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Feb 7, 2016 - Nancy Luce’s grave, in the West Tisbury Village Cemetery, with some of the chickens, and other things that have been left on it -taken on Oct 30, 2013

Nancy’s one wish was to be buried next to the graves of her beloved chickens on the family farm, but the town didn’t allow it, so over time, stone, porcelin and plastic chickens in particular, have been left on her grave, somewhat mysteriously left though since no one has ever witnessed anyone leaving anything on her grave.


Finding eternity by Terry Rochford
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The historic Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts.


The Grimshawe House, Salem, Massachusetts

(This…lovely…home is right next to the Burying Point cemetery I posted previously. The creepiest of creep factors. It’s rumored to be the house that Nathaniel Hawthorne used as the setting for his short story “Dr.Grimshawe’s Secret” - Hawthorne married a daughter of the Peabody family who owned the house. )

A tombstone from the haunted cemetery called Spider Gates.  Near the Worcester Airport in Massachusetts is a small cemetery set in the thick forest that covers the area.  Called the Spider Gates because of of a pair of wrought-iron gates, the place has been famously haunted for a long time.  I heard about the place from my parents, friends, and teachers.  When I started getting interested in folklore this place came up a lot. 
Some of the more regular stories center on the eight gates around the place.  With each one that you pass through the paranormal experience becomes more intense and violent.  The last gate leaves you at the River Styx.  There is a small cave in which the mutilated remains of a little girl were found.  There is a tree that is often found with a hanging rope and a suicide victim on the bottom. 
I was fascinated with this place for a long time and its role in Central Massachusetts folklore.  There are a million stories but like all the great tales they’re almost all suspect. 
The real name of this place is simply Quaker Cemetery.  It is old but still active.  It is run by a small population of local Quakers.  The “spider gates” are most likely depicting the sun.  There are no police reports of bodies ever being found there nor people having vanished to the River Styx.  One of the things I learned about local folklore is that a lot of it has to do with people of my parent’s generation smoking way too much pot in creepy places.