Dr. William Sack on Kip Kinkel
In his psychological evaluation of 15 year old mass shooter Kip Kinkel, Dr. William Sack cited paranoid schizophrenia as a psychological disorder that Kinkel suffered from, as well as a contributive factor to his crimes. He noted that Kinkel also experienced prominent symptoms of depression that often worsened his schizophrenic psychosis as they arose.
Kinkel had evidently been hearing voices consistently since he was twelve years old. He told Dr. Sack that there were 3 different male voices that he heard regularly. One that would insult and berate him, another that encouraged him to kill, and a third that would repeat or respond to the other two voices. Along with his hallucinations, Kip Kinkel also developed delusions that were paranoid in nature. Dr. Sack recorded a total of five main delusions that he observed in Kinkel, all of which made him paranoid. The most noteable delusion was his belief that there was a chip implanted in his brain. This delusion derived from an attempted rationalization of the voices that he’d been hearing since age 12.
Dr. Sack concluded that Kip Kinkel’s schizophrenic tendencies directly influenced his crimes. He felt that the buildup of stress and the development of the psychosis had overwhelmed Kinkel’s self control.
After being convicted of the murder of his parents and those killed in the mass shooting, along with attempted murder of those injured, Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years without parole. He was put on atypical antipsychotics and antidepressants including Olanzapine. Dr. Sack reported a positive response to the medication on his visit ten days into treatment, as Kinkel told him the voices became much less aggressive and persistent.

“The first thing I thought is, `Eric and Dylan, why did you do this?’ But also something ran through saying, `You guys finally did it. You did something”.

Erik Veik - A friend Of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold 


Sandy Hook Promise is a nonprofit organisation developed by the family members of victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children aged between six and seven-years-old. He also killed six staff members, his mother, and then himself.

This PSA titled “Evan” was released by Sandy Hook Promise. It cleverly shows how very easy it is to miss the warning signs that somebody could be planning a mass shooting. It promotes the Sandy Hook Promise “Know the Signs” programmes which they run free of charge. They’re intended to teach parents and teachers how to identify if somebody needs help. Thank you to @cryptid-wendigo to showing me this video.

Charles A. Whitman, father of mass killer Charles Whitman, and son John look on as Whitman and his mother – one of his 15 victims – are buried. The priest who celebrated the funeral mass stated that the Roman Catholic Church gave Whitman a Christian burial because “God in His mercy does not hold him responsible” for his final actions.


In the first picture Steven Kazmierczak & his popular girlfriend Elizabeth (Beth) King are ironically pictured on the same yearbook page.  They are sophomores in these photographs.  She was described as a cute girl who looked like Liv Tyler.  When she broke up with him she slandered him up and down and spread rumors about his small penis and his poor performance in bed.
The second photograph which I have cropped was part of her Student Council shot.
Steven later went on to execute a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University before taking his own life.

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murderers fictionnal cast

mass shooters +  who they should be portrayed by in biopic.

niclas gillis as Eric Harris 

jamie campbell-bower as Dylan Klebold 

elle fanning as Brenda Spencer 

yuri pleskun as TJ Lane 

dane dehaan as Dylan Roof 

(this is a personal vision, feel free for suggestions)

Newspaper article about mass murderer Gian Luigi Ferri, who entered the legal offices of Petti & Martin and started shooting, murdering 8 people, wounding a further six before turning the gun on himself and completing suicide. The entire crime last only four minutes. The mass shooting became known as the 101 California Street Shootings due to the address where the murders took place. These murders lead to a significant amount of legislative action, as it was felt that the gun sold to Ferri was clearly inappropriate for legal use, and would eventually lead to the implementation of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994.

David Ray Conley is a mass murderer who committed a particularly cruel and vicious shooting. Conley targeted his ex-partner, who he had an on-off relationship with, and her whole family after her ex-husband moved back into the family home. In total Conley killed eight people, including six children.

Conley broke into the home of his ex-partner on a Saturday morning, and gathered all of the victims in the master bedroom at gun point. Over the course of that day he shot and killed each of them, starting with his ex’s husband, Dwayne Jackson, followed by her six children. One of the children included Conley’s own son, Nathaniel. He stated later that he did love his son, but that he was turning into a monster.

Finally Conley shot and killed his ex-partner, Valerie Jackson, but only after she had watched her husband and all of her children die in front of her. Conley surrendered to police after a brief stand off and was charged with multiple counts of capital murder.