massive picture dump


It’s done! The three-month period of study has concluded. I have a crazy whirlwind of emotions going on right now that I’d love to share in more depth later. I’ve also not been sharing a lot these past few days because my drawings have been limited to sketch studies! Sketches are always fun to share so I will definitely make a big ol’ art dump post too.

Oh by the way, to all my fellow Dragon Age nerds… I met Matt Rhodes :P He looked at some of the Inquisitor Cards I’ve made for you guys and he genuinely liked them! Such a swell dude, took a lot of time to give me feedback on the rest of my stuff. :D 

I can’t wait to get back to work for everyone. Thank you to my clients who’ve been kind enough to wait for me during this three-month hiatus. I’m desperately thirsty to draw and apply everything I’ve learned.

By the way here is a picture of me and Matt :D I should also make a massive picture dump post?? OMG.

Anyways, I’ll get back to packing! :T


Melissa and I decorated our house for Christmas. O  uO

We didn’t want to leave it to anyone else. Because it would be all gold, impersonal, and boring. (Not to mention everyone else waits till the last minute to do things.)

So we took over, and threw together a more welcoming red/green/sparkle take on everything. Incorporating the gold my Mom likes.

Aw yeah. Happy Holidays.