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How do Angaran families work?

I haven’t seen any posts discussing this, but I’m a bit confused in lore whether the large Angara families are extended relatives living together, and any adults who help raise the children are called mother and father because that implies a closer relationship than “great step aunt twice removed on the fathers side”.

Or if Jaal who has many mothers but 1 father (which sounds like the setup to a poly harem) is an outlier an should not have been counted.

Thinking about it

If you had one Asari in a colony of 10000 humans. Within two hundred years you’d have an entire colony of humans and Asari. You only need one Asari to reproduce and save the species. And they would grow up with humans.

So would that be an alliance colony or an Asari republic colony?

Alliance, given it was originally an alliance world.

But the Asari would be under alliance jurisdiction and would by all rights be alliance citizens. As well as Asari citizens

So they have dual citizenship.

A uniquely Asari-human blend

Random Mass Effect lore talks

Jewish Turian.

Just imagine: A turian guy gets to marry a jewish woman. 

- “Oh, the kids will be Jewish." 
- "Why?”  
- “Jewish Tradition" 
- "Wait, what?”

 Imagine the adopted turian baby presented to a confused Rabbi for Brit Milah. -“Well, seems like god did the work for me." 

Dextro meatballs. 

The same turian kid getting his Bar Mitzvah with the human side of the family, then sent to boot camp to get his markings. 

The now adult turian with his colleagues going: 
-"I can’t tomorrow, it’s Shabbat." 
Humans around: 
-"Excuse me, come again?”

Calling all Mass Effect lore experts!

I remember reading about Shepard’s final test to move from N6 to N7, and I’m 99% sure that it involved them being left on some barren planet (might have been the moon?) for a week with limited food and O2. Except I cannot for the life of me find any kind of information on it now. 

Does anyone else remember ever hearing this? 

Mass effect Asari true form theory

I just thinking, i know I’m not a mig commenter (bad english) and havent a big tumblr connections but I need write out this thing :D
MAss effect andromeda coming and I’m sit on the hype train heavily .
So my friend  send  for me this link.

AND OMG!! tahts true. I think this  theory not stupid , because why love and think the “asari sexy” every species in the galaxy ?  Why? And they got too human like face. 
Ok the skin and the tentackle not fit but the rest of the face is.
Also I remember on thessia (in me3) in the temple was some intresting artifact. There was a statue what the first sight like prothian..but they didn’t have boobs and they have 4 eyes.. maybe the true asary form?

This look like a human but not totally, so I checked the first concept arts of asari and I think some of them fit with this statue.

IT’s a very intresting theory I think.
Asari have human like scelton because of armor, the banshee etc but not too mutch . 
But if it is true then  is clear, BioWare is not worked out properly , this part of the game .
(sorry for bad english)

Food ideas: Turian BBQ - Macedyn's Craticula

The Macedyn’s Craticula is the formal turian name for the Macedyn colony’s own style of grill.


The craticula is for Macedyn’s inhabitants not only one of their specialties, but a social event of its own. By tradition, you will always find one craticula in a bonding ceremony, birthday, or graduation event, as well as for casual family gatherings. Historical records trace this tradition as far back as the implementation of the first cattle on the then nascent outpost.

How it is made:

The craticula barbecue is generally made of a large, low-level stone fireplace built in a garden, or near a colonist’s dwelling. Large quantities of meat are placed horizontally on a metallic grillage that can sometimes reach up to 4 metric units long.

The particular taste of the craticula, however, resides in the type of charcoal used, taken from a wide variety of Macedyn’s pine trees. The sap, extracted separately, is then processed in order to be safe for consumption. It is usually sold in bundle with the charcoal. The sap is to be applied to the charcoals before ignition.

This is how the distinctive sweet spicy taste is obtained during grilling, a process called fumeus.

The Fascea grill:

The fascea grill is simply a vertical standing version of the craticula, where bigger lumps of meat are put vertically over the fire to be smoked. In doing so, the cooking time is greatly increased, giving a more gamey taste.

mass 20: races

Or maybe it should be species. Anyways. So with @mallosoar ‘s input, the race section is finally finished. So I am going to make that specific section publicly available for comment for at least 24 hours. Feel free to read over it, leave your comments. For any long or direct questions or comments to me i’ve set up mass-20 blog for specifically that.  

Feel free to leave any input you have in regards to grammatical errors, spelling, Dungeons and Dragons information, Mass Effect Lore Corrections, or any suggestion you might deem useful.

available here

ask direct question here

Reading the Mass Effect tag today has been an experience and by that I mean can this fandom stop?
-2 posts about MShep and ‘why would anyone play him lmao only fshep exists’: not everyone identifies with FShep or feels comfortable playing a female character. How many times will we repeat this? how many people will I have to block before I finally stop seeing those shitty posts????
-clear and intentional misinformation about Mass Effect lore in games and books: you all will reach very far to justify your hate, uh?
-the usual anon confessions about hating characters because obviously this fandom needs more character hate, what would we do without it?????

I don’t need to wonder why I don’t go through the tag every day anymore. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, really stupid question but I haven't played all the Mass Effect games yet. Why is Kaidan disabled? I don't mind spoilers btw. Thank you!

Dont worry its not a stupid question! Kaidan has an implant in his head, causing him chronic pain (migraines) Migraines, especially when they’re chronic migraines are considered a disability: “a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition that impairs, interferes with, or limits a person ability to engage in certain tasks or actions or participate in typical activities and interactions” (definition by merriam-webster)
In Mass Effect Lore biotics are somehow also considered to be a disability, especially when people have the L2 implant, which can cause tumors, chronic pain, mental illnesses (in game referred to as “madness” but let’s not use that word)

I hope I could help (if you don’t mind spoilers you may read the Mass Effect wikia page on Kaidan and biotics in general) 👽

I had the chance to ask Patrick Weekes ANYTHING about Mass Effect lore

…and I say this with no regrets: Fleet and Flotilla! 

The fact that it’s a fandom within a fandom is somewhere between hilarious and deeply fascinating! Plus anything Tali gleefully browses memes of is something I want to experience too! 

I went to a panel on Mass Effect lore at Dragon Con, and (after the panel) asked kind of open-endedly if he could tell me anything else about it, and here’s what he outlined:

  1. It’s a musical.
  2. The tone/feel is a combination of Gone With the Wind, Romeo and Juliet, and Roman Holiday.
  3. The plot involves some Quarians on some planet having trouble with some Geth. Some Turians arrive to help, but they and the Quarians disagree on how stuff should be handled.
  4. He wants to make the whole thing, but lacks the time/money/official prioritization to do it.

Here’s a list of positive things I experienced thanks to the trilogy and MEA. IDK if you feel inclined to do it yourself but if you do, tag me :) Would love to read and reblog yours. Thanks to @erughostcat​ for asking me a very meaningful question yesterday.

Mass Effect (trilogy) made me:
-find Commander Shepard who is my role model and main inspiration in life. I constantly ask myself “What would Shepard do?”
-realize that video games are fun, art comes in many forms and snobbism is silly
-have a better relationship with my brother because now we have something in common
-understand that not speaking English as a first language is not a reason not to publish or do anything online
-communicate better (still working on it tbh….)
-write better (same)
-develop technical skills
-replace bad habits with better ones
-get some hope back in my life
-feel like I deserve a second chance
-find people I love and respect
-get involved in projects that made me motivated and happy
-a braver person than I used to be

Mass Effect Andromeda made me:
-even more passionate about Mass Effect lore than I thought I could be
-feel excitement for so many months and even now it’s still there
-realize how much I love the trilogy, Shepard and the Normandy
-even more aware of the importance of representation in games: it matters and something should be done about it
-fall in love with new characters who already mean a lot to me (they’re not always who I thought they would be)
-aware of how complex relationships can be with issues and problems coming up again and again. We constantly have to decide the kind of person we want to be and how much we are willing to learn and change
-happy to meet new people in the fandom (it’s kinda creepy to say “we needed fresh blood!!!” but yeah, we kinda needed to alter old dynamics)
-appreciate my sense of humor. Sometimes you gotta laugh about things and you don’t need to take yourself so seriously :)