mass effect: zodiac edition

aries: renegade shepard- Do what you want. Haters can kiss your ass. Has a serious anger/impulsiveness problem.

taurus: anderson- This dude’s cool as a cucumber while everything’s falling apart. Loyal, reliable, a little old-fashioned.

gemini: liara- She juggles multiple tasks and has two identities: Liara, and the Shadowbroker. The shadowbroker deals a lot of gossip. So does gemini.

cancer: kaidan- He’s a super sweet, sensitive guy who offers comfort whenever you need it and probably loves cuddling more than sex.

leo: ashley- She’s a fiery, confident warrior queen, and has a solid sense of self-worth. She’s super protective of her loved ones.

virgo: tali- This girl is sweet, nervous, a little unsure of herself, but intelligent and observant. Strong sense of duty, always tries to do the right thing.

libra: paragon shepard- A natural diplomat, always looking for a peaceful resolution. Your strong sense of justice and empathy means you always try to help people.

scorpio: garrus- Smart, intense, awkward in love but still HELLA SEXY guy who loves revenge and hates the establishment.

sagittarius: kasumi- This girl just wants to have fun. She likes to push people’s buttons, joke around, and break rules. A free spirit.

capricorn: miranda- Two words: daddy issues. Likes to be in control. Extremely competent and calculating. Typical, TYPICAL cap.

aquarius: mordin- Has issues with hubris/a god complex. Intellectualizes feelings. Always concerned with the greater good.  

pisces: thane- This guy’s empathetic, spiritual, humanitarian, and even gives off a bit of a psychic vibe. He’s a martyr, detached from the material world.

Almost wasn’t able to get enough time to edit this together, but juuuuust managed to finish the Explorers Wanted Contest for the next Mass Effect game.  Regardless of whether the game ends up being good or not, I certainly won’t turn down a chance to voice a character in a game, lol.  

Not sure how I stack up to the cool VAs out there that’re also entering, but what’s the harm in trying?


CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Wish List

- The character I actually want to romance is available to romance (don’t pull this “eh they were supposed to be but we ran out of time” bs on me again)
- Nice skin textures (come on it’s 2016 I’ve seen what modders can do)
- On point eyebrows
- Hair sliders that do not look like straw
- Lower lashes that do not look like deadly caterpillars
- I want to jump. I want to jump on a rock and claim it as my rock
- Open world and exploration
- Fun, interesting side quests that actually add something to the experience not just boring fetch quests and xp fests
- The mako is still a hunk of beautiful junk
- Companions comment on your mako driving skills (or lack thereof)
- I want my combat drone back
- Drell ladies??? Turian ladies!?!
- A sweet shotgun
- Collectible model ships
- Clear flirt options. I do not want to have to be mean to avoid activating a romance
- To cry at least once because it feels like going home