4/20, according to a Former CHS Student

(Warning: NSFW Content. Only read it if you feel comfortable with it.)

From the Columbine Report, document 3501-3600, page 82:

Personal Account of Christopher Lucas:

“April 20, 1999, Tuesday:

Today we got out of school really early only because some people wanted to blow up the school. I was in the cafeteria, or commons as we call it, when this whole things started. At first every one thought it was a senior prank only because the seniors were talking about a really big prank that they were going to pull. We all heard an explosion and then saw smoke. We all thought they put a smoke bomb in one of the seniors or juniors cars, only as a joke. Then there was another explosion, only louder this time and even more smoke so we all started to wonder what was really happening. Then Mr. Cram came running in yelling at every one to get down. We all got down and then some one said to my friend, Sarah Gillings, and me that there was a guy in the parking lot throwing pipe bombs around. One of the janitors came running in and told us to go with him so we followed because we knew then that this was not a joke. We hid in the entrance of the kitchen. Then that is when the loudest of all the explosions for me was, only because it was the closest and it was inside of the building. Then Mr. Andres Jr. opened some doors that led to the stage of the auditorium. Everyone that went through that door went really fast. Sarah and I were holding hands to make sure we knew where each other were. We lost each other when we were running through those doors. We found each other on the stage and linked up again. We started running again. We ran up the stairs that was in the auditorium in order to get to the second floor. We ran down the hall, past the main office, down the counselor’s hall and out the door to the smoker’s pit. The smoker’s pit has 3 fences. On the left is a baseball field, on the night there is a tennis court. In the center is a fence about 4 to 4 ½ feet tall. Sarah was starting to get hysterical saying “they’re cornering us in, they’re cornering us in.” We jumped the fence and ran towards Clement Park. I told Sarah “if we got separated to go to the car”. We found Shelley and the 3 of us held hands running. When we got the car we found a lot of people and we just piled into the car. Then some people were looking for an inhaler and Shelley had one. We then were told to not go home because they wanted a head count. We then went and sat down on the grass by the street Pierce. We saw a lot of police cars. Shelley was really worried about her brother only because he was in his truck in the student parking lot. He was in the direct line of fire. So Shelley was also pretty hysterical and worried about her brother. We then started walking home and my 7th period teacher, Mrs. Waseko, told us that we should go home if we could. I asked Sarah and Shelley if they wanted to go to my house and they said, “it would be a lot better than staying here.” I told Sarah that I was going to go get the car. She gave me a big hug and said, “you better come back and in one piece.” I went back to get my car and people were yelling at me because they thought I was going back inside of the school. I got into my car and they stopped yelling at me. I then drove up on to the grass looking for Sarah and Shelley. I didn’t find them but I did find Mrs. Waseko. She said, “how did you get your car?” I told her that I went back to get it. She said “Stupid, Chris, that was really stupid.” I didn’t find Sarah and Shelley in that part so I went to the other sidewalk. I found the two of them and honked the horn. They really jumped and I really did not mean to scare them. They got in the car and we went to my house. When we got to the stop light Sarah turned on the radio to see if there was anything about this event on the radio. When we got to my house Shelley and Sarah called family members. I took Shelly to the Governers Ranch Elementary school to wait for her brother. When I got home from waiting with Shelly, I found out that my mom had taken Sarah to her cousin’s house. After my mom got home from taking Sara, we watched the news. About 1:30 Ashleigh and her mom arrived at our door. We all showed up and we ordered 2 pizzas. We ate and then Larry, Linda, and Ashleigh left. That night I was unable to go to sleep only because I was paranoid about some one standing there in the dark waiting for me to go to sleep, and then kill my dog Charlie and I. I had to turn on the lights: I can’t sleep with the lights on, in order to make sure that I was safe. I have never been more scared in my life. I was never afraid of the dark until now. I was also afraid to be alone, so I a made sure I had someone alive, my dog Charlie. I did not sleep much.

Recognize the Armenian Genocide

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turkey began the annihilation of the Armenian people, killing 1.5 million Armenians, and creating the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey has attempted to keep this genocide forgotten, however, the blood that runs in the veins of the descendants of the survivors has not allowed that to happen. While some countries have recognized it as a genocide, we still have struggled to obtain complete worldwide recognition. The Turkish government continues not to take blame for what their forefather have done. They deny any and all of those actions, despite the outstanding amount of evidence.

Tumblr, what I ask you today is to please reblog this to educate your followers, so that they may pass it on as well. Within this month, do something small. Maybe, post something on your social media having to do with the genocide, so that the people you know may be educated and pass the word on. If you are really wanting to get involved, there will be marches all over the world to get recognition. I know this is a website full of people who stand for activism. Please, help educate the world on this matter. It would mean a lot to me, who lost ancestors during that time, and other Armenians who share the same story. Thank you.

Me on a date

Date: So, what are you interested in?

Me: *don’t say serial killers, don’t say serial killers*

Me: School shooters.


20 years ago today, the Bosnian people faced the greatest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust in World War II. Over a period of 11 days, more than 8,000 of the men and boys were massacred while the women faced unspeakable torture. All this while the UN “peacekeepers” watched from the safety of the surrounding hills. According to some eyewitness testimonies Dutch peacekeepers were among the refugees watching as the Serbs raped and murdered them. Those same “peacekeepers” had declared Srebrenica a “UN Safe Zone” before the Serbs came and killed everyone.

Why did the Serbs kill the Bosnians? Because the Bosnians are a proud European Muslim people. The Bosnians were killed for their Islam.

I will never forget when I met a Bosnian girl and her mother, both refugees, from that time.

“So where are you from?”
“I am from Srebrenica.”
“Where is the rest of your family?”

She gave me a slightly annoyed look as if to tell me I should know better, and repeated:

“I am from Srebrenica.”

~ Shibli Zaman


Australian mass shooter Martin Bryant being interviewed following the Port Arthur massacre

On April 28th 1996 Martin Bryant opened fire at the Port Arthur historic site, a popular tourist destination in Tasmania, Australia. He was armed with a .223 calibre Colt AR-15 SP1 Carbine and a .308 calibre L1A1 SLR battle rifle. Bryant murdered 35 people and injured a further 23 others making it Australia’s deadliest mass shooting to this day.

The massacre caused a national outcry and Prime Minister John Howard introduced new gun control legislation. The National Firearms Programme Implementation Act of 1996 was passed the same year restricting private ownership of high capacity semi-automatic rifles and shotguns as well as pump-action shotguns. Uniform firearms licensing was also introduced. These measures passed with bipartisan support from the entire Commonwealth and Australian states and territories.

The people killed by Martin Bryant were Winifred Aplin (58), Walter Bennett (66), Nicole Burgess (17), Sou Leng Chung (32), Elva Gaylard (48), Zoe Ann Hall (28), Elizabeth Howard (26), Mary Howard (57), Mervyn Howard (55), Ronald Noel Jary (71), Tony Kistan (51), Leslie Lever (53), Sarah Kate Loughton (15), David Martin (72), Noelene Joyce Martin (69), Pauline Masters (49), Alannah Louise Mikac (6), Madeline Grace Mikac (3), Nanette Patricia Mikac (36), Andrew Bruce Mills (39), Peter Brenton Nash (32), Gwenda Joan Neander (67), Moh Yee William Ng (48), Anthony Nightingale (44), Mary Rouse Nixon (60), Glenn Pears (35), Russell James Pollard (72), Janette Quin (50), Helene Salzmann (50), Robert Salzmann (57), Kate Elizabeth Scott (21), Kevin Sharp (68), Raymond Sharp (67), Royce William Thompson (59) and Jason Bernard Winter (29).

Although his true motive remains largely unknown, it is claimed by his lawyer that Bryant was fuelled by a desire for notoriety and infamy having been inspired by international media reports of the Dunblane school massacre in Scotland, United Kingdom. Following his capture Bryant was fixated on finding out how many people he killed and was reportedly impressed and pleased with the number.

A monument and memorial garden were constructed in Port Arthur to be opened on the fourth anniversary of the massacre in April, 2000. Bryant remains in prison today age 50 in the Wilfred Lopes Centre near the Risdon Prison Complex.