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I want to give Little Mix a special shout-out for using their huge platform to help spread the message about a couple of kids who are still missing. Celebrity messages of support are comforting, but this is a great way to put their massive social media reach to good use in a time like this. Nice work!


Media Summit 2017: Facebook Live Chat Q&A

Scott: Yooo  Tessa: Hi everyone Scott: Holla

Tessa: This is so exciting, we’re gonna be hanging out with you for the next few minutes I think.

Scott: I gotta get this outta the way

Tessa: What?

Scott: Who’s your friend? (Laughs) Get it Hoo? (Who) Nobody? Kay now I can continues, it’s like a sneeze, I gotta get it out. We got a cooler full of questions.

Tessa: Yeah, you wanna start us off?

Scott: Yeah I think I do! I think I do, this is very exciting.

Tessa: And I think you guys can write in and have questions for us too right?

Scott: Yeah so we’re just gonna have some fun (T: Alright) we’re hanging out..set my little cooler, it’s Saturday. Who has softer hair? I think we all know the answer to that. I mean… (laughs) No obviously you have softer hair and it smells nice…

Tessa: You have more hair though, somehow ummm (S: Why cuz I haven’t got it cut?) you got the flow happening (S: haven’t got it cut in so long?)

Where would you bury your hidden treasure? But then it wouldn’t be hidden you can’t tell anyone that.

Scott: Yeah how do you tell people? I guess you have to leave a map. It’d be close to Ilderton for sure for me.

Tessa: Yeah probably at my cottage.

Sorry (S: no looks like you’re going, you didn’t like the hidden treasure one eh?) No I didn’t umm What’s your favorite movie? Mine is… Princess Bride.

Scott: Like that. (T: classic) “Does anybody want a peanut?” That’s my best Fezzik the giant impression. (T: it’s good it’s great) Not bad eh? Mine is?

Tessa: Blood Sport? (S: yep)…You go

Scott: Oh see when I sit in the lawn chair (T: You just get..) S: and with the cooler like I just get…goes into autopilot. Hope you guys are having fun with us. What’s your favorite place in Canada? That’s great like when we do something that is broadcast like everywhere so we can’t pick favorites.

Tessa: You know we’re fortunate that almost every year we get to tour across Canada and our country never seizes to amaze me and it’s so wonderful how welcoming and friendly and I mean East to West we just get the best response uh I mean now Montreal because we are living there and training there and its been really special but..

Scott: Seriously you guys ever been to Ilderton, Ontario tho? It’s beautiful, love the people, come on down and visit us, door are always open.

Tessa: Oh that’s a good question, Who is the most stubborn?

Scott: (sarcastic) Yeah that’s a tough one eh? (T: You think so I don’t know) You..(laughs) look at that look!

Tessa: I thought me but I didn’t think you would think that. (Scott laughs) I am a Taurus so I am a little stubborn.

Scott: No I think you’re stubborn. (T: ok) Yep, in the good way tho, you’re not a bully about it you’re just….oh I love this one, Elvis or The Beatles?

Tessa: ooo Beatles I think for me

Scott: You know it changes, it changes for me (T: you went through a huge Elvis) I still am, I don’t think you have to pick, life isn’t about picking (Tessa laughs) but The Beatles I think when they came back and completely revolutionized their sound, it was unbelievable, and I think it completely changed it…and Elvis is the king so…

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When you think of Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43, the amount of corruption, both literal and philosophical, is massively discounted in the media. 

This is the quintessence of white privilege, and parallels the racist bias white conservatives have when judging Obama.

I was about 5 when I had already realised that I was never going to marry a man, and wanted a wife instead. This was the mid-80s. There was nothing on television that adequately reflected how I saw my future. Then in 1984, when I was 7, along came a tv show called Kate & Allie, it featured two College friends who had drifted apart and re-connected after their divorces. They lived together with their three children in a New York City apartment.  Kate was the free spirited ex-hippie type, whilst Allie was the more straitlaced pearls and proper decorum type. Together they made an opposites attract kind of couple.

It was the only show at the time that even vaguely reflected the life I wanted. It was no surprise that the show built up a lesbian following, a sit-com with two attractive, competent, hilarious female leads, bringing up three children together.

I was devoted.

Until they seemed to get wind of how this was coming across to the audience, what followed was one of the most condescending 25 minutes of television I have ever watched.

They “addressed” the issue of any implied lesbianism by airing an episode that featured the protagonist’s landlady, a lesbian, saying that they would have to pay more rent as they were two families living in a one family apartment, unless they were actually one family, i.e. Kate & Allie were lesbians. What followed was a convoluted and patronising episode that concluded with the pair schooling their lesbian landlady on what constituted a family.

I never watched another episode.  Even at that age I understood the message they were sending me.

Cagney & Lacey was another favourite amongst lesbians, two badass women, who could hold their own in a macho environment that is the epitome of old school boy’s club. They were intelligent, tough, and still empathetic.  They were the kind of women I wanted to see around me.

But yet again, as the show carried on, it was deeply imparted to the audience how much Christine Cagney loved sex with men, and hardly an episode went by where there wasn’t a scene of Mary Beth and Harv kissing and more.

It was to remind us, these women might be playing in a man’s world, but they are still all about the dick.

Lucy Lawless, the incredible Xena: Warrior Princess, was very aware of the huge lesbian fanbase that the show had, in part due to the extensive volumes of fanfiction written about Xena and her bard sidekick Gabrielle. Lucy and co-star Renee O’Connor were deeply respectful of their fans, and giving them as much as they could with their on-screen interactions within the framework of the scripts. It was only as the show was ending that they were told that the characters were each other’s true loves. A point they addressed by saying that had they known earlier, they would have played the parts more explicitly loving, and would have made sure it had been more explicit to fans earlier in the show’s six year run. Their disappointment at not having known sooner was palpable and displayed a deep respect that they had for their LGBT audience.

Fast forward a few years, and in the post Beth Jordache era, we had Bad Girls, a UK women’s prison drama that featured straight Prison Governor, Helen Stewart, fall in love with one of her prisoners, Nikki Wade, it was a sweet story, and one of the few with a relatively decent ending. The actresses displayed grace and empathy when dealing with their fans, even appearing at a London pub after a Leicester Square movie premiere to sign autographs for a pub full of lesbian fans. I saw that it was possible for fans to be embraced and treasured, which to me made me feel like we had turned a corner from being scorned, ridiculed and patronised. We even had our own tv show, The L Word, which as flawed as it is, seemed like a massive step to media acceptance.

Post L Word, it is almost like we are being punished, almost every lesbian character on tv seems to either die or have an affair with a man(wtf?).

The past few years, scrolling through my tumblr feed is like a journey in joy and heartbreak. Watching the younger generations get excited over wlw characters, only to have to mourn the loss of them a short time later.

I never watch a tv series when it comes out now. I wait.

I wait to see where the arc is going. I wait to see how we are going to be treated by the cast and studio who make it. I have been burned a few too many times in the past, and only a couple of those many times have been recounted here.

These shows taught me from a very young age to pick and choose carefully what I watched, and that I could not rely on the mainstream media to cater to my needs.  This is where fanfiction, fanart and fantasy come in. We learned how to take the characters and make our own stories with them, the myriad websites dedicated to fanfiction/art are a testament to that, and to our resourcefulness as viewers. After all, amazing fanfiction is still being written about Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway, and Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot (to name just two ships), characters who haven’t shared screen time in many, many years. Our love for these characters and their chemistry is enduring.

What we deserve though, are fully realised relationships between characters on screen, not scraps, not looking for every nuance in interaction. We can still do it, we are very good at it, we have had decades of practice after all. It is probably something we will always do, it is almost as though it is in our genes to be able to see the unspoken tensions and subtleties.

But it is so nice to have shows where this isn’t necessary, where you can just relax and watch the relationship unfold, without having to work to find those precious moments.

This was why I have loved watching the gifs and screencaps of shows like Carmilla, Wynonna Earp, Grey’s Anatomy and Supergirl cross my dash.

Knowing that there are generations younger than me who haven’t had to be so patronised and condescended to by the media, but who are actually being catered to.

To see Chyler Leigh be so enthusiastic in her representation of Alex Danvers, and her deeply moving responses to stories of the fans. It made my heart soar to see this. So I thought I would be safe with Supergirl, I watched the first season and was drawn in, I was waiting eagerly to buy the second season on DVD when I saw the footage from SDCC 2017.

To some, I know it is easy to brush aside, to wait for it all to blow over. They don’t have the history of being invalidated and condescended to.

To me, what I was watching, was deliberate, and unnecessary and cruel. It reminded me of the popular kids at school bullying those who are already society’s outcasts and unwanted.

To say you are an ally and trot out your ally credentials, is meaningless if your behaviour speaks otherwise. To mention when you are apologising for your bad behaviour, how badly you are being treated and how unfair it is, is ridiculous. Take responsibility.

To me, the whole spectacle was sad and left me hurting for the younger viewers who were experiencing the same things I experienced so long ago, knowing that even if you find somewhere you think you belong, there will always be those who don’t want you there, who will make that space unsafe for you. There is a reason why the concept of safe spaces is so large in the LGBT community, it is because we don’t have many.

What I won’t do is put my time and money into a show that devalues me, or who employs people who do. (To be clear, I am not insisting that others do not watch the show, you do you, boo boo).

I was heartened by the reactions displayed by Katie McGrath and Odette Annable at SDCC, who along with Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima have been amazing ambassadors for their characters (Odette excepting as we have not seen her screen time, but her displays of solidarity with Katie were invaluable as an LGBT viewer), and make me long for a spin off with these four cast members.

The show has been tainted for me, and I won’t watch it, not when there are other shows that are not treating their LGBT characters and viewers poorly, so Wynonna Earp and The Bold Type, here I come, please don’t let me down.

Listen. We’re not suggesting that Louis’ team fly a flag from the top of a prominent building or buy billboard space in major markets. We’re suggesting that they take advantage of his massive social media reach by tweeting, posting IG stories, PUTTING A LINK TO THE FUCKING SONG IN HIS SM BIOS…I mean, this shit is FREE. It doesn’t cost them a dime. And Rusty is already performing all these activities by tweeting and Instagramming his fucking vacation…so if he could maybe just throw a little bit of that posting energy toward promoting his client’s song, well, that would be swell.

anyway art is so good. nothing makes me happier than creating and seeing others create. i’m at my most powerful when i’m watching people share their art with others and even if i currently feel i’m not as good as i can be, i’ll get there someday. i’m proud of me and i’m proud of you for keeping it up.

okay but what if actor au victuuri where they meet and costar in a perks of being a wallflower style movie

yuuri is an indie movie actor who doesnt think he’s famous or special (despite being nominated for many awards) and is known for being inconsistent but genuine and emotional. he takes a break in acting after a meltdown, but accepts a role in a small indie film to fight his slump.

victor is a legendary award winning actor known for his range and raw talent and skill, having played every role and genre under the sun. even a bad movie can be redeemed with victor in it. he takes a role in a small-budget indie film after reading the script and finding it interesting.

yuuri only agreed to the part because it was obscure and a small step to start acting again, but with the appearance of victor nikiforov as his costar, there was no chance of him getting a slow start any time soon. he was sure his mediocrity would only bring victor and the movie down, but he didnt want to be rude by retracting the role, so he simply tried his best and tried not to make a fool of himself.

victor has been uninspired and bored for a while now, and in a desperate attempt to do something different, asks for scripts of unknown films. he assured them he didnt care about being paid, and simply wanted to play his part. what he likes the most about the film is the effort, artistry and nuance put in the writing, filled with passion and creativity he barely finds in the many big-budget films he casts in. he tackles the role like a coat, changing how he wears it according to his character.

yuuri plays a wallflower with anxiety and victor’s character is popular but depressed, and they fall in love despite everything. the story unfolds like a well written ya novel set in high school.

sweet disposition by the temper trap is the movie’s main soundtrack and everything is sweet and melancholy and coming of age

their chemistry both on and off screen showed. to yuuri’s astonishment and victor’s delight, they make the best acting pair seen a while, complimenting the way each other moves and speaks, in-sync with their roles and as people.

as they got closer and closer, their performances grew more heartfelt with their emotions.

maybe it’s how strongly they relate to their characters, or the way this one film forever changed their lives for the better.
either way, every cut and take feels more genuine than acting, and resonates in a way they can’t explain.

they fall in love behind the scenes and struggle alongside their characters, and learn to grow and change each other for the better.

(the movie, thanks to victor’s involvement, gained massive media attention and hype.

the beautiful and intimate story with its inspiring coming of age themes and unique and witty storytelling received massive critical acclaim.
it’s romance and how relatable it was made it popular with a large audience, many scenes resonating with people with similar experiences.

most of all, victor and yuuri’s performances were praised to be emotional in a way never seen before. every line felt natural, felt real and genuine, immersing you in the journey of two people discovering new things about themselves, the world and each other. if the scenes weren’t being played out on a screen, you would think it were two real people simply going through their lives instead of actors playing out a script.

and in a way, that’s what it was.)

Bucky Barnes Imagine- It’s You

A/N: I found this soulmate au somewhere but I don’t remember what blog it was from. Credit goes to that blog for the idea!

Warnings: Mentions of past torture and most likely a swear word

Third Person POV

Everyone is born with a soulmate when they come into this world and can hear a certain phrase being said in their head over and over in their soulmate’s voice. That was why James Buchanan Barnes was confused when he never did hear another voice inside his head. He waited forever to hear the words his soulmate would say to him, but they never came. Bucky then spent his days wooing women to try and mask the hurt he felt since he figured he didn’t have a soulmate. Then came the day he fell from the train.

Bucky had awoken and been put under too many times to count at this point. He had no concept of time when he was being tortured and used by Hydra. It was on a random day when he was about to be put back into cryofreeze that he heard a voice echo through his head. ‘Do you think fish get thirsty?’ It asked and he barely had time to register what that was before he was asleep once more.

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Martin Persner:

*violin plays softly in the backround*

Hello there everyone.

You may have noticed the massive media shit storm surrounding Ghost right now. And it deeply saddens me, to know of how people are reacting. I havr chosen to stay out of this fight, simply because I have my own demons to battle. I need not add more fuel to the fire. I hold no grudges simply because life is too short for such nonsense. I can only hope that the person in question feels remorse and owns up to their wrong doing.

We are all human and we all make mistakes.

But please, remember to be kind to one another. As I say again, life is too short. Thank you.

*strums guitar*

I would also like to make another PSA. As Easter is coming up, I would like to say that Brachs peeps are the most disgusting candy ever created. Brachs candy in general is cheaply made and low quality as fuck. Peeps marshmallows may be fluffy- but they sure are gross as shit.

Fight me bitch.

*continues to play guitar as camera pans out*

okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

BTS as club competitive swimmers!

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Kim Seokjin

  • Sprint Fly
  • Wears banana hammock with Italian Flag on the butt b/c he loves pasta
  • Goes to every practice just so he can eat afterwards
  • Complains all the time but still works his hardest
  • Doesn’t understand why he’s a flyer until he see his shoulders
  • Is hit on by every single person ever
  • Is the team ego
  • Only races in pink
  • Has pink snorkel, matching paddles, and a magenta mesh bag
  • Loves to coordinate racing suits, especially with his girlfriend
  • Goes to the bathroom during practice to eat granola bars
  • Sasses everyone all the time, even Coach
  • Always hosts team barbeques
  • Only dates swimmers b/c he loves “swimcest”
  • Killer shoulder muscles
  • Would have abs, too many carbs consumed
  • Is the second loudest in the locker rooms
  • Pool guards love/hate him
  • Dad jokes make everyone swim faster
  • Considered Coach’s greatest weapon b/c of that
  • Team mom

Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores

Min Yoongi
  • Distance Free
  • Wears Kumamon drag suit over black jammers
  • Loves distance b/c all he has to do is “breathe and kick”
  • Is always quiet at practice except when doing relays
  • Only swims the 200, 400/500, 800/1000, and mile at meets
  • Is called “Naked Mole Rat” b/c he’s so pale
  • Goes to every practice b/c he’s “got nothing better to do”
  • Seems cold, melts whenever Jimin walks on deck
  • Is actually a stick
  • Is harsh, but knows when to stop
  • HATES morning practiceCan not function if pool water temp. is below 79.5 F
  • Only sings dumb songs while swimming “life is like a hurricane/here in/DUCK BIRD”Is very intense about racing
  • Gets quiet fifteen minutes before his race, extreme RBF
  • Suffers from extreme adrenaline rushes after racing
  • Has perfect pace
  • Breathes exactly five times in 25 yards
  • Terrifies everyone on other teams
  • Wears team parka whenever possible

Originally posted by jminies

Jung Hoseok
  • Sprint Free
  • Wears multi color neon banana hammock and is proud
  • Team mood maker
  • Is always happy
  • Dances behind the blocks before every race
  • Makes all his friends behind the blocks and after races
  • Everyone knows him
  • Loudest in the locker room
  • Guards get mad at his volume, but love his personality
  • Is everyone’s best friend
  • Acts as team councilor
  • Knows everything about everyone
  • Gets turnt before and after a race, no matter the result
  • Challenges other teams to dance offs from across the pool
  • Knows the lyrics to every song and sings everyone at practice
  • Pushes off the wall and chokes underwater because he’s laughing
  • Bubblier than the hot tub
  • Never races in black, it’s bad luck
  • Always has the coolest pair of goggles
  • Has all sorts of useless training equipment
  • Is always drinking water
  • Never shampoos hair more than once a week
  • Walks around buck naked in the locker room
  • Teammates think it’s weird, but he doesn’t care
  • Gives everyone a nickname, even Coach
  • Team hype man

Originally posted by dearvmon

Kim Namjoon
  • Backstroke
  • Wears Brazilian flag banana hammock b/c it “brings out his skin tone”
  • Team captain four years running
  • Tutors everyone so they can keep swimming with him
  • Organizes all team events
  • Top ten backstroker in the nation
  • Underwaters that neatly DQ him
  • Tempo looks slow, is actually going HAM
  • Leads off every relay, medley or not
  • Is terrible at breaststroke and fly
  • The second best dressed
  • Always has to have a different suit
  • Is willing to wear unheard of brands to achieve this
  • Has dealt with more than one rip in a suit during racing
  • Goes through goggles like a racoon through the trash
  • Is not ever allowed to drive again
  • Tries to get turnt with Hobi, gets hurt
  • Only eats yogurt and granola before swimming
  • Relies on teammates to make sure his anxiety stays in check
  • Must have eight hours of sleep
  • Grunts 24/7

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

Park Jimin
  • Breaststroke
  • Korean flag suit b/c he’s patriotic af
  • Is underestimate b/c of his height, kicks ass
  • 200 breast over 100
  • Gets hyped for relays
  • Breaststroke pullout takes him past 15 meters off every wall
  • Could probably squash your head between his thighs
  • Very popular with the ladies
  • Loves his body, gets so embarrassed by gawking
  • Squishy cheeks, rock solid abs
  • Is happiest at 5 in the morning
  • Always swims breaststroke
  • Can not swim backstroke to save his life
  • Only talks about swimming
  • Doesn’t make friends outside of swimming
  • Nicki Minaj enthusiast
  • Cries before almost every race
  • He really can’t help it
  • Attends every team function
  • Only wears skinny jeans and swim sweatshirts, looks good all the time
  • Refuses to get prescription goggles, team mates have to read every set to him
  • Has seven pairs of glasses
  • Wears beanies to cover his unbrushed, chlorinated hair
  • Overheats easily
  • Can squat 223 pounds

Originally posted by saikokpop

Kim Taehyung
  • Distance Free and Breaststroke
  • Can’t decide which one
  • Has a different Gucci suit for every day of the week
  • Wears a different cap everyday of the month
  • Turned his ribbons and medals into a really loud blanket
  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Is incapable of “toning it down”
  • Loves being the tannest member on the team
  • Has a massive social media presence because he posts mirror selfies that aren’t greasy
  • Races Jimin every day
  • Dotes on Jungkook and all the eight year olds
  • Fights tooth and nail to kick with a board
  • Paints his nails before every meet
  • Color codes his races based on race suit
  • Coordinates his relay teams in some way
  • Uses nemo caps at lower level meets
  • Has a custom Van Gogh Starry Night tech suit
  • Only races in that once a year
  • Has team everything: towels, flip flops, suits, water bottles
  • Created every single cheer with Hoseok
  • Calls himself “V” for Victory at meets, won’t respond to anything else
  • Brings a teddy bear everywhere
  • Has three different swim bags for meets to hold all his shit
  • Eats so much crap, doesn’t gain a single pound
  • Manages to make wearing the same haircut since third grade seem hot
  • Snuggles Jimin when he cries
  • Once brought a dog to the pool and was kicked out of practice for a week
  • Works hard-ish, is still fantastic
  • Races everything. Fails at nothing

Originally posted by neutraltae

Jeon Jungkook
  • I.M.
  • Has 18 different black suits that are only slightly different
  • Is quiet around everyone except Taehyung and Jimin
  • Is actually savage
  • Is good at everything
  • Top three swimmer in the nation overall
  • The youngest of the team’s “elite” squad
  • Only laughs at “Strong Power, Thank You” jokes and Jin-hyung
  • Has no plans for anything ever
  • Has always been good at swimming
  • Loves his teammates to death
  • Likes teasing Jimin about his height versus his jammer suit size
  • “Your thighs are 99% of your body”
  • Gets hit b/c he speaks informally
  • Makes sure everyone has enough to eat
  • Is either swimming or gaming
  • Relies solely on Namjoon to pass his classes
  • Has never even thought about dating a girl
  • Almost eats more than Jin
  • Has serious swimsuit tanlines, does not care
  • Always wears sweats to school
  • Watches his nutrition like a hawk

Originally posted by saliechelon255

Bangtan Swim (BTS) Elite Squad
  • Seven dorky guys
  • Functions like a well oiled machine
  • Has traveled to a shit load of meets together
  • Will go to the olympics together
  • Didn’t even entertain the thought of going to different Universities
  • Could be models
  • Or a reality T.V. show
  • Might send Coach to the looney bin when they leave
  • Will probably have their kids swim together wherever they end up
  • Will live in the same neighbourhood when all’s said and done
  • Best Friends Forever

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

BONUS!Coach Bang
  • Lives alone
  • His whole life was swimming
  • And now it’s these seven swimmers
  • Will follow them all the way to retirement
  • Can probably predict the future
  • Loves his swimmers like they were his kids
  • Wrights the hardest sets ever
  • Only takes shit from his swimmers
  • Is the most boss ass bitch on deck
  • Commands the attention of all
  • Is the best
DAY 3364

Malta                June 13,  2017                Tue 10:00 PM local time 

Birthday - EF - Ajay Supeda       Wed, June 14         .. and our wishes go out to Ajay for his birthday .. may it be celebrated with humour and happiness and with great aplomb .. from the Ef brigade …

Birthday - Ef - Anu Verma .. a little late but wishing you all the very best for the birthday for  the 14th of June .. with love .. from all the Ef ..

There is call for an early morning reporting tomorrow and so there shall be less here and more tomorrow .. this is quite clearly understood is it not .. thank you .. but before I leave I must acknowledge the power of the Ef, even beyond Indian shores ..

This be the moment at the premier of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in New York .. Baz Luhrman, that genius of a director, pointing out to the gathered Ef by the sides and telling them ‘he be the man’ ..

May I just say that had it not been for the thundering presence of the NYC and neighbouring Ef, this would never have happened .. when I arrived the screams and cheers from the Ef was so prominent that all present, including the massive media thought Leonardo de Caprio, the star of the film and of stratospheric stardom, had arrived .. Baz could not ignore the Ef .. and was just drawn to acknowledge them .. 

Thank you Ef for making me feel great .. the same happened at the Cannes Film Festival when GG was premiered there .. at the opening of the festival .. appreciated by all, even the French, when at the opening I was invited on stage along with Leonardo to say a few words to inaugurate the festival, and I spoke in Hindi ..

Good night .. shubhratri .. shabba khair ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Aftershocks Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Captain America, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Nightmares, Smut, Possessiveness 

Word Count: 2428

Summary: Another late night bonding session becomes a little more than planned 

Authors Note: God, that Bucky Barnes can just be so damn dreamy sometimes. But man he’s still got some issues. I tried a little bit of POV flipping so hopefully it reads ok, feedback always appreciated. If you want to be tagged just drop me a line! Hope you guys enjoy this one, I really enjoyed writing it. Part 6 will be posted tomorrow, so read up dolls! 

Tags: @crapythings

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

Ward flips you to the ground getting a knee pinned against your chest, you try to fight your shoulders up and his shin slides up to press against your throat. You slap at his thigh to signal your defeat. He releases you standing up over your gasping body. “If you keep tapping out, you’re never gonna learn to fight back, what is the point of tactical training Y/N if you won’t train?” 

He laughs at you as you roll your eyes on the mat, “Can’t you just give me a gun and teach me how to aim, I don’t need to fight, I’m here for tech, not combat.” “It’s important that you know how to defend yourself, I won’t always be there to protect you.” Ward sighs in exasperation before pulling you to your feet. “Oh come on Ward, you know you love protecting me, admit it, you get off on it.” You tease, shoving your hand playfully against his chest, his fingers catching around your wrist as he pulls you into his firm embrace. 

His body presses hard against yours as he catches you up in a deep and forceful kiss. You are dazed at the speed of his actions but recover quickly as you press your palms up against his chest, using all your strength to dislodge him from you. “What are you doing?” He tries to pull you back in, “No, Ward.” You say firmly, still surprised by his actions “Are you serious? I thought. I mean you are always flirting, making jokes,” He stares at you, eyebrows raised, expectant. 

The memories filling your dream suddenly swim and transform, Ward moves forward grabbing you by the back of your hair. “I will make you suffer” he growls, sudden flashes appear and you hear the sparking of the car battery and feel the burn on your skin.

A scream rips through your throat as you thrash in bed and bolt up right, dripping with sweat, your sleep shirt sticking to your drenched skin. You sit up, pressing your healing feet to the cold floor. You stand up and begin to peel off your drenched clothes allowing the cold air to dry your hot skin as your heart rate begins to slow down. 

You redress in a pair of running shorts and a tank top and head to the kitchen to get water. The green light of the stove flashes at you, mocking you, 2:17. You know full well the likelihood of you falling back asleep tonight is slim to none. 

You decide to head into Starks massive media room, you flop onto the large and overstuffed couch, curling up and crossing your legs while turning on the TV. After a bit of searching you finally find a movie that you want, Wall-e, and begin your routine of nightmare recovery. 

You sit, becoming deeply absorbed in one of your favorite films, giggling at the antics of the adorable robot. Suddenly you feel a gush of wind and see a large form flop down on the couch beside you, making you jump and tense, your body curling inward as your neck snaps towards the intruder. 

Bucky sits beside you, eyes intently focused on the television illuminating the hint of a smile as you stare at him. He continues to stare straight ahead at the TV for another moment before rolling his head to the side and smiling boyishly “We have got to stop meeting like this.” You laugh nervously, your chest feeling warm in his presence, your breath becoming steadier as your adrenaline rush slows. 

“Here” he says, handing you a white plate with a grilled cheese on it. “Bucky, what is it with you and food” he smiles wider, “Just eat it doll,” you feel a flush of heat wash through your cheeks at the sweetness of the pet name, “it’s one of my specialties, lot of things change over the years, the tastiness of cheese is a constant” 

His gaze goes back to the TV but you notice the small movements at the corner of his eyes as you reach for the sandwich and begin to eat. “So, what are we watching?” “Wall-e” you garble, your mouth full of food, he laughs loudly, catching you off guard with the strength of the noise, taking far too much joy in your compromised state. 

You barely mind as your heart beats hard against your chest, you feel the richness of his laugh reverberate in your head.  You swallow forcefully, “Wall-e” you repeat giggling slightly. “I liked how you said it the first time” he chuckles quietly. 

You sit in silence for a few minutes absorbing the movie, it is coming up on the heart warming climax of Wall-e’s triumphant return, you beam, eyes transfixed on the screen, until you feel Bucky’s eyes on you. Out of the corner of your gaze you notice him, reclined back into the couch, watching you smile away like an idiot, an equally idiotic grin spread wide across his face. 

You shiver at the intensity of his gaze and suddenly you feel it lift from you as he sits forward from the couch. You sense his movements beside you as your gaze snaps back to the movie, focusing intensely. You feel his bare arm graze yours as he shoves a warm bundle into your lap, resting his forearm on the inner thigh of your crossed leg. 

You feel a heat pool in the base of your stomach at the pressure of his warm touch on your inner thigh. You glance down at the bundle and over at Bucky, who now sits there, arms exposed, in a white tank top, stretched tightly across his chest. He makes eye contact with you as you finish examining his chest, pushing his quarter zip more persistently into your lap. 

You smile and take it from him, pulling it up over your head, feeling the warmth still left on the cozy fabric. The smell of the cloth is intoxicating as it drags over your head, like cedar and campfire smoke mixed with fresh rain and something else. You feel the pool from your stomach move down between your legs, coming to awareness behind the small shorts that barely cover your curves. 

You snuggle into the shirt, leaning back onto the couch so your shoulders are pressed beside his, hands scrunched around the fabric of the sleeves, resting in your lap. With a sudden pulse between your legs, you register the flip of his arm in your lap as his fingers slowly pull back towards him dragging against the inner most part of your upper thigh, forcing a sharp inhale from you. 

You barely control a moan at the softness of his touch. What is this man doing to me? His arm tenses as he halts his movement across your thigh, eyes trained on you looking for further responses. Your eyes burn as you attempt to keep them focused on the movie in front of you. 

You feel your face hot and flushed at the effort you are exerting to keep your breathing steady. His arm relaxes as his hand comes to rest on your thigh, the heat of his hand radiating through your skin making your clit pulse with wanting and your core hot with desire. You can’t help but think of his hand sliding up your thigh, his soft fingers gliding gently between your legs and slipping up and down your slit. 

You bite back a moan at the thought, chewing your lip slightly. You feel the heat between your legs intensify. Stop. Stop right now. After a few moments like this you relax slowly, your breathing regaining a steady rhythm. The movie comes to an end and Bucky quickly sits forward to snatch up the remote, immediately choosing another Disney picture and starting the film. 

Shifting in his seat to incline towards you at a more angled position, you take the opportunity to snap your knees closed, providing a slight bit of relief at the pressure your thighs provide on your clit. Pulling your knees to your chest, you angle slightly more towards Bucky, bracing a shoulder against his solid form, only to have him move immediately beneath you, placing his arm on the back of the couch, forcing your shoulder to rest against his chest.

You sit like this for many minutes as the movie presses on, you feel your eyelids getting heavy as your knees relax their tension against your chest, and drift lazily towards Bucky’s thighs. You are vaguely aware of a deep breath from the man next to you, as you snuggle in deeper, your eyes quickly closing, feeling the comfort of his smell, and the warmth of his embrace as his arm drifts down to encase your curled form.


“Well isn’t this just the cutest damn thing you ever saw!” “Sam, leave them alone” “Aww come on Cap, we at least have to take a picture, I mean how often do we get a live production of Beauty and the Beast” Sam gushed loudly, standing in front of the sleeping forms of you and Bucky curled up in each other’s arms on the couch. 

“I agree with Fly Boy” Stark chimes in from the doorframe “God knows I’m running out of blackmail to harass the Toy Soldier with” You feel a shift underneath you, the warmth and comfort dislodging slightly, your eyes blur open to see Sam Wilson and Steve Rodgers standing in front of you. Lifting your head you realize that the warmth you felt was the groggy form of Bucky Barnes beneath you. 

You jump, slightly, quickly righting yourself and scrambling to a safe distance from Bucky. “Whoops, spell’s broken, last rose petal fell” Sam yells into the kitchen to a chuckling Tony Stark. “You guys are such punks” grumbles Bucky as he rubs his eyes sleepily,  

“Hey, I didn’t say a word pal, I was on your side” Steve insists, scolding his best friend. You stand quickly, moving past Steve “Sure you were,” you joke shoving him on the shoulder and heading for the kitchen. The two men laugh behind you as they round on Bucky once more.

Bucky’s POV:

Sam and Steve stand there watching her hips sway in that perfect way as she delicately steps into the kitchen. “Morning Sleeping Beauty” he hears Stark chuckle. “So… Buck…” Steve starts, snapping his attention back to the two guys in front of him, “What a… what’s all that about.” 

Bucky leans forward, resting his forearms on his thighs, rubbing his temples, “Rogers, what are you on about?” “Oh come on JB, you two were all curled up on the couch this morning, fast asleep in each other’s arms, Cap’s too… well… Cap like, to ask it, but I’m not. So what happened last night?” 

Sam spoke with too much energy for Bucky. It was early and he was tired and yet here he was pressed with all these questions. He rolled his eyes and stood making motions towards the kitchen. “Awww come on Buck, we were only teasing.” Steve says trying to intercept Bucky’s moves towards the kitchen. 

“Yeah, calm down Barnes, she’s fine as hell, we just wanted to live through you.” Bucky whips around to face Sam, shaking his head and gritting his teeth. “Don’t… Don’t talk about her like that” He breathes out slowly, still bleary from the night on the couch, still very aware of the cold air against his side reminding him that her heat is no longer next to him. He hears Y/N laugh from the kitchen and makes moves towards the sound, Sam and Steve following hot on his heels.


“Morning Snow White” Sam says cheerily as he bounds into the kitchen, sneakily racing past Bucky and Steve to arrive through the doorway first. “Can you jerks just pick a fairytale and stick with it?” You roll your eyes as Stark chuckles at your exasperation. “Aww did someone wake up on the wrong side of the Buck?” Sam continues, Bucky shoots him a withering stare and Sam crumbles beneath it, “just kidding man, damn.” 

You begin rummaging through the cabinets as Steve and Bucky settle in on the bar stools. Sam moves quickly towards the radio, turning it up till the music floods the room while he bobs his head along with the beat. Tony rolls his eyes and quietly excuses himself and his omelet, heading towards his lab. 

You rummage about the kitchen, collecting all you need to make pancakes. Sam moves animatedly throughout the kitchen dancing around as he prepares his coffee. You laugh as he catches you around your waist and pulls you into a silly kind of polka dance, spatula still in your hand. 

You hear the amused laugh of Steve join in with your own and even catch a glance of a smiling Bucky. Sam releases you as he continues his energetic dancing, rapidly speaking the lyrics. “Cause you ain’t that average groupie, I’ve seen them dancing,” You continue to dance of your own accord giggling with joy at the random absurdity of the activity. 

You turn back to your pancakes, looking to flip the one at hand “Baby got back” Sam exclaims, suddenly you feel a sharp wallop on your own behind and yelp out in surprise. You barely have time to process the occurrence, as Bucky darts from the counter to Sam, wrapping his metal hand around Sam’s wrist and the other around his neck. 

“You do not touch her like that,” He growls, forcing Sam up against the fridge “Bucky.” Steve speaks firmly “Apologize” Bucky continues, anger palpable in his voice. “Bucky!” you yell, fear painting your tone. Immediately Bucky’s shoulder muscles relax and he draws back from Sam, releasing him to the ground. 

He backs away slowly, looking to you and Steve with pain and regret in his eyes. You step forward gently, but he quickly turns and races out of the room, away from the situation. “Buck…” You start forward only to be gently stopped by Steve “Let him go Y/N, it happens sometimes, you just, you have to give him space” 

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, we were dancing, it was a joke.” Sam sputters, rubbing his neck. “I know,” You nod to him, “Don’t worry about it.” You smell your pancake burning and return quickly to the stove turning away from the two men as your eyes fill with tears, Bucky’s look of fear and sadness swimming across your vision, making your stomach twist.

The Mark - Request (Part 1)

Requested by anon: supernatural imagine where the reader is dating sam, but she has the mark of cain and she dies, so when she becomes a demon she nearly kills him and dean but after she’s cured she’s mortified with herself? you can tweak it for plot purposes if needed.

Pairing: MOC!Reader x Sam Winchester

Word count: 1.707

Warnings: Gore, angst, main character death.

A/N: This was suposed to be a one-shot, but I’m way too tired to write it all at once.


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A sacrifice had to be made, and only a soul strong enough to bear such evil could protect it… Only a pure soul could bear it without falling for its temptations; only a heart big enough could bear it without changing.

Sadly for them, that person was (Y/N).

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Penny’s not actually a bad actress

Okay, hear me out, because this will take awhile.

Many are quick to judge Penny based on her performances in the Serial Apeist movies, but they’re hardly her best work. Penny repeatedly shows disinterest and even disgust in these films. She doesn’t care about them, and it shows in her performance. It’s not uncommon for actors to produce poorer performances in movies they are less than passionate about.

Let’s look instead at her performance in A Streetcar Named Desire. This play requires few characters, with only five female roles, two of which (a Mexican flower vendor and a black woman) would be unavailable to Penny. So, with only three parts open to her, it’s an accomplishment for her to have been cast at all (though this accomplishment is somewhat diminished by the fact that the play was cast from her acting class which is fairly limiting). And not only does she get cast, Penny pulls the lead role, and it’s not a role that’s only the female lead with a more prominent male lead, it’s the lead role. As the lead, Penny must memorize the whole play (as opposed to just her lines) because it’s on her to carry the performance. Without her, the play would fail. It’s a big responsibility. It’s a big deal. And there’s a great complexity to her character Blanche DuBois. It’s a challenging role, but it’s also a great one, and a great showcase for an actor. As Blanche DuBois, a multifaceted character, Penny would have to be a proper southern belle, a seductress, a woman desperate for a husband, a drunk, a woman consumed by grief, and a woman so irreparably damaged that she gives into delusions. Drunk people and the mentally ill are notably difficult to act, and Blanche goes through various stages of mental illness throughout the play, so Penny should be given recognition for that. Overall, the role of Blanche DuBois is a treasure trove for an actress what with the layers of the character, the challenges, and the notoriety of the role (A Streetcar Named Desire is an American Classic), so Penny playing the role well is a large feat, and it tends to go unappreciated by the fans and the characters outside of the episode. It’s significant that Sheldon appreciates her in the role, praising Penny as “remarkable.” As a huge consumer of media, Sheldon is exposed to a great deal of acting (though it’s mostly television and cinema, which is notably different than live theatre, but that’s more on the actor’s end than the spectator’s), and, for the most part, Sheldon is critical of the performances he sees. Taking into account Sheldon’s high standards, especially when he didn’t want to attend the play in the first place, this level of praise is exceptional. Sheldon never says anything remotely as positive about any of the other character’s careers. Sheldon’s claims about Penny’s acting are credible because, as mentioned before, Sheldon consumes a massive amount of media, and as shown in “The Loobenfeld Decay” and again in “The Lizard Spock Expansion” Sheldon can lie neither that readily, that comfortably, nor that convincingly. Additionally, Sheldon doesn’t allow his feelings cloud his judgement as easily as the other characters, nor does he give empty compliments to further an agenda. 

After Penny’s performance as Blanche, many characters forget about Penny’s better performances in favor of her worse performances or her lack of work. Sheldon continues to see Penny’s worth as an actress even when no one else does, a great example of this being “The Occupation Recalibration.” Though the quotation, “We’re dreamers,” has picked up momentum in the fandom, it’s primarily analyzed for the us-versus-them position Sheldon establishes between himself & Penny and Leonard (which is a completely relevant and noteworthy observation worthy of analysis), but it’s generally ignored that in this quote Sheldon puts himself and Penny on an equal playing field. Sheldon has an inflated self-image, seeing other characters as inferior and pointing this inferiority out several times throughout the series, so raising Penny to his level, especially on something he values as much as careers, is extraordinarily meaningful. Moreover, Sheldon knows the statistics of Penny becoming a successful actress, and supports her anyway. This is important because Sheldon relies on science and statistics; faith has proven to be difficult for him. Yet he believes in Penny in a way he does no one else. If Penny were a bad actress, as it is suggested to us, Sheldon wouldn’t have lauded her in the first place. In fact, he would have wanted to directly inform her of her shortcomings as he wanted to do about her singing in “The Loobenfeld Decay,” and he definitely wouldn’t have compared her to himself, even indirectly, if he didn’t 100% believe in her as an actress.

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Really man a sticker is all you got? Is this how you Ichirukis support all your statements with a bunch of merchandise from Shonen jump? Lol so everyone gave a crap about Ichiruki and not Bleach itself because of a sticker showing the main characters on it. Ok well your honour I rest my case.

You’re pretty stupid if you don’t understand that a massive media conglomerate releases merchandise on the basis of what sells. (Of course, I already know you’re pretty stupid simply because you’re here, talking with me, during your supposed “moment of triumph.” Confident people don’t have to gloat.) Which is also why Volume 74 has Ichigo and Rukia on the cover. And why WDKALY has Rukia on the cover. And…

I could go on. But the reason you’re so dismissive of merch is (of course) that there is no IH merch, and never will be, just like you’d dismiss color-spreads and poems and everything else for the same reason. Enjoy your single chapter with its like, three pages of interaction, and your shitty sketch in an awful piece of official fanfic, I guess?

Anyway, we have a capitalist global economy, so if you want any more of my time, you’re going to have to pay for it. Don’t even bother sending me another ask unless it’s to negotiate payment, I’m just going to delete it.

there’s an irony in massive internet communist teens always being into either:

-a show on cartoon network, which is owned by one of the largest media conglomerates in the US with stations all over the globe

-a very immensely popular long running shonen (now seinen) manga that’s owned by a massive Japanese media company and has innumerable video game and anime adaptations by massive companies

-an indie game that’s celebrated for selling over a million copies and is presently being ported onto consoles owned by Sony, one of the world’s media juggernauts

On The Dangers of Positive Reinforcement: Political Edition

I taught group fitness classes for over twenty-five years.   I witnessed a lot of people transform their physical appearance and health through hard work and dedication.  I also saw some of these people go from being unfit and overweight to fit and trim to unfit and emaciated because positive reinforcement became their primary goal instead of being in good health.  Here is how the cycle usually went: An out of shape person would make the commitment to get fit, start working out, start seeing results, and start receiving compliments from family, friends, a member of the opposite sex… about how they looked.  This positive reinforcement would drive them to work out harder which would lead to better results which would lead to more positive reinforcement.  Working out and eating less would soon be equated with positive reinforcement.  In order to get more compliments, they would work out harder and/or eat less.  At some point, this not only doesn’t work, it has the opposite effect of what it did in the past.  If you work out too much, don’t eat enough, you become unfit.  If you do this enough, there are very visual and very serious physical consequences: loss of hair, graying skin, emaciation…   Because the positive reinforcement was the priority, the worse their health would decline, the less they would receive compliments which would lead them to work out even harder and eat even less.  The longer they were caught up in this cycle, the worse they became both physically and mentally.  They couldn’t understand why their efforts were not being positively rewarded the way they had been before.  When I’d try and talk to someone caught up in this cycle, they couldn’t see they had gone too far.  They could not see their need for positive reinforcement was the root cause of their problem.  They would make outlandish accusations and lash out at those who refused to feed their ego.  Any outcome that didn’t fit their worldview was quickly dismissed and often ridiculed. Working out too much, overly controlling what one eats are signs of someone who has control issues.  Someone who has an extreme need for control.  Bernie Sanders exhibits these same behaviors.

Even though Bernie Sanders has been in Congress since 1991, he was largely an unknown outside Vermont until he ran for the Democratic nomination last year.  Once he hit the campaign trail and started getting positive reinforcement, I think it became a drug for him.  I think he likes it and likes it a lot.  For the first time in his life, he was getting massive media attention and the undying adoration of large crowds.  All of this energized him.  If he would have stayed with this regime, I think he would have been better off but just like those who push themselves too hard, too far when working out, he lost sight of the goal and got caught up with the positive reinforcement. At some point during the campaign, giving the same policy-based stump speech lost its luster with the crowd.  They’d heard it before. Their adulations started to wane.  Because the need for positive reinforcement became more important than the message, Bernie started to push the limits in order to get the fix he needed from his base. Instead of just disagreeing with Hillary about how to accomplish a certain policy, he started accusing her of not being qualified.  Once the “she’s not qualified” talk started getting old and not receiving the positive feedback it did initially, he started talking about how she was a sell out to the 1% for giving talks to Wall St. When this line of attack lost its luster, he threw out the claim the primaries were rigged.  All along the way, he felt the need to push the envelope more and more because he loved the attention he received from it all.  He was getting large crowds and lots of $27 donations and it seemed the more he pushed the envelope, the more attention he received.

Unfortunately, just like someone who works out too much for the wrong reasons, Bernie campaigned too much for the wrong reasons and continues to do so.  In the same way someone who works out too much for the attention crosses a point where their efforts now become detrimental, Bernie has done the same with his shtick.  In the same way someone who works out too much denies they are their own worst enemy, Bernie and his supports blame others for their own failings and have become their own worst enemy.   In the same way someone who works out too much makes outlandish claims and lashes out at those who don’t support their efforts, Bernie and his supports do the same to fellow progressives.

Maybe it is because I saw and dealt with people who were obsessed with positive reinforcement for so many years but I figured out Bernie’s angle fairly quickly in the primaries.  As time has passed, he has done nothing other than provide more and more evidence my early assessment of him was correct.  This isn’t a criticism of his policy ideas (I have those on some of his issues.)  This isn’t a criticism of what he has done in Congress (I have some of those as well.)  This is a criticism of him being more driven by the positive reinforcement of his followers than what is best for a particular election, a short or long-term outlook, what is really good for millions of Americans. In this way, I don’t see any difference between him and Trump.  They both are obsessed with continually arguing about the 2016 election. They both feed off the positive reinforcement they get from their base.  When their base’s interest and adoration starts to wane, they push the envelope further in ways to whip them up again in order to get their ego fix.  One happens to be horrible, horrible person with dangerous ideas but they seek out and need positive reinforcement. It has become a drug to both men.  I will never trust or follow someone who is caught up in this dangerous cycle.

Bernie is enrapt with attacking the Democratic Party, a party that allowed him to run for their nomination even though he was not a Democrat.  He is caught up with platitudes and idealistic policy ideas.  He is still relitigating the 2016 election.  He is doing all of these and more because he loves the attention they get him from the media and his base.  None of these have helped a single person get elected but they are treated as the Holy Progressive Grail and because of this and Bernie’s need for positive reinforcement, he has and will continue the cycle and make things even worse because that is what obsessed people with control issues do.  I know where this behavioral pattern ends up and I don’t want the fate of the Democratic Party or the country to end up there.  Sadly, a lot of my fellow progressives are bound and determined to double down on ideas and strategies that didn’t work before because as smart as progressives might be, they are slow fucking learners.