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Hey hey! Hope this weekend helps you unwind 💜 Here's a prompt: keitor, first time actually meeting ach other, either AU or canon :3c

ah, thank you! you’re sweet!

this is from an au i’ve been tossing around that’s kinda a fantasy-space-pirates-treasure-planet-esque-space-opera au, haha. keith is a trans man, and at this time point he’s only out to Shiro and hasn’t transitioned at all. he does refer to himself as keith in his head, though. also, everyone is the same species as in the show.

Keith tensed when he heard the metal door at the end of the hall open. Something wasn’t right.

His captors had already set up a rather predictable schedule, coming in once at what he had to assume was the beginning of the day to bring him food and water and then once at the end to do the same. Only a handful of hours had passed since they brought him his last meal, though, they shouldn’t be back yet.

Keith strained his ears to listen to the approaching footsteps, but didn’t dare to move closer to the door. He’d learned his lesson about that. 

The footsteps were louder than usual, probably more people then, which fuck. That couldn’t be good, right? Before any panic could set in and possible worst-case scenarios could flit through his mind, Keith heard the distinct sound of something dragging across the floor.

Another prisoner? 

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