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As part of The Alpha Project, @rone recently unveiled four massive murals he created in secret in an abandoned paper mill in Melbourne. They have now been buffed by the artist himself to prevent people from going into the soon-to-be demolished building, thus creating a beautiful reference to the ephemeral nature of street art! #streetart #ephemeral #thealphaproject #abandoned #pressmill #portraits #art #rone #melbourne

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Date a dragon who would blow smoke rings for you. Date a dragon who would carve precious jewels from their hoard to make jewelry for you. Date a dragon who would paint massive murals for you. Date a dragon who would pour their heart out in words for you. Date artistic dragons

a soviet joke– TRUFAX

it is the anniversary of Poland’s entry into the Warsaw Pact, and Brezhnev would like to present the people of Poland with a monumental gift that will win their hearts. After much deliberation, he decides on a massive mural called “Lenin in Poland”, showing Vladimir Lenin communing with and teaching the humble peasants and workers of the Polish nation. There’s just one problem– Lenin never actually visited Poland, and none of the rigid socialist realist artists, trained to perfection in the art schools of the USSR, have the imagination to create such a scene.

In desperation, Brezhnev breaks down and visits the shunned “rootless cosmopolitan” artist, Abram Rabinovich. He practically begs the man to paint this mural, hinting that if Rabinovich cooperates, his wife will be released from prison. Rabinovich agrees.

Three weeks later, the preliminary oil sketch is ready. All the top officials of the Soviet Union cram into Rabinovich’s tiny apartment for the picture’s unveiling. Along the wall stands Rabinovich, next to a giant canvas covered by a cloth. At the signal, he pulls the cloth away to reveal– a photorealistic depiction of a man and a woman in bed.

Horrified gasps from the audience. In a choked voice the defence minister asks who the man is. Rabinovich cheerfully replies “that’s Trotsky.”

“Who’s the woman?” yells the head of the KGB.

“That’s Krupskaya, Lenin’s wife,” thus the artist.

From the back of the room, Brezhnev, Old Eyebrows himself, draw himself up to his full height and roars “BUT WHERE’S LENIN?”

“Lenin?” says Rabinovich “Lenin’s in Poland!”

Breath-Taking Massive Graffiti Mural of a Dragon

Chinese artist Hua Tunan has created a massive graffiti mural composed of 3.8 meters of an Imperial Dragon. Varying in shades of red, the Imperial Dragon is a breath-taking piece, which highlights the rage, fire, danger and beauty of the mythical creature.  Instead of portraying the infamous creature with a traditional and realistic style, one can see that he uses spray paint and a paint splatter technique to create a highly abstract expressionist work. Aside from the dragon, Tunan also creates other majestic creatures, which showcase his attention to detail and enormous talent. Below, you will find some images of the young artist at work from the conception to the end of the project.


Artist eL Seed has completed a massive mural in Cairo that covers 50 buildings with the hopes of changing perceptions of the people who live there.

“I wanted to bring beauty to a dirty and poor area, but when I got there I noticed those people were not dirty and not poor” - eL Seed, artist

“You see a piece of the artwork on the [individual] buildings, but when you stand on a mountain, you see this huge circle made of calligraphy” eL Seed tells As It Happens host Carol Off. “It says, ‘Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly, needs to wipe his eyes.’”

The area of Cairo where the mural is located is called Manshiyat Naser, loosely translated as “Garbage City.” The population is 90 per cent Coptic Christian. Nicknamed zabbaleen or “garbage people,” they have served as the city’s unofficial trash collectors for decades. The only compensations they receive is from the recycled garbage they collect.

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In the center of the neighborhood often referred to as Garbage City (named so for its trash-lined streets) is a painted mural that spans more than 50 buildings. 

The swirl of orange, blue and white is beautiful but illegible. But looking out from Mokattam Mountain towards the Cairo neighborhood of Manshiyat Naser, a quote from a 3rd century Coptic Bishop clearly reads in arabic calligraphy: “Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eye first.”

The massive, anamorphic mural titled “Perception” is the work of eL Seed, a Tunisia-born, Paris-raised street artist.

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