Seeking Roommate - Salem, MA

Hi! My name is Charley. My sister Kristina and I found a very nice place and we need a roommate or two to move in with us! The apartment we’re looking at has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. It has a rustic cottage feel combined with a spacious floor plan and plenty of natural lighting. We have a cat, we are 420 friendly and drinking friendly. Need First and last by September 15th and move in by October 1st. Message for more details about rent payments and the logistics of moving in.

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Erika, Lenox, MA | Jamaica Plain, MA | June, 2015


Tom Cadrin
Boston, MA
Fujifilm X100S | iPhone 6

Tell us about your book. What’s the story behind it? What can we find in it?

My book ‘Boston: A City of Love’ was my first full body of work, and as you may have guessed, it revolves around the city of Boston. But basically, last Summer I had been working a day job and doing photography on the side. I eventually decided to leave my job, and to pursue photography full-time. I ended up spending all of my time in Boston, and doing my best to shoot everyday I could. I spent months shooting in the city, but most of the time it never felt like work to me, so it became very personal. In the book you’ll find dozens of photos that I took during an 8 month span, along with some of my personal writing talking about what Boston means to me, and how it became my second home.

What’s your relationship with Boston?

My relationship with Boston is nothing but love. I love everything and everyone in the city. And honestly I’m just so grateful that city even exists in my lifetime. When I’m walking the streets with my headphones in and my camera around my neck, I feel like I’m right where I belong, like there’s nowhere else I would rather be. I wouldn’t wanna be a millionaire, or a pro athlete, or a astronaut, or the president, and Boston always makes me realize that one important thing. I wanna be me, Tom Cadrin. I wanna be in my city, on the streets, with my camera around my neck capturing every moment I can, until the day I die. And even than, I hope to have my work live on and inspire future generations to love their city, and to see Boston the way I’ve grown to see it for exactly what is is: A City of Love. 

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