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the signs as fake quotes my weird cousin has attributed to famous authors

aries: as oscar Wilde once famously said, ‘fuck men’

taurus: i believe it was percy shelley who wrote ‘why cry over spilled milk when instead u could cry over everything

gemini: you can lead a horse to water, but u can’t make the horse drink that fucking water if it wants vodka instead. sun tzu said that.

cancer: y’know, steinbeck once screamed ‘death to capitalism’ while setting himself on fire, and i couldn’t agree more.

leo: i was trying to think of a hemingway quote, but thankfully i just remembered that i don’t give a shit about hemingway

virgo: Flintstone vitamins are for losers. William shakespeare.

libra: did you know that that nicki minaj took the lyrics “i beez in the trap” straight from jane austen’s iconic 1813 novel pride and Prejudice?

scorpio: maya angelou actually invented the acronym NSFW, did u know that? 'Not Safe From Whites’. they’re coming

sagittarius: the most inspirational thing walt whitman ever said was ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ that man was a poet

capricorn: ‘be there or be…gay! lol jk don’t be gay’ ~ the bible, chapter 5 verse 17

aquarius: honey, as Faulkner said once, ‘eat shit mark twain’. words to live by

pisces: nietzsche once said that dante was a ‘hyena that wrote poetry on tombs’ and i’m not making that shit up because nothing is funnier than that

A massive hole appears in the sky, swallowing earth in a moment. We find ourselves orbiting a new sun… and more holes are appearing, dumping more and more planets into the solar system.

The Sombrero Galaxy and a Swarm of Globular Clusters

The Sombrero galaxy, or Messier 104, is a giant Sa type disk galaxy viewed from just above its equatorial plane and outlined by a prominent dark rim of obscuring dust. The central bulge is unusually bright and extended, and orbiting the galaxy is one of the largest known populations of globular clusters, containing up to 1900 members. In comparison our own Milky Way galaxy has only around 150-200 such clusters. Nearby prime examples of these are Omega Centauri, Messier 4 and NGC6752. 

Some of the Sombrero’s globulars are very large and one is classified as a separate Ultra Compact Dwarf galaxy, SUCD1, the closest known example of such an object. It is not known how the Sombrero amassed such a large number of globular clusters. This is normally a more typical feature of large elliptical galaxies. For example up to 12,000 globular clusters are orbiting the giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87.

The Sombrero Galaxy also contains a supermassive black hole of one billion solar masses - one of the most massive black holes among nearby galaxies.
The galaxy lies some 30 million light years away in the direction of the constellation Virgo.

Credit: Rolf Olsen

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need a ziam fic where liam falls in love with rodger but he breaks his heart and was a terrible bf and years later zayn meets him and liam is p rude to him and the boys dont understand why liam is like that w zayn bc he's a sweetheart and they keep telling zayn that liam is normally a super nice guy and little by little zayn wins him over but now liam has to show zayn he's a nice guy and of course rodger has to come back to cause drama

Hi nonnie,


The misunderstandings - the hashtag ‘dramaaaa’,  the confusion.  Liam being completely ruthless/standoffish to Zayn but he’s confused cause Zayn doesn’t get mad like Rodger used to. 

Zayn’s confused because he’d normally run a mile from someone like this but he wants to stick with it, he sees how Liam is with the others, wants that too, has this feeling that if he turn whatever’s bothering  Liam on it head, he may feel the same. 

And they’d talked loads on the phone before they’d met cause Zayn’s lived abroad with his family for years and now he’s back in the UK and so Liam had no idea that he was Rodger, so part of the problem is deceit or a feeling  of deception that Liam thinks Zayn’s guilty of. 

Anyway, yeah Zayn’s constantly freezing having been abroad for so long which is why he always wears long sleeves so Liam doesn’t see the tattoos on his arms which Rodger doesn’t have because Rodger thinks tattoos are for idiots, part of the reason Liam didn’t have one, definitely the reason he has several now which he flaunts in front of Zayn, and Liam’s so confused when Zayn compliments them. 

But then little by little Zayn convinces Liam. Liam’s not sure what’s happened. Maybe people can change after all?

 Then one day in very early summer they head to the seaside, the five of them, plus a few other friends and its boiling for once and Zayn wears a t-shirt for the first time since Liam met him, and Liam sees the tattoos and its like a lightbulb in Liam’s head.

And they arrange to  go out just the two of them.  Liam’s fascinated by the ink on Zayn’s arms, traces them with this fingertips.  Its not instant but slowly Liam gets warmer, and Zayn basks in it and in turn they start to open up, discover each other though family hasn’t really come up just yet.   

Meanwhile, Rodger had been back in that neck of the woods for a while, has people he knows of who know Harry on Facebook.  Who like photos of the trip to the seaside.  And Rodger sees Liam. Sees Zayn.

if this was Eastenders , the duff duff duffers’d be sounding now.

So yeah….watch this space. 


Tokyo Ghoul| Super Massive Black Hole

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what would happen if all gravity in the universe turned off for ten seconds? or just one second? im thinking a magic/powers mishap & wondering what the consequences would be, or if i should tone down the scale :) thank you !

I’m having a lot of fun thinking about this, let me tell you.

Alright, no gravity. Short answer: disaster, on a large scale. Planets would lose much of their atmosphere, if they don’t fall apart immediately. Stars would spin apart, spiral galaxies would throw their arms off into space, elliptical galaxies would scatter. Black holes, massive as they are, might annihilate anything around them with a rapid expansion and collision of so much matter in the surrounding space.

Source: x. An example of a star’s rotation.

Speaking of space, I imagine the universe would expand rapidly in those few seconds. The universe is already expanding at an accelerating rate (hello cosmological constant!), but matter (and therefore gravity) tempers that a very minute amount. Without that, there could be a brief period of even more rapid expansion.

Once gravity turns back on, chaos continues. If a planet lost its atmosphere, it might be able to recapture some of it, if the gas hasn’t gotten too far away. If a planet fell apart, it would start to reform- stars probably would too, perhaps a little less massive than they were before (if they fell entirely apart, they might not be able to- and it might take out any former planets along the way). A galaxy might be able to pull back in the stars it threw off (again if they’re not too far off), but it’s shape would certainly be distorted and changed. 

Wasted Opportunity

It seems Moftiss just wanted to play around with ACDs stories. They wanted to tell the story of how a genius is humanized by his friend. They wanted people to see Sherlock with the big heart and not just the big brain. They also made the whole series a modern day TPLOSH. That’s what Rebekah and all the wonderful TJLC people saw. They wanted to make it homoerotic, melancholy, and desperately unspoken. They succeeded in that. They could have done so much better. Series 4 was over the top cliches with unbelievable stunts, character assassination, and massive plot holes. I believe this community could have written a better series 4 even without Johnlock. Of course they could have really made history, but they were too afraid. They should have, what a wasted opportunity.

Your fave is problematic: Black Holes
  • has no integrity: is a star that was too massive to become a neutron star at its death. therefore lost its shit and its core collapsed. 
  • rude, clingy predator: nothing escapes a black hole. the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light, so neither matter or light can escape.
  • is so complicated that there are lots of misconceptions around it: people often think a black hole is like a huge space vacuum cleaner. 
    • however,  their gravity is only really intense very close to them.
  • people also sometimes think the Sun could become a black hole:
    • however, a star needs several times the mass of the Sun to become a black hole at its death!
  • fucks with space and time: space-time! 
    • warps the “fabric” of space-time so much that when you would fall in a black hole, a spectator would literally see you fall forever (if they could)
    • they couldn’t see you because you would turn invisible (gravitational red-shift)
  • is the literal end of a star. whatever happens in a black hole, stays in a black hole.
  • crazy pasta-lover: a stellar-mass black hole has tides so darn strong that if you fell into one, the force on your feet would be millions of times stronger than the one of your head. IT WOULD SPAGHETTIFY YOU. 
    • this is a real scientific term btw
  • makes even scientist argue: so god damn hard to understand that some scientists even argue that the event-horizon (a crucial part to understand a black hole) might not exist as we know it
  • summary: weird, RUDE PREDATOR who confuses the shit out of everyone and doesn’t even respect space or time!
harry pierces his ear

DRACO : babe. babe. You have an earring. You have a MASSIVE hole in your ear. Are you in pain?? Who did this??

HARRY : I wanted to spice things up. I got it at a Muggle place. 


HARRY : It was fine Draco. It barely hurt.


HARRY : …ok babe. I got your ring. 

Why is Cullen not cold in bed?

Ok - heads out of the gutter fellow Cullenites - this is a serious question:

Why is Cullen not cold in bed?

(When he’s sleeping alone that is.)

I mean he sleeps naked, in a bed with a flimsy sheet, in a room with no fire/hearth, with a massive hole in his roof, half way up a mountain where is always snowy.

Maybe he’s ‘hot blooded’ but he wanders around in all that armour and layers with his fur cloak - so clearly he isn’t or he’d be passing out during the day!

He may suffer night sweats, from the night terrors, which are indeed as unpleasant as they sound. However, I suffered with these for a while and would wake up freezing cold because I was out of the sheets covered in sweat!

Unless he only sleeps naked after certain activities maybe?

Any suggestions? I need answers!

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Not that I have thought about this at all…