another time I told him I was stressed and he told me I was too young to be stressed. 

The first time it came up was when I first got introduced to my current manager. I was working in the store for about 2 or so months when my manager there quit. I was heartbroken because I really hated my then “new” store at the time and constantly felt homesick - him and maybe one or two others made it bearable. What’s worse, my new(current) manager was known to a lot of the staff already as he worked between our store and another store as a supervisor a few years back, and then became a temporary ASM before the current one came. I was opening with him on maybe his third shift back, it was me, another staff member and someone completely new. He didn’t say one word to me - really - as he wanted to help the new person and he knew the other person. I felt super uncomfortable as for that whole shift I felt forgotten about - he spoke to everyone else as they were either a new seasonal staff or he worked with them beforehand. I was just not on his radar. At this time. I hated this place even more. At this time, my anxiety was hella bad. I had a lot on my plate, like, a fuckload of shit that I’d rather not get into online and it would probably get us off the point of this place. 

Essentially, I needed to clarify something with work that my old manager had told me was okay but it didn’t seem to be noted anywhere. As I didn’t know him at all, I asked supervisor number 1 about my issue. Supervisor 1 shrugged me off and told me I’d have to speak to our boss about this. He wasn’t in on my next shift, so, I decided to ask supervisor 2 - supervisor 2 was less helpful than supervisor 1 as she told me the exact opposite of what I was hoping. I cried the whole way home. I felt trapped and hopeless.

I even contacted my old manager asking if I could transfer back down. It was almost Xmas anyway, so, I could just go home (although this was not ideal, abusive household). I only lived about 100 miles away so I could always travel to there on a Friday night, work the weekend and come up mid-Monday as I had no class either until the summer (when I would just come home and work…again not ideal but at the time I was getting a lot of money for my age as I was still only 17) or I could just work there until I found a new job here.

The next shift I was in was with my manager, it was a Tuesday starting early, I don’t know why I was scheduled in for this shift as I had class. But. I went anyway. I thought fuck it, I’ll ask him. As I didn’t know him that well I just explained my situ and also what Supervisor 2 said to me. I also told him (truthfully) that I’d been having panic attacks since Supervisor 2 spoke to me.

His response was kinda …weird. He thought it was “fucked up” (exact words) that he had no handover on the issue and immediately sorted it. He told me later on that shift that “nothing work related should make you that anxious EVER”. And we left it like that.

I still felt left out at work. My manager still didn’t really speak to me. My anxiety was getting worse due to class/bad family back “home” and work. I recall getting told off by my manager for something really trivial and for asking for a holiday a few times for him to snap at me before storming off to enter it. I assumed he didn’t like me. I was a pain in his ass. 

Shortly after this, I got hit by a massive anxiety truck. I felt so low, I couldn’t leave my bed. I missed so much class and so much work (although I lied and said I had food poisioning from work as I didn’t know how to bring it up). And then… I felt better. I was scheduled for work at 9:30am on a Sat, which was pretty standard and the night before a few of my high school friends were in town for a gig, so I met them after it for a drink. Honestly, I don’t drink A LOT - I have a very low tolerance made worse by anxiety. Since I was in class all day and was meant to work the next day this would be the only time I’d see them for a while. I lasted one drink and felt overwhelmed. I had to go home. I cried all night and couldn’t calm myself down. Before I knew it, it hit 7:30am and I was still shaking so badly. I honestly couldn’t make it out of my place to get the bus. Serving customers was off the menu. I’d only been back on shift as well, and hadn’t done my back to work. I called in and it was Supervisor 2 - who I really hated and was leaving soon. But. I just told her. I couldn’t lie anymore.

“You’ve been off a lot.”

I had been off a lot - at my old location I was off ONCE and that was because I had a sickness bug and was sent home the day previously. (I had to throw up and couldn’t make it to the bathroom so threw up outside the store…lovely). I’d been off here a lot - mainly due to catching illnesses but more recently due to anxiety. 

“….I’ll go see a doctor?” I shrugged.

“Yes, do that. I’ll say to manager." 

I had a long weekend (inc Monday) of wallowing in self pity before making my way to the doctors on the Tuesday. My doctor could see I was intensely stressed and asked me if my student loan could cover my living costs (no) as my job seemed unnecessary due to my university commitments. By this time I had lost around 20 lbs as well - I was never skinny to begin with but this weight came off in about 2-3 months essentially because I was living off ramen as the thought of cooking/going to the shop seemed too scary (hahahah you’re such a student with your ramen nope I’m fucking mentally ill). He offered me medication but I denied, as I was worried about adjusting to them so close to my deadlines. I planned to start them that summer but I’m still not on anything. He wrote me off for a further two weeks for both work and uni, but, I was behind on uni so went in anyway. 

I didn’t want to go back to work. The thought of work made me feel so ill and so anxious. I started looking at new jobs and filled in an application for a stockroom job for a museum gift shop. I was just waiting for the right time to contact my old manager from the first store for a reference because there was No Way In Hell my boss was gonna give me a reference. 

When I returned, after trying not to cry as I reached the door, my boss grinned at me as I walked in, "HEY WELCOME BACK! :)" 


"I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

As I entered the staffroom, a new face was there, “HI I’m Supervisor 2.1!” Supervisor 2 had left already, phew.Supervisor 2.1 kept talking and talking and talking. He was nice. I already decided I liked him because he seemed to have little filter and seemed genuine. 

“I used to work at [other location] but I live in [same place as me] so this is closer! And I’m getting more money as I’m not a SUPERVISOR!!! Just getting used to the busses!”

I smiled and told him I got the busses too and would help him tonight. 

As I was about to start, my manager called me into his office to do my paperwork and also dragged Supervisor 2.1 in to show him how to do it, and to keep him “in the loop”.

“We need to do your back to work form. But this is quite serious.”

I thought…fuck… he thinks I’m faking. I’m gonna get fired for a lot of absences. 


We filled in the form as usual and looked over my doctors note. He said he recalled the time I told him I was taking panic attacks and just thought I was exaggerating and he apologised a lot for thinking that.

He then told me he valued me so much as a team member as I always got shit done and was a hardworker, he apologised if he’d ever been “off” with me as he said he just didn’t really think I liked him or needed constantly guidance on tasks.

We had this long-ass chat about mental health. In which he told me he’d been on and off anti-anxiety medication for the past 5 years. He went into detail about how he didn’t go into his old work at all and eventually got fired and said he was super proud I sought help before things went too far for me in regards to either work or school. Supervisor 2.1 chipped in and said he’s a very nervous person, perhaps not anxiety level but nevertheless very nervous.

It went on for an hour and since then, we’ve had a great relationship. And I mean REALLY GREAT. Essentially, we worked out we were basically the same person - I would have probably never found out this shit if we never had this long-ass convo. I also become really close friends with Supervisor 2.1 who constantly gets me into trouble for talking to him and coming back late from lunch as he always insists on dining out. 

I think I was making myself quite distant at work because I was in a bad place mentally - and because of that - I was getting increasingly anxious at work…..the cycle went on.

Since then, I’ve obviously had “difficulties” but it’s been super easy to talk to managers about it. I once mentioned, in passing, to our ASM how the messy tshirts unsettled me and she switched my zone in the store so I could go tidy them (I was doing nothing anyway). I’ve had reviews and have been praised for hard work and customer service - with downsides being confidence, usually. 

Recently, I had quite a bad anxiety “relapse” - I asked my manager if I could talk to him - as it was fucked anyway and an issue at work with one coworker and another being assholes to myself and another coworker made it worse. Mixed in with deadlines, I needed either reduced hours or a couple of back of house shifts to help me calm. We talked out the issues and I took a panic attack that he managed to talk me out of before it got too bad which, sadly, kinda set him off a bit as I noticed he was stimming quite badly. He checked up on me that night and thanked me for sharing.

Due to the fact I get easily stressed and my work knows this, they are happy to fit my schedule around my class and deadlines. Something that before they were a bit like “meh” about. 

I just wanna say PLEASE DO NOT DO A ME AND HOLD IT IN UNTIL IT GETS REALLY BAD. I still get very stressed and nervous when I think about that time in my life - if I had been more open earlier I would have saved myself a lot of stress which in turn made my mental health worse. 

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

Summary: Negan is flabbergasted that his lady friend  never learned how to drive before the world ended. He takes it upon himself to teach her how, and rewards his “student” with some vehicular naughtiness. 

This is a smutty Negan x Rebecca (#Nebecca) drabble I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​‘s Negan Writing Challenge for the Driving Instructor prompt. It takes place after Embracing the Apocalypse (But you totally don’t have to have read that at all to enjoy this. Promise!)

Word Count: 3,255

Content Warnings (or selling points?): Negan being Negan, language, smut, finger fucking, hand jobs, and cum.

Read on AO3 here:

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

“Hold on a fucking minute! What the fuck do you mean you don’t know how to fucking drive, Fuckface?” Negan’s face was a perfect combination of amusement and wonder as the late afternoon sun cast a warm glow on his tanned skin.

He and Rebecca, the aforementioned “Fuckface”, strode side by side along the perimeter of the Sanctuary, enjoying the crescendo of a beautiful spring day. The sky was spotted with just a few scant puffs of cloud and the grass was beginning to return to life after a brutal winter. As annoyed as she was at the smug smirk that Negan wore, she couldn’t bring herself to let it get to her. Not today.

“That was a whole lotta ‘fucks’ there, my friend,” she replied casually with an easy smile on her face, “And to answer your question: Nope. Never learned. Always thought I would eventually, but then the world ended, so it kind of took a back seat…Pun intended, by the way.”

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Voltron AU idea

So @geek-fashionista and I were talking (gushing) about Voltron and she up and says:

“I need an AU where all the lions are cars tbh”

And IMMEDIATELY we are coming up with and assigning different cars to all the characters. Shiro has a huge black truck, “the most massive truck there is.” Hunk gets a Hummer, but a retried military one, not one of those snobbish kinds. Keith drives a red Mustang convertible, but not a super new one, since he’s a teen just kinda scraping by. Pidge (whose age would need to be tweaked so she could actually be allowed to drive, haha) a green Mini Cooper, Lance a blue SUV (Like a Toyota Highlander or something), Allura a white BMW, and Coran an old classic car that he restored himself, maybe in orange.

But the thing is, neither of us actually knows anything about cars, and while we had fun coming up with all kinds of ideas, this isn’t a fic that we think we thought either of us could write. So here I present all the ideas we brainstormed in the hopes that someone in the Voltron fandom wants to pick it up and run with it! And let us know!

So the idea might be that Coran owns a mechanic shop (called The Coranic) and Hunk works for him fixing cars while Allura is his (very wealthy) niece. Everyone else kinda meets through the shop due to a variety of reasons; Lance rear-ends Pidge and they both need to get their cars fixed (Though Pidge’s poor Mini needs it way more than Lance’s tank). Keith likes to race on the weekends, so his car gets busted occasionally and needs work. Shiro, working as a farm hand, tries hauling something with his truck that is WAY tougher than he thought and ends up royally screwing up the back end, haha. And Allura just needs an oil change or something. XD

Our other thoughts were what their day jobs are. Shiro, Coran and Hunk are stated, then we thought Lance would be an Uber driver (big car, ya know? And he would love being sociable like that), Pidge works for the Geek Squad (She calls her company car Rover), and Keith…is a Domino’s delivery driver. XD Just imagine his pretty red Mustang with the little light-up sign on top.

The Galra can be a gang that Shiro got mixed up in and now his truck is really coveted by the gang leader, Zarkon, for some reason (really valuable, some evidence, stolen merch hidden in it, we dunno, but something like that) and causes trouble. Not sure what to do about Shiro’s arm (good prosthetics are expensive and all, plus how would he lose it? Working this out in the AU could be tricky) but surely there’s a tragic backstory there somewhere. One idea is that he used to race (Keith admired him and got into racing because of it) and lost his arm in an accident, so he ended up becoming an honest farmhand with a prosthetic. Or maybe he was a cop that lost it getting tangled with the Galra. Maybe a car chase.

Also, since Zarkon isn’t an alien in this, somebody needs to make fun of his name for sounding ridiculous, amirite?

Bonus points for making pop-culture references to as many car-related movies as possible! For instance, Lance tries to convince Pidge to drive her Mini through some building and she shouts at him, “This isn’t The Italian Job!”

Fun scene where Hunk takes them off-roading in his Hummer and they all come back covered in mud, haha!

So yeah, anyway, these are the ideas! Somebody take them and mold them into something resembling sense! That would be awesome!

Hxh fear headcanons:

I’ve thought about these in two categories. 


Little fears are the things you had a few nightmares about when you were a kid. they still bother you as an adult, just not nearly as much.


Big fears are worse, they’re embedded into you.

They creep around in the back of your mind and play havoc with your worst thoughts.


Little fears:

Machinery. Large cars or trucks, drills, woodchippers and stuff like that. When he was younger, there was some sort of large construction happening a little ways from home.

He hated the massive trucks and roaring engines.

He had a repeating nightmare for weeks after about a gobbling machine that came to devour him.

Big fears:

Gon losing value to those around him. That one day they’ll all realize that he’s worthless and just drift away.

This only gets worse after the chimera ant war.

He’s left powerless.

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WoW We're Nerds (Part 2)

On AO3:

Part 1:

Alex laughed as Maggie pulled up in the driveway of the hotel she was staying at, happily listening to her girlfriend go on about some idiot she’d been stuck behind on the interstate on her way to the west coast. She threw the truck into park and grinned happily at Alex, grabbing her hand and tugging her out of the massive truck, stopping once she’d climbed out to help Alex get down before dragging her off towards one of the bottom floor rooms as she was talking.

“Anyways so this is where I’m staying, I put my stuff away before I went to pick you up. It’s a nice room actually, I kinda thought the place was going to be a dump considering what I’m paying for it.” Alex chuckled as Maggie fought to get her keycard out of her pocket one handed.

“I got you a discount, that’s why it’s so cheap. The owner owns me big time… I had to babysit his grandson for a month and it was a disaster, the kid was a monster.” Maggie laughed as she managed to open the door and tugged Alex inside. “I also fixed his wifi so the thing actually works properly which…” Alex was cut off when Maggie turned around and gently pushed her up against the door as it shut, waiting for Alex to give her a little nod before pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Maggie cradled her face in the palms of her hands and gently sucked her bottom lip between her own, gently biting it causing Alex to let out a soft moan. Maggie pressed another solid kiss against her lips before pulling away, a soft smile on her face as she gazed a little breathless up at Alex.

“Sorry, I just… I’ve been waiting to do that for months…” Alex smiled, tangling her fingers in Maggie’s hair to pull her forward to press another kiss against her lips.

“I know the feeling.” She pulled Maggie into her arms and simply held her. Relishing the warmth of the other woman’s body against her’s. “I’m… Really glad you’re here…” Maggie nodded in agreement, gently kissing Alex’s neck as they stood there rooted to the spot, swaying lightly.

Alex holds her secure against her chest, because she knows (even if Maggie won’t talk about it much) that it’s really hard living in the midwest as a queer woman of color and she wants to, even for a moment, try to take away that feeling of hopelessness Maggie’s described to her before. And she really wishes Maggie didn’t have to go back there to finish high school. Only three more months then she’s moving out here…

Maggie started walking backwards, gently pulling Alex with her until they collapsed in a heap on the bed. Alex moving so that Maggie could curl into her side like they’d always said they’d do if they were able to cuddle. Maggie fisted her handed in Alex’s shirt, holding her tightly as she seemed to take a moment to ground herself.

“So, you want to play or would you rather cuddle for awhile?” Alex asked her gently and Maggie responded by throwing her leg up around Alex’s hips.

“Cuddle now, games later.” Alex chuckled and pulled Maggie closed to her, leaning down to place a kiss against her forehead. They last about thirty minutes like that, gentle touches, fingers running through hair and soft kisses press against each other’s lips. That approach was quickly lost however as Alex pulled Maggie on top of her and started a very thorough exploration of her mouth, following a mixture of instinct and YouTube tutorial videos she had watched for this very purpose.

Maggie groaned appreciatively, her arms moving to frame Alex face as they made out. Alex wrapping her arms around Maggie’s waist and bringing their clothed chests flush against each other. After that things started to blur, their shirts ended up on the floor and somehow Alex found herself on top while Maggie was busy sucking dark hickies across her chest. And then there was grinding and panting, and Maggie had grabbed her ass and pulled her down hard against her thigh in time with her own thrusts. And then they both came, Alex first followed very closely by Maggie. And Alex collapsed against the smaller woman, panting and shivering as the aftershocks coursed through her, feeling Maggie in a similar state beneath her. They stayed like that for several minutes until Maggie finally rolled them over so she could cuddle into Alex’s side.

“So… That better that the local girls?” Maggie commented teasingly and Alex froze, realizing that they had just had… Well… Elementary sex.

“Ummm… I… Ugh…” Alex sputtered and Maggie lifted her head off her shoulder and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Are you saying I need improvement? Cause I’ve got three days to work on it.:Maggie winked at her and Alex flushed.

“What? No. I mean… I wouldn’t know. I haven’t exactly… Done anything like that before…” Maggie’s eyes widened and she gasped at Alex.

“What… You mean that was… Alex!” Alex blushed at Maggie’s freaked out expression.

“What? Like you said earlier… I’ve been waiting for months…” Maggie groaned.

“If I’d known I’d have like… Taken you out on a date first…” Alex rolled her eyes and tugged Maggie back into her arms.

“We’ve gone on plenty of dates.” Maggie groaned even louder.

“Alex, pretending to get drunk together in a pub in World of Warcraft doesn’t count as a date.” Alex pouted.

“Sure it does. We even called them dates.” Alex protested. “Remember that one time when the town we were in was attacked by a Horde raiding party and you got pissed cause they ruined our date cause we had to go help fight them off with all the other level 110’s in the area?” Maggie chuckled.

“I didn’t want to deal with them… I was having a night with my girl…” Maggie sighed. “Fine, am I at least better at kissing than they are?”

“Well… About that…” Maggie’s eyes went wide and she looked at Alex in shock.

“Please tell me your first kiss wasn’t me shoving you up against a door in a hotel room… It’s already bad enough that was your first time…” Alex bit her lip.

“Okay, I won’t tell you.”


“What? It was perfect… You’re perfect.” Maggie shook her head and drug them both out of bed, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking you on a date.” Alex’s eyes widened comically.

“Right now?”

“Yes, where can you go on a date around here?” Alex sighed as Maggie picked up her pocketbook and pulled her out of the room towards the truck.

“Umm… There’s a burger place down on the boardwalk…” Maggie shook her head.

“Oh no. We’re going to a nice restaurant where I can buy you good food and then we’re going to do something really fucking romantic… Like… Stargazing or… Or dancing or some shit like that…” Alex shook her head and kissed Maggie’s cheek as the other woman shifted the truck into drive.

“I don’t need that stuff, I just want you, Mags.” Maggie looked her in the eye and took her hand in her own.

“Just cause you don’t need it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it.” Alex’s eyes widened as Maggie gently pecked her lips. “Now tell me where to drive.”

How Supergirl Season 2 Was Made

Deep within the bowels of the CW, four people in suits stand around a cauldron labeled ‘Supergirl Season 2’.

Suit #1: Alright everyone, now this was the easiest brew yet, CBS gave us most of their ingredients, we just need to wrap this up with some personal touches. We’ve already added our own experience with making superhero shows from the Arrowverse, but I was thinking we could do something extra…let’s make Alex Danvers gay. It’s not like she had a love interest for people to get mad at us about, and after her wardrobe in Taxi Brooklyn half the internet is convinced Chyler is gay anyway. Now then…anyone know where we can find some Gay?

Suits #2-4 perk up and all run in opposite directions. Eventually Suit #2 comes back carrying a five gallon bucket full or rainbow liquid.

Suit #2: Hey, a friend gave me this. It’s the left over gay from Rookie Blue. There’s not much since the finale ended with the one lesbian main character having sex with another girl and being about to adopt a child, and none of the lesbians in the show got killed or went evil, but it should work.

Pours the rainbow liquid into the red and blue liquid of the show. Suit #1 looks in at the new mixture, Alex has a light rainbow aura now, but it could be waved off by the straights if they really wanted to. Suit #1 pats Suit #2 on the shoulder.

Suit #1: That’s just the right amount of gay! Good job!

Suit #2 walks off pleased. Moments later a forklift pulls up carrying a 50 gallon drum with a nozzle at the bottom, which Suit #3 aligns with the cauldron.

Suit #1: Uh…what is that?

Suit #3: Oh, this is all the leftover gay from The 100! Given the backlash we got from killing Lexa I thought it only right to apply it to our new show as a sort of apology.

Suit #1: Well that’s a very nice thought but we already added 5 gallons of gay to the season, I think that’s enough…

Suit #3 ignores Suit #1 and opens the nozzle, pouring more rainbow colored liquid directly into the cauldron.

Suit #1: Oh…okay…well alright

Suit #1 looks into the mixture as Suit #3 drives away. Alex is unmistakably, Kristen Stewart, Tegan and Sara levels of gay now, and a new character, Maggie Sawyer, appears to have materialized. Moreover the presence of Katie McGrath is drastically multiplying it, and now there’s a light rainbow coating to Kara, Winn, and Mon-El too.

Suit #1: Oh well, I guess this will just get us a cult following now. Shipping wars are always good. Plus Kara’s got a canon relationship with a guy, and Winn was with this universe’s terrible version of Siobhan Smythe, so it should balance out. We’ll just have to add a few more James/Kara dates. Wait…what’s that sound?

The massive door used for truck deliveries opens and a cement mixer backs up towards the cauldron, it’s spout lowering onto said cauldron.

Suit #1: …What the hell?

Suit #4 hops out beaming.

Suit #4: Well after TNT ended Rizzoli & Isles…

Suit #1: Are you insane? You can’t dump all the leftover gay from Rizzoli & Isles in here! We’re trying to make a superhero show, not the L Word set in the DC universe!

Suit #4: Oh no, this isn’t all of it, this isn’t even half.  Disney bought A LOT of it to spread out among their own stuff, Star Wars, and Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network both bought a bit, NBC and CBS bought some,and most of what we got the movie people took for the Amazon Island in Wonder Woman and the standalone Harley Quinn movie they’re working on. No, this is just what was left over.

Suit #1 stares in shock as Suit #4 hits a button and a river of rainbow liquid flows out into the cauldron. When it’s all done J'onn is the only one of the main cast NOT coated in gay, the James/Kara relationship has ended by the end of the first episode, and Katie McGrath doesn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t supposed to have brought the leftover gay from Dracula with her and directed it all solely as Kara. Even Winn and Mon-El are super gay now! And while the prevailing colors of the season are still blue and red, there’s an undeniable rainbow under coat.

Suit #1: … we’re going to get letters about this.

People are filling gallons of water and selling them off for $5 a gallon. Others are leaving stores with cart-fulls of bottled water packages, refusing to allow anyone else to take even one package. People are trying to run each other over, trying to rush to get to fuel pumps - one person threatened to slam into my car with his massive pickup truck if I didn’t fill my car up faster at the pump. I watched people speed up to pumps, nearly hitting people in the process.

Can everyone stop being greedy for two minutes and help each other? We would be a better organized community that way.

Storm update.  Still above water, still doing okay.  I was so exhausted, when I finally fell asleep, I slept through the rough winds that came.  We’re trying to keep tabs on our extended family and friends.  Some are having to leave their homes as the water gets higher.

They just said on the news that 180,000 people don’t have electricity, and they’re asking us to conserve water.  Last night a bunch of massive dump trucks drove through flood waters to rescue people 70 at a time.  A bridge washed away this morning, and even some overpasses are under water.  The mayor had to force a certain megachurch to open their doors up as a shelter. (He won’t confirm it outright, but you could tell from his language, they didn’t want to. Real christian of you, guys. People will remember that.)

It’s just…  surreal, and still going.  I’ll keep you guys posted as long as I can.

anndie1326 replied to your photoset “There is a massive food truck rally outside the hotel. I found Sam…”

After spending time in and around Disneyland today, I was really hoping you were NOT at the Independent Retail Professionals convention but just happened upon it. And yes, you were probably kicked out by someone who just wanted your table.

Yeah, there’s twenty five thousand of them here, but I am not with that conference. Can you guys imagine if I like…randomly had a full-time job selling Amway or Avon or something, and I just never mentioned it here. CAN YOU IMAGINE. 

I mean, they all seem like they’re doing their thing, they seem happy, so go and god bless, I guess, but man. I can’t approve of the scam methodology of the parent company. 

Also all the clothes they sell have people names. That’s really creepy. It’s like you’re wearing someone’s skin. 

arukou-arukou replied to your photoset “There is a massive food truck rally outside the hotel. I found Sam…”

It has a fucking Captain America shield, how is this real? How? Sam, did you will this truck into existence? Did we, your readers, will this truck into existence?

I DON’T KNOW. I was like hey, a potato truck, what a coinciWHAT THE HELL IS THAT LOGO. 

arsenicjade replied to your photoset “There is a massive food truck rally outside the hotel. I found Sam…”

I would say I am impressed, but no, actually, this is exactly what I expect for you, so that would be a bald-faced lie.

I seriously was waiting for someone to be like “Sam, that is a bullshit lie.” It’s awesome that people have such faith in my ability to find trouble wherever I go. 

iesika replied to your photoset “There is a massive food truck rally outside the hotel. I found Sam…”

Did you get thrown out for demanding some kind of IP fees from Spudrunner’s, because I think you should get some

I mean, technically we both owe Marvel money, but they seem like good people and I have given Marvel a lot of money over the years so I’m calling it even. 

tamanegichipolla replied to your post “Oh hey so tooth news! Good news is that it wasn’t even tooth. It was…”

If you want one that isn’t too bright and your treatment is covered by insurance you might wanna consider zirconia crowns? They’re tough and white. Alternatively gold works as well but yeah. –a dental student

OOOOH ZIRCONIA. I’ll ask. That sounds amazing. 

Hero’s in the Half Shell Part 3

Warning’s: Swearing, needles, and smut

Here you go @pink-ink-slinger

The children were splashing around the crystal blue lake. White pines, red maples, and Mulberry trees rimmed the picturesque lake. The setting sun casting an ethereal glow on everything it touched including you and Raph.

“You know I was thinking about favorites….” Raph trailed off, kissing your ear before he made a beeline for your sweet spot.

“Oh really?” Your question punctuated by an intake of breath. Fingers skimming his large thighs from knee to hip, kneading slightly.

“Someone’s feelin a bit frisky. Same as the night you got pregnant with Vinchenzo……”


“Raphael, I love you,  our second child is NOT going to be called Vin Diesel.” Eleven month old Malikai was asleep in your arms, a bag of groceries on the other. Your blue tooth blinking out that obnoxious neon light as you headed to your car.

The air cold enough to be seen passing through your lips.

“Raph. The pizza’s going to be late.” You said pulling Malikai closer to your breast. The bag sliding from your forearm into your hand. The light on your blue tooth turning purple.

“You’re coming with me.. Your husband has made my boss VERY angry.” The man in the black ski mask said. The grocery store light’s flickering to save power. Raphael’s threats and encouragements giving you strength. His thick New York accent telling you he was on his way.

“Well you see he really means well. I’m afraid he just has a bit of a temper. Perhaps a heartfelt apology instead?” Malikai started to stir at the sound of new voice’s; he didn’t like strangers.

“He’ll take both after he sends him your finger.” The masked man lunged at you. His serrated knife spinning towards your head. Your heel shooting out to catch him in the knee. His black clad knee hitting the asphalt of New York City. An audible popping noise accompanied by his groans of pain.

Your feet moving quickly to get behind him. The bag you are carrying hefted above your head to knock him out.

Before you can bring it down he swings back with a closed fist. The impact slamming your back into your car door. Your fingers dropping the bag to clutch Malikai to your chest.

“Now now, you little bitch, that wasn’t very nice. I can see why he want’s your husband dead.” The man wobbled over, his knee popped back into place un-precisely. The empty parking lot becoming eerily quiet by the second.

Malikai screaming his indignation at being shoved while you caught your breath. Just as he got within range of you a beeping sound emitted from your Bluetooth.

“Look you can take me in, no problem, just let me leave my son.” The man smiled dementedly, an evil glimmer entering his eye’s. Raphael picking up speed. His heavy breathing saturating your hearing.

“Oh this will get me promoted for sure. Now. make. the. brat. stop. crying.” His hands pulling out a syringe. The closer he got the more your rage was tapped. The cold, calculated rage of a mother who’s son was going to toddle away. Even if she couldn’t.

“I’ll kill you.” It was the only thing worth saying. Other than I love you, to your son, but he felt it. In the way you smoothed his hair, large green eye’s staring up at you.

When he lunged, you squatted down sliding Malikai over to the lamp post on his shell. His screams heartbreaking but at least he was alive.

The loaded syringe came careening towards your neck. Your fist popping out to hit his adams apple, only to meet his block. While the other blocked his arm.

“Looks like the bitch know’s a few move’s.” The sound of silence causing you to smile.

“What ar-”

“That goddess is my wife.” You could see his eye’s widen underneath the mask. His breathing erratic as he processed THE enemies presence.

Then that familiar jingle permeated the air. A massive garbage truck pulling up just behind your car.

In your relaxed state you hardly noticed the man’s shift in weight. Your body whipping around until you were front to back, a syringe at your throat.

“Raph! Get our son out of here!” You commanded the large turtle. The brothers creating a circle around the situation.

“Look I ain’t leavin without ya. I’ll make you a deal.” Curiosity slipping into the villains eye’s causing the panic to recede.

“I’ll go with you if ya if you let my wife and son go.” When you attempted to respond your would be kidnapper jammed the needle into your neck.

“If you try any funny business I’ll send enough of this shit into her neck to OD the bitch. Come quiet or she leave’s silent.” Your eye’s watering at the pain in your neck, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a scream.

“Raphael, Baby, get out of here. Please.” Voice trailing off into a whisper.  Mouthing I love you to the big red turtle. His eye’s giving you all the response you needed. He looked down on his son seeing his whole world in his arms. You were an amazing mom, he knew that much. Gently kissing his forehead his son stared confused at the emotion’s he was feeling from the big man.

“Hey no cryin champ. You gotta watch for ya mom.” The shaking in your shoulder hurt like hell but this couldn’t be the end.

Raphael walked towards the small man causing him to jerk you around in panic.

“Watch the good’s chump.” A growl came emitting from his throat, green eye’s sparking.

“Put the kid down. Kneel in front of me.” A disgusting sound of satisfaction dropping from his words like diseased honey.

At Raphael’s compliance your lips began to shake. The needle being jerked from your neck not helping. When he shoved you to the ground Raph lost it. For once you were faster.

Grabbing Donnie’s staff from his hands you turned releasing the full reserve of electricity. The man jerking violently, sounds of bones breaking audible. When he finally stopped he only twitched before he lost consciousness.

Your fingers releasing the staff with a jerk.  You rushed over to your son with Raphael. Malikai’s crying a relief to both parent’s. The boy pressed between the two of you as Donnie got the criminal an ambulance for a street over..

“Y/N-” Raph attempted before you grabbed his plastron. Your lips latching onto his pulling him into you. Thigh’s hopping up to his waist. Raph’s adrenaline so high that his erection was almost instant.

“Should we?” Mikey attempted to ask his older brother’s.

“No.” Leo and Donnie said in unison.

“Besides I’ve, uh, sound proofed the back.” Donnie blushed.

“You, hey where are…uh maybe we should drop him off?” Donnie stared in confusion until he heard the garbage truck door slam shut.

“Yup we’re walking home.” Leo hoisting the man in a Donnie approved position.


Once you were inside you placed your son in the crib Donnie added. Sometime’s you just couldn’t leave the tott’s at home.


“Shhhhh….” Finger’s working your button’s down while you pushed Raph into a chair. Your slowly exposed flesh making his mouth water.

Raph knew words were useless at this point. When he moved to unbutton his pant’s you stopped him. Kneeling down in front of him breast’s exposed along with the slowly forming bruise. His hand gently caressing the spot until he felt your warm mouth on his head.

Your tongue swirling, finger’s working his base. His head leaned back while his finger’s gripped the chair. Your head head bobbing until your breast enveloped him. In which his hips started bucking in time with his churr’s.

“Y/N, I love you.” His fingers grabbing your hair guiding you to standing. When you attempted to unzip your pant’s he covered your pussy with his empty hand. The warmth of his hand seeping into you. Your hips shamelessly grinding into his hand. HIs fingers cupping and kneading your pussy through your pant’s.

“Raph.” You whispered breathlessly. Torso leaning over to lock lips once more. Hands trailing down his plastron and over broad shoulders.

His finger’s working your pants over your hips. Once you were panty clad you stepping out of them and into his lap. Raph’s hands sliding inside your panties to rake across flush skin.

Your whimpers fueling him on. His hands nudging you towards him.

“No, I want to impale myself onto you.” Raph churred at the statement. When your lips began the descent down his thick shaft he had to correct his breathing. His teeth running over his lips while he took in your focus.

Eye’s locked onto each other when he was halfway inside. HIs hands sliding from your thigh’s back up to your ass. Raph slightly using the leverage to help you move down his length. Your breathing unified, forehead’s leaning together. Your panting getting louder as you got closer to the edge. The pace you had set increasing until you were biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.

“Fuck me. Please, oh please fuck!” Your voice slightly shrill at the end.

Raph stood up using his impressive strength to move you up and down. Your head falling back as your breast bounced in an impressive display. Nimble finger’s coming up to massage your own breast.

“Huuuuh, Raphael, fuuuuuck.” Raphael smiled, got it, G-spot acquired. He laid you onto the empty panel in the front. Leg’s in the air while he plowed away.Your eye’s locked the entire time.

Raph leaned his hip forward using his scales and hip bone to rub your clit. You breathed deeply thrusting your hand against the window behind you. Your eye’s rolling back into your head while your orgasm wracked your body in all the right ways.

When you were a panting mess on his dick he moved back to the chair. His large arms cradling you to him.

“Love ya.” He said stroking your hair, placing kisses to your temple.

“Your turn, love.” Raphael supporting you on shaky leg’s. Your ass sliding down his plastron until you were reversed cowgirl on his dick. HIs hands lifting you part of the way as your leg’s were still weak.

“Raph, raph, of fuck. Cum in me. Feel’s so good.” Finger’s gripping his knees while you took him in rapidly. The coolness of his skin even engorged by blood still made your toes curl. His scales had a texture that was out of this world. When Raph started to come he pulled you against his chest. Arm’s encasing you in warmth, safety, and protection. That’s when you came unglued together. Raph holding you so he was sheathed in you entirely. His finger’s rubbing your clit tirelessly to maximise your pleasure.

Both of you panting until the sound of Malikai’s crying broke your revere. Your tired laughter mingling together.

Raphael placing you gently in the seat. His large form arched over your son’s crib. When you attempted to get up Raph brought him over.

“There’s your momma, champ.Ain’t she perfect?” Raph asked with a tired smile, placing him gently to your breast. Your child latching on to feed since no other nutrition was available.

“You know at this rate I’ll end breast feeding Malikai just as Vinchenzo is born.” Raph startled by the name but not entirely turned off.

“All right. I’ll bite what’s it mean?” He asked leaning naked against the door frame of the truck.

“Conqueror.” You said with a smile while Malikai sucked away. Raph nodding his agreement to the name.

“Vin can still be his nickname….” Raph nodded contentedly.

“Good boy.” HIs eye’s getting droopy once more, full stomach and warm environment lulling him to sleep.

Raphael and you walking him back to his crib in the back. While you stroked his hair Raph moved to start the truck.

Five minutes later you were dressed and seated next your husband; who was neither.

“Donnie said not to sit naked in his chair?” You asked placing a hand on his.

“Ya.” Raph smiled cockily. While you trailed a friendly hand up his thigh.

Raphael sitting down to give you better access to the rest of him.


“God’s that was a long night.” You said grasping his hand to slide down your waist. Eye’s watching it disappear until it reached exactly where it needed it be. Your eyelids fluttering shut until children’s laughter broke your silence.

“Mom, we’re hungry.” Malikai proclaimed with a voice crack. His face bright red untl his little sister walked up to grasp his hand.

“Dinner’s in the crock pot, but I believe we have a cake to bake!” The children yelling excitedly as tiny feet ran inside.

“That was a good trick.” Raphael said with a grumble his hands caressing your waist. His lips kissing a path down your neck.

“When your brother’s get here we’re going to take a break. I’m going to ride you into the mattress.” He closed his eye’s and groaned, head falling back as you cupped him. Your finger’s trailing deftly as you walked away.

“Donnie, hurry up.” Raph said into his intercom. Before following you inside his shoulder leaning against the door. A large smile breaking out on his face at the sight of his four children and wife in his home.

“This is my favorite. Who’s making dad a cake?!?” A chorus of voices was heard in reply. Maybe this was the best part.


“Say An ‘Ave’ There For Me”  |  One-Shot  |  2,300 Words  |  Genfic
Gundam Wing Fanfiction
Trowa helps a friend put someone important to rest.

This was inspired by a conversation @amyole and I had about burials in space. Thanks @morbidbirdy for putting up with my feels tonight. ^___~

As Trowa pulled the motorcycle to the side of the road a massive semi truck rumbled by, bringing with it a rush of air that blended with the fresh, salty breeze from the Pacific ocean just beyond the guardrail. He felt his passenger slide slowly from the back of the bike.

Trowa tugged his helmet from his head and ran his hand through his flattened hair to right it, watching as Heero pulled his helmet off and leaned over the guardrail to look at the shifting, sapphire ocean and thin strip of rocky beach below. The mid afternoon light glistened off of the swell of the water’s surface. Nearby a few sea birds dove down from great heights to nestle themselves within their cliff side nests. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sweltering summer heat was negated by the cool ocean air.

“Is this the place?” he finally asked.

His companion shook his head and glanced over his shoulder to look at him.

“No…” Heero seemed hesitant to speak. Trowa shrugged a shoulder, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. He didn’t want Heero to feel bad about any of this. Trowa had agreed to help him. He shouldn’t feel guilty.

“Then we just keep looking,” Trowa replied casually.

“It’s all starting to look the same,” murmured Heero as he approached the bike. He grabbed the side of Trowa’s jacket to steady himself. He slung his leg over the top as he once again took a seat behind him. “I just don’t know…”

“Well, we have all day. Three whole days, in fact,” Trowa reminded him with a small smile. “We can take our time. Don’t worry about it.” 

Keep reading