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The Little Merbunny Chapter 1: Under the Sea

Happy birthday @trashasaurusrex! This is my other gift for your birthday (it kinda goes with the singing though, and the cover is obviously by trashasaurusrex)

The sun beat down on the young fox as he leaned over the railing of the ship, a breeze rustling his fur.
“Isn’t it wonderful Grimsby?!” He shouted as the ship cut through the sea, seawater spraying out behind it, “The wind in the sails, the sea’s not too rough. It’s perfect sailing weather!” Grimsby, a rather dour looking wolf, pulled his head back from the edge of the boat and wiped his mouth off.
“I just wish you’d have more civilized hobbies young master Nicholas.” He commented, swaying on his paws and looking rather queasy.
“What could be more civilized than sailing Grimsby?!” Nick laughed, ignoring the wolf’s disapproving gaze.
“Especially on a day like this, when Lord Triton has blessed us with such fine weather!” One of the crewmembers, an otter, chimed in.
“Who’s Lord Triton?” Nick inquired, “I’ve never heard of him.”
“Why every sailor worth his salt has heard of Lord Triton!” The otter exclaimed, “He’s the lord of the seven seas! King of the merpeople!”
“Don’t listen to such hogwash Nicholas.” Grimsby sniffed, “There are no merpeople.”
“Of course there are merpeople!” The otter shouted, gesticulating wildly with a fish, “Just because you’ve never seen ‘em doesn’t mean they’re not there!” Grimsby ducked as the fish escaped the otter’s hand, flying over his head and back into the sea.
“Well there’s no need to get so worked up over it.” Grimsby commented, standing back up and dusting himself off, “Now Nicholas, I think it’s time we headed back in.”
“You sure you don’t want to stay out a little longer Grim?” Nick asked slyly, “I’m sure the fish could use a little feeding.”
“Very funny young man.” He replied stiffly, “But we need to head back and get to work on finding you a wife.”
“Fine.” Nick sighed, “But Grim, I’m 26, I’m perfectly capable of dealing with that myself.”
“Really?” Grimsby replied, “Then how come you’re still single and rejecting every eligible princess that comes your way?” Nick blushed and turned away from his caretaker, ignoring the question.
“Max!” He called to the fluffy sheepdog manning the helm, “Take us home!”
“Aye, aye, captain!”

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The Bestiary: Swellshark

The scariest thing about the sea is how little we know of it. As the saying goes, we know less about the oceans than the surface of the moon. And that’s the scientists. The laymen know even less, and even most of that is skewed and laden with misinformation, no little thanks to the media’s sensationalistic fuckery that proposes that the entire ocean is out to fillet your ass. (As a reminder, my continous insistence that the sea is a writhing Lovecraftian hellscape full of man-eating terror is a conscious exaggeration for the sake of comedy. Please do not take my writing style seriously.)

The worst case of this is obviously sharks. The poor things have been so much vilified for no reason. Ever since Jaws and its massive cultural impact, sharks became the go-to bad guy of the animal world, with real-life effects too. (Can I say widespread shark hunting after the movie came out? I’m sure I can.) It also caused various memetic bullshit spreading about sharks that means we ended up with films like this.

Pictured: what the fresh hell

A trend I noticed in this killer shark shittery is that the “killer shark” is always a Great White. Always, always a Great White, which is also the first thing that pops into people’s minds when someone says “shark”. It’s like other sharks don’t exist, which is sad because sharks are a group as diverse as, say, carnivore mammals. Can you imagine if people wrote off carnivores as just wolves and nothing else? Because this is exactly like that.

Sharks are crazy diverse, but we never manage to peel our eyes away from the Great White for a long enough time to notice how insane they are. We have stuff like sawfish,


frilled sharks,

zebra sharks,

angel sharks,

and the utterly ridiculous thing called the wobbegong. (Yes, that is a shark.)

What I’m basically saying is that sharks have as many forms as any other order of animals do, and people are so preoccupied with tacking as many CGI teeth on the Great White as it is humanly possible that we don’t notice how interesting, and weird, and fucking stupid sharks can be.

Seriously, I dare you to go to a shark horror movie and take the shark danger seriously after acquainting yourself with today’s specimen, the swellshark. Because this guy is just so ridiculous, I swear to Cthulhu.

This right here is today’s specimen, Cephaloscyllium ventriosum. It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill shark, small, brown and pointy-nosed, but its entire life goal is to methodically fuck up the fearsome reputation its Great White cousin has worked so hard for, and be absolutely laughable.

It spends all day being a lazy ass and sleeping in rocky crevices, hunting at night by being even more of a lazy ass and lying in wait until the prey is mere centimeters away, or even more of a lazy ass by laying on the rock bottom with its mouth open and literally waiting for the prey to swim into it. However, sometimes it can be a surpisingly daft little shit and raid human lobster traps without getting caught.

The stupid part is its self defense strategy.

So we’ve established that this little fuck lives in rock crevices. Naturally, this means that anything sufficiently determined and hungry can easily pull it out, right?

Wrong. Because if threatened, the swellshark lives up to its name by pulling the most ludicrous defense stunt this side of self destruction.

It sucks up water, and does this.


Furthermore, it bites into its own tail and thus turns into a swollen little donut that’s completely impossible to dislodge from the crevice it’s in. I mean it works, but it’s so dumb.

To take away even more from the fearsome reputation of sharks, it is bioluminescent, and it has a tendency of sleeping in heaps of fellow little sharks.

So the next time someone puts out an Ultra Mutant Killer Shark movie, remember that there is a shark that glows in the dark, sleeps in cuddle piles and inflates to defend itself, and have a merry day laughing at the film’s stupidity.






FicRec Masterlist

Okay everyone. I’ve been hoarding a lot of Captain America fanfiction in my bookmarks page and it needs to go somewhere. So I decided to compile a gigantic list of fanfiction that I’ve read and enjoyed. Some of it is Stucky, some  Buckynat, some Gen, a lot of angst. Please reblog to share. Here we go. 

Gen Fics

The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins by Sholio - Steve starts to notice someone’s been in his apartment while he’s not there. Set after Winter Soldier; spoilers. Here’s the author’s tumblr.

Strawberries in Wintertime by Sholio“Everyone we know is trying to kill us,” Natasha said as soon as he opened the door. Sam opened his mouth. “Just kidding,” she went on, perfectly deadpan but now with the faintest trace of a smile. “Steve, you need new friends.” Or, how Sam’s apartment turns into a hangout for superheroes, spies, and rogue assassins.

By Choice or By Habit by SholioHe is useful. He holds onto that. He is useful and a useful tool will not be thrown away. 

Lay Back, Lay Back by Ultrageekatlarge - Bucky can’t sleep.

All the Leaves are Brown (And the Sky is Gray) by AvocadoLoveThe Winter Soldier’s mission is nearly complete. Howard and Maria Stark are dead, leaving him to dispatch their four-year-old child. One quick twist of the neck is all it will take, but the Soldier finds he cannot do it. So instead of killing Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier takes him away to raise as his own.

Running Through My Veins (An American Masquerade) by cheesethesecondFor all Steve’s bravado, his disregard and his blind determination, Bucky knows that neither of them thought they’d end up here—Bucky, with a body full of poison and secrets, a head full of landmines; Steve, with the weight of a nation on his newly-formed shoulders; both of them, with eyes for each other first.At least that part isn’t new. (Or, Bucky Barnes, from the rescue to the Commandos.) Here’s the author’s tumblr

Team-Building Exercises by owletIntegration into adult human social dynamics requires attention and effort. Especially with this bunch of damaged bozos.

User’s Guide to HYDRA’s Enhanced Manpower Asset by rokhalA classic fandom format finds a horrifyingly apt application.

Karma’s a Bitch by KiaraSayreSteve and Sam get Bucky a dog. The regrets begin almost immediately.

Color By Numbers by vitolielThe Soldier came up with the plan in his spare time, though he never actually believed he’d put it into practice. Hydra’s reach seemed too complete – too powerful – to actually consider running. But he thought about it.And then the man stopped fighting. And he said he knew him. And the Soldier felt…felt… He knew what he felt was important. So, he ran.

A Thousand Miles From Comfort by alwayswithatoneofsurpriseJust when the avengers were sort of getting a handle on having a silent 98 year old brainwashed ex-hydra super soldier assassin in their midst, a day that starts far too early, breaks with a pint sized, wide eyed James Buchanan Barnes, metal arm hanging by his side and still as silent as the deadly assassin he was that very morning. Kid!Bucky. Here’s the author’s tumblr.

And I Am Always With You by LauralotHe tries to reach out to Steve, but he can’t feel his arm. It’s too cold. Everything is cold save for his blood and Steve’s smile. Long after Bucky forgets his own name, he remembers “Steve." 

How To Train Your Brainwashed Ex-Assassin by teenagemutantninjamushroom (TeenageMutantNinjaFangirl) - His mission is to help Bucky, not punish the Winter Soldier, and he’s the only person he trusts enough to be able to make that distinction.

(Stucky and Buckynat Fics under the cut. It was getting really long)

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  • When he sees you for the first time in years on the first day of school, he walks right into a row of lockers
  • He’s sorta cocky around you before asking you out, always smirking and winking at you
  • You are completely and helplessly oblivious to the fact that he’s into you, which frustrates him endlessly
  • “Are you flirting with me?”
  • “Have been since the second grade, but thanks for noticing.“
  • He cleans up his act when you reject him the first time he asks you out, claiming you haven’t considered dating guys with egos ever since you laid eyes on Jackson Whittemore (He’s a good guy, really, but you can’t stand what he put Lydia through)
  • Scott asks you why Theo’s been asking about you lately with a knowing grin, and merciless teasing from the pack ensues once you let out a groan
  • You’re the only person who can make him nervous, and he’s got the sweaty palms and racing heartbeat to prove it
  • Theo shows up at your door in the pouring rain with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, apologizing for his previous behavior and hoping you’ll give him another chance 
  • Needless to say, he’s very surprised when you kiss him then and there, the both of you getting soaked (He would never admit it, but he planned to do it in the rain because “it was more romantic”… CLICHE AF)
  • He likes to rest his hand on your lower back when he’s walking next to you, his fingers mindlessly tracing patterns on your spine
  • Theo absolutely melts when you kiss him beneath his ear on his neck
  • He likes to pull you into his arms and kiss the top of your head when he hugs you
  • He meets your dad before he takes you out on your first real date, since your dad opened the door for him and is sort of suspicious of him at first, but is soon genuinely impressed by how much Theo likes you
  • For your first date, he takes you to the cutest little diner for breakfast
  • It was cute until you bet him you could eat more pancakes than him
  • “Theo, it is humanly and inhumanly impossible to consume thirteen pancakes.”
  • “You don’t need sugar in your tea because you’re already too sweet, sunshine.”
  • “Oh my god Theo, please stop.”
  • “You’re really adorable when you blush, you know that?”
  • Theo takes you to the aquarium afterwards, and he falls a little bit in love with you as he watches you in awe of all of the fish
  • He totally buys you the massive stuffed shark when you guys are leaving, and just to be funny you buy him a little clownfish
  • He keeps it in his glove compartment because it makes him think of you
  • He calls you sunshine because seeing you never fails to brighten his day
  • Theo always gives you his jacket, partly because he likes the way you look in it, partly because he likes displaying the fact that you’re his, and partly because he loves the way your smell lingers after you take it off
  • Theo always just knows when your period is, and has a tendency to sneak in through your bedroom window with as much takeout and candy as he can possibly hold
  • Whenever you’re upset, he likes to lay down with you. Your head is tucked into his chest and his arm around your waist, his other arm propped up on a pillow with his hand stroking your hair.
  • You literally leave him breathless when you wash the makeup off your face when he’s over at your place late one night
  • When you self-consciously ask him what he’s staring at, he presses you against the bathroom counter and trails kisses up your neck
  • “You’re just really beautiful, is all.”
  • “I get it, my girlfriend is hot, but is the staring really necessary?”
  • “T, did you really need to punch him?”
  • “He was staring at your ass! Only I’m allowed to do that!”
  • *Theo whacked with extremely thick bio textbook*
  • “I can’t help it that you have a great ass, sunshine.”
  • *whacked again*
  • Malia is a very close friend of yours, and although she is initially suspicious of Theo, she eventually puts your happiness first
  • Surprisingly, Theo is pretty old fashioned when it comes to certain aspects of dating
  • He opens doors for you, refuses to let you pay on dates, always offers you his coat, and his manners are beyond impeccable
  • You shyly explain to him that your parents want to meet him properly, expecting him to be reluctant, but he’s lights up at the idea of officially meeting your family
  • Your mother falls in love with him the moment he walks through the door, and is sold on him when he tells her he knows where you inherited your beauty from
  • Your siblings appreciate the fact that when they pelt him with food when your parents aren’t looking, he returns the gesture rather than ratting them out (You pretend to ignore the conspiratorial looks they exchange)
  • You’re a little nervous when he goes to help your father do the dishes, extremely worried that your dad will scare him off
  • “Mr. Y/L/N, your daughter is incredible, and I would never do anything to hurt her. But if I ever did, she’d kill me before you even got close to it.”
  • Your dad laughs at that, and you’re relieved to walk in a few minutes later to find the two joking around like they’re the best of friends
  • Theo is definitely the jealous type, but he also respects the fact that you have guy friends, and they really start to like him after they realize how cool he is about it
  • The pack is very wary of your relationship with Theo, mainly Stiles
  • “Stiles, I really appreciate that you care, but Theo is a great guy, and he makes me happy.”
  • You’ve been close with Lydia since before you could walk, and she’s surprisingly supportive of your relationship with Theo
  • “I haven’t seen you this happy in years, Y/N. You deserve it.”
  • Theo has a newfound respect for Lydia after he hears about it, even though a majority of your pack is right about him
  • Even though he may not be the best guy around, his intentions towards you are completely and unwaveringly genuine 
  • You’re with Stiles the night Donovan attacked (Theo had no clue you would be there), and call Theo up immediately after the incident because you’re a little shaken up and need to talk to someone
  • He never tells Scott about Stiles killing Donovan, because you know about the Donovan incident and swore Theo to secrecy until Stiles was ready to say anything (Theo feels intensely guilty about the whole thing, and he won’t use this bit to his advantage)
  • Liam is very protective of you, and makes it clear to Theo that he does not approve
  • “You really don’t like me, do you?” Theo asks Liam one day after you leave the library, having noticed the glares he’d been shooting him all throughout their shared free period
  • “Not particularly. Most of the guys she’s been with make her think they’re different, treat her like shit, and then they leave. Y/N deserves a lot more than that. I don’t want to see her get hurt again.”
  • “Liam, I would never hurt her. You have my word on that.”
  • Liam is a little thrown off by how sincere he is, and begins to trust Theo only after he carries you all the way from the high school to the hospital after the doctors hurt you
  • Theo had never truly been terrified by anything until he hears your heartbeat slow a little as he sprints to the hospital, and he realizes just how in love with you he is
  • He doesn’t leave your bedside until Melissa forcibly removes him from the room so they can run tests on you, but she sees how distraught he is and allows him back in as soon as they are done
  • Your mother breaks down at the sight of you all bloody and bruised, and she nearly crushes Theo as she hugs him and thanks him for saving your life
  • Your father pulls him in next, and he doesn’t have to say anything for Theo to get the message
  • It’s three AM and you still aren’t awake yet, and your mother is sleeping with her head resting on your father’s lap as your siblings sleep with limbs entangled with Theo’s for comfort (He hasn’t let go of your hand for hours, and sleep seems like a foreign concept that can’t possibly apply to him)
  • When you peek your eyes open hours later, Theo smiles at you, and you’re struck by how absolutely gorgeous he is, despite the bags under his eyes and the worry on his face
  • “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re very pretty, and its very unfair?”
  • He laughs, a relieved and slightly hysterical sound, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple as you rub the sleepiness from your eyes.
  • “I think you’re on a lot of drugs right now, sunshine.”
  • Luckily the only lasting damage is a minor concussion and a few lingering scars, but Theo is still vigilant in making sure you have everything you need and are well taken care of
  • “I’m going to get changed, I’ll be right back.”
  • “Need any help with that, sunshine?” He asked with a smirk.
  • *Theo hit in the back of the head with a book*
  • He tries teaching you how to skateboard, and somehow by the end of the day you’re pulling off tricks he’d only ever seen on TV
  • On the way home from one of your many beach trips, you open the glove compartment and find the little clownfish from you first date, and that’s when you know you’re in love with Theo
  • He literally can never keep his hands off of you, and he’s big on PDA
  • Theo knows you’re uncomfortable with making out in public, and he respects that, but it doesn’t stop him from kissing you lightly whenever he gets the chance
  • When you’re alone, all bets are off
  • That boy can kiss like a god
  • His kisses are slow and sensuous, and he takes his time appreciating your lips, mouth, and every inch of your neck
  • He’s a massive tease, and leaves playful love bites and lets his lips hover over your skin just to hear you groan his name
  • When he’s jealous, his kisses are fast and hard, leaving you just as breathless (Hell, Theo could just walk into the room and leave you gasping for air)
  • He absolutely loves the way your fingers entangle themselves in his hair, and the sound of your voice moaning his name completely undoes him
  • Theo drives as carefully as he possibly can when you fall asleep in his car, trying not to wake you up from your peaceful sleep
  • “You talk in your sleep.”
  • “I do not.”
  • “You say my name a lot, you know that, sunshine?”
  • “You’re an asshole.”
  • You have a thin scar on your back from when the dread doctors attacked you, and when he sees it for the first time he sucks in a ragged, pained breath
  • “I will never let them hurt you again, alright? No one is laying a hand on you.”
  • He claims he can’t tie a tie, but secretly he just likes the way you smile softly at him as you expertly tie it for him
  • Your younger siblings absolutely adore him
  • He’s a total softie when it comes to kids, and it melts your heart every time you see them playing together (Your sister conned him into wearing a bright pink tutu as he played baseball with your brother, and you have photographic evidence of the event)
  • Theo’s corny AF and totally quotes Romeo and Juliet at you
  • “You do know they were together a grand total of three days before they ended up killing themselves?”
  • “I was trying to be romantic!”
  • *you mock swoon*
  • “Sunshine, you’re lucky you’re cute.”
  • He cuts a deal with the dread doctors that so long as he kills Scott, no one else, including you, has to die
  • He sends you off to Lydia’s lakehouse with her for the weekend, claiming you need to spend some time with your best friend
  • It breaks his heart as he watches you pull out of the driveway and shoot him one last brilliant smile, knowing the next time you see him, you’ll hate him
  • Theo doesn’t know much for certain, but the one thing he’s always been sure of is his need to keep you safe, no matter the price
  • When attempting to kill Scott, he can’t go through with it, because goddamn, you’ve given him a conscience
  • Theo, look, I know all you want is to keep her safe. I do too. But this? This isn’t the right way. We can help you, Theo, if you let us.”
  • He’s frustrated and angry and sad and a million things at once as Scott grips his shoulders and sends him a sad, knowing smile, and Theo realizes that Scott is in this position every single day, having the power to save everyone but at a terrible, terrible cost
  • He realizes that the right decision, the decision you would make, is never the easy one
  • Forgiveness is one thing the McCall pack is known for, and although you’re hurt by the discovery that he’d been allied with the dread doctors, you realize that everything he’d done was to keep you safe, and he made the right decision when it mattered
  • Lydia leads him to the nemeton so that he can rescue the chimeras that they’d all believed to be truly dead, but a chance encounter with the doctors in her home one night leads to her catatonic state and eventual admission to Eichen
  • Theo and his band of chimeras lend all the support they can to the pack, and he is genuinely surprised by how easily they accept him (although Stiles a tad begrudgingly)
  • “You were honest, T. Thats all that matters. We’ve all made bad decisions before. Hell, Allison once tried to kill Derek’s pack, and we all forgave her once she changed and realized the errors of her ways. We’re not going to fault you for mistakes that any of us would have made should we have been in the same position as you.”
  • You’ll never understand just how much those simple sentences mean to him
  • He doesn’t miss the way your breathing hitches and the pain that flickers in your eyes whenever Allison’s name is mentioned, and you’re grateful to have his warm hand envelop yours and remind you that its okay to not be okay
  • While Scott and Stiles go off in search of Kira, he stays behind to work on the whole Liam ordeal (Scott doesn’t blame Liam for what happened on the supermoon, but he doesn’t believe Scott)
  • He comforts you about Lydia, and vows to bust her Eichen of there as soon as the opportunity arises
  • The first time he says “I love you” its as the two of you are watching the sunset from his rooftop
  • Its whispered in awe as he watches the fading sunlight cast a rosy glow over you, and you can’t help but pull him into a deep kiss afterwards
  • “I love you too, T.”
  • He gets a rush of elation every time he tells you just how much he loves you, and the feeling of you saying it back is a high he can never get enough of
  • Theo is smug bastard sometimes and enjoys leaving the occasional hickey on you where no one but him will see (He would never leave them somewhere visible, as much as he wants to, because he really doesn’t want to embarrass you)
  • He’s a little annoyed by the fact that any marks you leave on him are gone within hours, but to compensate he buys the two of you matching simple silver rings, with the other’s initials engraved on the interior and the phases of the moon on the exterior
  • Theo has an entire album in his phone dedicated to candids he’d caught of you
  • The sight of you in one of his shirts never fails to make his breath catch in his throat
  • He walks you to class everyday, even if his class is in the complete opposite direction (the teachers love him though, and they don’t mind when they see him walk down the halls with a lovestruck grin on his face and his arm around your waist)
  • He presses a kiss to your cheek in hello and one to your forehead in goodbye
  • Holding hands with Theo entails his fingers interlocked with yours, and his pinky has to be on the outside
  • You take corny pictures every time you see a photobooth (you plaster them all over your room and he keeps his favorite ones in his wallet)
  • Ice skating dates that end with him on his ass more than his feet and the both of you laughing harder than ever before at each other
  • He loves surfing, and takes you to the beach every chance he gets
  • Building beach bonfires together, your head resting on his chest as he absentmindedly points out the constellations to you
  • Knowing that through it all, Theo will always be there for you
  • Having someone who loves you with every ounce of his being, and loving him just as much
  • Waking up to “Good morning, sunshine.” for the rest of your life.
  • “I love you, and I promise to love you every day until my heart stops beating. Maybe not even then. We’re going to be just fine, sunshine.”
A Non-Complete list of supernatural creatures commonly and uncommonly used in fiction

For anyone looking to do an AU for Halloween but doesn’t want to do the same witch, werewolf, or vampire trope I’ve composed a small list of some other creatures, please Google them for full info and further interpretations :)








-Faeries (you could do a Faery Celebration of Halloween or simply a mischievous faery playing pranks)

-Mermaids (basically the same as faeries in theme)




-Wendigos: Cannibalistic spirits whose hunger is never satisfied

-Hybrids: Of anything really

-Selkies: Seal-people, they can shed their seal skins and become humans but only once every seven years, once they put their skins back on they cannot be part of the human world for another seven years, if their seal skin is stolen/hidden they’re land-bound, most selkie stories are tragic love stories but they can make for some pretty scarey ones too

-Dopplegangers: Natural “clones” of other people who look identical and may even have the same DNA, born from nature, sometimes are thought to be demons, changelings, or evil spirits

-Skin Walkers: Native American shapeshifters who can become any animal by donning their pelt and paying respect

-Kelpies: Water horses who use their beauty to lead men and children to a watery grave

-Kitsune: Japanese fox spirits, often tricksters, often transform into beautifull women, can be benevolent or malevolent depending on the spirit

-Aswang: Argentinian vampires with extremely long, sharp, tounges used to peirce the bellies of pregnant women and steal the life force of the babies

-Bigfoot/Yeti: For such a common creature in the world of the supernatural he sure is left out in fiction alot…

-Nymphs: Elemental faery like beings who are often noted as seductresses and are known to steal human lovers

-Nixies: Very much like Nymphs only they are exclusively water creatures and are known to drown their victims

-Mersharks: Sharks and fish are two different animals, just like mermaids and mersharks are also different, they’re fairly self-explainitory though

-Other faery folk such as: Pixies, Elves, Gnomes, Brownies, Knockers, Elementals

-Banshees: Known as the “wailing woman”, Banshees are harbringers of death, foretelling the soon-to-be loss of a loved one with pained cries and screaming when death occurs

-Succubus: Female demon of seduction, often invading and seducing people through dreams, they feed on sexual energy

-Incubus: The male version of a succubus

-Harpies: Bird-women who seduce people, take them to their nests, and eat them

-Sirens: Water women who seduce sailors with their songs into crashing their ships, also known for drowning sailors themselves

-Aliens: Another commonly KNOWN but not commonly USED creature

-Centaurs: Another commonly KNOWN but not commonly USED creature

-Tengu: Bird-demons who in some tales are like Japanese harpies, but in others benevolent creatures

-Jersy Devil: A creature said to stalk New Jersey with the head of a dog, the horns of a ram, the feet of a horse, and the tail of the devil

-Mothman: Usually seen as evil, but sometimes recently thought to be a protective spirit, an unusual bird-man like creature that many believe to be responsable for several tragedies in the United States, especially surrounding West Virginia, and including the collapse of the Ohio bridge

-Chupacabra: Often believed to be an alien, this commonly known, rarely recited creature is a small, odd looking animal that’s description is often up to debate for details, the common thread is it’s link to animal mutalations

-Tanuki: Trickster racoon-dogs who like to prank people, usually seen as benevolent

-Black Shuck: A black dog seen sometimes as evil, sometimes as a protector, Black Shuck has been linked to Hell Hounds and the burning of a London Church in the 1800s, but also to being a protective guide for women who walk home alone at night

-Familiars: Enchanted animals (sometimes shapeshifters) kept by witches as assistants/partners/links to the supernatural

Unusual Animals:

-Thylacine: Also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, this large marsupial was said to go extinct several decades ago but many people still believe it to be alive

-Plesiasours: A type of dinasour often believed to be what the Loch Ness Monster actually is

-Megalodon: The biggest ocean predator ever to exist, Megalodon is a massive shark estimated to be bigger than a school bus

-Megalania: Believed to be the much larger cousin of the Komodo Dragon

Amazing places:




-The Bermuda Triangle

-The Winchester House

-Roswell, New Mexico

-Area 51

-Stone Henge


-The Warren Occult Museum


Obviously this is not a complete list, but to anyone who may have been looking for more unique themes for their supernatural AUs, here ya’ go!


Carcharodon Megalodon was a super-sized great white shark that ranged from 60 to 100 feet or more in length. This shark was the undisputed king of the ocean from 28 to 1.5 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era. Megalodon, meaning “big tooth”, had teeth at least 7 inches long and had a mouth that could expand to engulf an elephant whole. Despite them being ruled as extinct, some people believe they roam our very oceans today, undetected. Though the idea of a creature as massive as this seems unrealistic, there has been documented evidence and sightings. In 1875, two Megalodon teeth were brought up during a deep-sea exploration by the HMS Challenger that supposedly were only 10,000 to 14,000 years old. During this time, the land bridge between North America and Asia had formed and our ancestors were crossing over. If tests on the age of the ginormous teeth were accurate, this means they would’ve probably gone extinct earlier than previously thought, or they could be roaming our oceans, thriving on the mass amounts of food. One recorded sighting was also documented in 1918. Supposedly, fisherman off the coast of Australia refused to return to the ocean after a massive shark demolished their gear and stole their crayfish pots-crayfish and all. When further questioned, they all reported the same thing-a ghostly white shark as long as the wharf they were standing on-115 feet. Scientists, however, had a hard time trying to find a reasonable explanation for this. These were experienced fisherman-they would’ve known if they saw a whale.

Shark with meg proportions hunting whale.

Also, if it wasn’t a shark, then what else could it have been able to be? Regardless, the creature frightened them so much that they refused to work, making scientists wonder what it really could be.

It doesn’t end there, however. In the 1960’s, the captain of a 26-meter fishing boat reported seeing a huge shark. Like the fisherman in Australia, he and his crew were very experienced-they would’ve known if it was a whale or not. The crew was scared so much, that they refused to say what they saw to reporters. However, the captain confessed his account a few years later.

Distance between tail and dorsal fin suggests it could be 90+ Ft. Subject beside Nazi U-boats.

Sharks: Murdered and Misunderstood

@why-animals-do-the-thing wanted me to post my shark essay so here I am! I’m actually really excited because I worked on this for a long time and no one read it except my teacher :(. This is more about the effect of shark killing but it is still really nice info!


In this essay I will be discussing shark populations and how they affect other areas of marine ecosystems. I will analyze why shark populations are lowering, such as targeting killing and fishing. I will also examine why people fear sharks so much and how this fear can affect shark populations. These fears and misconceptions about sharks are not only harming sharks, but other species as well. To write this essay, I used online resources as well as my own knowledge that I have gained by working at an aquarium over the summer.

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Video imagine :) *not my gifs, credit to owners* should i make a part 2??

you have been Mr Masrani’s step daughter for almost two years now, he had always wanted you to go to the park, but you had no interest. But finally after 2 years you were gonna spend a weekend with him. In the park.

the waves crashed on the boat as you drifted toward Isla Nublar, the island of dinosaurs. The boat finally stopped and they docked it, big letters were spread on the dock, “Jurassic World”

a electronic sign held by a young man had your name on it, you sighed and walked past him, not caring. You hated getting attention, it was ignorant, to have so much attention.

you got on the train and stood in the front of it, the front was glass, vegetation surrounded everything. A female voice cracked on the intercom.

“Welcome to Jurassic World, for those of you in the front part of the train you should be seeing the original gates”

A little boy with dusty blonde hair rushed to the front of the train, he accidentally hit you, you fell on your knee. But then pushed yourself up he looked up, “sorry” you smirked “it’s all good kid.”

you heard a voice behind you, “sorry did my brother bother you?” You turned around to look at the voice, there was a boy with brown hair, greenish brown eyes and a perfect smile. He held him self pretty suitable.

you shook your head and looked down at the little boy, “I don’t know, had anyone bothered you kid?” He laughs and looked at his older brother for a response.

you smiled, “nah he wasn’t bothering me, but I’m Y/N by the way. First time here?”

the little boy smiles “I’m Gray, this is Zach. And yah this is our first time here, we’re here to see our aunt.”

“I’m here to see my step dad, he is the owner of the park.” Gray starts laughing, “ohh so you were the other name on the other sign.”

“yah, and I think he is still in the back of the train still looking for me. It’s pretty funny”

all 3 of you turned around to look at the young man searching for you, you all 3 chuckled, and finally the train stopped. You decided to stay with them, and their babysitter didn’t care, she was on the phone most of the time.

she took them to their room and you waited outside, and finally they walked out with wrist bands, you smirked and Gray grabbed your hand and started to run.

he stopped at a large glass pyramid, there were holograms of dinosaurs, videos on extinction, and learning the inside or DNA of a dinosaur. Gray ran over and clicked on a screen, and spoke.

the girl spoke “can he slow down?” She was British, Zach shook his head, “not a possibility.” Finally Gray shouted, “Aunt Claire!!”

A girl who wore all white, with a belt around her waist, she had redish orange short hair in a bob cut. Gray ran to her and gave her a hug. You stayed with the British babysitter and watched from the background.

finally Claire noticed you out of the conversation, “Y/N you need to come with me, I’m meeting your dad, and dodged your guide.” You sighed and walked over.

“okay well boys I got to go, I will see you at 6.” Gray looked sat at Claire’s words, “wait your not gonna spend the day with us?”

you started to walk away, and said “boys I’ll meet you by the petting zoo of dinosaurs, Zach come here.”

Zach ran over to you, you put your hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. You added your number into his phone, he nodded as you handed it back to him. “Text me when your there”

they kept on with the conversations, as Zach walked back, and finally Claire led the way, and you followed. “Why’d you ditch your guide?” You smirked “don’t like attention.”

you stood on the air landing as you watched your step dad land the helicopter, he hopped out and gave you a hug. You hugged him back awkwardly, “good to see yah Y/N”

“yah you too, so I’m gonna meet some friends at the petting zoo, I have a ride. Please??” He sighed “fine, I’ll meet up with you later.” You smiled “deal”

you walked over to your ride, it was a man who agreed, luckily.. He started the car and you drove back to the park, “the petting zoo is to the left.” You nodded and finally got a text from Zach.

“at the zoo, see you there.” You walked to the zoo and saw Gray trying to take pictures, and Zach standing next to him. You snuck up behind Zach and grabbed his waist.

he screamed like a little girl, you laughed, “that was great.” Gray have you a high five. Zach shook his head “I’ll get you back.”

“nah I don’t think you will” Zach turned around to look at their babysitter, she was on the phone. “Scatter!”

“what?” Both you and Gray said at the same time, “run.” He pushed both of you and you start running.

you stopped after running to a different part of the park, you laughed, and Gray grabbed your hand and ran to the T-Rex kingdom.

you were actually really excited to see this, a female voice sounded on the speaker, you ran to the front of the glass with Gray. The T-Rex dove down and bit down on the goat. You cheered with Gray.

then after you guys went to the mosasaurs exhibit, it was feeding time. You sat next to Gray, the woman spoke as a shark was moved over to the pool. The giant beast came out of the water, her massive jaws ate the shark and she went back under as everyone cheered, as a wave of water crashed on you.

“now we’ll give you a closer look at our mosasaurs.” The seats below you started to go down to the pool, the mosasaurs was eating the shark as everyone cheered, you stood up and cheered!

“wanna see something else cool” both you and Gray smiled and yelled “yah.”

all 3 of you hopped onto the train to the gyrosphere. Gray and Zach were in front of you, about 3 seats. There were no more seats considering a group of girls rushed to sit in front of you. So oh well right.

finally the train stopped, you guys had to wait in line, Zach was zoning out while you and Gray being the nerds you were, you were talking about dinosaurs.

Gray yelled at Zach “wait are you gonna achieve by staring at them?” I looked over at the group of giggling girls, “thanks Gray.” Finally after they got on it was your turn to get on the ride.

you rolled around in the ball looking at random things, until you came across the dinosaurs, they were gorgeous, large and majestic. Zach was taking a call from his aunt, he let you control the sphere.

he hung up the phone, and a voice came over the speaker, the ride closed, but Gray looked so sad. You spoke “we can stay out a few more minutes, your Vip right?”

he smiled and you pushed the lever forward, making you go first and the dinosaurs run around you.

finally you stopped Claire had called again, and you turned to look at a fence, the gate was busted open. Claw marks made up the side, Zach hung up once gain, you tried to back up. “We should go.”

Zach’s hand went on yours, “dude back road experience.” Gray shook his head, “no, not a good idea.” Zach smiled “but I’m afraid you too aren’t getting your full Jurassic World experience.”

you shook your head and got worried, “uh no, it’s there and it’s pretty full lets go.” Zach’s finger went to his face “shh” he started to move forward, his hand still on yours.

you moved around looking at the forests, there were 4 dinosaurs eating food. Zach started to talk to Gray. You were focused on the teeth reflecting in the glass. “Five”

Gray pointed the strange dinosaur, you all 3 turned around, the carnivore rushed to the herbivores. You screamed as it kicked you, the gyrosphere went spinning. Your head hit the glass, the warm liquid of blood started to come out of your head.

another dinosaur hit you as you tried to escape, the screen was cracked, and you flipped over on a tree. You all 3 watched as the dinosaur bit into the neck of the other one, you looked away.

your head was pounding like hell, until you heard a vibrating, Zach’s phone. “Aunt Claire” flashed on the screen. Both you and Zach tried reaching for it. “Almost got it.”

Gray hit you “look!!” You looked up into a yellowish red eye. You screamed, until the beast rolled you over and stabbed his claw into the glass. It shattered all over you, it put its mouth around the ball, and bit down as hard as she could.

once she had the ball in her mouth, she slammed it back and forth on the ground causing it to break from the back, your head was still pounding. Zach grabbed your belt to let you go, after that you grabbed Gray’s.

all 3 of you fell out of the back of the sphere, you started torun but you heard the dinosaur roar behind you. She was following you guys. You grabbed Zach’s hand from fear, he grabbed Gray’s.

you all ran out into a field, you could hear a water fall, you ran to the edge. “We have to jump.” Gray should his head, he was afraid. Zach started to count down “3..2…1.”

you all jumped, and felt the air after the beast closed its mouth. Your body hit the water, causing you to go under the water, you were about To go up for air when Zach pulled both you and Gray back down.

he shook his head, you stayed under until finally, he came to the surface, you pulled up, and took a breathe. You looked up the dinosaur was no longer there.

you grabbed Gray and swam to shore. You pulled him up, you felt a hand around your waist. You looked over, it was Zach, you smiled and started to cough “thanks”

SO HEYYYH SHOULD I DO A PART 2 yes or no???????

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* comes in dragging anxiety's massive shark*. Hey I thought this might be nice to curl up in to sleep tonight. Anxiety said you can use it. - holler back

*He smiled at the sight. He knew how much Anxiety loved that shark* T-t-tell him th-thank y-you

stevebucky fic reclist

Here you go, friends!! The stevebucky fic reclist! This is more of a ‘fics i’ve read and i liked + ultimate favourites oh my god please read them all’ sort of reclist.

  • This list is divided into 3 sections: fics posted before Cap 2 was released, fics posted after Cap 2 was released, and fics that fall under non-canon related (but probably allude to it) AU.
  • Listed in alphabetical order.
  • ! is my personal fave. + is newly added. (use Ctrl+F)
  • Please read the tags and warnings in the fics!
  • List will be updated whenever I find more good fics.
  • Last update: Jan 22,2015. + 10 fics (latest addition here). Total: 212 fics.
  • Ultimate favourites list is here

If you have any recommendation, please tell me! I’d love to read more.

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Talk About An Ancient Mariner! Greenland Shark Is At Least 272 Years Old
This Arctic species can live longer than any other known animal advanced enough to have a backbone, scientists say — maybe more than 500 years. Their muscles might hold clues that could help humans.

The Greenland shark, a massive carnivore that can be more than 16 feet long, hasn’t been studied much, and its life in the cold northern waters remains largely mysterious. Julius Nielsen, at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, says there had been some hints that Greenland sharks grow very slowly, perhaps less than a centimeter per year. That suggested the huge sharks might be ancient.“We only expected that the sharks might be very old,” says Nielsen.

“But we did not know in advance. And it was, of course, a very big surprise to learn that it was actually the oldest vertebrate animal.”

He and some colleagues obtained 28 female Greenland sharks taken by research vessels as unintended bycatch from 2010 to 2013. The researchers then used radiocarbon dating techniques on the lenses of the sharks’ eyes.

There’s a bit of uncertainty associated with the age estimates, but Nielsen says the most likely age for the oldest shark they found was about 390 years. “It was, with 95 percent certainty, between 272 and 512 years old,” he says. The researchers believe these sharks reach sexual maturity at about the age of 150 years.

Local Legend 3: Credumbras

I may live in one of the most haunted places on earth. Almost everywhere around me has some sort of ghost or legend attached to it. Of course, we don’t advertise this. Thrill-seekers coming here would lead to far too many deaths, after all. Besides, there are rules. You don’t tell these things to outsiders.
I’m going to break the rules.

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Creepypasta #700: Confessions Of A Deep Sea Diver (Part 2)

Story length: Super long

First, I’m going to answer some of the common questions I’ve received. Yes, I’ve experienced a lot of terrifying things in the ocean. But, when you consider the amount of dives I’ve made, these experiences have truly been few and far between.

Basic information about our dive gear. While it does vary based on the job, we do have a standard we typically use. We are hard hat divers meaning we wear helmets, not scuba. It is surface supplied air. We have an air system on surface which runs through an umbilical down to the divers. The umbilical attaches to the helmet to supply the air. Woven in with the umbilical are our essentials. 

Without getting too technical there is a line to supply air, electricity for a light, communications, and essentially a depth gauge. Additionally, we wear a tank on our back as an emergency gas supply. It doesn’t contain much though. Just enough to get to the surface in an emergency. We don’t use rebreathers for the work we do. We do however occasionally use a full face mask instead of a helmet, or scuba if it is more practical. But it rarely is.

The Keepers of the Deep. I have never found information about them online. The only people I’ve heard discuss them were the members of my team. I’ve been told other teams have had run ins with them too though. But even the guys on my team are hesitant to speak about them.


While working on an oil rig, we were utilizing an ROV (imagine a small remote control submarine) to do inspections. We’d been hired to inspect for structural damage or deficiencies after the rig had complained of abnormal vibrations. During operations the ROV’s are tended from a line that offers power, a strength member, and transfers video and sonar images back to topside. As the ROV descended into the darkness below we began to notice thin scratches along the structure. 

At first it was barely enough to rip the marine growth off of the metal, but as we got deeper the scratches turned to gouges. As we descended even deeper, we began to notice that the scratches appeared deliberate. We pulled the ROV up close to inspect. There, before us, were images. There were hieroglyphics carved into the metal. And they were fresh. The deeper we got, the older the carvings appeared. They were corroded, and partially covered in growth. Whatever was making these carvings was working its way up from the bottom. 

Then, the ROV stopped responding. It began shaking back and forth. We lost power to it. We tried to pull it up by its tending line but it seemed stuck. Then, we felt it. Tugging against the line, but it was coming from the ROV’s side. Something was pulling it deeper. Two more guys jumped onto the line and struggled to pull it back up. The line began creaking, and parted. We pulled up the remainder of the line, but that ROV was gone forever. The supervisor was then left with the task of figuring out how to report our findings to the oil company.


One incident took place about a year ago. During a salvage job we were in the process of installing the rigging gear. While facing the ship, with my back to the open ocean, I hadn’t noticed anything approaching. Suddenly something smashed into the tank on my back, hard. I was slammed into the ship, flattened against it by the force. I turned around, there was nothing. I would later learn that I had several bruised ribs from the impact. 

After reporting to the other diver and topside, we were told they were going to pull us. We got back onto the stage and started being lifted toward the surface. We kept our eyes peeled, scanning into the not too distant shadows. During a decompression stop we began seeing a shadowy figure circling around us. We continued to monitor it as it circled closer and closer. We began to see it more clearly. There was a massive shark circling us. 

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