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Feb 7, 2016 - Nancy Luce’s grave, in the West Tisbury Village Cemetery, with some of the chickens, and other things that have been left on it -taken on Oct 30, 2013

Nancy’s one wish was to be buried next to the graves of her beloved chickens on the family farm, but the town didn’t allow it, so over time, stone, porcelin and plastic chickens in particular, have been left on her grave, somewhat mysteriously left though since no one has ever witnessed anyone leaving anything on her grave.


Sphinx. by Connie Ma


On the drive to Fairview Cemetery in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park, six seniors from Roxbury Latin boys’ school sit in silent reflection. Mike Pojman, the school’s assistant headmaster and senior adviser, says the trip is a massive contrast to the rest of their school day, and to their lives as a whole right now.

Today the teens have volunteered to be pallbearers for a man who died alone in September, and for whom no next of kin was found. He’s being buried in a grave with no tombstone, in a city cemetery.

“To reflect on the fact that there are people, like this gentleman, who probably knew hundreds or thousands of people through his life, and at the end of it there’s nobody there — I think that gets to all of them,” Pojman says. “Some have said, ‘I just gotta make sure that never happens to me.’”

'Today We Are His Family’: Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone

Photos: Kayana Szymczak for NPR

Spirit of Freedom an African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration

Andrew Bowman stands with an American flag and a portrait of his grandfather, Andrew Jackson Smith of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Colored Infantry, as Bowman portrays Smith, at the Spirit of Freedom, the 18th Annual African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration at Crown Hill Cemetery, Thursday, June 5, 2014.  Kelly Wilkinson/The Star

Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 64 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 128 Enlisted men by disease. Total 197.


HAUNTED  - Rehoboth Village Cemetery (MA)

The rudest ghost ever resides in Rehoboth Village Cemetery in Massachusetts. The cemetery dates from the 17th century, but it’s most famous spiritual resident appeared a couple of hundred years later. Ephraim, a bad tempered, foul-mouthed, woman-beating, ghost. He’s an old guy dressed in 19th century clothing, with dark sockets instead of eyes. It’s his behavior rather than his appearance which makes him memorable.
A visit to this cemetery is not recommended for scairdy cats.
Ephraim sneers at everyone, and he particularly dislikes women. He yells vulgarities, makes obscene gestures, and pounds on car windows. Not even other ghosts are safe. One witness said she heard him yelling the name Catherine. She was scared, so she left n a hurry, but when she turned back she saw Ephraim kneeling over the ghost of a woman. Ephraim was beating her, and then they vanished.