STORY OF MY DAY (yesterday)

Ok, so at around 4:45, I went over to our gym to do some rock climbing. This Tuesday, I did a Belay and Climb 101 class at the gym, and that was a crap load of fun. So my goal is to stick with it, and yesterday I had to run over to that shoe store to meet up to trail run at 5:30. So I wanted to walk to the gym, get a couple climbs in, and then run to the store. I was able to go up twice, and it was great! As soon as I got down, my forearm was so tight. It felt really good.

So then I ran to the store which is like 1.5 miles. We ride up a little later than usual. There were 8 people in all running in the group. Also, I was sporting my Merrell Trail Gloves (those orange ones I got a while ago) because the Vibrams and I really couldn’t hand the rocky surface. We start out pretty easy, and the climbs feel tough, but good. I stayed about 3rd in the line on the climbs, well behind the top 2 guys who are pretty experiences. They were saying that I would be blowing them out of the water soon (maybe in a couple years when I get that quad strength, but I have never run as long as they have). On the downhills, I was 4th because there was this woman who was a pretty wicked downhiller who was wearing VERY minimalist shoes, the Inov-8 BareGrip 200.

It was getting pretty dark, and before we knew it, the rocks and roots on the trail were getting super hard to detect. But of course, the brain is an INCREDIBLE machine, and it practically moved my body for me, allowing me to stay upright. It had also been thundering, so rain was expected to come. Very gradually, a couple raindrops come down, and then BAM! It stars raining cats and dogs! It was so SOOO exhilarating speeding downhill in hard rain in the darkness. At one point, there was a very open field in which we stopped and admired the bright, red sun. There were trees far ahead of us and mountains even farther. We finished up our run with great satisfaction.

After that, we headed downtown to go to a Venezuelan/Caribbean restaurant. I had their veggie wrap and it was incredible! So filling also. Well, I bet none of you read this because it’s long, but oh well :P Keep on running!


This is the morning before paintball. The last picture is Johns bruise, I shot and hit him on the first try… Then I won the game for my team. I won it twice but may have over killed John in the 4th or 5th game…. I shot him in the face and got him in the mouth >:) OOPS. I was a little scared though the way he hit the ground I though I may have injured him lol

Western Slopes to Fridleys and Back

Yesterday, I had the option of waking up at 5 AM and driving 1.5 hours to a training run for my next race (in 2 weeks), but I decided while going to bed at 1:15 AM to sleep in and go on my own long run whenever. So I slept in, chilled a bit that morning, and then drove out to the mountains.

I had a 2L hydration pack as well as tons of different snack bar things and gels. It was in the mid 60s and SUPER sunny. I started out too fast running up the mountain as I usually only run up and down on that particular trail. Once up, I ran on the ridge for miles until it descended waay down to a trail by a stream. This is the trail the Rocktown Ridge Runners ran a couple weeks ago, so I recognized it right away. But I went much much farther up the trail than the group does. After 10 miles, I decided to head back.

At this point, my legs and I were really starting to feel drained. I kind of just wanted to be done with the run. I had been sweating my ass off, and I could feel myself getting sunburned. At about 16 miles, I ran out of water. I didn’t expect it to be so sunny and warm and for me to drink so much. At that point, feeling that water in my mouth and going down my throat was the only thing keeping me going. But I trudged on.

Going down the mountain to my car was miserable as my legs were super tired and I had no water and hadn’t peed in hours. I stopped every mile to breathe and regain my wits.

FINALLY, I was done. 21.5 miles in 4:06, not too bad. Could have been better, but oh well. I was just glad to be fucking done with that shit.

Runnin' Day

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too much sleep last night. I went to sleep around 11:30, woke back up at 2:30, then didn’t go back to sleep until 6. BUT, I did finish Once a Runner by John L. Parker for the 3rd time, so that was semi-productive. If you haven’t read that book, GET IT!

After class, I came home, had 2 bananas, 2 tums, then set out for my run. I mapped out 7 miles to do, and I was determined to do it. For the beginning part, my mind felt tired and hungry. I think I was just running in a semi-depleted state, but that can be good practice. Halfway through, I was getting the hang of it. I finished pretty damn strong too.

Then no students showed up for the trail run, so I joined the local group by myself. It was a small, core group of guys. We ran nice and easy (of course with some short bursts of speed) on the slightly snowy trails, and it was fabulous. Probably ran 4 miles or so, so that was solid.

That totals about 11 miles for the day! AWESOME!