massachusetts is weird

Samwell, Massachusetts is a Weird College Town, there’s no denying that. So of course, there’s a Facebook group called “MAN!!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN A SAMWELL MASSACHUSETTS ALLEY!!!!!” where half the posts don’t even take place in alleyways, but whatever.

You have to get permission from a John Johnson to join the group and for some it takes days to weeks to get verified, some more seconds. But afterwards, you get all Keep Samwell Weird content you desire.

Posts include, but are not limited to:

The current state of the Samwell Wishing Bench. Though Samwell University’s motto is “Drink deeply form knowledge’s well” and the mascot is literally a well, it was determined sometime long, long ago that the only wells in Samwell, MA are to be on the University campus and in front of city hall. That’s it. In the late 90s, when the murder occurred at the Murder Stop & Shop, the bus that stopped right across the street from it…just stopped showing up there. However, there was still a bus stop bench that has since been converted into the Samwell Wishing Bench, because we can’t have Wells. It is covered in streamers and has a solar panel attached to it. Please sit down and make a wish!

A tree growing out of a chimney. It may just be positioned right behind the chimney, but for all intents and purposes, the building has sprouted one pine tree. Everyone is proud.

Many delivery doors from Downtown Samwell.

The photo was taken at night, a faded yellow porch light lights the back, as does a neon purple glow. A small chalkboard sign sits in the middle of a sidewalk, propped on an easel. FREE HOTDOGS (on the patio). That last part is squeezed into a corner of the board. There are no hot dogs visible in the photo.

Julio, bartender extoridnaire at Tankard’s (“The Tank” to college students), setting up a chair outside The Tank getting a haircut. Nice!

Flowers! Many flowers!

Many baby animals and concerned commenters. What is to happen to these baby moles and possums? There was once a petting zoo held at the park gazebo! Many baby animals.

A single puzzle piece on the ground.

Posted from outside one of the local pizza places, there’s an incredibly zoomed in photo: there’s a life-sized mannequin of Abe Lincoln in the car next to them. Abe is strapped in. Safety first!

And of course, walls tagged with “Dick-a-saurus”. Apparently, this is Dick-a-saurus #4.

It’s a good time! Come request an invite!

Many of the posts are courtesy of a B. S. Knight.

December 1, 1923

She’s little and yellow and only a hen, but there are four big geese on the farm of Edgar E. Rich, at Eastham, Mass., who think the world of her. She brought them up from the egg, and puzzling infants they were, too. They grew so fast she couldn’t quite figure it out. And she tried so hard to keep them from going in the water - but they just would! It’s a familiar sight to see the four geese walking about with their adopted mother, honking loudly in apparent answer to her clucks. They’re a devoted family.


weird MA pride for our stupid town names