massive powder

The little scar on his nose is smooch worthy. 💋

You have been trudging through the snow for hours, giggling at your attempt to build a snow Erumpent. It is mostly a massive blob of white powder but you find a nearby log and stick it firmly in the center to represent its tusk.

“Look Newt!!”

Newt glances up from the nearby bench where he has been writing for the last hour. His hands are shivering, his nose is frozen, and his teeth chatter violently behind pale lips.

He knows how much you love the snow and is willing to endure these arctic conditions to be with you however, he is starting to question whether certain parts of his body still function. Including his toes.

“It looks – just like – my Erumpent, darling!” He beams, though he can barely speak due to trembling.

You finally feel the cold too and wander over to the case a few steps away from where Newt sits.

“Erm, darling? Are you leaving me out here alone?”

You turn to meet this expression… he looks like a little lost puppy in need of warmth and shelter at the end of a winter’s eve.

You bend down and gift his precious nose with a kiss, right across the scar you find so adorable.

“Of course not, my love.” You grab his chilled hand - with a wink, “Come, let’s go home. I think a steamy bath and hot cocoa are on order for this evening?” 😏❤❄⛄


Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Blush and HD Pressed Powder

The HD range is the ultimate no-makeup-makeup range. I love everything from the texture-free high-coverage foundations to the concealers, to the invisible powder and the super-pigmented blushes. 

I was pretty surprised to hear that Make Up For Ever was launching a new HD cream blush (SGD50), since the original line-up of HD blushes were also cream blushes anyway.

But these are quite different from those, even though they still aim to give you a great second-skin texture-free blush that will work great on camera. The main difference is that the current range comes in more skin-friendly “glow from within” nude-based shades that aren’t quite as dramatic and strong as many in the previous range, and are very, very easy to use even for cream blush newbies.

The collection has a whopping 16 shades and are grouped into light, medium and dark categories (including a single “pop” shade, a bright coral that’s usable by everyone), from what I’ve seen at counters, and if you need an indication just look at the numbers. 200s are the light shades that will sit easier or lighter skin tones. The 300s are mediums that will work on many medium to tan skins, and the 400s are stronger shades that have enough richness of pigmentation to look good on darker skins. 

Less surprising was the launch of the HD Powder Compact (SGD59). This was the first invisible silky silica powder I fell in love with when I first started this blog, so it’s within expectations that the massively popular loose powder would be translated into a pressed, portable form for easy touch-ups outside. 

The compact has the same invisible talc-free finish and magically-smooth feel of the original, but I actually find you’re less likely to over-apply when using a pressed version. (Dusting on too much of the loose powder version and not brushing it out properly can cause it to catch the light in cameras, if you haven’t seen the many celeb makeup-disaster images on the red carpets.)

Silica is a slippery-feeling mineral that absorbs many times its own weight in oil, and if you’ve never touched it you HAVE to. Unlike many other “HD powders” that have been launched in its wake, the formula does not contain corn starch (ugh! I don’t want anything that can potentially breed bacteria in my powder), talc, or other fillers. it’s also a great light diffuser to soften fine lines and uneven texture. That’s why it’s often a key ingredients in many “instant line reducer serums and treatments”. 

I much prefer this to pigmented powders for touching up during the day. It’s less messy and the finish is less powdery. Great for those with combination or slightly oily skin who want to set their makeup but don’t want a fully-matte finish to their face,

crystalfrost10  asked:

The blond stepped out onto the deck of the log cabin he and Ciaran had been renting out, glancing around a bit with a contented sigh at the massive white slopes of powder. If he didn't know better, it could almost be home... But Frostaro was hardly something he wanted to think about right now. His skin was completely bare, save for a pair of patterned swim trunks, and a pair of sunglasses. "HEY CIARAN, LOOK OUT!" he lept forward with a laugh, taking a rather dramatic dive into the snow.

|| @ofblood-and-snxw

Ciaran had stepped outside a few minutes before, having finished changing into rather stylish, warm and furry winter garb.

At the sound of the other’s voice, he turned sharply to discover a rather… Strange and possibly alarming sight.

“What the- what are you DOING? Do you WANT to get hypothermia…?!” His tone was a mix of quizzical and shocked.