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No Comebacks

[No Angel] [No Comebacks] [No More and No Less]

pairing: rafael casal x reader

request: a couple people wanted a part two of No Angel, and eons ago someone requested “In celebration of you getting trashed last night and Rafa liking your drunk tweet…. a Rafa X reader where reader gets drunk and Rafa takes care of her… like… like sexually if you didn’t get that. and then when they wake up she’s really hungover and he takes care of her but in the fluff way.“

summary: rafa has been ignoring reader after their night together, so reader tries to go out to a party and forget him. it doesn’t work.

warnings: swearing, alcohol, smut, vague D/s mentions, lowkey praise kink

word count: 5,786

a/n: this is the SECOND part of the “no angel” series. it will make sense without the first part but it will make more sense with it. also, briefly want to state (because someone felt the need to scold me about it in my ask box) i don’t endorse student-teacher relationships, and because i’m sure someone will have something to say about it, i also don’t want to encourage you to go to big parties alone and get sloppy drunk with strangers. be safe okay. other than that please enjoy love u bunches. and i still want rafael casal to bone me.

“Good morning,” you shuffle into the kitchen, shooting a sleepy smile at Rafael.

“Morning,” he murmurs, looking up from the stove to beam at you.

Your heart gives a little flutter. His smile is blindingly bright, and looking at him right now feels a lot like looking into the sun.

“I made pancakes,” he says, sliding one onto a plate and offering it to you.

You take the plate and set it down at a placemat, hopping up onto the chair at the counter.

“Thanks,” you fix the hem of the shirt Rafa had given you to wear, straightening it out over the tops of your thighs. “You really didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to,” he replies simply, walking up behind you. He leans down and presses a kiss to the top of your head before sitting next to you.

You begin to eat the pancake, letting one of your legs swing back-and-forth gently. The two of you eat in silence for a couple minutes, and you’re grateful. Your mind isn’t exactly the sharpest this soon after waking up.

“I think it’s pretty disrespectful to have sex with someone, talk until you fall asleep holding them, and then not provide them with breakfast in the morning,” Rafael adds, picking up his coffee mug and taking a sip.

“Ah yes. It’s truly a shame not everyone can be as well-mannered as you,” you laugh, setting your fork down on your now empty plate.

“You know,” he peers over at the clock on the microwave. “I don’t have anywhere to be for a couple more hours…”

“Is that so?” You turn toward him, a smirk spreading across your face.

“Do you know what that means?” He smirks back at you, wiggling one eyebrow in your direction.

“Mm,” you hum, rising from the seat. “We can cuddle more?”

“Exactly,” he agrees, nodding.

You giggle, taking one of his hands. “I was kidding, but if you don’t want to have sex again-”

“Oh, I said no such thing,” he reprimands, standing and tugging you toward his bedroom.

That was a week ago. And you hadn’t heard from him since.

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I was at home, in bed, and this guy in overalls and a baseball cap walked into my room holding a massive bottle of orange Gatorade. I said to myself “of course, he’s the inventor of Gatorade”. He paced around my room for a bit and it felt completely normal.


Was it requested: Nope, I just got the idea when walking up the shop. 

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Gendry/reader, Jon Snow/reader, Uncle!Davos/niece!reader [no incest, I know it’s GoT, but still]

Rating: Your gran is going to make me knit a scarf and then strangle me with it.

Warnings: Love triangles, angst, swearing, arguing, smoking, drinking, cheating, non-smutty sharing of beds. 

Summary: Gendry was your best friend growing up, but he abandoned you to go away for a few years. When he returned, he found that things changed.

Author’s Note: This is my first Gendry fic, so I hope it’s alright. I’m also experimenting a little bit in this fic, so beware. 

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While I whine about not being able to write anything remotely decent these days, have some sneak peeks from 3 of the 10 reward ficlets I wrote for the NWY Anthology backers (★venger tier)

Sneak Peek #1

“Steven Grant Rogers, that better not be my Wonder Woman T-Shirt you’re wearing!”

Steve’s face when he turns around, trying to make himself smaller in the process, is exactly the same face all dogs make when they know they’ve done something wrong. Bucky even thinks about putting a pair of ears on him and taking one of those dog-shaming pics. Instead, he crosses his arms over his chest and waits for an explanation.

“I don’t have any clean ones left…” Steve says sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck and giving Bucky his best Puppy Eyes™. It almost works. Almost.

Sneak Peek #2

“You know Steve and I are together, right?” Bucky explains. “As in, we have sex. Regularly.” He speaks slowly, like a patient teacher would do with a kid, and even sets his mug aside to lace his fingers together for added effect. Stark very pointedly rolls his eyes at him.

“Yes, very funny, Robocop,” he grunts, setting the box down in front of Bucky. “Hilarious. Sidesplitting. Were they on sale or did you really need this many?”

“Well,” Bucky says, barely holding back a smirk, “Steve has a big dick. Massive, really. A bottle barely lasts us—”

“Oh my god!”

Sneak Peek #3

“You’re drooling,” Tony says.

“Am not.”

He’s totally drooling.

On the other hand, he also manages to just mingle and talk to other people for ten full minutes before finally walking up to Bucky like he’s been dying to do since the guy arrived, and that totally has to be worth some brownie points.

“Steve!” Bucky greets him happily when he sees him. Between his killer smile and the black and green catsuit hugging his body in all the right places, it’s a miracle Steve can even talk.

“Hey!” he manages to say, returning the smile and coming to stand by the bar with him. He gets himself a beer and then gestures at Bucky’s outfit. “I like the suit.” Understatement. Of. The. Century. “You’re Shego, right?”

“Yes!” Bucky grins. This close, those dimples are deadly. “You’re the first one to get it!”

“I saw you with Nat earlier,” Steve admits. “Her Kim Possible clued me in.”


Worth It

Race was tracing circles on Spot’s shoulder and usually he’d have lasted three seconds before knocking him away and getting dressed, but this was different. This was the last time. Because Race was engaged and whilst cheating on his fiancé was apparently fine, cheating on his wife was not.

Spot wasn’t sure how this whole thing had happened. They’d been together without actually being together for so long that he’d mostly just assumed Race’s threat no longer stood. In Race’s defence, it was a second-hand threat - his mum had told him if he was still single aged 25, she was setting him up with a good Catholic girl, a friend of the family, and he was going to marry her. And Race had agreed because he thought if he had that long Spot would finally come around and admit that he was in love and he wanted to stay, but not even six years was enough time. So Race’s mum had threatened and then Race had threatened and Spot couldn’t do it. They just weren’t words he said. They’d never even officially been dating, not that Spot had been so much as looking anywhere else, and he just couldn’t say something that sounded so permanent. And now he was losing the best person in the world, but he still couldn’t say it. Every time he tried his tongue tied itself in knots, so Race was getting married in three days.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Spot mumbled, letting himself wriggle closer into Race’s arms. He pretended Emily didn’t exist, like she probably wasn’t looking at the ring Race had put on her finger and finalising wedding plans. He didn’t like the fact he was involved in this girl being cheated on, but he wasn’t going to give up his last time sleeping with the guy he couldn’t say he loved but really, really did.

Race pulled away from Spot, ceasing all physical contact. It was very obvious he’d put his foot in it but, besides a painful realisation Race might never touch him again, Spot realised he had nothing to lose.

“You shouldn’t do it,” he said confidently.

Race just glared. “Well I hardly have a reason not to, do I?” he challenged. It was yet another chance for Spot to get this whole thing called off and he still just shrugged like it was no big deal, even though he was begging Race to hear the answer he was screaming in his head instead. But Race ignored the internal protests and the pleading in Spot’s eyes and turned over, a silent indication for Spot to get dressed, collect up his things, and go.

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Today, I fucked up... by replacing water with vodka

It was the day that my 18 year old sister, lets call her Emily because…well… thats her real name, was moving away to college. I somehow managed to convince my best friend, we’ll call him Klark because he hates when people spell his name with a K, to make the drive with us and help my family move all of Emily’s shit into her dorm. Btw, this was a southeast school and it was mid August, so temps around 100 and plenty of humidity. It takes us a few hours of hard work to get everything moved in, and then we helped her roommate move her stuff in too, adding another hour and a half of work. Finally we finish, and everyone is drenched in sweat and absolutely exhausted. Cue my fuck up.

Before moving, Emily had been unsure of how to sneak a few handles of vodka in with her stuff so that my very strict parents would not notice. I had the smartass idea of replacing half the water bottles in an 18 pack with vodka. Boom, easy solution. We would put that pack of bottles out of the way in her dorm room and leave another out for people helping with the move to drink. Somehow, my mom had managed to pull out the vodka loaded pack from underneath Emily’s bed. I’m not sure where Emily was at this point, but she wasn’t in the room. It was my parents, younger sister (15yo), Klark, Emily’s roommate and 12yo sister, and the roommate’s parents.

All I could do was watch as my mom started handing out random ‘water’ bottles to everyone in the room. She had effectively started a high stakes game of vodka-roulette with a 12 year old involved. First she handed one to my father and little sister. Keep in mind everyone is thirsty AF so people are taking massive chugs of these bottles. No reaction from their faces–phew, water. Next up, roommate and her parents. MASSIVE chugs…no reaction–phew, water. Next, 12yo roommate’s sister….I could hardly watch. She took a sip big enough to fuck up a 12yo (so a medium one)… no reaction–phew water. Last up, Klarksicle. He took about a third of the bottle in one huge swig and then made a face that looked like a mix of being hit by a train and moose-kicked in the balls. After gagging and drinking it discretely, he stormed out, not a happy camper, but an intoxicated one.

He still gives me shit for this all the time, but I figure it could have been a 12 year old girl, which would have made for an awkward first time meeting that family. Plus I still think it’s one of the funniest situations I’ve encountered. Win-win.

TL;DR: Almost indirectly introduced a 12 yo girl to alcohol, aristocrat vodka style.

by jlm4cz

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  • ok so even though Neil and his mum had a ton of money, they both knew it was emergency money, money not to be spent on frivolous things
  • and like, even after everything’s settled and the runaway’s not a runaway anymore, there’s still that little niggle telling Neil not to buy needless crap
  • why spend £5 on fucking toothpaste when there’s one for 75p??
  • and one day Neil buys this value shampoo, like a massive bottle of it, cause it’s on offer and this thing is gonna last him months, like holy shit!
  • the only thing is, it smells like strawberries
  • really fucking strongly
  • like Neil walks past and 2 minutes later there’s still a faint trace of it in the air
  • how did he ever survive on the run when ppl could sniff him out jfc
  • and the team all mock him for having a ‘girly shampoo’ but Neil’s just like ‘whatevs! it cost me virtually nothing!’
  • the thing is though, Andrew? fucking loves it. i mean everyone knows andrew likes sweet things and what’s better than the person he likes most smelling of strawberries?

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Some Delightful Beith headcannons

-Barry sits on Keith’s shoulder and buzzes to reassure him that everything is okay

-When Keith is feeling down when he’s with people Barry will whisper dumb little jokes in his ear to make him at least smile

-Keith keeps a massive water bottle and a bag of sugar in his room so he can make sugar water quickly and feed it to him whenever he wants

-When Keith is watching tv and he can’t he bothered to change the volume in comes Barry to help him out (sometimes he leaves it on an odd number which he knows Keith hates)

-Barry sneaks out on missions with Keith so his boyfriend is never alone

-Keith low key panics whenever he can’t hear Barry’s comforting buzz so they tend not to be apart for too long

-When they’re playing cards with others Barry will shamelessly fly around and see everyone else’s cards and whisper them to Keith. (They won for 7 straight games before they figured it out.)

I’m done for now xoxox

Hetalia rn
  • France: *Quietly sipping tea and staring at nothingness*
  • England: *Sitting next to France sipping a massive bottle of vodka*
  • Russia: *wheezing* But but-our wing-boy...
  • Australia: *sneering* Bro. I think I broke Europe.
  • Canada: *casually eating Maple Syrup and pancakes* At this point I don't even care to be honest..
  • Meanwhile
  • Germany: ...I'm never listening to Japan ever again.
Today, in driving shenanigans:

So this one is rare, because I wasn’t going to work. But on the way to my sister’s house I got stuck behind a Chevy Caprice doing 35 in a 55, in an area where most people actually usually do 65.
After driving behind this person for about 10 miles I finally find a place and I can pass them, as I go to pass I glanced in their window-
There were little white flecks on the window, and probably a mid twenties woman what’s a massive bulk bottle of sunscreen in one hand, dumping gigantic puddles into her other hand, and then legitimately slapping it on her face spraying it everywhere.
I have no idea why she was applying the entire volume of a 1 quart sunscreen bottle.
And even if I did, I’m not sure I would want to.

anonymous asked:

can you finish your story as to why you buy massive bottles of Tejava? because why is an empty glass bottle a good water bottle Bley this makes no sense to me

Sure; I am a big guy, and I drink quickly. This isn’t great when it comes to drinking alcohol, but IS great during the day when I drink water. An 8 oz glass is nothing. I don’t want to have to get up even ten seconds to refill my water. I ALSO lose shit constantly, so buying an expensive, trendy non-BPA glass lined water bottle is fucking stupid. Therefore, I buy big glass bottles of iced tea, drink the tea, then use the glass bottles as water bottles until they get gross - then I recycle them and buy a new bottle of iced tea. Where’s the problem in that, I ask you? (Unless your comedian boss finds out and makes fun of you for it on camera)

As If I Would Be Jealous - Eisuke Ichinomiya

Eisuke was royally fed up.

The past week had been literal torture; every day he had forcefully spent witnessing her encounters with the other guys, and he was unsure as to how much more of it he could bear.


On Monday, Aimi had come up to the penthouse suites to clean, as she usually did.

Eisuke enjoyed seeing her whilst she was in the midst of her work. He secretly loved Aimi’s commitment to her job - her commitment to the job he needed her to do.

How had he been lucky enough to find such a beautiful woman, simultaneously so capable of holding her own?

He was beginning to think that the two were mutually exclusive until Aimi had accidentally come into his life…

Whilst he was lost in his thoughts about her, Aimi was busy greeting the other guys animatedly, that brilliantly bright smile on her face, as it normally was, and as he did every time, Eisuke wondered whether she was smiling because of him.

“Hey, Aimi!”. Baba’s cheerful voice rang out around the spacious room.

Eisuke let out a small sigh – surely it’s much too early in the morning for such happiness! Why Baba was always in such a good mood, he did not and would never know.

“Hi, Baba!”. If Aimi had noticed Eisuke’s presence yet, she did not show it.

Was she really being professional… or was she simply just being a tease?

“Do you guys mind if I clean up here now?”. Her sweet voice filled Eisuke’s ears and then his mind, and he went to reply, but someone quickly beat him to it.

“Of course not, Aimi!”. That damn Ota!

Why is he grinning at his girlfriend like that?!

“That’s fine,” Soryu added needlessly, standing near to one of the larger windows in the room, surveying the view.

Eisuke’s hands reflexively balled into fists – why is Soryu even getting involved?!

Isn’t he supposed to hate women?

“Thanks, guys”. Aimi’s smile does not falter.

That smile is supposed to be only for him, not for anyone else’s viewing.

He was clearly frowning, debating between either throwing everyone else out of the hotel or throwing Aimi right over his shoulder and carrying her away to somewhere the other guys wouldn’t dare follow…

“I think Boss is getting jealous,” Baba quipped, looking over at Eisuke from his place on the couch and noticing that troubled expression on his face.

Eisuke resisted the urge to throw something at the master thief, and instead calmly replied: “As if I would be jealous,” with a convincing and confident smirk.

“Jealous?” Aimi asked, seemingly innocent. She glanced at her boyfriend out of the corner of her bright brown eyes. He looked casual enough, sat down- for once- at the farthest end of the couch, flicking wordlessly through a newspaper.

His brows were knitted – in concentration? Or maybe he was trying a little too hard to look completely uninterested in what she was doing?

That bought a smile to her face.

He’s always acting so cold to her, especially when the other guys are here - It’s almost as though he doesn’t want to admit that he loves her.

A mischievous smirk took the place of Aimi’s previous smile.

“You’re not jealous, are you, Eisuke?”.

Whilst Eisuke gave his girlfriend a surprised, wide-eyed look, a low chuckle sounded from the corner of the room.

“Kid’s gettin’ brave,” Mamoru commented, and even Soryu chuckled, folding his arms and turning his attention to the scene playing out in the very room he was standing in.

“He’s definitely jealous,” Ota teased, running a hand through his bright hair.

“I don’t think he likes us talking to you,” Baba added, and Eisuke immediately decided that he had had enough, standing up abruptly and chucking the newspaper he had been pretending to read to one side without much of a care.

“I am not jealous,” he said finally, walking quickly out of the room.

They were to assume that he had an urgent and very sudden meeting – not that he was starting to grow embarrassed.


The rest of the week hadn’t been any better; On Tuesday, Aimi had spent her day off allowing Ota to draw her, which Eisuke knew Ota had only asked her for in order to piss him off.

Well, it was definitely working.

On Wednesday, Baba and Aimi were speaking to one another like old friends, and Eisuke felt ridiculously invisible – she didn’t think to turn those stunning brown eyes in his direction even once.

On Thursday, Soryu had Aimi talking for at least an hour about a detective series Eisuke had never even heard of…

…Maybe I’m not enough for her, he thought, pausing for a moment. Maybe Aimi needs someone who can talk to her like that, make her laugh until she cries, make her feel true happiness…

Admonishing himself for thinking such negative thoughts, Eisuke waited with faltering patience for his girlfriend- his fiancé- to walk through the door and into his suite, into his arms.

He mentally went through what he had done: he had run Aimi a bath, whereas usually it worked the other way round. He had ordered room service, (originally, he’d planned on cooking a meal, but he’d been unable to get past chopping the vegetables), even though Aimi’s food was undoubtedly the best, but perhaps she would like to relax tonight.

That’s the kind of thing a good husband would do for his wife, isn’t it?

The door opened just as Eisuke was opening a bottle of wine for them to enjoy with dinner.

Aimi was unsure what to pick up on first – the unmistakable smell of a fruity fragrance rising up from the massive bathroom, the expensive bottle of wine laid out on the table by a practiced hand, or the sight of her boyfriend- her fiancé- watching her with a particular amount of attentiveness.

He had removed his jacket and was wearing a purple shirt, his messy bangs even messier than usual, as though he had been running his hands through them in frustration. There was a certain underlying tone of affection to his voice as he gently spoke.

“You’re back”.

Laughing and removing her bag from her shoulder, Aimi looked up at Eisuke as she walked carefully towards him.

“I’m back,” she confirmed, smiling a little cheekily.

To her surprise, Eisuke actually smiled! What in the world?!

He hardly ever changes the expression on his face!

“I ran you a bath,” Eisuke told her, and Aimi couldn’t hide the shock on her face as she stared at him. He had run her a bath?!

“But, Eisuke-“.

“Don’t worry, it’s just for you”.

“No, no. That’s not what I’m-“.

“I ordered us dinner,” he went on, pouring the wine out into a fine, thin glass. Aimi awkwardly pulled at the ponytail her lovely brown hair was restricted in. “So you can take a break. Only for tonight, though. I want to eat your cooking again tomorrow”.


“And then-“.

“Eisuke!”. He stopped short when he finally heard the urgency in her voice, and he was confused by the lack of happiness in her expression.

Was this not enough for her?

Honestly. I have no idea what she wants, he thought, frustrated at himself for being so incapable.

Was it really this impossible to make Aimi feel truly happy?

“What’s wrong?” he made himself say, and she took another step towards him until they were in reaching distance, and Eisuke pulled her closer towards him out of habit, as if they were attracted magnets rather than two people.

“I really appreciate you allowing me to relax, Eisuke…”. The feel of her in his arms was enough to keep him slightly patient, for a little while, at the most.

Aimi slowly exhaled.

“But… well… I don’t really understand why you’re doing all of this”.

Because I’m in love with you, he thought, but he forced himself to play it cool, only shrugging his shoulders.

“I just felt like it,” he said with that usual relaxed demeanour, but Aimi was already giggling before he had even finished talking. Eisuke could feel himself turning red – was he that much of a laughing stock these days? “What’s so funny?”.

“You’re trying to impress me!”.

“I’m not trying to impress you,” he got out, but the blush on his cheeks betrayed him completely.

“Liar”. Aimi’s teasing tone took him completely off-guard, and he was unable to form a response. She looked up at him from beneath her lashes, and the look almost drove him completely crazy. “…Were the guys right about you being jealous?”.

Yes, he couldn’t help but think. That smile is supposed to belong to me.

“No,” he chose to say instead. Aimi gave him an unconvinced look, and he wasn’t sure exactly how he felt about the little effort it took her to see through his outward confidence these days.


“…”. He shouldn’t have hesitated, for Aimi takes the opportunity to laugh, and he’d have left, had the sound not have been so enchanting; the most satisfying of melodies played on the rarest of instruments.

“You’re so cute sometimes, Eisuke Ichinomiya,” he heard her say, but her voice was so low, it could have just been his imagination.

Either way, he wanted to kiss her, wanted to remind her that she is his, and that the glistening ring on her finger, the look on her face whenever he touches her like this… they mean that she is his, that she belongs to him.

And that she always will.

The thought caused him to lean forwards - and then downwards -to touch her lips with his own, pulling her even closer to him until her warmth was his warmth, too.

Aimi responded, eventually, although the kiss had caught her completely unprepared, as Eisuke’s kisses usually did. She should really tell him to announce it when he is going to kiss her, but then again, he’d have way too much fun with that prospect and tease her rotten for it, so it’d probably be best not to.

Running a hand through Eisuke’s already messy brown hair, she returned the unexpected kiss until her boyfriend pulled away, staring down at her with uniquely coloured eyes, that confident smirk back and in full play.

“You know I’ll have to punish you for calling me cute, don’t you, Aimi?”.

“You mean, for telling the truth?” she replied, feigning innocence and pretending that his words weren’t still resounding in her heart.

Eisuke laughed honestly, something he rarely ever does, scooping the smaller party up into his arms with more care and gentleness than usual, beginning to walk the familiar route towards their bedroom whilst Aimi looked up at him with sparkling brown eyes.

“We’ll see if you still think I’m ‘cute’ tomorrow morning,” he said in warning, and Aimi’s strong blush told him that no other man - especially not those guys downstairs - could ever make the love of his life as happy as he could.

important things we learned about jack zimmermann during the april updates

  • loves to be called pet names
    • sweetheart, honey, handsome
  • needs to clarify that he would probably be really good at curling
  • carried around a massive bottle of gatorade as a frog
  • … passionate
  • figured out how to work skype, somehow
    • picture bitty trying to show him ur welcome
  • subscribed to Bittle Fam Drama Jam 2k15
  • can draw!! but maybe only with crayons??
  • loves eric bittle
  • shows on face
Invisible || part 5

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Part one | part two | part three | part four

Y/n kept going back at her thoughts, to see Calum, to not see Calum. She was anxious seeing him again. She really thought it was a horrible idea to do this, but it was the right thing to do, Ashton was right. She’s doing it for him, to have closure. 

She memorized the napkin of Calum’s hotel room, in Ashton’s hand writing always reading it over and over. 

223 Grand Hotel Francais

Rm. 14C

Her nerves would take over, planning out every scenario that could happen between the two of them. Calum screaming at her, yelling at her about where she’s been, not giving her a chance to explain herself, or be so upset that he wouldnt even want to look at her again. 

Two more days until they leave, then I’ll never see him again

 She had to do it tonight just to get it done and over, it couldnt be that hard she just had to tell Calum she was okay, to explain herself. That’s it. 

Calum wasnt ready to go back to his empty L.A. apartment, it only made him more depressed with y/n’s things still there. He never got rid of anything that belonged to y/n, her clothes were in the exact place it was before she left. He would admire the framed pictures remembering the moment where the picture was taken, the scent of y/n still lingered throughout the apartment. He hated it, but it was the closest thing to her. 

Calum would hold the pillow y/n used to lie on tight against his chest, wishing it was her feeling her like the weather. Having the late night talks before she would fall asleep under his arms. 

The three boys would literally have to drag him out the apartment for them to work in the studio or to at least hang out. He would isolated himself in there not talking to anyone. They would find him either in bed crying holding the pillow or drunk off his ass on the couch. 

Michael, Ashton, and Luke really tried to help him get back to the old happy up for anything dude by putting him in therapy and letting him go through the five stages of grief. But nothing helped, he was just, broken. 

The sun was beginning to go down, the clouds pink with a mix of purple. Y/n took a deep breathe looking at the napkin, she had to do it, now. She wore her usual attire with a sweater, becoming colder as the sun went down. Y/n looked at herself in the mirror before leaving. 

Nothing is going to happen, just talk to him thats it

She reminded herself, y/n grabbed her keys heading out the door, “I’ll be back.” she said to her kitten James. 

Y/n walked out the apartment building heading to the hotel, mentally preparing herself for this, looking at the clouds taking heavy breaths, her heart pumping more and more the closer she got into the place. A couple of minutes of walking a few blocks, a building the words Grand Hotel Francais stood tall. This is it. Y/n became to be sick to her stomach, Calum is in that hotel not even knowing who’s going to be at the door. She wanted to turn back, forget this whole thing. But she cant, she’s doing it for him. 

She walked into the entrance lobby, a huge chandelier with nice floors and walls with a lounge. Y/n walked passed the receptionist desk to the elevator. The elevator opened, she walked in pressing the floor number as the door closed. She was starting to shake taking deep breathes trying to calm herself. 

Almost there, shouldnt be that hard y/n.  

The elevator stopped, making a ringing noise, the doors opened and she began to walk out slowly finding the room door. Looking at the numbers of the hotel rooms, her heart beating out her chest as her palms began to sweat. 

14C, there.

Y/n looked down at her feet,  then looking up fast knocking on the door. Nothing was to be heard on the other side, so she knocked again. “Go away.” Calum groaned. Y/n’s breathe hitched hearing his voice again, he sounded different like, miserable. 

“Cal, it’s me open up.” She said shyly, again nothing was to be heard on the other side. But then the door opened slowly peeking out. “Calum?” she questioned. He opened the door wider looking at y/n with a blank expression, Calum looked like death, he had this frown and baggy eyes his back hunched over and his hair a mess. He was in his Nirvana shirt and basketball shorts. 

Calum didnt say anything for a minute, making it awkward. He just couldnt comprehend that it was actually her, y/n. She didnt change a bit, maybe except that she grew taller. “Can I come in?” she said breaking the silence. 

“Um, yeah of course.” he said dryly, y/n let herself in. The room was dirty, clothes were scattered out everywhere on the table, there was a massive amount of beer bottles and cigarette cartons everywhere. The door closed behind her as she walked further in the room. Calum still stood there looking at her, he thought it was a dream. 

“How are you?” she asked. Calum continued to not say anything, he just came in for an unexpected hug taken her by surprise. He held her tight by the waist remembering how tiny she was against him. Her body close to his, she still had that smell. Y/n didnt hug back at first, but then gave in wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. It felt good, her head buried in his scented shirt laying on his chest. She missed this. Calum let go still holding her by the waist, he looked down at her eyes, he couldnt believe it was her, she’s back. He leaned in to give her a kiss, but she stopped him putting her hand on his chest, slightly pushing him back, “I didnt come here for that.” she whispered. 

“Oh.” he said awkwardly looking down. “I came here to talk about what happened.” she said. 

“How did you know I was here?” he questioned. 

“Ashton and the rest of the boys found me while I was working.”

“Wait-you live here, like the whole time.” he implied. 

“Yeah.” she whispered looking down. “Y/n why did you leave.” he replied. 

“I couldnt live there anymore, I-” she stopped mid sentence. Tears were falling down her face remembering the event. 

“Why would leave me and everybody else without saying anything, we thought you were dead.” 

“Since when did people cared.” she muttered under her breathe. 

“What do you mean, of course I cared for god sakes I love you!” he shouted. 

“No you didnt Calum! You never did!” she shouted back, fighting back more tears. 

“Y/n your the best thing that happened to me, you made me complete.” 

“You never talked to me, you always put work first and I wasnt even second on your mind, you were always out with people doing god knows what coming back late or the next day. It was like I was invisible.” she cried. Calum thought back to when they lived together, sadly she was right, he was never there for her when she needed him. 

“Fuck.” he realized, “Y/n I’m so sorry I did that,I-I dont know what happened then I was just so stressed and I had to go out to have a good time-”

“And having a good time is having drinks every night coming home drunk instead of hanging out with me.” she said cutting off Calum ,crossing her arms. He tugged on his hair closing his eyes hard, “No-that’s not-Fuck.” 

“You made me feel like completed shit Calum, like I didnt matter in this world. I could have get it, getting over it that all my friends and family did that. But you, the person I loved more than life itself made me dead inside.” she said looking down, wiping her tears away. Calum came closer to her tilting her head up, wiping the tears off her face. 

“Y/n I’m sorry, so fucking sorry. Trust me, I never meant for you to feel this way please, you were the best thing that happened to me in this shit world. And I would never want to hurt you in any way possible. You were and still are my inspiration to write music, I write it for you baby. I’ve been miserable without you, I blamed myself for your death not even knowing what happened but now it was my fault that I caused this. This wasnt supposed to happen, I never meant to lose my girlfriend, my wife.” he said, tears falling down on his soft face, hiccuping. “I just want you back in my life, back in L.A. with me again and for the rest of our lives and I promise to make you happy again, to put you first, please y/n I’ll quit drinking and smoking if that means I get to have you back.” he begged. 

Y/n was completely speechless looking at him, tears brimming her eyes. “I’m sorry Calum, I cant. I’m so sorry.” she cried. Y/n turned around opening the door, quickly walking to the elevator. Calum stood there in shock to her response,but he ran out trying to catch her. “Y/n!” he yelled. He turned the hallway to see the elevator door closing. “No! Fuck!” he yelled punching a wall. He was too late. 

No, I’m not letting her go again. Not again. 

A/N: Yeah so that’s part five, I hope you enjoyed it! 

Dance Like We’re Making Love

(Hey guys! So this is a gift from me to you for being so inactive lately. I know I just posted an imagine, Stay, but I think you guys deserve way more than that! You all have been so amazing, supportive and most of all patient so I really want to thank you guys for that. I love writing for you guys so much and I am so sorry I haven’t been active lately. So here you go! I hope you guys enjoy and I love you all so much! xx)

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No More Bloody Secrets

Title: No More Bloody Secrets

A/N: Co-written with Cecily (and by co-written, I mean she had the ideas and cracked the whip from her side of the sofa while I wrote all the words, and then we fought over who should get to post it on their blog to the point that she nearly kicked me out of the house, but that’s just the price to pay for art, kids) I STILL WAN TIT  cecily shhh. Also thanks to Gina for beta-reading.

Word count: 1900

Warnings: None really, except for ridiculousness and supernatural themes.

Genre: Humour/fluff/crack-ish

Disclaimer: The following is a completely and utterly fictitious account of an imaginary situation for recreational use only. Not intended as a substitute for imagining others complexly. Please idolise responsibly.

Summary: How long can Vampire!Dan keep his supernatural secret from his boyfriend? (Happy Halloween!)



“We need to talk.”

“What about?”

“About these dental bills you’re racking up.” Phil held up a stack of papers, raising his eyebrows to his friend.

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Harry had always assumed that one of his children would inherit the Marauder’s Map.  It had come down to him from his father after all, even if it did make a slight detour with the Weasley twins.  And much as he treasured it, it really did belong at Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, none of his children seemed particularly interested in receiving it.

James spent any free time he had on the Quidditch pitch.  Albus was usually in the library or tutoring someone in the Common Room and the safe bet was on his becoming Head Boy (George had already put down three galleons on it).  Lily was only in her first year, but Hagrid was writing him notes almost daily, assuring him that his daughter was one of the most talented magizoologists he’d ever seen.

That left Harry in a bit of a pickle.

He had an idea of who really should have the Map.  He’d known for years.  It was only the fear of what Hermione would do to him if (when) she found out that kept him from doing it.

But then again, he was a Gryffindor.


Three weeks later, a massive package arrived at Harry’s office.  When he opened it, it was overflowing with Honeydukes chocolate, a massive bottle of butterbeer, a toilet seat in a violent shade of purple, and a photograph.

Harry grinned at the photo and stuck it up on the wall.

And Rose Weasley, who was photographed standing in the middle of Filch’s office surrounded by Filibuster’s fireworks, clutched the Marauder’s Map and grinned back.

Sterek Fanart/Gif/Photo inspired Fics (4 Fics)

1. You have WHAT up you ass? In which Stiles got a dildo accidentally suck up his ass.

2. The 750 bottles incident. In which Stiles buys 750 bottles of soda because it was on sale.

3. Pregnancy Scare. In which Stiles tries a pregnancy test.

4. The Photo. In which Stiles gets caught accidentally taking a hot guy’s photo. Luckily, the guy, Derek, doesn’t mind.


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