We are very proud to launch our Mass Effect fan website: Mass Effect Lore.

It was created by Deb (@omegastation). The current team: Deb, Marina (@dustiesmasseffect), Saaga (@saaga), Ursula (@witchascending), Bri (@continuousspec) and Caryl (@pohutukaryl). We also want to thank @commander-hot-pants-blog and @enkiindlethis for their work on M.E.L.​

This website is for everyone: people who are interested in Mass Effect but have not played it yet, old and new fans…

We started by working on a Mass Effect guide. It was important to us (the M.E.L. team) to launch our website with a strong foundation. This guide contains information about Shepard, the games, the plot of the trilogy, and other information regarding the lore (the galactic community, major events…). We also have a list of all Mass Effect products that are considered a part of Mass Effect canon.

Our main goal with M.E.L. is to go over the entire Mass Effect lore and provide information, context and explanations. We’re working hard on it.
M.E.L. is always going to be a work in progress, one that we hope you’ll like.

Our homepage is a blog; there you’ll see announcements, news about the Mass Effect franchise and articles from our team or guest bloggers. Speaking of Andromeda news, check out our Andromeda page. This page will be updated every time we learn something new about the game.

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We’ll leave you with one message: We are travelers, constantly moving forward…and looking back.

-The M.E.L. team

Calling all Mass Effect lore experts!

I remember reading about Shepard’s final test to move from N6 to N7, and I’m 99% sure that it involved them being left on some barren planet (might have been the moon?) for a week with limited food and O2. Except I cannot for the life of me find any kind of information on it now. 

Does anyone else remember ever hearing this? 

I had the chance to ask Patrick Weekes ANYTHING about Mass Effect lore

…and I say this with no regrets: Fleet and Flotilla! 

The fact that it’s a fandom within a fandom is somewhere between hilarious and deeply fascinating! Plus anything Tali gleefully browses memes of is something I want to experience too! 

I went to a panel on Mass Effect lore at Dragon Con, and (after the panel) asked kind of open-endedly if he could tell me anything else about it, and here’s what he outlined:

  1. It’s a musical.
  2. The tone/feel is a combination of Gone With the Wind, Romeo and Juliet, and Roman Holiday.
  3. The plot involves some Quarians on some planet having trouble with some Geth. Some Turians arrive to help, but they and the Quarians disagree on how stuff should be handled.
  4. He wants to make the whole thing, but lacks the time/money/official prioritization to do it.

LGBT+ members of the Normandy crew

this one was harder simply because i don’t know as much about mass effect’s bigger lore, or about most npc’s. i’m sure there are some, but i don’t know who they are or how to go about finding that out. but! i love all of the crew members!