Speedy’s Voicelogs, Part 1
  • Got to, uh, the planet we were headed for. The pilot - Clownface, or something like that - and LT were bantering. Told them to knock it off.
  • That spikey alien, who I guess is a ghost, asked me a bunch of questions about humanity. Why? Waste of time.
  • Cap gave the real mission briefing. Sounds like we need to go get a protein beacon and bring it back to the castle.
  • Video call showed some sort of giant squid attacking the planet. That can’t be good.
  • Cap said my team’s “the muscle in this operation.” Thank God. That’s what I’m best at.
  • Took LT and Some Guy down to the planet. Some Guy promptly got wasted by robots. Good thing I didn’t waste time learning his name.
  • We got attacked by more robots. LT says they usually wear a veil? I don’t know, LT is weird sometime.
  • Replaced Some Guy with a woman named Eden. Seems like an upgrade.
  • Ran past some buildings and dudes on spikes. The beacon is the priority! Avold distractions!
  • Some dudes on spikes got off them and attacked us. Spikes bad, got it. Maybe run past them faster next time?
  • Found some idiot hiding behind crates. LT and Eden kept talking to him even though he didn’t know anything useful. Just kept going on about “toor-yans” (what are those?) and someone named Sara.
  • Got to the beacon and Eden decided to poke it, then it zapped me. Had a really weird dream - screaming, robot attacks, teeth. Probably nothing important.
  • Woke up to a lot of talking from Eden, Doc and Cap. Here’s what I got out of it: I’m OK, Sara is also a ghost and hates humans, and… that’s it.
  • Got back to the cockpit in time to see the Castle for the first time. It’s pretty big.
  • Landed on the Castle. It’s big on the inside too. Ambassador Grumpy didn’t seem happy to see us. No idea what he was talking about.
  • Cap suggested that we take a look around. What? Important mission here, fate of humanity and all that. We sprinted to the Castle Tower.
  • Ran into some more spikey aliens. One introduced himself - Harris something? He doesn’t seem to like Sara either. Told him that’s great, but we had to get to the hearing.
  • Hearing had already started! See, it was a good thing we hurried. Wonder how Grumpy and Cap beat us there. Secret passages?
  • Sara was there too. Turns out she’s another spikey. They’re everywhere! Some alien committee was listening to her and not Grumpy and Cap. Bummer.
  • Sara just disappeared at the end of the hearing. Guess it makes sense that ghosts can do that.
  • People keep talking about me becoming a ghost too. Am I gonna die?

Total time played: 51 minutes

y'all i just went to a live orchestra performance of a BUNCH of video game soundtracks in montréal and they fuckig premiered the mass effect andromeda theme song aND,,,

it was so QUIET AND TENTATIVE AT FIRST!!! and then just a touch melancholic but SO SO SO HOPEFUL AND ADVENTUROUS AND!!!! OH BOY!!! adn the piano was so sweet and reminded mme of Leaving Earth JUST a lil and. AaAAAAAAA!! AAA!!!! I’m VERY EXCITEFD


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BioWare’s Approach to Romance in Andromeda

GameInformer’s back with more information on Mass Effect Andromeda. This time, it’s romances. Here’s a few key highlights.

Romances will no longer be locked after a specific decision point.

Different characters want different things from their romances, whether it’s physical or emotional, and Walters states that some romances can happen early in the game, while some characters may take longer to let their guard down. He also confirms that BioWare got rid of what he refers to as “the hard line,” where you’re trying to fit in romances before you reach a certain point and it cuts off the opportunity for a romance to occur.

Some romances are light and casual. Some are even outside of the crew.

Not every moment needs to be intense and heavy; sometimes you’ll just go on a casual date. “We tried to deepen the relationships that you could have with your crew on the Tempest, and some of the relationships are more minor and minute and aren’t even on your ship at all,” Walters says. “There are people that you can find in the world and go on a date or something like that.”

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