massive gauges

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Honestly it always bothers me when people put massive gauges on their da dogs because dogs ears are thinner than ours and couldn't stretch that far? Also wouldn't it essentially be like gauging the upper part of your ear???

Fun fact: animal ears are not stretchy.

If you put gauges in an animal’s ear, you’re just mutilating the skin. This is what you call a magical thing called: animal abuse.

-Mod Beep 2.0

Calling the expert but their busy: belladonna-of-thraneal

Leigh had been going about a normal day when he was out shopping he noticed some people following him. But he didn’t think anything about it and thought his father had sent some guards to watch him. He was very very wrong. When he walked out of a clothes shop they grabbed him it turned out they were hunters.

3 months passed of excrutiating non stop torture it turned out they had no idea what Leigh was as normal anti demon weapons had not killed him. He heard that they were going to hunt down a traveler who might know what Leigh was. Leigh didn’t want anyone hurt because of him but he could do nothing.

The hunters went and got her then threw her into the cell with Leigh who had been badly injured. Him being 15 hadn’t made the hunters less violent. They had done massive cuts in his chest and arms that would kill any human. They had ripped his chest and trousers to shreds. His self harm scars were showing and he had a massive gauge in his chest. A hunter looked at her “You are going to tell us what he is” They had a first aid kit ready to bargain with her. The hunter walked out and locked them in Leigh tied down to a chair.