massive crush for this man

Harry is a gynecologist, and Y/N is his young intern.

 Harry’s been a busy bee.

Monday through Friday, his days begin at nine and end at five, a typical work day. He’s always in and out of rooms, talking to patients about their private areas and any health issues they might be having. So, he sees quite a few vaginas per day, which perturbs him none. He’s a doctor after all. It’s just work.

Over the summer, he hired three interns to help him with paperwork. Over the course of a month, two had already quit on him, saying they couldn’t handle the stress and they might need to change majors. All they were doing was paper work. But, one stayed. Her name is Y/N, and she’s Harry’s favorite intern (despite being his only now). She is very efficient at her job, getting him a file on a patient or printing copies or whatever he needed of her. Sometimes, she’d go into his office to use his printer – Doctor Styles, we need a new one that the receptionists can also use! It keeps eating all the paper – and Harry couldn’t help but stare at her pretty face. He always feels a bit weird when looking at her for too long, being that she’s 21 about to go into her residency for her sonography degree, and he’s 31, putting a ten year gap between them. Despite being a grown man, he always feels giddy when he sees her. Maybe passing by in the halls, or when she clocks out and waves at him goodbye with a bye, Doctor Styles! and skips out the sliding doors. Every day, it seems like his interest in her grows, and that scares him. Even if he wanted to pursue anything with her, the internship would end in two months, and he probably wouldn’t see her again. Not to mention the age gap between them. Harry almost feels silly for having these sort of feelings for such a young woman, and the fact that she’s made him hard a few times while bending over to look for something in his office, doesn’t help. He’s imagined her bent over his desk, hiking up her skirt (although he’s never seen her in a skirt, it’s purely for the fantasy) as she begs for him to take her from behind. He’s used that imagine quite a few times when he was alone at night in his bed.

And it’s not like he wants to marry her or anything. Hell, Harry’s never been married, although not out of not wanting to. He’s had plenty of girlfriends who he had fun with, but he never felt strongly enough about them to put a ring on any of their fingers. To be honest, Y/N makes him feel alive, and the most their conversations have come to are files about patients or cracking bad jokes just so he can hear her laugh (which he thinks is the prettiest sound in the world).

And Harry’s not alone in this! Y/N has a massive crush on him as well. She feels a little naughty, liking a man ten years her senior — her boss no less — but she can’t help it. She loves when he calls her into his office to print extra copies of something for him, bending down purposefully in front of the printer and sticking her ass out (although she wears scrubs, her tush is still prominent in them) for him to ogle at. She could feel his eyes on her when she did that, smirking out of view and standing up straight, turning around to see Harry with pink cheeks. She remembers asking him if he was hot, telling him she could adjust his thermostat, but he assured her he was fine.

She wonders if Harry likes her back, genuinely, or if he had some fantasy of fucking a younger woman. Either way, Y/N was in. She can’t lie and say she’s never thought about Harry that way, like when she’s supposed to be filling out papers on a clipboard but instead she’s chewing on the pen, imagining it was something else. Today, she decides to be a little brave. Around four o’clock when the clinic quiets down, she sees Harry exit a room, walking fairly quickly to him before he could shut the door behind him. “Harry? I mean, Doctor Styles?”, she blushes, “Do you think you could see one more patient today?”

“I didn’t see anyone else on the list? Is it a walk-in?” He looks at her inquisitively (although mentally taking in how pretty her lips look with lipgloss on them).

“No, well kind of. It’s me.” She sounds shy, tucking her wispy baby hairs behind her ear the best she could.

Harry feels a twitch in his trousers, already getting excited at the thought of seeing her… down there. But he knows it’d be inappropriate. “Are you sure? I can get Doctor Bouregurdi if you’d be more comfortable with a female doctor.”

“You don’t want to examine me?” She pouts a bit, batting her eyelashes that makes Harry scream on the inside. She’s just so darn cute.

“No! Of course I do! I mean, not that I want to, like that I dream about it, or… oh gosh, I don’t know what I’m saying.” His skin prickles with heat, looking everywhere but her. “But sure, I’ll examine you if you’d like.” Y/N nods, stepping into the room and sliding her pants off. “Oh! Um, let me get you a robe first.” He pulls one off the wall, handing it to her while shielding his eyes with his other hand.

“I don’t need one! I’m going to leave my shirt on.” She slides her panties down her legs, hoisting herself up on the leather chair covered in that awful thin paper material for health reasons. She lies back, her thighs shut but feeling anxious as Harry’s still stood with the robe in hand.

“A-Are you sure? It’s protocol to wear one, you know.”

“It’ll be quick! I just want you to check if I’m fine down there.” He inhales deeply, taking a seat in front of her and rubbing sanitizer into his hands before grabbing a pair of gloves from the wall. He slides them on, letting them snap against his wrists that makes Y/N horny for some reason. She spreads her thighs, giving Harry quite the view that makes him choke on air, coughing uncontrollably. She frowns, supporting herself on her elbows as she sits up to look at him. “I’ve never had that reaction from someone seeing it.” She jokes to lighten the mood, still incredibly nervous but horny and she just wants Harry’s hands on her.

“I’m fine. S’fine. Just… lay back for me.” He sounds out of breath, his chest feeling tight — similarly to his pants — as he spreads her lips with his thumbs, looking around for anything suspicious but only seeing her perfect, pink hole. Her folds are a bit wet, making Harry go crazy as he examines her further, sliding a finger through her slit that’s not protocol and making her thighs shut. “Is everything all right?” He keeps his hand between them, not really being able to move it being that it’s sandwiched between her flesh.

“Yeah”, her voice sounds extra soft, Harry having to close his eyes and count to ten so he doesn’t think about how she’d sound if he had her on the brink of orgasm. “Just surprised me is all.”

“You want me to be thorough, don’t you?” His tone switches, sounding almost demanding as she spreads her legs back apart, mumbling a yes so he can continue the exam. “Have you ever been examined like this before?” He slips a finger inside her, earning him a gasp and an arch of her back, making him smirk but hiding it against her inner thigh.

“N-No.” She shakes her head, feeling herself grow wetter than she was, and she hopes Harry doesn’t notice… although he most definitely does. He slides his finger in and out, feeling for any bumps or cuts, but mostly just because he wants to see a reaction from her again. His pants have grown uncomfortably tight, feeling his cockhead pressing against his zipper through his boxers. He plans on going home immediately after this and jerking off with a handful of coconut oil to imagine it’s her wetness engulfing him. “I never thought I’d need to. I just wanted to have one today because-“ She slaps her hand over her mouth, cutting herself off.

“Because what?” He slips another finger in between the other, taking notice of the snug fit. She’s tight, very tight. He speeds down the thrusting of his fingers as he waits for her to respond.

“I don’t want to say.” Her voice shakes as he stills his fingers, keeping them buried inside her but not moving. “Why-Why’d you stop?” She realizes she sounds needy. “Are you done with the exam?” That’s better.

“Why’d you want me to examine you and not the other doctor, hmm?” He presses his thumb to her clit, just tapping it but enough to make her grip the sides of the chair. “Doctor Bouregurdi is great at her job too, you know.” He slips his fingers out of her, inspecting her one last time before taking his gloves off.

“I know, but you… you’re…”

“I’m what?” He presses her, grabbing her panties and slipping them back onto her. Definitely not protocol.

She grabs the waistband of her panties and brushes her fingertips against his hands while doing so. They lock eyes, staring for about three seconds before finally answering. “You’re… sexy.” Her face turns crimson immediately, like someone had pulled a switch and flushed all the blood to her head (much like Harry’s situation in his pants). He blinks astoundingly, smiling a bit and showing his dimple that Y/N absolutely adores.

“You think I’m sexy?” He looks down at her thighs, realizing her panties were still at her knees and pulls her up with his hands, standing her on her feet and grabbing her panties himself, pulling them over her ass, smacking it a bit. No, no. This is wrong, Harry thinks. He turns around, facing the door and takes deep breaths. “We can’t do this again.”

Y/N’s eyebrows pinch together, turning him around with her hand on his shoulder. “Do what again? This was just an exam right?” She smiles to lighten the mood, pulling her scrubs back on. “No harm done.” She pats his back, a skip in her step as she exits the room. After about five seconds, she peaks her head back in. “Oh, I forgot to ask. Everything’s okay down there, right?”

“Perfect.” He smiles at her, resting his weight against the counter.

“That’s great! Thank you.” Her gaze drops to his crotch, noticing the bulge in his pants that wouldn’t for the life of him go away. “You might want to take care of that.” She points obviously at it.

Harry doesn’t have time to blush for the millionth time before she exits the room again, leaving him with a muddled mind and a hard cock.


Harry’s sort of grateful that little incident happened on a Friday, giving him the whole weekend to think about how he’d go about it on Monday. Should he bring it up to her and talk it through or leave it be and pretend like it never happened? If he talks to her about it, there’s a possibility they might express their feelings for one another, which excites him immensely, but there’s a nagging part of his brain that keeps reminding him it’s wrong. How about asking her out when you’re not signing her checks, you pervert.

Sunday night, right before he’s about to go to bed (not to sleep, but to tug one out to the thought of her pretty, little pussy like he’d done all day Saturday. He’s sure his neighbors heard him grit fuck me, fuck me, fuck me over and over as he fisted his swollen cock) his phone beeps, signaling he’s received a text. He checks it and feels his heart rate pick up as he reads Y/N’s contact. He’d forgotten they had each other’s number because they never communicated through their phones during the month he’s known her. He reads her text over and over, probably twenty times more than he should. Goodnight, Doctor Styles xx. See you tomorrow morning. Harry would put those words to use tonight.


Monday morning comes and Harry’s absolutely exhausted. For one, he couldn’t stop thinking about seeing Y/N today, and two, he couldn’t keep his hands off his cock for three hours last night, coaxing out five orgasms from him before he nestled into slumber, which only lasted five hours. He’s so glad there’s coffee in the break room at the clinic. He drinks two cups, feeling the caffeine wake him up and ready him for a busy day of work. Today, he has fifteen patients to see, and for some reason he feels bad about it. It’s not like him and Y/N were an item, but he sort of feels like he’s cheating in a way. Maybe it’s because of his feelings for her and finally seeing her between her thighs like he’d wanted for so long did something to him — he really doesn’t know. But he’s sure of the twisted feeling deep in his stomach as he’s wrapping up the exam with the last patient, tossing his gloves into the trash and ensuring the woman everything was fine. He hadn’t seen Y/N all day, not even in the halls like normal when she would brush by him quickly to make copies, her voice soft as she murmured a sorry! for maybe brushing up against him too forwardly, which of course he didn’t mind. He didn’t even see her when he went to his car to go get some lunch, which he thought was very odd. He knew she sometimes doesn’t have time to pack her lunch, but she made enough money to eat out a couple times a week. When the clock strikes five, Harry sighs and gathers his things. He shuts down his computer and picks up his bag, walking towards the door. To his surprise, he’s greeted with Y/N, walking into his office and shutting the door. He feels fire in his veins, eyes widening and a smile across his face as he looks at her.

“Where have you been all day, young lady?” He thinks his question is innocent enough, so he doesn’t know the effect it has on Y/N. She feels a shiver shoot up her spine. She grabs his bag and sits it back on the floor, taking his hand and sitting them on the couch in his big office that’s big enough to hold a fucking couch.

“I was so busy today! Doctor Bouregurdi had me organizing a bunch of files!” Harry chuckles at her playful words. “I missed you.”

He answers without thinking. “I missed you too.” He squeezes her hand. “But you’re my intern, not hers.”

“Technically, I’m the intern for the doctors at this clinic.” She lifts her eyebrow, drawing her lips together to refrain from laughing.

“No. You’re my intern. Only mine. Got it?” He feels possessive in this moment and a bit pissed off that the other doctor would keep his pretty intern from him all day. Her eyes are blown, a shy smile on her face as she nods. “Good. Now that that’s settled, you’re going to spend your whole day with me tomorrow, organizing my files. Can’t believe I didn’t see you at all today.” His head must be unattached him from body because he brings her hand up to his mouth, pressing his lips to the back of it.

“That’s not true! I’m here now, aren’t I?” She presses her palm against his cheek, feeling him lean into it and her heart nearly bursts. “Doctor Styles, can I ask you something?” He nods, loving the feeling of her soft hand against his face. Usually, he doesn’t allow anyone to touch his face due to germs and all that, but he doesn’t care with Y/N. “Do you like me?” He wants to scream that he adores her and thinks she’s the prettiest girl on the planet, but he doesn’t say anything, just looks at her with a glaze over his eyes. “You don’t have to answer right now! I just… I don’t know. I wanted to tell you because… well, because I like you.” That’s it. His heart soars in his chest, feeling like it’s going to fly up his throat and out his mouth. He kisses her hand again, peppering kisses all over it and pulls her into his lap, her body accepting it.

“I like you.” He wraps his arms around her back, pulling her close and feeling her full breasts against his chest. “Really like you. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to do anything about it.” Y/N frowns, moving off his lap and walking towards the door. “Hey, where’re you going?” His heart drops to his stomach as she exits without a word.


The next morning, he catches her in the break room, twisting open a bottle of water and taking a few sips. They make eye contact only for Y/N to break it right after, shuffling past him without murmuring a sorry! Harry doesn’t understand what the problem is, he thinks he did everything correctly yesterday. He had to tell her it’d be inappropriate because he thought she’d understand and they could move on, settling back to their usual, casual “flirting”. But he was wrong. So wrong. This was worse. Way worse. Last night he was hoping he’d get a text from her but nothing, and now today, she’s blatantly ignoring him? It didn’t sit right with him at all, and he needed to fix it. After seeing his first patient, he notices there’s a ten minute gap until his next one, so he uses the time to track Y/N down (not hard at all. Her strawberry scented conditioner led his nose to the vending machines, watching as she bends down to retrieve her cookies. Naughty thoughts fill his mind as he looks at her rear, pushing them out of his brain as he steps closer to her.

“Hey.” He starts softly, not wanting to just blurt everything out and scare her. She looks at him for a second, giving him a weak smile that he can tell is forced, and a piece of his heart falls off. “Can we talk?”

“Gotta get back to work.” Her voice is barely a whisper, fiddling with her bag of cookies in her hands as she looks at her shoes.

“Please”, he begs, “it’ll only take a second.” She nods sheepishly, Harry grabbing her hand and leading her to his office. He doesn’t care if anyone sees them hand-in-hand, he likes this girl and damn it he was going to make it right. He sits in his office chair, guiding her to stand in between his legs. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said, in that way. I could’ve cushioned it better.” His hands rub up and down her sides, angering Y/N and pushing him away.

That’s your apology? And don’t touch me like that – all sweetly – if you don’t want me. I don’t like mixed signals.” She crosses her arms, her weight all on one foot as the other is bent at the knee.

“Of course I want you, I told you yesterday that I like you.” He tries to touch her arm, but she backs away, leaving Harry’s chest feeling empty.

“Yeah, and you also said you think us being together would be inappropriate.” She uses air quotes, her voice snobby as she imitates him. “I don’t understand. Just because you’re my boss?”

“Precisely.” He ruffles his hair, something he does when he’s nervous. “Maybe, when the internship is over, I can ask you out-“

“No. I’m not going to wait two more months.” Her tone is cold, not the usual light and fluffy her voice typically holds. “Either we try dating now or never.”

Despite the intensity of the situation, Harry is feeling incredibly turned on about how assertive she’s being. His mind drifts off to them in his bed, stuffing her with his cock as she rides him, her hand placed on his mouth to keep him from crying out and alerting the neighbors. A bulge is prominent in his pants, his cock having grown tumescent during their little argument. He tries to cover it by crossing his legs, but that motion becomes nil as her eyes glance down. “Right now? Really? When I’m trying to make a point?” She kneels down, hands reaching for his pants and Harry grabs her wrists.

“Y/N, we’re in my office.” His voice is hushed, not wanting anyone to hear if they were walking close by.

“And? The door’s closed. We’re fine. Do you just not want me to do this?” She pulls her hands from his thighs, standing back up. “I knew I shouldn’t have. I just keep making myself look like a fool, don’t I?” Just as she’s starting to turn around, Harry grabs her arm, pulling her onto his lap and sneaking his hand down her pants. He finds her clothed slit, rubbing over it through the thin material of her panties that makes Y/N rock her hips. “Doctor Styles.” She whimpers, her breath hitting his face as she rests her forehead against his. Their lips are brushing, igniting something in Harry that tells him to lean in and kiss her. So, he does. Proper smears his lips against hers, tasting her cherry chapstick and slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moans into the kiss, feeling his middle finger rub hard, little circles against her clit through the thin cotton material. He plucks her panties to the side, rubbing his index between her slit to collect some of her wetness. Just as he’s about to rub it all over her clit, his alarm on his watch beeps, telling him he has to see his patient. He huffs, pulling his hand out of her pants and kissing her cheek.

“Sorry, love. Got a patient who needs me.”

“I need you.” She rocks her hips, grabbing him by the collar and kissing him one last time before he has to leave. “Will you touch me again?”

“You want to come over to my place tonight? I can touch you there.” His hand squeezes her ass. “I have a big, comfy bed, and I can make us dinner.”

Y/N nods quickly, kissing his cheek and getting up off him. “Okay, doc- Harry.”

“Good girl. Don’t need to call me Doctor Styles anymore, do you?” He stands up, squeezing himself through his pants to release some of the tension before walking both of them to the door.

“At lease let me take care of that for you before you go back out there.” She pouts, looking at him with big, pleading eyes.

“Baby, you’re so sweet, but there’s not enough time.” As if on cue, his office door swings open, one of the nurses in the doorway. He moves to stand behind Y/N, using her to shield the nurse from seeing his hard on.

“Doctor Styles, Mrs. Jeffries is in room six.”

“Thank you, Isabel.” She hurries off, kissing Y/N’s temple when she’s out of sight. “Meet me in my office at five, yeah? You can follow me to my house.”


The rest of the today goes by agonizingly slow, for both Y/N and Harry. He almost wants to go home early, let the other doctor finish the rest of the appointments so he can bring Y/N’s cute ass home with him and fuck her over the couch, but he keeps his hormones at bay. He distracts himself by thinking what he should cook for dinner. Chicken parm? Pasta? Enchiladas? Does she have any food allergies? He needs to ask her when she comes to his office. When she finally does, Harry’s just finished gathering his things, holding his bag and ready to step out the door.

“Ready?” He grabs her hand.

“Yup!” She chirps, squeezing his hand as they walk to the parking lot. The drive to Harry’s house was fairly short, Y/N almost jealous that he doesn’t have a long commute. When they arrive in his driveway, she stumbles out of her car, so excited. He opens his front door for her, letting her step in first despite it being his home. “Wow, Harry. Your house is really nice. Like out of a magazine or something.” Harry thanks her, leading her to the kitchen to sit as he gets dinner prepared in practically no time at all. His food is amazing, making Y/N think he was a chef in his past life. They move into Harry’s bedroom with Harry carrying her, lying her down on the bed so he can hover over her. His long fingers begin to lift the bottom of her shirt, but Y/N grasps his wrist, looking into his eyes. “Hey, so… what is this? Are we dating now?”

“Yes, baby.” He giggles. “I made you dinner, so this is a proper date, isn’t it?” He kisses her jaw, moving down to her neck. “Want you all to myself.”

Y/N sighs happily, letting him continue to lift her shirt over her head. She looks down at her chest, making a face. “Sorry I’m not wearing anything sexier. I like being comfortable at work.” She gestures down to her sports bra.

“I think it’s very sexy.” He lifts it over her head as well, revealing her lovely breasts to him. “Everything about you is sexy.” He kisses her passionately, slipping his tongue across her lips and between them. He supports himself with one hand on the mattress, the other cupping and groping her tit. She whines into his mouth as he twists her nipple, wanting more. He parts from her lips, placing a trail of kisses down her neck to her chest. He wraps his lips around a nipple, sucking hard and swirling his tongue around it. She tugs on his hair, letting out another hoarse whine. “You know how many times I’ve gotten off to you?” He switches to the other nipple, doing the same to it as the first until she’s a whimpering mess. “Too many to count.”

Y/N screams internally as he makes his way down her stomach, pulling her pants and panties off in one go. “Please lick me, Harry.”

He groans at hearing her beg, lowering his head and licking up her slit. “So wet.” When he pulls away, there’s a string attaching him to her, her thighs clenching as she looks down and sees. “Such a pretty, little pussy you have, baby. Couldn’t exactly tell you the first time I saw it like I wanted to, but now it’s all mine, yeah? All mine to lick into whenever I want?” She nods, moaning as he dives back in and attempts to stuff his tongue inside her. Her vulva is a bit more fleshy, so he has to hold her apart, which is no problem to him at all. He thumbs her open, looking at her hole contract as she breathes. He can’t take it anymore, stuffing her again with his tongue and moaning at how her wetness coats him. She’s dripping, getting it all on his chin which he fucking loves. He turns his head side to side, letting her feel his little scruff that makes her gasp and lift her lower body off the mattress.

“Oh, Harry, that… do that again.”

He rubs his rough hairs against her folds, making her even redder and she squirms, holding onto his hair and yanking it. “You like this, baby?”

“Uh-huh.” She gasps, her voice unrecognizable based on how high it is in this moment. “Feels so good and rough.”

He decides, to hell with it, and gets incredibly messy. He slides his chin through her folds, until he gets to her clit and rubs it there. She sucks in a breath, thighs twitching as she feels the coarseness of it on her soft, squishy bud. He sucks it into his mouth, wanting desperately for her to cum so he can swallow it down. Her smell is dizzying to him; he thinks he could eat her all day every day. Especially after a day of work, where he can’t touch her as he pleases. He’d push her against the door when they got to his place or hers, pull her pants down and lick into her little pussy until she was leaking onto the floor. A painful throb makes itself noticeable in his pants, having to rut against the mattress for some relief, which he finds isn’t enough. He needs to fuck her and now. Pulling his mouth from her, she whines in a needy way, bucking her hips up into the air to follow Harry’s glistening lips. She watches as he undresses, mouth watering as he unbuckles his belt and and hears the clinking of the metal. Swiftly, he slides his bottoms down his legs, tearing off his shirt and sits back down on the bed.

“Wanna ride me?” She nods quickly, shuffling from her position on her back and sitting in his lap, pushing herself down onto him without warning. His neck veins become prominent, feeling overwhelmed by the tightness and warmth of her without a condom. He’ll have to pull out and cum all over her pretty stomach, even if he or she doesn’t want that.

Her mouth is hung open, breathing raggedly as she begins to pump him in and out of her. She starts up a bit quicker than when she usually has sex, but Harry isn’t just a typical hookup. She feels butterflies in her stomach when he smiles at her and feels like all is right in the world when his deep voice hits her eardrum. She’s passionate about Harry, and gosh she wants him to cum. Lifting her hips, she slides all the way up until just his tip is inside her, dropping back down and engulfing all of him to make it feel like the first time she lowered herself onto his big, thick cock. She feels so full, holding onto his hair while fucking herself and him. “You’re so pretty.”, she coos. A big smile makes its way onto his face, holding her tighter to him and bucking his hips to fill her even more. She groans, throwing her head forward onto his chest momentarily until she can gather herself.

“You’re prettier.” He smears his lips against hers. She bites his bottom lip, feeling absolutely filthy as Harry’s cock hits spots deep inside her. She bounces faster, the sound of their skin meeting filling his bedroom.

“You’re making me feel so good, Harry. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Yeah, baby? Gonna soak my cock even more?” 

She clenches her thighs violently, stilling on his lap and holding onto his hair tightly. She sees white, breathing extremely hard as her orgasm rocks through her whole body. She feels like mush, screaming into his neck and periodically bites the skin. When she finally opens her eyes, she sees stars, looking into Harry’s dark eyes as he grabs her ass and fucks up into her.

“That was so fucking hot. Almost makes me want to cum inside you, mark you with me.” He slaps her right ass cheek, Y/N feeling oh so sensitive between her thighs with the orgasm she just had and Harry ramming inside her. His is soon after, only pumping into her about ten more times – quite vigorously – until he has to pull out and cum all over her stomach. A bit got on her tits, his cock spurting loads of cum, coating her front in white. She watches as he cums on her, feeling her cunt tingle at the sight and prepare itself for round two. Harry scoops up some of the cum, bringing it to her mouth but yanking it away when it almost touches her tongue, putting his own fingers in his own mouth. Y/N’s eyes are wide as she watches Harry taste himself, listening as he moans at the taste. “You wanna try?” He takes some more, swiping it across her tongue for her to swallow it down. She licks her lips, ready for more, and more, until her stomach is rid of all of it.

He lies back, bringing her with him, and holds her close as they relax in each other’s arms. After a few minutes, Harry rubs the hair from her forehead, a gesture for her to look up at him, but she doesn’t. He glances at her from the side, smiling as he sees her eyes are closed. She’s asleep, so he rubs his hands up and down her back, deciding to drift off as well.


The next day at work is bliss. Harry brings her a tea, a peach/green one with boba that he knows she loves. Last night, they talked and talked after they woke up. They talked so much, Y/N didn’t even realize it was midnight, kissing Harry goodbye and driving home to get some sleep for next day’s work. He almost wanted to ask her to spend the night, but they just started dating, so he didn’t know if it was appropriate or not. Instead, he brings her a tea, her face lighting up as he brings it into view from behind his back.

They see each other sparingly throughout the day. During so, Y/N will bump her hip against his, or he’ll see her in the halls, wrapping an arm around her and whispering hey, pretty girl into her ear. She feels like everything is right, and she loves it. During lunch time, Harry knows she isn’t going anywhere to buy herself something; he saw a fruit bowl with her name on it in the fridge, but he thinks she needs something more than that. He leaves a little earlier than his typical 1:30, about fifteen minutes before and goes to nab him and her some turkey sandwiches at a really good sandwich shop down the road. When he returns, she’s already in his office, sitting in his chair and waving her fork stabbed with melon at him.

“Hey, baby. Got us some lunch.” He places the bag onto his desk, putting a straw into the soda he’d gotten her.

“You didn’t!” She shoots up, searching through the bag and pulling out sour cream and onion potato chips. “You bought me a whole meal! You cutie patootie.” She pecks his lips, getting out his food first before hers and hoisting herself up on the desk. “You didn’t have to do this, Harry.”, she says through a mouthful of turkey and tomato. “I already had a lunch.”

“Fruit isn’t enough, babe.” He chuckles, bopping her nose. “I’m going to be feeding you every chance I get.”

“You’ll have to let me cook for you sometimes, though! I make a mean pupusa.”

Harry’s never been happier.

It’s her, but it’s not her ! 1/2 - Bruce Wayne/Batfam x Reader

Summary : Bruce and the batkids are thrown into an alternate reality where their wife/mother, “the Batmom”…isn’t theirs, but Superman’s. Needless to say, they can’t wait to get home. 

I can’t help but feel like I could’ve write something better around that idea…might re-write everything at some point, because meh. Hope you’ll still like it :/.

PART 2 !

(My masterlist blog here :


His worst nightmare was unfolding in front of him. 

Or, at least, one of his worst nightmare. 

She was kissing him. And from the look of it, it wasn’t just a chaste little kiss, or a small peck on the lips…No, it was a full on make-out session right there. 

After yet another Justice League problem, Batman and his kids accidentally travelled to another dimension, exchanging their place with the Dark knight and his sidekicks from this World. They were currently in the JLA’s headquarters. Bruce was expecting things to be different, but he never thought about his wife being…Superman’s. 

Or at least, it was his girlfriend, given the fact that he was eating her face since they arrived. They didn’t even notice them entering, accompanied with Diana, Dinah, Arthur and Oliver. Usually, Bruce was the one kissing you passionately and making everyone uncomfortable (he wasn’t much for PDA, but you didn’t give a flying fuck about it, and he could never resist you…). 

Diana cleared her throat…and you and Clark didn’t move at all, still kissing each others. The amazon turned to Bruce and his sons, and, with an apologetic look, said : 

-I’m sorry. They were both on missions for the past month, they hum…missed each other I guess…

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total fics: 98

One-shots (750+ words)

Daryl Dixon

  • Never forget- After a run gone wrong, you think back to all your memories with Daryl. The good and the bad.
  • Not the first- You’re Daryl girlfriend and were previously engaged before the apocalypse. On a run with Daryl you run into your ex-fiancé, Negan.
  • I’m Sorry- You and Daryl have recently broken up and it was messy. But when you get captured on a run with Maggie and Glenn and Daryl shows up to save you, true feelings are revealed. 
  • Come Down- You and Daryl get in a bad fight, and leaving seems like the best option.
  • Not Alone- After spending your life hiding your scars, you finally slip up.
  • Arsonist’s Lullaby- A song fic based off of “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier. You and Daryl are married. When you’re captured with Rick and the group by Negan, things get a little intense.
  • Woah- When you’re asked to dress up at the Alexandra Welcome party, the group is blown away with your looks. Daryl in particular. 
  • Extra Time- After being bitten, you ‘die’ in Daryl’s arms, only to wake up back in Alexandra.
  • No Good- AU- You and Daryl are engaged. But when Merle arrives back from jail, he tries to sabotage the relationship.
  • Run- After rescuing Daryl from the Sanctuary, you can’t help but stay by his side.
  • Shower- You’re the new girl at Alexandra and within a month, Daryl happens upon you naked.
  • Yawn- You feel like Daryl’s staring at you, but you can’t seem to catch him doing so. So you think of a plan.
  • Son In Law- Your dad, Negan, wasn’t present for your wedding with Daryl. When you reunite with him, he takes the opportunity to take you and Daryl home. Against your will. 
  • Sparkle- Theres a christmas party being thrown in your home, but the loud music is giving you a headache. Daryl suggests you go somewhere else, but before you do, he gives you a gift.
  • Mantra- Ever since Abraham and Glenn were killed, Daryl hasn’t been himself. When the two of you end up on a run alone, you decide to confront him about it.
  • Alive- Negan took you and Daryl hostage. But you as a wife, him as a prisoner. In an attempt to go see Daryl, you’re caught. And Negan’s not happy. 


  • Princess- After Negan finds you in a forest, he takes you back to his home, welcoming you to your new life.

Maggie Greene

  • Get Away- After the fall of the farm, you decide to confront Maggie about your feelings.

Carl Grimes

  • Not Ready- After Carl loses his eye, Denise banishes him to your room, and he doesn’t act to kindly to when you want to go out on a run.
  • Months- It’s months after the prison fell, and you’re still on your own. That is until the group happens upon your tracks. What happens when they see you’ve been bitten?
  • Insecure- Alexandria is a safe haven. You love it. But theres a girl your age who seems to be getting close to Carl and your adoptive parents, Glenn and Maggie. 

Rick Grimes

  • Hidden- Rick always loved your eyes, but what happens when you lose one– instead of Carl? 
  • Fate- You were picked in the lineup, but you wake up back at Alexandria with a scar.

Imagines (150-750 words)

Carl Grimes

  • Nightmares- Imagine Carl being there for you after a bad dream.
  • Memories- Imagine Carl comforting you after seeing your scars.
  • Accidental History- Imagine Carl teaching you how to use a gun, but something goes wrong– or right.
  • Locked Up- Imagine Carl locking you in the closet instead of Enid.
  • Pranks- Imagine getting in a prank war with Carl, but you can’t seem to fool him.
  • Slang- Imagine teaching Carl Australian slang.
  • Spanish- Imagine teaching Carl Spanish.
  • Cheer Up- Imagine helping Carl find hope.
  • Catch Me- Imagine playing tag with Carl.
  • Twelve- Imagine becoming Carl’s best friend.
  • Sleep- Imagine not being able to sleep.
  • Bone Crushing- Imagine being separated from the group, only to reunite at Alexandria.

Daryl Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Cornered- Prompt: “Will you hear me out?” + “Like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that.”
  • Saved- Imagine saving Daryl from a walker.
  • Daughter- Imagine adopting Sophia with Daryl.
  • Introduction- Imagine meeting Merle for the first time, and Daryl’s even more nervous than you.
  • Ring- Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.
  • Coconut- Imagine Daryl getting you extra inhalers. 
  • Rushing Waters- Imagine Daryl saving you from a rushing river.
  • Empty Glasses- Imagine winning a drinking game with Daryl. 
  • Trust- Imagine being an ex-savior, and only Daryl trusts you. 
  • Always- Imagine being injured on a run.
  • Baby Coos- Imagine walking in on Daryl holding Judith.
  • Spider- Imagine falling asleep on Daryl.
  • Easy- Imagine being blind.
  • Heaven- Imagine Daryl, your boyfriend, getting jealous.
  • Until Now- Imagine Daryl never realizing how he felt about you, until it was too late.
  • More- Imagine getting drunk with Daryl.
  • Contact- Imagine touching Daryl, which makes him flinch.
  • Rosy Cheeks- Imagine Daryl finding you as a walker.


  • Cough- Imagine being sick and Ezekiel takes care of you.
  • Friend- Imagine being close with Shiva.


  • Girlfriend- Imagine Henry, Benjamin’s brother, spilling that Benjamin has a crush on you.
  • I Promise- Imagine being hurt but having Benjamin at your side.

Norman Reedus

  • Heck- Prompt: “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  • Giddy- Imagine being an actor on twd.


  • Passive Agressive- Imagine Negan getting jealous.
  • Warm- Imagine Negan carrying you to bed.
  • Together- Imagine being with Negan. (male!reader x negan)

Glenn Rhee

  • Breakfast- Imagine being caught about to have sex with your boyfriend, Glenn.
  • Before- Imagine reuniting with your fiancé, Glenn.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Rick Grimes

  • The Pact- Imagine Rick finding you as a walker.

Shane Walsh

Merle Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Closet- Imagine Merle being in the closet about his feelings for you. (male!reader x merle)
  • My Kid, My Girl- Imagine being pregnant with Merle’s baby.

Maggie Greene

  • Flu- Imagine Maggie comforting you while you’re sick.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

  • Bad Advice- Imagine Rick giving Jesus, the man who had a massive crush on you, bad advice in regards to swooning you 

Eugene Porter

  • Pants- Imagine forgetting that you’re only wearing Eugene’s shirt.
  • Baby- Imagine being pregnant with Eugene’s baby.


  • Second Home- Imagine visiting a Walking Dead panel after leaving the show.

Team Family

  • Gunshot- You take Daryl’s place as Dwight fires the gun.

Series (2+ parts)

Daryl Dixon

  • Perfect- When you begin growing close with the new, and very handsome, member of the group, Daryl doesn’t react kindly. After all, jealously never did love any favours.

“Perfect” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Regrets- In a faze, you sleep with someone at Alexandra. But what does it mean for your relationship with Daryl? 

“Regrets” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Her- There’s a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

“Her” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] *completed* 

  • Love- You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

“Love” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *in progress*

  • Ten Years- AU-You never expected to see a Dixon again. Now ten years later, at the reunion of the class of 86′, you see the last person you thought you would.

“Ten Years AU” parts- [1] *in progress*


  • Monster of Mine- Being Rick’s daughter, falling in love with Negan when he takes over Alexandria.

“Monster of Mine” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] *completed*

Day 325 - Nidoking | ニドキング (Shiny)

Its poison pins harden and become rough in adulthood, making its appearance even scarier than before. Using energy from the moon, Nidoking’s muscles grow to massive sizes. Its tail can crush just about any man-made material to bits.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day. Desktop won’t POST. No beeps. No mobo LEDS. All fans on. Why, oh why? Back to the drawing board…)

(034 / 721)

Ice Ice Baby (Lin x Reader)


Summary: You injure yourself while rehearsing as Angelica and Lin insists on accompanying you to the hospital

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2,639 

“Pippa!” Your fingers fumbled with the back of your pink dress as you sighed. It was only the first day of tech week and you already wanted to punch something.

Pippa inched her head through the small opening in the door to your dressing room, a giggle peeking through her lips. “Yes?”

A low noise of frustration escaped your throat. “How do you get this damn thing on?” You swiftly turned around to see Pippa already fitted in her baby blue dress. “What? How did you do that?!”

Pippa let out a hearty laugh as she gestured for you to turn around. “A magician never reveals her secrets, Y/N.”

“You know, everyone says you’re sweet and pure, but I think there’s something under that going on. Some sort of evil sorcery that allows you to be able to put on any dress with ease.”

She hummed in response. “So…” You felt her delicate fingers work with the complex backing of your dress. “You and Lin, huh?”

Your eyes darted around the room as your mouth opened and closed, unsure of what to say. “What about us?”

“I mean, when are you gonna tell him?” She whispered, a mischievous grin falling on her face.

“Tell him what?”

“You know.”

Your shoulders slumped; you did know. You and Lin weren’t in a relationship, as much as you wished you were. You had had a massive crush on the man who seemed to hold all the stars in his bright eyes since you auditioned for the role of Angelica. The feeling had washed over you too quickly and all at once when you first settled your eyes on him. He seemed aware and interested in everything you had to say and every move you made, as if he was afraid to forget it.

“Yeah.” You grumbled. “I don’t know, I’m sure he doesn’t like me back.”

Pippa huffed, her eyebrows furrowing as her fingers left the pieces of your dress. “Y/N, that’s just nonsense.”

You turned around as Pippa’s eyes flitted over to the door, just spotting Jon walking by.

“Oh! Groff!” She grabbed him by the arm of his intricate costume, pulling him into your dressing room. “Question.”

“What’s up?” His eyes scanned over your costumes, a kind smile spreading on his face.

“Does Lin like Y/N?”

“Oh, absolutely.” He chuckled, as if the answer was obvious. “Have you seen him lately? Can’t keep his eyes off you.”

You shook your head dismissively, crossing your arms over your chest. “There’s no way.”

Jon shrugged his shoulders, shooting you a smirk as he walked out of the room. “Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”

“You know, you really should’ve listened to him. He’s right.”

“Sure he is. There’s no possibility Lin could like someone like me.” You bit your lip absentmindedly as you sat down, pulling on your heeled shoes.

“Heads up; we’re doing Winter’s Ball through Satisfied in five!” Lin poked his head through the door as he sent a exuberant grin towards Pippa before his eyes softened and settled on you, looking over your costume. “You’re gonna kill it.”

“But doesn’t Leslie kill it?” You beamed at Lin, sending him ironic finger guns.

“Oh my god, Y/N.” Lin’s laugh lit up the room as he ran a hand over his face, sharing a groan with Pippa. “Ah, anyways, you might wanna make your way towards the stage.” He jerked a thumb behind him.

“Copy that.” Pippa nodded, giving him a thumbs up as he walked in the same direction he had just pointed towards. As soon as he left the room, Pippa sharply turned in her chair, raising an amused eyebrow at you. “You saw the way he looked at you, right?”

You rolled your eyes, a smile plastered on your face as you stood from your chair and got adjusted to wearing the heels beneath your feet. “You’re never gonna let this go, aren’t you…?”

“Nope!” She said, popping the “p” as she walked out of the dressing room, you at her heels. Your dresses swished and swayed behind you as you walked to the side of the stage, where A Winter’s Ball was already playing. You glanced at Lin and Leslie they exchanged “heys” before you and Pippa took the stage.

Pippa’s voice rang throughout the theatre as you walked towards Lin, feigning chatter.

“Where are you taking me?” Lin turned his head towards you as you linked arms.

“I’m about to change your life.” You escorted him towards Pippa.

“Then, by all means, lead the way.”

As Lin and Pippa delivered their lines and shared a kiss, you couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of jealousy surge through you. You almost missed your cue as Helpless soon bled into Satisfied.

You dug your nails into your palm as you raised your glass, smiling at Lin and Pippa. Jasmine snuck a glance at you, lightly nudging you in the ribs. She slyly raised her eyebrows, curious as to what was distracting you.

Dismissing her suspicions, you spun to the middle of the stage. Everyone around you sang, gracefully moving in slow motion as the time shifted back to Angelica and Alexander’s meeting.

“But, Alexander, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.” You swiftly turned your head towards Lin, who gazed at you in mid-step.

You finished singing your lines as Lin stopped in front of you, tilting his chin up. “You strike me as a woman who’s never been satisfied.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” You dipped your head low, peeking up at Lin through your coated eyelashes.

“You’re like me, I’m never satisfied.”

A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips as you cocked your head to the side. “Is that right?”

“I have never been satisfied.” Lin smiled, taking your hand in his and kissing it as the company gasped. You couldn’t help the blush that rose to your cheeks as you exchanged a few more words.

Your movements were crisp as you rapped effortlessly, your shoulders held back.

“Where are you taking me?” Lin repeated as you joined him once more.

“I’m about—” your words were cut off by the painful rolling of your ankle as you collapsed at Lin’s feet. “Shit!” You hissed, staring in horror at your foot.

Lin jumped, immediately crouching down to you as Lac signaled the orchestra to cease playing. The cast instantly crowded around you as Lac, Andy, and Tommy politely pushed their way through the people surrounding you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Lin’s eyes searched your face. “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

You inhaled sharply as you nodded vigorously. Lin and Andy grasped your upper arms as you slowly stood up, shifting your weight to your good foot.

“What happened?” Tommy’s eyes were wide in shock, flitting between your pained expression and ankle.

“As soon as we got to the next section she must’ve twisted her ankle or something.” Lin’s voice was filled with panic, his worried eyes constantly shifting to you. “Someone call an ambulance, please!”

“Already did!” You heard Anthony yell from the back of the crowd, holding his phone up.

“Thanks.” Lin breathed out, looking at you. “Took quite a tumble there,” he laughed half heartedly, desperate to lighten the mood.

You let out a breathy laugh, turning your head to face him. “Yeah, I was walking then my ankle just decided to fuck me over.”

You heard light chuckles as a man in a white uniform opened the door to the theatre. Your cast members parted from you to take a look at the sudden light that flooded the room. “Can you guys carry her, or would you like me to bring in a wheelchair?”

“Oh, no, we can—”

Lin’s voice was cut off by your words. “No, Lin, I can see that you and Andy are struggling. A wheelchair would be great, thanks.”

The man nodded, a humorous smile on his face as he closed the door. He entered a moment later, making his way to the stage as he splayed out a wheelchair in front of you. Lin and Andy slowly guided you into the chair, exchanging a few grunts of effort. “One of you can tag along with us if you’d like. You don’t have to, of course, just an option.”

“I’ll go.” Lin immediately took a step forward, red flushing his full cheeks as the cast shared knowing glances to each other. “I-I mean, it’s kinda my fault, I—”

“Yeah, yeah, you can go with your girlfriend.” Daveed sent him a toothy grin, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at you as Lin’s eyes drifted to the floor.

“Alright, let’s get you to the vehicle. My name’s Ryan, by the way.” The man in the uniform grabbed your wheelchair by its handles, maneuvering it around the twists and turns in the theatre with Lin at Ryan’s heels. He pushed you up the ramp into the back of the ambulance, waiting for Lin to enter before closing the doors and moving to another part of the . The ambulance began to move down the streets of New York towards the hospital as you and Lin exchanged some small talk.

“Oh my god—” your head snapped up, your eyes widening in realization as your fists curled in your lap.

“What’s wrong?” Lin’s head immediately turned to you.

“The show’s next week, Lin, what if I don’t heal in time? I can’t miss opening night.”

“Oh,” Lin’s voice grew quiet as his eyes darted around the room, searching for something to make you feel better. “Y/N, these are trained doctors, I’m sure they can work something out. In the case that your ankle doesn’t heal in time, anyway, we’ll make arrangements so you won’t miss the first show.”

You gaped at Lin, searching his facial features for any sign of deception. His smooth chocolate eyes bored into yours with utter seriousness. “You wouldn’t.”

“Y/N, it’s me we’re talking about, in the first person who would do this…especially for you.” His gaze suddenly found interest in the floor, a timid grin on his face. Your breath hitched in your throat, a shade of pink searing through your cheeks as a silence settled.

“Sorry to leave you guys in here alone, I’m making a few calls, heh. Have to use all the time I can since rides to the hospital are usually busy. But, this is considered a non-emergency, so it’s not as urgent. Here, I’m just gonna elevate your leg and ice your ankle. This is all kind of part of the acronym, RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Anyways, ice and elevation will reduce your swelling and minimize your pain. I’m sure the doctor will go over this with you, too.” Ryan abruptly burst in the room, an exhausted smile gracing his features as he took care of your ankle with extreme caution.

He kneeled down as his tentative hands aided your ankle, tossing intermittent phrases back and forth: “Am I hurting you?” and “You okay?” After a few minutes, he stood up, tilting his head and firmly pressing his lips together before nodding in satisfaction. “You should be good until we get to the hospital. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call for me.” He swiftly left through the door, shutting it behind him.

A thick silence between you and Lin filled the air, spare for the few clearing of throats and tapping of feet against the floor.

A sudden choked noise escaped Lin’s throat, a euphoric grin tugging at his lips as his eyes crinkled and he glanced at the ice placed over your ankle. “Ice, ice, baby!” He guffawed, slapping his knee. His laugh proved to be highly contagious as you found yourself cackling, leaning back as tears brimmed your eyes.

Dun dun dun da da dun dun,” you sputtered, the both of you throwing your heads back in hysterics.

You continued your conversation with ease, mostly because Lin was always easy to talk to. He leaned forward in anticipation, clinging onto every word you said and nodding his head eagerly. You soon reached the hospital, Ryan ushering you through the doors and to your room where a doctor greeted you. She introduced herself politely, shaking both yours and Lin’s hands with a firm grip.

She quickly hopped onto the computer in the room, thoroughly explaining that you needed x-rays to determine what you did to your ankle. She rolled her chair over to you, examining your ankle more thoroughly than Ryan had. She wheeled you out of the room, transferring you to an almost identical room with multiple machines residing in it. She went through the procedure of taking your x-ray with you before leaving you in the first room with Lin as she scanned over the x-rays.

The doctor emerged from the hallway, her hand immediately reaching for the mouse attached to the computer as she clicked numerous times until an image of the bones in your ankle appeared on the screen.

“Okay well, good news, your ankle is not broken. On here, there weren’t any fractures to be found. But when I was examining it, there was a lot of tenderness and limited range of motion. So, bad news, your ankle is still sprained.” She delved deeper into your recovery, what you could do to aid your ankle in healing faster and how to take care of it.

You and Lin alternated between nodding and asking questions, until you cleared your throat before speaking.

“One more thing, uh,” you fidgeted, suddenly aware of your clammy palms as you gestured to Lin. “We’re both running through rehearsals for a Broadway show that’s due for its opening night next week. Do you think I’d be able to be dancing by then?”

“Oh!” She snapped her fingers in realization, nodded her head quickly. “Yes, most likely. This is a grade one sprain, so it will take about seven to ten days to heal. As long as you keep an eye on the swelling and take good care of your ankle, you should be fine. Is that it?”

“Yes,” you smiled graciously. “Thank you so much.”

She shook both of your hands as she opened the door. “As soon as you’re ready you can go to the front desk, pay, and I can provide you with the supplies you’ll need. Alright?”

As soon as she was out of your line of sight, you and Lin collectively sighed in relief, shooting each other a bright smile.

“See, I told you things would work out.” Lin crouched down next to you to reach your height in the chair. He took your hands in his, rubbing his thumbs over your knuckles, which were white from clenching your fists out of anxiousness. His warm touch instantly soothed you.

You nodded appreciatively, looking at Lin with a great adoration in which he returned. His eyes scanned over you, filled with an indescribable love and kindness that flooded your chest with warmth. He leaned forward, his hot breath fanning your cheeks as his eyes leveled with yours.

“Would now be a bad time to kiss you?” Lin’s voice was a soft murmur, his dilated gaze shifting from your slightly ajar lips to your admiring eyes.

“Not a chance.” You whispered against Lin’s lips which eagerly, yet gently, pressed against yours. Your hands found their way to the back of his neck, his cupping your face as the pads of his thumbs caressed your cheeks. You felt him smile against your lips as you sighed into the kiss. You pulled away slowly as Lin’s hands still lingered.

You both broke into exuberant grins, your cheeks burning as Lin looked up at you. “I should’ve done that a lot sooner.”

Celebrity Crush

Prompt: BTS is in America for yet another awards show, and Jung Hoseok expresses his liking towards you in an interview, only for you to do the same with him a week later in an interview of your own. The two of you are then seated next to each other at said awards show.

Pairing: Hoseok x Celebrity!Reader

Genre: Fluffiest of fluffs

Word Count: 2,683

Your POV

You checked your phone, scrolling through your twitter notifications as you saw thousands upon thousands more mentions than what you would usually get. Furrowing your brows, you sifted through the mess to find the cause, finding a video of an interview that the famous kpop group, BTS, had done recently in America.

You clicked on the video, only giving half of your attention to the very good looking men on the screen as you took a spoonful of the cereal on front of you, shovelling it into your mouth.

“So we all know you guys are going to be performing at the awards show coming up in two weeks,” the interviewer spoke, “But are there any celebrities that you guys are excited to see perform?”

“Y/n,” the red haired boy half yelled, catching your attention as you watched intently, his smile shining bright to match the rest of him.

“Jhope over here has a massive crush on Y/n,” the man who you knew as the leader of the group pointed at the bubbly boy, “He literally has their music playing all the time around the house, even when going to sleep.”

“They are quite a talented musician,” the interviewer replied, “Very good looking, too.”

The man, Jhope you believe he was called earlier, nodded happily, his cheeks tinging the lightest shade of pink that it was almost not there at all. Almost.

The interview continued on and you watched as the boys all spoke, their humorous personalities shining through as it ran smoothly. Once the video ended, you decided to go on YouTube and search for more content of theirs, completely abandoning your breakfast.

Your attention was almost completely on the ‘sunshine of the group’, watching as he joked around with his band members, being the mood maker of most videos you watched. You found yourself enjoying his joyful exterior and wanting to get to know the boy, as well as the other members of BTS.

Minutes went to hours and you found yourself binge watching this group, listening to their music and falling into the hole that is being a fan of this extremely talented and beautiful group of young men.

Hoseok’s POV

“WHAT THE FUCK NAMJOON?!” I screamed at the younger man as we got in the car after leaving the set of yet another interview, steam basically pouring out of my ears as I fumed.

“What?” he spoke back, a smirk playing on his lips, “I was just telling the truth, you are obsessed with y/n.”

“That doesn’t mean I want the world to know that I have a gigantic crush on them and listen to their music while sleeping! I’m going to look like an absolute creep if they see that, which they most probably will,” I sulked, dramatically throwing my head back to hit the head rest with a thump.

“It’s not that deep dude,” Namjoon tried to reassure me as we drove back to the hotel, Taehyung quickly changing the conversation to something lighter, joking around with Jungkook.

Your POV

You sat in the dressing room, Awake playing from the speakers connected to your phone as you got your makeup done. It had been a week since you had become a fan of BTS, and you would be lying if you said that you hadn’t spent the entire week surrounding yourself in their content.

Today you had an interview for the upcoming awards show that you were performing at, and the interviewer just happened to be the same as the one who hosted the interview that brought your eyes to the group of boys.

“MAYBE I I CAN NEVER FLYYYY!” You exclaimed as the chorus hit, your makeup artist sighing with a smile as she waited for you to regain yourself before continuing to do her job.


“Y/n, it’s wonderful to have you here today,” the interviewer spoke, his smile bright as you nodded.

It’s wonderful to be here,” you replied, plastering a smile on your face as you mentally prepared yourself for another interview.

The topics were the same as every other interview you’d had recently, talking about how excited you were for your performance, what music you had in the works, etcetera.

“So y/n,” the man spoke, “Are there any celebrities that you are excited to see perform next week?”

“Well I really like the kpop group ‘BTS’, they’re amazing performers,” you replied, your smile growing as you thought of the seven boys.

“Oh, is that so?” the interviewers eyebrows rose slightly for a second, “I had them on the show last week and they said that they were anticipating your performance, which I’m sure you’ve seen then,” you nodded in response, “So who’s your bias then?”

“Jung Hoseok,” you said instantly, your cheeks reddening as you spoke quieter, “Jhope. I haven’t been a fan of theirs for very long but he has always been my bias.”

“Why’s that?” the man questioned you, your words spiking an interest to him.

“Well, it’s not anything in specific,” you explained, “He’s very funny, happy almost all the time, an amazing dancer, rapper, singer and much more, not to mention incredibly handsome.”

“You sure sound fond of him,” the interviewer smirked as your cheeks reddened further after your little fan session.

The interview then went back to regular questions, your face returning to it’s natural colour. Once it was over, you mentally hit yourself for pouring out so much about your love for the seven boys, specifically Hoseok.

Hoseok’s POV

“Hyuuuung,” Jungkook sang, entering my studio with a bright smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners, “I have something you might want to seeee.”

“What?” I narrowed my eyes at the maknae, suspicious of what he had to show me.

“It’s about your lover, y/n,” he shoved his phone in my face, an interview video displayed on the screen, the title being ‘Musician y/n talks about their upcoming music performance, music in the works and Kpop group, BTS’.

“LET ME SEE! LET ME SEE!” I screamed, snatching the phone from his clutch before pressing play, watching the interview intently.

My knees felt weak as my celebrity crush spoke well of me, expressing their interest towards me and the group, literally screaming as I listened to her talk about how ‘talented and handsome’ I am.

“Is everything okay? Did someone get hurt?” Namjoon questioned, his eyes filled with worry as he entered the studio room.

“They- me- bias- handsome-” I poke breathlessly, my eyes basically forming the shape of hearts as I struggled to gather a coherent sentence to the concerned leader of our group.

“I assume you showed him the interview,” Namjoon looked over at Jungkook who nodded in response, his bunny smile still taking over his features, “Yeah, the whole internet is kind of exploding with things surrounding the two of you.”

“Of y/n and I?” I questioned confusedly, pointing at myself as Namjoon just nodded.

”I need to lie down for a bit,” I mumbled, excusing myself before heading to my bedroom, my mind not wandering from y/n.

Your POV

It was finally the day of the awards show that you were set to perform at, your past week having been a mix of intense practicing, interviews and watching and listening to BTS.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring what you saw. Your outfit consisted of pale yellow articles of clothing, white accessories and shoes accompanying it well.

It was almost time for the red carpet, and as you were being escorted to your limousine, you quickly went on twitter. You went onto BTS’ official account to find a new post by Hoseok, the red haired boy sporting a black blazer and white button up, a pale yellow bow tie secured around the collar.

You smiled at the beautiful photo that was worth of being hung in an art gallery, liking the post before locking your phone and heading inside the large black car.


After what seemed like an eternity of flashing cameras and reporters eager to ask you - sometimes rather personal or rude - questions, you finally headed into the venue, finding your seat in the front row. Funnily enough, there were seven reserved seats beside yours that had papers that read ‘BTS’ on them, laughing softly as you assumed that this was planned due to the large amount of publicity you and the group have been getting involving one another lately.

More and more people began to find their seats in the theatre, the screams of fans of the people who walked in filling your ears. Suddenly, those screams grew incredibly loud, turning your head to see the seven incredibly handsome members of BTS walk towards you.

You turned your head back to the front quickly, focusing on your phone momentarily, pretending that you hadn’t noticed their arrival as you scrolled through your twitter feed, most things being about the awards show. You then heard a small gasp followed by hushed bickering.

“Just sit next to them,” one voice spoke, to which you believed belonged to Seokjin.

“I’ll just embarrass myself, why don’t you?” Hoseok retorted.

“You won’t get a chance like this again, just go sit down,” Yoongi sighed.

You heard a huff followed by shuffling of feet, looking up to see Jung Hoseok taking a seat beside you, his eyes meeting your own as he smiled shyly, returning the gesture yourself.

“Hi, I’m Hoseok but you already know that but we’ve ever met so I feel inclined to still introduce myself,” Hoseok spoke quickly shaking his head after, “I said too much, sorry.”

You laughed softly, offering him your hand to shake, “It’s fine, I’m y/n. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

He looked at your hand, questioning whether or not to shake it for a second before wiping his hand on his suit pants, taking your hand in his and shaking it gently, still holding your hand for a moment before gently slipping his into his lap.

“I like your tie,” you said, your cheeks reddening at your attempt to keep the conversation alive.

“Thank you, I picked it out myself,” the red haired boy beside you smiled down at the accessory before looking back over at you, “Hey, we’re matching! Yellow!”

“It’s as if someone planned it,” you smiled back at him, noticing that his eyes were focusing on your cheeks, embarrassment washing over you instantly as you covered your face with your hands, “Do I have something on my face? Sorry.”

“No no no!” Hoseok rushed, taking your hands in his as he pulled them away from your face, “I was just thinking about how cute you look when you’re shy and your cheeks turn pink.”

Your face reddened further at the compliment, your gaze lowering to your hands as you noticed that they were still in his, looking to the ground quickly but not moving your hands.

“That was very smooth,” you heard Jimin speak from beside Hoseok, his words coated with sarcasm.

Hoseok let go of your hands, looking over to the blonde haired boy before whacking him on the back of the head lightly, “Shut up, you idiot.”

The group of boys spoke to each other, including you in their conversation very often, and you thought to yourself about how genuine and nice they all seemed; their gentlemen image sure did hem justice.

Your focus turned to the stage in front of you as the host walked out, signalling the beginning, and you began to watch the show unfold.


You were nodding along lightly to a popular song being performed when a dark figure walked over to Namjoon, whispering something in his ear, to which he nodded. The message was passed down by each member before they all stood up.

“We have to go backstage now, we’re up soon,” Hoseok spoke, offering you a soft smile, to which you returned, “I look forward to your performance.”

A few minutes later, the same worker spoke to you, telling you to head backstage. You stood up, brushing off your outfit before following the man.

You put your focus onto the live screening of the performances, watching the talented performers as you anxiously awaited backstage to be called to the stage.

You were given a ten minute warning and began to make your way to the wing of the stage when you heard the familiar angelic voice that belonged to Park Jimin, looking over to the stage to see BTS performing Blood, Sweat and Tears.

It was as if you were in a trance. You had seen them perform this song several times, but seeing it in person right at this second, it was amazing to say the least.

You found your attention always wandering to Hoseok, his body moving in perfect rhythm as their beautiful voices sounded throughout the theatre, his parts making your knees weak.

The last chorus came to an end and the music faded, the boys holding their poses on the stage for a few seconds as the crowd roared with claps and cheers, walking off in the opposite direction of where you stood as the host came back on the stage, about to introduce you.

Performing on a stage wasn’t something new to you, but it still gave you the same amount of adrenaline each and every time, which is another reason why you loved what you do.

The music began to play, and you drowned out the crowd slightly, focusing on your performing. What felt like seconds was actually minutes, and before you knew it, you were already walking back off the stage.

Hoseok’s POV

I panted softly, still trying to catch my breath from our performance as we sat in the dressing room. I patted the towel along my neck, swiping the dripping sweat away as I heard a familiar melody begin to play.

“Wait, shut up!” I hushed my band members as my attention focused on the television that played the live performance, y/n standing on the stage as they performed their song that I had heard so may times over and over. It was different now though, I could hear their passion ringing throughout the theatre as they performed with such raw emotions on display.

It was at this moment where I saw just how beautiful and talented they were, more than I could have ever fathomed; it was at this moment where I realized just how much I loved y/n.

The performance ended and they walked off the stage. I sat there for a moment, so many thoughts bouncing in my mind. Without a single word, I jumped up from my seat, racing to the door.

“Where are you going?” I head Yoongi speak as I opened the door, slipping out of the room and into the hallway quickly.

I looked around at the many doors, my heart beating faster as I found the one I was looking for.

Your POV

You walked off the stage, a sigh of relief escaping your lips as the spot light was taken off of you. You continued walking backstage, met by a hallway of rooms, each door having a name written on them. You searched for your own, opening the door before walking in and closing it behind you quickly.

“Y/n,” your gaze shot up quickly over to the couch, Hoseok standing from his seat with a wide smile, “Your performance was amazing.”

“Thank you,” you spoke quietly, your gaze lowering to the carpeted floor, “What are you doing in here, Hoseok?”

“Call me Hobi,” he made his way over to you, laughing softly, “Hoseok sounds so formal.”

“Hobi-” you were cut off by the red haired boy wrapping his arms softly around you, surrounding you in a comforting hug. You hesitated for a moment before placing your arms around his slender waist, hugging him back.

He sighed into your hair, contentment surrounding you. The two of you stayed like that for a while, a comfortable silence filling the room.

“So I was wondering,” Hoseok mumbled, swaying gently from side to side, “Can I get your number?”


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1925

Request:  Can you do a really fluffy stiles imagine where him and his girlfriend have been together for a while and y/n tells him that she thinks their relationship has become comfortable but stiles mistakes this for thinking that she thinks their relationship is boring. So he does loads of cute and silly things to make their relationship fun and fresh like it used to be. I hope this makes sense and you like the idea 😋😋

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long! Thanks to the best, @maddie110201 for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

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Professor Telford

A former student of Professor Telford, you never forgot the sexy instructor as you went into your adult life. Now, several years later, you are going back to college to get your masters degree, and your favorite professor is once again igniting your most hidden fantasies.

Part One

Professor Filip Telford x Reader

@sam-samcro​  @yourcroweater​  @laur-n-peace​  @soamagicreality​  @samperv

     It had been years since you’d been in college last. Work was getting impossible to advance and your boss told you directly that you needed a masters to get the job you wanted. Finally, you’d made the decision to go back to college. You weren’t sure how having more English Lit classes was going to help, but when you’d seen the list of professors, your irritation had waned.
    Professor Telford was listed among the names for the classes you needed and had promptly told your advisor you wanted his class. Years before, you’d taken your English core credits with him and had really enjoyed being in his class. It hadn’t hurt that he was a stone-cold fox. Even as a younger man, he’d had prematurely gray hair that would fall about his face and glasses, causing you to fantasize about brushing it out of the way… among other things.

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favorite in the heights lyrics~

  • pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing as i wipe down the awning/hey y’all, good morning
  • i used to think the bronx was a place in the sky/when the world was just a subway map
  • ah, mama, so many stars in cuba/en nueva york we can’t see beyond our streetlights/to reach the roof you’ve got to bribe the supa/ain’t no cassiopeia en washington heights
  • i remember nights/anger in the streets, hunger at the windows
  • i don’t know (yo no se) what to do (que hacer) now that i’ve found you (ahora que te encontre)
  • as i sweep the curb, i can hear those turbo engines blazing a trail through the sky
  • oh snap, who’s that, don’t touch me i’m too hot!! YES!!
  • we’ll be working hard but, if we should drift apart/let me take this moment just to say/you are going to change the world someday
  • when i was a child i stayed wide awake/climbed to the highest place on every fire escape/restless to climb
  • my mom is dominican-cuban, my dad is from chile and p.r. which means/i’m chile…….domica-ric-an! but i always say i’m from queens
  • here’s to getting fired/to killing the mood/salud!
  • hold up/wait a minute/usnavi’s leaving us for the dominican republic??/and benny went and stole the girl that i’m in love with??/she was my babysitter first!!
  • yo, this is bogus/haven’t you noticed you get all your coffee for free?
  • your father said, ‘usnavi! that’s what we’ll name the baby!’/it really said ‘u.s. navy’ but hey
  • i’ll be a businessman richer than nina’s daddy/donald trump and i on the links and he’s my caddy!
  • yeah, i’m a streetlight chillin’ in the heat/i illuminate the stories of the people in the street
  • the way they’d whisper to each other about the warmer winter weather/inseparable, they even got sick together
  • in this album there’s a picture of abuela in havana/she is holding a rag doll/unsmiling, black and white/i wonder what she’s thinking/does she know that she’ll be leaving/for the city on a cold, dark night?/and on the day they ran/did she dream of endless summer?/did her mother have a plan, or did they just go?/did somebody sit her down and say, ‘claudia, get ready/to leave behind everything you know’?
  • maybe, maybe not, but way to take a shot when the day is hot i got perfect shady spot a little ways away that oughta cool us down
  • and i can say goodbye to you smiling/i found my island/i’ve been on it this whole time
  • it’s a wonderful life that i’ve known/merry christmas you ole building and loan!!

anonymous asked:

aaahh!! can i request doomfist absolutely spoiling his s/o? just lovey dovey fluff galore

I really don’t get many requests for Doomfist, but this is kind of cute!


  • So whenever people look at Doomfist, they see this massive man who could literally crush a brick in his hand
  • Everyone is literally terrified of him
  • Except for….you
  • Which absolutely no one understands
  • Something you found out when treating an injury for Doomfist was… that he isn’t that scary
  • Sure, he’s capable of crushing you like a bug, but he won’t
  • The man is actually kind of funny, and makes incredibly stupid puns
  • Like you think McCree’s is bad? It turns out, Doomfist could take him down in that contest too
  • He’s also incredibly sweet
  • After you treated him, he found he liked you…so to ask you out to dinner, be bought you a bouquet of white daffodils and a teddy bear balloon that said ‘I like you!’
  • He was so worried about this being strange, and maybe to others it could have been?
  • But it just seemed so sweet to you, seeing this big ass man standing there awkwardly with this little pink and white bear balloon and a bouquet of flowers!
  • When the two of you started dating, he was heavy with the gifts
  • He thought you deserved to be showered in presents, and it took you two weeks to get him to stop giving you multiple gifts a day
  • Of course, he still very much enjoys giving you gifts
  • He makes a lot of your favorite foods for you, and brings you one flower every date
  • Whenever he comes to hang out, he’ll just quietly give you this small goody bag with chocolate kisses
  • Like a big teddy bear himself, he loves snuggles and he’ll literally just scoop you up and hold you or carry you sometimes because he feels like it
A Wolf’s Love

Robb Stark X Reader

A/N: Love me some Robb, I left this one open to a part 2 in case any one would like that! With Love, Kat.

Words: 1490

Being fostered in Winterfell was an amazing experience for you. Already being a Lady of the North, your parents thought it best if you were brought up by the Starks, their high wealth, intelligence, and status making them an attractive family to foster you. And boy was attractive the right word. Growing up with Robb Stark and Jon Snow was one of your parents’ better ideas.

Today you were in the stables under your own volition because of how much you loved the horses. They were such beautiful creatures with their sleek black and brown hair and their large, loving eyes, you couldn’t help but love petting their necks while they rested their chin on your shoulder.
“Lady Y/N,” a raspy voice said coming from the doorway of the stables.
“Seven hells, Stark! You need to quit sneaking up on me like that,” you yelled as you whipped around to face him, startled at how quiet he approached you. Robb let out a laugh and flashed you a smile that made you weak in the knees. “And for the last time Robb, if you call me Lady again I swear by the old gods and the new that I’ll kick your ass” you said, laughing and walking out of the stables with Robb. Across the courtyard, you spot your best friend, Jon Snow. He was your closest friend here in Winterfell and you would be closer to Robb if you weren’t harboring a massive crush on the man, but you kept your mouth shut on the matter and let your friendship with Robb stay just that, a friendship. You ran up to Jon yelling “Snow!” and wrapping your arms around his neck as he swung you around, you both laughing the whole time.

After the laughing fit subsided, Jon was the first to speak. 

“How was your morning in the stables, Y/N?”
“It was great, Jon. I just adore those horses and we don’t have to dog so I have to love and cuddle something,” you laughed while slapping Jon playfully on the arm. The whole time unaware that Robb was watching your conversation with his arms folded tight across his chest and his jaw clenched. Jon looked over your shoulder at Robb and his his widened a little at the sight of Robb’s tense face, causing you to turn around. By the time you were facing Robb he was in conversation with his best friend, Theon, so you didn’t understand why Jon made the face that he did, but just brushed it off to Snow being Snow. He was a bit strange and brooding sometimes, but you loved him. Snapping you out of your thoughts, Jon said “So Y/N, Robb and I are going on a hunt today with his father and some other men, we’ll be leaving shortly.”
“Damn, Snow. I thought you were going to spar with me today, you know, teach me to fight,” you replied, letting your shoulders slump a little in disappointment.
“I know, Y/N. Another day, by the old gods and the new, I swear it,” he said, clearly recognizing and matching your sadness.
“Alright, I have to go learn embroidery with Sansa, Arya, and the Septa now, I’ll see you and Robb when you get back from your hunt. Good luck and be safe, Snow” you said kissing him on the cheek and flitting off into the castle, saying your goodbyes to Robb before you went upstairs to join the Stark girls.

After hours of sewing until your fingers were aching and bleeding a little from the amount of times you accidentally pricked yourself with your needle, it was time to wash up before supper. You loved the Starks, they were your family, and from the second you arrived in Winterfell they made it clear you were one of their own. You joined them for every meal and stood behind them at every royal greeting. While tying the final string to close up the front of your dress, you heard a knock at your door. “Come in!” you said, while looking in the mirror to make sure you hadn’t messed up your braid. Turning around as the door creaked open, you saw Robb Stark standing there. Tall, bearded, and draped in his signature Stark furs, leaning against your doorframe.
“Lad- I mean Y/N, hello, you look ravishing for dinner tonight,” Robb said, pushing himself from his position against your doorframe, walking towards you looking like he’s holding something.
“Stark, what have you got there?” you asked, trying to peek under his furs out of curiosity, Robb was in rare form tonight.
“Oh, you know, just a present for my favorite lady” walking circles around you and emphasizing the word, full knowing how much you disliked being called lady.
“What are you on about?” you couldn’t help but try to peek into his arms again, it was obvious now he was cradling something.
“Close your eyes, Y/N,” Robb said while inching closer to you. You moved and sat down on the bed and closed your eyes.
“Now hold out your hands,” Robb said, his breath on the side of your face startled you, you hadn’t realized how close he’d gotten in the time that you shut your eyes. Doing as you were told, you held out your hands, slightly shaky from anticipation. Suddenly, your hands were greeted with a warm, furry presence that was wiggling in your hands. As your eyes flew open, you saw the curious object, a puppy. A direwolf puppy to be exact.

“Robb! Oh my gods!” you yelled as you placed the puppy down on the furs of your bed and sprung up to capture the eldest Stark in a hug. Robb responded by wrapping his arms quickly around your waist and holding you tightly, saying “I overheard you talking to Jon earlier, about how you wanted a dog. We found these direwolf pups in the woods, their mother was dead, and I knew you would care for it immensely and love it more than anything.”
“Robb, he’s beautiful” you said, tears clouding your vision, “His name will be Caelan.”
“Caelan, aye? What does it mean?” Robb asked curiously.
“It means powerful warrior, in the hopes that he has the same traits as my favorite Stark,” you said, smiling up at Robb and then going back to give the pup more attention.
“Y/N, I have been meaning to tell you something for a while…” Robb started, unsure of how exactly to approach the subject. “This wolf, I gave it to you because, well because I love you Y/N. I think I have for a long time, but it took me until today to fully realize it. After seeing you laughing and playing around with Jon, I realized that what I was feeling was jealousy. I was jealous that Jon could make you laugh and smile that way, I was jealous that you kissed him on the cheek. That’s when I realized that I want you to be mine.” Robb was staring at you now, waiting for an answer, hoping for the best.
“It would be an honor to be yours, Lord Stark,” you said, pulling Robb in for a kiss.
“Call me Lord Stark again,” Robb said with a devilish smirk, pulling you in tighter and kissing you possessively, letting you know you were now his.

The two of you were so consumed in your newfound love that you failed to hear the door open, and failed to see Lady Stark walk into your room.
“Lady Y/N, dinner is ready, have you seen- Oh my gods, Robb Stark what in the Seven Kingdoms are you doing?” Lady Catelyn asked, seeing you in Robb’s tight embrace. The two of you, startled, jumped back from one another, looking like two teenagers who were just caught fooling around.
“Mother, I can expla-“ Robb started, but Lady Catelyn quickly cut him off. “Robb, thank the gods you’ve finally told Lady Y/N about your feelings for her,” she said pulling the two of you into a hug, “myself and your father were wondering when the two of you would finally admit that you were in love.” She pulled back from the hug with a proud smile on her face. She approved of you two, heck, she and Ned had apparently called it long ago. Robb looked down at you lovingly as Lady Stark flitted out of the room calling you both down to supper, not fully exiting the room before saying “I cannot wait to start planning the wedding!” giving you a wink and a smile before closing the door.

There you were, in the arms of the man you had loved for years, finally admitting your feelings for one another was the best decision, you had decided. You were officially betrothed to Robb Stark, and you couldn’t be happier. He was a Wolf, your Wolf. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Part 2

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I love your headcanons/stories, they're just amazing ♥ You already did with Nevra, so can you do with other guys (Ezarel, Valkyon and Leiftan) a Guardian X 7 minutes in Heaven ? please :)

Hey, Anon! You never told if you wanted scenarios or headcanons for this ask, so I went with headcanons cause they’re easier for me. They’re gonna be a bit shorter than the Nevra one since I’m doing more guys. I hope that’s okay, Anon!

If you(or anyone else) want them as a scenario, please let me know! (Just know because of the difficulty of scenarios, I’ll only be doing one boy at a time)

Also, you guys have probably guessed this already, but the ask box will not be opening up today. I overworked myself, so I’m a bit behind schedule. It should be open soon though, so don’t worry!

Enough yammering! Here are your headcanons, Anon! I hope you enjoy them!

Sort of NSFW below!


  • Ez hadn’t want to come at all.
  • But Nevra had wanted a wingman, and after blackmailing asking Ez, had dragged him to the party.
  • He had been in the process of sneaking out when Alajéa grabbed him and forced him to join a game of seven minutes in heaven.
  • He really doesn’t want to play, but his complaints and objections quiet down into nothing when he saw who’s picked his item.
  • A blush blossoms across his cheeks as he reluctantly claims his item and enters the closet, deliberately ignoring the ‘encouraging’ calls behind him.
  • Ez is way more comfortable chatting with you than playing the game and will happily engage you in a battle of wits until time runs out.
  • If you do want to play, Ez is a bit hesitant, worried about messing up and driving you away.
  • Because of that, you’ll have to take charge until Ez is feeling more confident.
  • Your kisses are slow and passionate, with his hands twined in your hair and yours cupping his face.
  • Neither of you notice the door opening until the loud chorus of wolf-whistles and cat-calls catch your attention.
  • Ez is as embarrassed as all hell, and can’t look at anyone.
  • He almost regrets getting in the closet in the first place when you press a soft kiss to his cheek and invite him to sit next to you for the rest of the game.
  • There’s more cat-calls and teasing, but Ez finds he doesn’t care and he seats himself comfortably next to you, a content look upon his face.


  • Valkyon had willingly come to the party with Caméria, but now wishes he hadn’t.
  • It’s much too loud, too crowded and there are waaay too many drunk women trying to hit on him.
  • When Kero came to him and said they were playing a game in the other room (i.e away from the drunk people), Valkyon had agreed to play before the unicorn even asked.
  • He’s quietly chatting with Ez when you pick his item out of the hat, and before he knows what’s happening, he’s thrown into the closet with you.
  • It’s quiet for a few moments before Valkyon turns to you and asks: “So, how do you play Seven minutes in heavens?”
  • He’s confused as to why you’re spluttering with laughter and asks what’s the joke.
  • Your answer leaves him quiet and red-faced.
  • He actually wants to play the game with you, but is too embarrassed to ask.
  • Valkyon has never been a good conversationalist, but if you don’t want to play he’ll try his best to be good company.
  • If you don’t seem against playing, he’ll summon up his courage and gently kiss you.
  • Kissing and all it’s nuances are foreign to Valkyon, but he’s naturally good at it and only gets better the more he kisses you.
  • Though he’s not keeping tabs on the time, you are and you reluctantly tell him when your time is up.
  • When the door opens, it looks like you both spent the seven minutes talking and Caméria makes sure to scold her captain for screwing up his chance to make out with his crush.
  • Valkyon only smiles.


  • Leiftan was only supposed to escort Miiko to the party, but somehow got dragged into joining it instead.
  • Not that he minded. It was rare he got time off work, and he thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with his friends outside of work.
  • He wasn’t so happy when Caméria suggested Seven minutes in heaven, but agreed to play anyway.
  • When he picked your item out the hat, he was so surprised he almost had to be forced into the closet by Miiko.
  • Inside the closet Leiftan would be a mess. Gone was the suave gentleman, replaced by a stuttering man with a massive crush on you.
  • It’ll probably be better for his nerves if you rather talk than play the game, but he’s determined to get at least one kiss before he leaves the closet.
  • So he gently kisses you. It’s more impulsive than anything else and he’s halfway through an apology when you return the kiss.
  • It’s like a switch has been flipped, and suddenly Leiftan has you pressed against the wall, moaning lowly as he kisses you fiercely.
  • Despite the ferocity of your make out session, Leiftan is still sensible enough to keep tabs on the time and pulls away just before the door opens.
  • He escorts you back to your chair with a goofy grin on his face before returning to his own, a light blush on his cheeks.

Colossus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Pairing: Colossus x Reader

Summary: Colossus finally asks reader out on a date, but Murphy’s Law kicks in. (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.)

Warnings: none i think? embarrassment? frustration? Language probably

a/n- this is so fuckin long I’m sorry. The “read more” only works on desktop for some fucking reason. Feedback is always appreciated! thanks for reading!

Colossus didn’t expect to develop a massive crush on his co-worker and fellow x -man, y/n, but here he was. It had taken months for him to work up the nerve to ask you on a date. Not to mention constant badgering from Wade and lots of encouragement and advice from others- who were actually helpful.

Now that the day of the date was actually here, he was more nervous than ever- and it was only morning. 

He had planned the date to the tee. What could possibly go wrong? He made the reservation at the restaurant in advance, called the florist to pre- order flowers, made sure his shoes were shined, and that his pristine, white dress shirt was in the wash. Speaking of, he should probably go put his load of clothes in the dryer. 

Colossus wandered to the laundry room and opened the washer. 

“What the- Boze moj.” he said, bewildered.

Pink. all of this whites were pink. Not like a ‘oh you could pass that as a pink shirt’ but a ‘that got washed with red and it looks gross’ pink. He dug around only to find Wade’s suit mixed in with his laundry. 

“Wade!” he exclaimed and stomped off to go find him.

Wade’s “brunch”, or leftover pizza and Cheetos at 11:00 am, was suddenly interrupted by a very angry Colossus.

He grabbed Wade by the throat and lifted him in the air.

“Why is this-” he threw his suit on the ground. “In my laundry?!”

Wade tried to speak, but Colossus’s grip was too fight, so Wade tapped out and Colossus finally let go. 

Wade hit the floor with a loud “thunk”, gasping for air.

“All of my white clothes are ruined! Including the shirt I was going to wear when I go out with y/n tonight!” 

“Sorry big guy. I didn’t look what was in there, I need my suit washed for the mission tonight. Besides, I bet you’d look great in pink.” Wade said, hurrying off before he could choke him out again.

Colossus took deep breaths and counted to 10, trying to calm down. He would have to deal with this later, his other responsibilities awaited him. Besides, It was only a minor setback, he could wear something else that was just as nice.

The next few hours passed pretty quickly, he had classes to teach, the daily training session, and other teacher duties.

The second he sat down for his break, his phone rang. It was the florist


“Hello Mr. Rasputin? This is Ray’s Florist and Greenhouse. We are calling to tell you that your order is ready for pick up.”

“Uh, But I ordered delivery.”

“I’m sorry Sir, but we no longer deliver to your selected address.”

Colossus let out a heavy sigh and put his head in his hand. Of course they wouldn’t come to the ‘freak house.’

“That is fine. I will be there to get it.” He said, and abruptly hung up.

It was unlike him to be rude like that, but he was beyond frustrated. First his laundry, and now the flowers. These things, piled on top of his usual daily stress load, was overwhelming: even to the levelheaded Piotr Rasputin.

If he left now- and hurried- he would be back in time. So much for his break.


He returned home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they better be beautiful for that price.

No, he shouldn’t think like that. He was happy to support local business and even more happy to see you smile.

It was almost time for the date. Colossus was still stressed and nervous. Butterflies already fluttering in his stomach. Surely things would go smoothly from now on.

Since most of his whites got ruined, he opted for a royal blue button up, black slacks, Dockers and a tie? No. The tie was too much. The restaurant was nice, but not super duper, tie-worthy nice. He rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, checked everything one last time. This was it. Time to meet up. The butterflies in his tummy were doing somersaults.

He grabbed the flowers and headed towards your room. He was nearly there when a student rounded the corner and ran right into him, crushing the bouquet.

“Mr. Rasputin! I-I’m so sorry. Oh my god…” the student rambled on, but Colossus tuned them out, trying to come to terms with the day he’s been having. He felt like how those flowers looked; Crushed. He just wanted today to be perfect; for it to be as stress free as possible. So much for that.

“Just.. go on. don’t worry about it.” His voice was surprisingly calm.

The student scurried off while Colossus debated what to do with the flowers. He didn’t want to show up empty handed and he was already running behind a bit so, he opted to just get on with it.


You heard the knock on your door. It was time for your date. You opened the door to reveal a very frazzled- looking Colossus, but the sight of the man always brought a smile to your face.

Speaking of faces, the expression on Piotr’s was priceless. He was practically stunned.

“Hello, y/n. You look amazing.” He said, unable to hide his smile.

You felt your cheeks flush.

“Thank you. You look very handsome yourself.”

He looked down at his shoes and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Thank you, y/n.” He paused. “These are for you.” He said and held out the crushed bunch of flowers. “I am sorry they are not perfect, I had a run with someone in the hall.”

“Oh I think they’re beautiful! Thank you.” You said taking the flowers and giving his arm a reassuring squeeze. “Let me put them in some water, okay? I’ll be right back.”

You returned to the door and, like the gentleman he is, Colossus held out his arm, needless to say, you gladly took it. You were going to jump at any opportunity to feel those muscles. 


The evening was going very well, so far anyways. The two of you had just ordered your food. Colossus ordered spaghetti, nothing wrong with that right?

The waitress came around the corner with a huge streaming plate of spaghetti in one hand, and your dish in the other. She went to put Colossus’s dish on the table, just as she was setting it down, someone behind her bumped her elbow hard enough for the spaghetti to spill out of the bowl and right into Colossus’s lap.

‘Great, just perfect.’ He angrily thought to himself. ‘How embarrassing.’

The waitress was profusely apologizing, the other restaurant patrons stared, poor Piotr couldn’t catch a break. .

He went to the bathroom to clean up while they made him more spaghetti. The whole meal ended up being on the house, which neither you nor Colossus were complaining about.

After the evening Colossus had, you suggested a relaxing walk in the park. it was almost dark, so there wouldn’t be a lot of people there. He happily obliged.

The Park was nice and empty, no people, no distractions, just you and Colossus.

“I had fun tonight Piotr, thank you for talking me out.”

“It is my pleasure, y/n. although, I am sorry things did not turn out exactly perfect.”

“Piotr, listen to me.” You said and proceeded to climb up on the park bench so you could be-almost- face to face with him. You balanced yourself by taking hold of his shoulders. He went stiff at your touch. boor baby, he’s nervous.

”Don’t apologize for anything. I came on this date because I really like you, and if things don’t go as planned, that’s perfectly okay. And you know something, it was perfect to me because, you tried so hard to make it that way. I know about Wade putting his suit in the wash, I know about the flowers, the spaghetti, and all the extra stress you put on yourself. Its incredibly sweet of you to try and make this perfect. so, thank you.”

You rendered him speechless. It was adorable

you just now realized how close you were to him. Your eyes flickered down to his lips, then back up to his eyes. Since you were feeling bold, you leaned in until your lips touched his in a feather light kiss.  

He was a bit taken back by your actions, but he wasn’t complaining one bit.

And then he started to kiss you back and whoo boy was it nice. His hands held onto your waist, while his lips molded into yours. The kiss was so soft and sweet you felt like your heart was going to burst.

You two reluctantly pulled away from each other, opting for an awkward silence.

“That was nice.” Colossus finally said.

“I agree.” you said as you hopped down off the park bench.

Colossus offered you his arm and, once again, you gladly took it. 

As it turns out, maybe today wasn’t so Terrible, Horrible, No Good, or Very Bad after all.


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