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Some of my fandoms are: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Game of Thrones, Merlin, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Once Upon a Time and Marvel (cinematic universe).

          THOUGH  I  WALK  THROUGH  THE  MISTS  ON  THE  EDGE  OF  THE  VOID,  I  SHALL  NOT  FEAR,  FOR  YOU  ARE  WITH  ME.   /   ind.  sel.  priv.  SEBASTIAN  VAEL  of  the  DRAGON  AGE  series.  canon  -  divergent.  as  portrayed  by  TONI.   /     


Bioware is beyond parody now, this is the cringiest excuse for writing I’ve ever seen in a game.

  • Bioware: we need more time before we release Andromeda, there's so many tweaks and tests we need to do before the game goes out to the public. They'll know it's unfinished and we'll get backlash for it!
  • EA: *stepping into a bathtub full of money* what a shame, if only there was something we could do to help you
  • Bioware: you could give us more time to work on the ga-
  • EA: if only