massive junk

the thing about being nearsighted is, if you don’t wear your glasses at home, like me, you miss how dusty your room can get. like holy crackers my room is so damn dusty, ewwwww wheRE IS IT ALL COMING FROM HOW IS THERE SO MUCH DUST EVERYWHERE UGH I FEEL LIKE I’M TURNING INTO DUST MYSELF

Lapis Lazuli + Peridot = Perfect Earth Defense

Ferrokinesis. Hydrokinesis. Earth has a lot of water and metal. Even if the Diamond Authority manage to send a fleet to Earth, chances are none of them will be able to land. Whatever Lapis Lazuli and Peridot’s fusion will be, they could easily launch hunks of metal at enemy starships with water jets.

Man, now I’m imagining a scene:

The entire Gem Empire fleet comes. Earth has made preparations but clearly not enough.

Lapis Lazuli and Peridot fuse.

Two Gems who were trapped on Earth and fell in love with it, now unleash their full might. Tsunamis tall enough to reach outer space carry massive balls of metal junk and slam into Homeworld ships.

Dang, that would be fantastic to watch.