We’ve made amazing progress this year on the marriage equality front, as this map demonstrates. My thanks go out to every single person who spoke up, came out, rallied, wrote letters, spoke to their friends, families and coworkers, donated money to advocacy organizations and to pro-equality legislators all across the United States in 2014.

And remember that with all the progress we’ve made, there’s still a lot of work in front of us until every LGBT+ person is safe from cradle to grave.

Let’s double down and make sure that 2015 gives us progress in trans rights, protections for LGBTQ+ seniors and youth, employment protections, marriage equality across the United States, and more.

Please consider donating funds and/or volunteer hours to local and national advocacy organizations, telling your story to everyone who will listen, and making a commitment to support one another.

I’m in. Are you? 

Go team!

i’m so happy i went into boston today and went to the rally. It’s tear-jerking to know that something i’ve wanted for my dad for so long is so close. From the president supporting gay marriage to DADT getting repealed, the gay rights movement has made tremendous leaps and like someone said at the rally today, the only reason is because people have been fighting for this for decades before us. we all deserve equal rights in this country, it’s the foundation of our society! I’m proud to be an LGBT ally and hear’s to the supreme court cases hopefully being in favor of repealing DOMA!!!! 

Twitter Madness

So this year I’ll be running at least three twitter accounts. Essentially I’ll be in charge of the same @TransSpeak twitter that I started for I AM: Trans People Speak this summer during my internship, but now I’ll be running Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s @MassTPC account and the @PassMaTransBill account jointly sponsored by MassEquality and MTPC. I’m a little worried about keeping up with it once I get busy with schoolwork. Does anyone know of a good application (free or paid) for my Mac that would allow me to schedule some tweets for multiple accounts in advance?