Can someone please explain me how in the name of the Five Lords people miswrite “Shepherd” as “Shepard”?

                           –&&you know what you areSELFISH!

                                                     written by emory


CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

Everything we know about Ryder [video]:

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Wish List

- The character I actually want to romance is available to romance (don’t pull this “eh they were supposed to be but we ran out of time” bs on me again)
- Nice skin textures (come on it’s 2016 I’ve seen what modders can do)
- On point eyebrows
- Hair sliders that do not look like straw
- Lower lashes that do not look like deadly caterpillars
- I want to jump. I want to jump on a rock and claim it as my rock
- Open world and exploration
- Fun, interesting side quests that actually add something to the experience not just boring fetch quests and xp fests
- The mako is still a hunk of beautiful junk
- Companions comment on your mako driving skills (or lack thereof)
- I want my combat drone back
- Drell ladies??? Turian ladies!?!
- A sweet shotgun
- Collectible model ships
- Clear flirt options. I do not want to have to be mean to avoid activating a romance
- To cry at least once because it feels like going home