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Title: This Distance Hurts but I Live for These Moments 

Pairing: Link / Prince Sidon 

Rating: General 

Tags: fluff with a little angst, relationship communicating, sweet with a little sad, fish prince loves a blondie 

Summary: Link and Sidon spend some time together after being apart for a couple of months but growing worries and fears about their relationship pop up and demand to be recognized

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He didn’t know the name of the gently rolling river in front of him but it was a gloriously welcome sight.

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5 Times The U.S. Almost Went To War

It’s impossible to guess what would have happened if the U.S. had gone to war at critical points in history, and thankfully we’ll never know. Here are five diplomatic nightmares that didn’t end in conflict.

1. When Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda launched a hammer at the United States: In 1978, the world looked on in horror as Japan hurled a 5-pound wooden mallet at Washington, D.C. from a military base in Okinawa. Fortunately for the world, however, somewhere along its 6,000-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean, the hammer hit a seagull in midair and fell into the water, foiling the attack and soothing diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

2. When Ethiopian ants carried a sleeping FDR back to their anthill in 1937: Both houses of congress demanded the U.S. launch an airstrike against Ethiopia in retaliation for the overnight theft of a sleeping President Roosevelt by a rogue colony of African fire ants. Though foreign leaders pleaded with the U.S. military to stand down, the airstrike was only called off once FDR woke up miles from his bed with his legs stuck down a massive ant hill, and used his remaining limbs to called the White House to confirm his safety.

3. The nightmare that was Eisenhower sending a blowup doll to meet Fidel Castro in his place: In 1959, Castro’s visit to the U.S. got off to an inauspicious start when the Cuban envoy was greeted not by the head of state, but by a naked, blond blowup doll with a surprised-looking mouth. Offended, Castro retaliated by aiming several nuclear missiles at Southern Florida, but he ultimately called it off when the United States sent then-Vice President Richard Nixon in a sexy maid costume as an apology.

4. The Barack Obama-Palm Reader Crisis: The nation was shocked when in 2011, Barack Obama issued a televised statement that he had visited Lady Virtue, a palm reader who had foreseen him going to war. The psychic had informed the president that his palm’s war line was longer than any she had ever seen, and that he should issue an attack on whatever country he wanted to. However, in the end war was avoided, as another palm reader—Lady Omega—told the president that his palm’s war line was actually a normal size, and that he had a great chance of failure if he declared war on another country.

5. When Jimmy Carter used the red telephone for a radio sweepstakes: In August of 1980, President Jimmy Carter was determined to be the 11th caller in 106.5 KISS-FM’s Annual Summer Sweepstakes, but the only phone he had at his disposal was the Washington-Moscow hotline. Even after informing Kosygin that he had just heard Eric Clapton on the radio and was not interested in nuclear war, Carter was unable to win weekend passes to Disneyland for four.

BTS - Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

You had decided to take a nice lunch to the boys while they were at the studio. You had not been feeling the best but you knew how much your boyfriend would love for you to surprise him, especially with food. When you walked in all the boys cheered in excitement and Jin rushed over to hug you and give you a quick kiss. When you placed all the food down on the table you started to feel light headed. Jin turned to you noticing that something wasn’t right and as he placed his arm around you everything went black. You woke up lying on the couch of the studio with your head in Jin’s lap. He was looking down at you with worry in his eyes while running his fingers through your hair. “Hey Jagi,” he said with a smile. You tried to sit up but he defiantly told you no and you stayed put. “What happened?” “You passed out, luckily I was holding onto you so you didn’t fall very far.” You still felt weak and you had a slight headache. “Will you let me take you to the hospital to get some fluids?” You nodded and he helped you sit up and walked you out to the car. The whole time he drove he was gently rubbing your hand with his thumb. “Let’s get you healthy,” he said as he kissed your hand.

Yoongi convinced you to travel along with the boys on tour. The problem was that you were also taking classes online to earn your bachelor’s degree. So, in between spending time with Yoongi, watching the performances, traveling from place to place, eating, and doing touristy things, you were also doing schoolwork. For the girlfriend of the boy who loves to sleep, you weren’t getting a lot yourself. You had been feeling a bit off before you all left for the airport to head to the next location. The next concert wasn’t for a week so there was a bit of a break for the boys and everyone involved in the tour. While you were walking with Yoongi and the others to your designated terminal you started to feel even worse. And all at once, your vision went dark. Luckily, Yoongi had his arm around you to protect you from the crazy fans who got too close for comfort. When you woke up you were in a hospital bed. Yoongi was sitting beside you holding your hand in his. “Yoongs?” He looked up when he heard your voice, “Hey Y/N, you gave me a bit of a scare there.” You noted the IV in your arm and concluded that the airport staff had called for an ambulance. “But the plane!” You said with an alarmed tone. “They booked us another one for tomorrow, don’t worry about it babe. You just need to sleep.” You nodded in agreement. You closed your eyes and he leaned over to kiss your temple, “That’s my sweet girl.”

As you were approaching your boyfriend at home after a very long, tiring day, you ended up passing out right as he was in front of you. Hobi let out one of his shrieks that he is known for and frantically tried to get you over to the couch. After that he would check to make sure that you were still breathing properly. When you woke up you found him watching over you and his face was full of concern. As he saw your eyes open he had to see how you felt, “Jagiya! Are you feeling better?” Still a bit out of it you nodded. He placed his hand on your forehead to see if you were running a fever. Since you felt warm to the touch he carried you to the bed, bundled you up in all the blankets he could find, and ran out to get you some medicine and fluids. When he came back home, he made sure to take good care of you, even calling his mother to get a soup recipe for the flu.

You and Joon were spending the day out. You had felt a bit off but didn’t think it was anything major. When you ended up passing out and Namjoon barely caught you in time he was so shocked. You woke up when an EMT worker was bending over you trying to wake you up. Since you had been in public, someone who saw you faint ended up calling an ambulance. Joon was as close as he could be when they were checking your vitals. They decided to take you to the ER to get an IV. On the way there Joon was sure to comfort you as much as he could. “Don’t worry, Y/N, this is all just to make sure you get the best care.”

Pulling an all-nighter to get an important task for work done wasn’t the best thing for your already tired body. You struggled through the work day feeling off the whole time. But submitting your perfected assignment to your boss was worth it. However, you didn’t expect to be so fatigued that you collapsed into your boyfriend’s arms when you got home. Jimin was quite flustered by the sudden shock but was still able to carry you over to the couch. His soft voice brought you out of your unconsciousness. You saw his angelic smile as he noticed your eyes had opened. “Hey, Jagiya. It is alright, this is your body telling you that you need to rest. I already called your boss and informed them that you would be staying home tomorrow.” You tried to muster up a defiant response but were too weak to do anything. “I know it is against your will but I’ll be keeping you company as well, and making sure you are getting some sleep.” You finally agreed and opened your arms to suggest that your boyfriend come cuddle with you. He laughed and joined you wrapping you up in his arms, “Please go to sleep, otherwise I’ll be worried.” You closed your eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Jimin’s breath.

The hike that Tae had planned started off well, you seemed to have more energy than you thought when you were going up massive hills. Tae wanted to stop and take some pictures of the scenery and some selfies with you to commemorate your trip. You were enjoying watching your puppy of a boyfriend being fascinated by the views that surrounded him. He came over and engulfed you in his arms, “Let’s take some together, okay?” You were going to respond but then you felt your knees start to buckle. That was the last thing you remember before you woke up in Tae’s arms. “Omg, Y/N, can you hear me?! Are you alright?” His voice sounded a bit frantic. “Hey babe,” you smiled at him, “why are you freaking out?” He pulled you into a hug holding onto you tightly, “You passed out,” he said into your ear as he slowly loosened his hold on you and brought you back to face him. “I was so worried! Why didn’t you tell me that you weren’t up for hiking today?” You gave him a frown before you answered, “I saw how happy you were about it. I just didn’t want to ruin it for you, and then I did anyways.” His expression turned stern, “You did not ruin it. Besides, I just wanted to spend time with you.” He took your face into his hands and kissed your forehead. “That is enough for today, I think it is time to take you home and cuddle in bed.” You giggled, “I am not opposed to that idea.”

Of course, Kookie was shook when you stumbled into his arms as you blacked out. He was visiting you at your apartment since you hadn’t been answering you phone and he was worried. You woke up in your bed with Jungkook hovering over you. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” He leaned down to gently kiss your forehead. “What happened? Did I black out?” He sat back on the pillows and pulled you onto his chest, “Yes you did, and I am not leaving you until I am sure you are better. So, you better get comfortable.” You gave a little giggle as you rested your head on his shoulder, “With this pillow, how could I not be.” You ended up falling asleep as he lovingly rubbed your back.


Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve    Ch.9

Author’s notes: Okay so I was up until 3 am writing this chapter and I really like this one. My body hates me for being up so late but my brain is happy.   A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my Beta on this series! You are the best Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise. :)

-For this chapter: A ton of Steve fluff followed by some angst. Loki is not on my good side, right now. Shame on him. 

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 Steve knocked quietly on (Y/N)’s door and looked absently around the hallway while he waited. She opened the door with sleepy eyes that lit up when she saw him standing there with his hands in his pockets and that bashful smile across his face.

 “Steve,” She grinned and wiped the sleep from her eyes. “What are you doing here? We don’t leave for another couple of hours. The sun isn’t even up.”

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Caity update ~
After hitting a new low, a wake up call was right around the corner.
Being home for the summer, my family has been encouraging and supporting me & my need to get healthy.
After being restricted from any decent mileage by my coach, I knew I needed to make changes.
As scary as it is, I have been consuming carbs way more than before.
Pizza, toast, pasta, french fries, baguettes..
Just in three days my running has taken a turn.
Currently I’m only allowed to run 40 minutes max.
Yesterday’s run I did 6 miles in 41:41 @ 6:56 pace.
This may not seem like anything crazy, and it’s not based upon my own past running either.
This is the fastest run since being injured. This was a normal training run. It felt easy and smooth.
I climbed massive hills I fought the wind.
I was in awe of how when you learn to treat your body right, it responds.
Using this as a motivator and reminder.
Big things are coming.

This guy has attended their first pride 🏳️‍🌈

Need help remembering some movie titles

Okay there’s this film I watched a few years ago made around the time of the Depression, wherein a man joins a bunch of other men and builds a camp, and there’s a femme fatale character who nearly ruinsthe plan of these guys building the farm, but in the end the mean all join forcecs together and create this massive line of ditches to get water from one place to their crops directly. The lone image I have in my head of it is this massive hill with the sun shining over it as they work to create the irrigation system.

In another, a man who is a massive theif falls in love with a woman who is also a massive thief and I think it’s called Lovers In Paris or something like that?

In the last, a man breaks out of a chain gang and becomes a productive member of society, etc, then is found and brought back to jail many many years later.

Edit: the last one is I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang

If Tigerstar Had Led ThunderClan

Tigerstar killing Bluestar and taking over ThunderClan would be quite catastrophic. No pun intended.

Ravenpaw and Firepaw would have been immediately killed. A snitch and a kittypet would be very unwelcome in what would be future TigerClan. Graypaw would probably be killed too depending on if he would challenge Tigerstar for the deaths of his friends.

With Firepaw and Graypaw dead, there would be no one to go after WindClan. WindClan would never return to the forest.

Darkstripe would be appointed deputy, and would become mentor to Tawnykit once she was old enough. Bramblekit would be mentored by Tigerstar himself to be the heir to his throne.

Important warriors in the Clan would be Longtail, Darkstripe and Goldenflower. Tigerstar would demand they be treated with ultimate respect.

Once ThunderClan’s warriors were powerful and battle-ready, Tigerstar would switch his attention to ShadowClan. He would form and alliance with Brokenstar, then later betray and kill the ShadowClan leader to gain control of his Clan. With both ShadowClan and ThunderClan under his control, Tigerstar would go after RiverClan.

Crookedstar would be harder to overcome. The RiverClan leader would have a formidable force behind him, especially with cats like Blackclaw and Leopardfur with him. However, TigerClan would outnumber RiverClan, and the last remaining forest Clan would be taken down.

Tigerstar’s reign would go down like it did in The Darkest Hour. Cats known to be of mixed blood would be killed. A massive hill of bones would serve as Tigerstar’s throne.

With all four Clans united as one and not worrying about borders, hunger would be a thing of the past. Tigerstar would monitor breeding (and would perhaps select mates for cats with the best traits) to make sure overpopulation never happened. He would write a new warrior code, albeit a very dangerous and biased one.

It would seem like a good way of life for a while. That is until Tigerstar’s true nature showed.

Any cat opposing Tigerstar would be killed. His bodyguards, Blackfoot, Clawface, Darkstripe and Jaggedtooth, would be in charge of killing and disposing of traitors.

Eventually an uprising would start. Cats who missed their old way of life and cats sick of Tigerstar’s ridiculous rules would band together and work hard to stop him. The bodyguards would be taken out first, then the mob would go for Tigerstar himself. Civil war would break out between the mob and the cats still loyal to TigerClan.

Having more to fight and die for, the mob would win. Finally free of Tigerstar’s tyranny, ShadowClan and RiverClan would rise again. ThunderClan would soon follow. Though it would take time, the three Clans would rebuild themselves, and eventually Tigerstar and his dictatorship would be but a dark memory.


Denver International Airport secrets:

Apocalyptic murals, a secret underground facility, masonic symbolism, and more - for several reasons, the Denver International Airport has been the target of speculation. 

For one thing, there was a perfectly good airport closer to the city of Denver, which DIA needlessly replaced on 34,000 acres inconveniently placed way outside the city of Denver. The initial cost of DIA was to be 1.7 billion, but it ran 3.1 billion over budget costing a total of 4.8 billion to construct (and its anyone’s guess what the extra money went into). 

Lead observers and enginers as well as workers reported that different contractors were hired to build sections of the airport (including a massive underground facility) then fired after completing only pieces, so that no one company could get a big picture of the entirety of this project. No one company even completed an entire tunnel before getting laid off. Stew Webb, a federal whistle blower worked on the project, drew a diagram of some of the tunnels and buildings (parts he knew of) 75-100 feet beneath the surface, with tunnels 12 feet tall and 16 feet wide, large enough for buses to drive through, and leading to five buildings. The five massive buildings were further connected by intersecting tunnels. 

The workers were lied to, told that the underground system would be for water and sewage, yet they could see that they were not the right type of facility for water and sewer, not constructed to hold water, and having no water stops, teflon coating, or rebar. Nearby, Webb observed massive amounts of dirt hills being piled up (110 million cubic yards of earth), even though this is located in the planes where everything is flat, so they were obviously constructing more buildings and tunnels for the underground facility. Jesse Ventura did an episode of his conspiracy theory show on DIA, and while they were filming, they saw concrete tunnels waiting to be placed underground, and more massive piles of dirt being displaced.

5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison). And the fueling system can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport. Granite was imported from all over the world even though the project was already grossly over budget.

The words “new world” also appear in the freemason capstone, though the company that its supposedly talking about doesn’t even exist. Theres also a freemason time capsule that no ones allowed to open for decades. 

The murals in the airport which anyone can photograph, depict an apocalypse scenario, and then the remaining survivors uniting under the new world order. One of the pieces of art mentions peace and harmony with nature, much like the Georgia Guidestones which call for depopulation of earth.

The city in the background of the scorched earth apocalypse painting has been retouched and painted over many times during the years, as if it represents something important for the creators. It seems surrounded by an ill colored haze, as if it was attacked by a bio-chemical weapon. 

One of the children in the murals holds a Mayan tablet. At the bottom of this peaceful painting, we see three open-caskets containing dead girls from different cultures. Why are they laying there with the other animals?

The girl on the right holds a Bible and a yellow “Juden” star used by the Nazi to identify jews. It seems to symbolize the death of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The group at the origin of the imagery of this airport are definitively NOT Christian or Jewish. Secret societies have their own belief system. Caskets however are an important part of masonic symbolism. Tombs are also a big part of the Skull and Bones’ rituals. 

One of the murals obviously represents countries of the world giving up their military might and their national identity for “the common good”. Another reference to a New World order, with one government and one army.

The creepy horse statue outside also reeks of apocalypse symbolism: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”. -Revelation 6:7-8


He got up, brushed off his knees vigorously and walked on over.

Ballard:  No, we don’t have beach police here in Windenburg, this is my parents property.  Our home is just up there.

He pointed up a massive hill, heavily flooded with trees.

Brussel:  Sorry, man , we didn’t know.  I’m Brussel and this is Orchid.

They shook hands.

Ballard: Where are you from?

Brussel: Willow Creek outside Sugar Valley.

Ballard:  Ah, I’ve visited twice.  Very lovely.

His accent was thick and made it hard to understand him.

Ballard:  Come for the summer, eh?

Brussel:  Actually, I have a tour of Windenburg University tomorrow,  Orchid is family, so I dragged her along.

Ballard: Good school, I’ve got to be on my way.  Feel free to stay as long as you’d like.  Should our butler give you any trouble, tell him you know me.

We thanked him, he shot us a mesmerizing smile.

anonymous asked:

I promised my girlfriend that I wouldn't ever try to kill myself again, I promised her that we would have our future together and that I'll always love her, but I've already planned my suicide I feel like I can't face her without draining myself even more. I feel like she deserves a better girlfriend than me and I feel so selfish for all of this. It's disgusting

Please listen. You are not selfish. You are doing the best you can and you probably have been for a long time. Let the right people help you. I don’t know you and all of the hardships you’ve had to bear, I know you’ve thought so much about this and you’re just completely exhausted, but I beg you to just pause everything and think just a little longer about it. Just a little. A week, even. In the shittiness of it all, there must be something that makes you feel like breathing. The feeling of running straight down a massive hill. That one book you read as a kid that always stuck with you. Apple picking. Your girlfriend. Please hold onto that. There’s more than that, I promise you. I can’t promise you much, but I can say that I’ve found myself unable to move forward time after time, I didn’t care about anything, everything was too noisy, too hard, too much and I just wanted to shut it off. But I didn’t, and I’m not saying everything magically got better (or even consistent) but I waited long enough to experience more things, and by grace I found that things do change. Environments change, people grow, you grow. Leave room for this to happen. I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. But my heart truly goes out to you. Here is a list of suicide hotlines worldwide just in case.

Part I - Niall

I’m trying something new. So let me know what you think.

When I was six years old I broke my leg. I was running from my brother and his friends. And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down.

“Baby, you poor thing this hill is massive,” you said eyeing it from the bottom. It was endlessly green. But oddly it smelled like home and this wasn’t even your home. It was calming and wonderful and terrifying. But this wasn’t about you right now. This was about Niall and being there for him and helping him. This was to get him out of the house shortly after the two of you arrived. It was too much and he couldn’t breathe.

“I thought I was gonna die,” he chuckled. “It hurt so much, I just wanted my mum,” he said. “My brother didn’t like me hanging out with his friends and he sure taught me a lesson about trying to after he said no,” he murmured staring up at the sky. “It’s so weird being here,” he said. “I was away way too long,” he mumbled.

You took hold of his hand and tightened your fingers through his. “It’s alright,” you promised. Then taking a deep breath. “Or at the very least, it’ll get better and I’ll take care of you every step of the way,” you whispered softly.

For a few moments Niall stared at this deadly hill and remembered all the times he had sled down it or how he allowed himself to be dared by his friends to roll down it on his own. Then he thought about how you would never let him do that ever again. Maybe that should have made him feel possessed or something but it only sent his stomach aflutter because you loved him so much. He doesn’t know how to live without you anymore and he’s amazed that he managed to find you before tripping over his own feet and falling down some other hill.

Throughout this reflection you were totally quiet just a reassuring hand in his. Niall loved you too much for words. It was pure adoration of your entire being. A girl that his six year old self, ten year old self, fifteen year old self, and even twenty year old self would never picture himself with—not that that was a bad thing because you were better. You were someone his mother loved and got along with his father. You were more than anything Niall ever deserved and he worshipped the ground you walked on. Especially when it was the ground beside him. But for now he would just tell you just what he could at this time.

“You’re the best princess,” he said pulling you to his side and kissing the top of your head. Gently swinging your hands between the two of you he continued his tour of the old town trying to remember how he convinced himself to stay away for so long after school.

Sure gigs were good and life was sweet, but this was bad and home was so good. Or at least it always had been. Maybe he missed a memo or maybe this was it—this was the time to grow up call.

But instead of thinking about all that he thought about your hand searing his own skin in the most blissful kind of way. It was the only thing that kept him on his feet and the only thing that prevented him for screaming and crying for his mom.

And he hadn’t even fallen down the hill.

funny story

so when i was in third grade or so, my best friend got a new bike. i went to her house and naturally tried it out, forgetting how steep her driveway was. so i started going down this massive hill on her brand new bike and realize it doesn’t have handle breaks. which are the only bike brakes i had ever been used to. so basically i went so fast down her hill that i did a front flip over the handle bars into her bush. there’s still an indent in it today


This is the massive sand hill I climbed back when I was at Stradbroke island, AU. I remember being up there away from everything.
Experiencing true freedom.