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Mass Distraction album:

  • Artist - Span mp3
  • Album - Mass Distraction mp3
  • Year - 2004
  • Genre- Rock


  • Found
  • Wildflower
  • When She Stares
  • Don’t Think The Way They Do
  • Peaceful
  • Papa
  • Stay As You Are
  • Missing In Stereo
  • On My Way Down
  • Buckle Under Pressure
  • Baby’s Come Back

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the era of mass distraction is over. Eccentric and extremely outspoken, George S. Need a gift for a gifted musician? The SoundCloud Premium accounts also come as virtual gifts and it takes only two minutes to get one. Head over to our Gift page and check. sometime in may, the domain will expire, as will all memories of this shit blog. The band brings its enthusiasm and. . Mass Distraction Weapons of Mass Distraction: A Love Story Sharyn Morrow records her thoughts on events and people in her life. Weapons of Mass Distraction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Weapons of Mass Distraction is a 1997 film starring Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley, Mimi Rogers, Jeffrey Tambor, and other stars in an ensemble cast, about two media moguls. Patton: Facts / Quotes

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On Fables
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As each trailer comes out and each show premieres, we can hear the collective groans. Another remake? Another retelling? Didn’t we just see Snow White last year? Why are there no original ideas in Hollywood anymore?  Some of these concerns have merit. Most don’t.

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Those are all… those are all side effects to me.  I think that’s all the distraction, the misdirection we’re being given.  There is something more insidious taking place.  It’s kind of a dumbing down of everyone.  It’s kind of complacency.  We have surrendered so much of our consciousness to manipulation through electronic media or other media.  We’re surrendering whole sections of our brain because we’re either too lazy or too tired or too unhealthy to combat it.  We’ve lost a spiritual connection somehow, and I think that’s what’s really taking place.
—  Peter Levenda, Dreamland The Dark Lord interview with Whitley Strieber 10/04/2013

thee-plithmus  asked:

Hey I am very, very, sorry for my unadulterated rant about Boko Haram and One Direction. It is just that whenever Boko Haram is mentioned, media outlets are swift to keep it quiet and instead show coverage of boy bands breaking up. I really wished that the news were more caring about the lives of those less fortunate and apparently I always feels like the news WANT those 300-500 women and girls kidnapped. And I really hope those kidnapped managed to start an uprising. Again I apologize.

I understand, I know where you’re coming from, and you should definitely feel free and encouraged to rant. Also, I know you don’t mean to actually do any of the things you said in your ask, that it was literally just you ranting out of anger and frustration. I have a lot of anger and frustration myself and ranting is great medicine for suuuuure. 

But I need you and all my followers to know that I abhor violence. Not only is it horrible in its own right, as a criminologist, I know that the solution to violence and abuse is absolutely NOT more violence and abuse. An-eye-for-an-eye criminal justice responses only introduce more violence and abuse into the world — period. 

So it’s absolutely not for me, please keep it out of my askbox. 

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A Changing of the Guard

by Alex Smith

The future of football is here. In fact, we’re already two years into the new league. Yeah, the game of football is always evolving, always has been, but there have only been a few moments when the game has truly changed.

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When I think about the classic games, I think of the games where players struggled for every yard in snow and fog. Now, with more and more games played in domes and on artificial turf, our chances to see another epic mud bowl dwindles and the prospect of a cold weather Super Bowl has become, according to Joe Flacco, “retarded.”

And each year new rules come into play. For next year, blocks below the waist have been outlawed. This past year saw the kickoffs moved up to the 35 yard line. Before that, new overtime rules came into play. In ‘99, instant replay and the challenge system was implemented. And, in ‘94, they added the option of the 2 point conversion.

But still, these rules just contributed to the evolution of the game, they haven’t shifted the entire dynamic of the league.

In 1906 the forward pass became an option and the quarterback became the most important position on the field. Sure, defense may win championships but only if they can stop the opposing quarterback. Whether it be a game manager or a member of the “elite,” the quarterback needs to be both competent and confident. 

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We put together a benefit show to collect winter clothes for homeless and impoverished folks in our city. Hoping for a big turnout. Starting snowing today already so this show can’t come soon enough. We will be delivering collected clothing items to homeless shelters and youth shelters in Edmonton.