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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Requested by @estel-of-the-eyrie

I’d love to request a Thor X F!Reader (I am trash forgive me) where they try to introduce him to video games, and some of the gang keep making references to games he has no idea about/ they keep arguing which video game characters everyone is? Please :)         

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Y/N.

Thor: My love, Samuel has introduced me to a game of grand absconding of vehicles!

Thor: And then he said the game is just a way to control real life!



Y/N: Why is THAT worse?

Y/N has added Sam.

Y/N: How’d you manage to convince him?!

Sam: Patience plus a well timed explosion courtesy of Wade.

Sam: No civilians were harmed.

Y/N: You can’t see me glaring at you, but I am.

Sam: Aww c'mon, it’s pretty funny.


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Thor eating the Poptarts because he hasn’t been to this realm in a while and maybe this is a delicacy and they are honoring him, or maybe they are poor and this is all they have to share and he is, above all things, polite to his hosts.

Thor being much happier when he gets to the diner and gets scrambled eggs because protein and do you know how much protein it takes to support that much muscle mass?

Thor tinkering with Darcy’s tazer to increase the power output after watching Star Trek episodes with Steve because her tazer only has a stun option and he wants to make sure that, if necessary, it has a kill option as well. She has shown herself to be a worthy warrior and will not abuse this power.

Thor bringing Asgardian therapists skilled in advanced PTSD treatment to Avengers Tower and locking Clint and Bucky and Steve and Natasha and Sam and Tony and whoever else is in arms reach in sessions with them. He never does it to Pepper though until she asks if it would be all right if she talked to someone for a while, and he apologizes and says “Of course.”

Thor volunteering as a sparring partner for Steve because as useful as a punching bag is, sometimes you want to hit someone, and no one else can stand up to Steve at full strength.

Thor going with Steve to visit the graves of all the Howling Commandos because he knows what it is like to lose friends and feel like it is your fault you weren’t there to protect them.

Thor getting Jarvis to set up an appointment with Tony’s tailor for him and coming back with a whole new bespoke wardrobe of suits. Jaws drop when he walks in to the main tower and he nods. That is the appropriate reaction to a Prince of Asgard entering the room.

Thor going to department stores and asking the sales girls to help him pick out a casual wardrobe because he knows that girls like touching his chest and he needs some t-shirts and jeans for when Tony has found another weird restaurant that they all have to go try. He’s perfectly capable of finding the right size by himself, but this way he has brightened some strangers’ days. Sometimes he gets Steve and Clint to come along and they get the most impeccable customer service.

Thor always buying a new outfit for Dr. Banner on these trips because he refuses to come along because he doesn’t like being touched but regularly needs new clothes.

Thor doing every Vine trend that comes along. Thor creating a few Vine trends, including one known as “The Hammer” and another known as “bilgesniping.”

Thor doing advocacy work for organizations that provide support to adopted kids.

Thor talking to Lady Sif at Natasha’s request about going on a date with Steve. Lady Sif punches Thor. So does Steve.

Thor giving the specifications for advanced vaccines against common diseases to Pepper so she can have her scientists at Stark Enterprises “discover” them.


unapologetically calls ghostbusters (2016) “ghostbusters” and ghostbusters (1984) “guybusters”

unapologetically calls female commander shepard “shepard” and male commander shepard “dudeshep”

unapologetically calls jane foster “thor” and male thor “odenson”

unapologetically calls black james olson “james olsen” and white james olsen “white jimmy olsen”

unapologetically calls kate bishop “hawkeye” and clinton barton “clint hawkeye”

unapologetically calls the defenders “matt, jessica, luke, and claire”


It’s amazing how people seem to skate over the fact that hulk killed a bunch of people in the arena (including korgs good friend doug)! Korg said “everyone who faces the grandmasters champion perishes” hulk is officially a mass murderer

A Way Out Part 2

Summary: After using a magical stone to escape his prison cell, Loki and you enjoy a nice life hidden far away from the Avengers. But is this new reality too good to be true? 

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none really, just an angsty ending

A/N: So here’s the end! I went for a bit of a different ending than the first part. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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Part 1

Loki tried to keep a neutral expression as he followed Thor and the Star Spangled Man with a Plan away from his cell. His hands were clasped together with tight metal cuffs. He felt the heaviness of the stone in his pocket with each step he took. Thanks to some clever slight of hand, he had managed to keep it out of sight during Thor’s pat down before leaving.

Loki just needed to time it perfectly, and he’d be gone soon enough.

It had been a week since you visited him and slipped him his escape route. A week since Thor had finally been able to convince the so-called Avengers to release his brother back into Asgardian custody. Seeing as it went so well last time, it had taken quite a bit more convincing to get Loki’s release. But apparently, Thor had been quite persuasive.

Thor and good ol’ Cap led him to an elevator where they traveled to the main floor of the Avengers Compound. The metal cuffs limited some of his powers, but the specially fortified concrete walls of his dungeon were what really held him back. As the elevator ascended each floor, Loki could feel more and more power surge through his veins.

The elevator door opened with a ding, and Thor and his comrade exited the small space. Loki couldn’t hold it back any longer. An impish grin overtook his face, and his teeth glinted under the white fluorescent lights. His shoulders shook with silent laughter at everyone’s stupidity.

Thor turned around uneasily and stared at his brother. “Loki?” he asked, stepping cautiously back towards the elevator. “What is it that has you so full of laughter?”

Loki stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I’m just imagining the look on your faces,” he replied. He shut his eyes and scrunched his nose. The metal cuffs came off with a sharp hiss. He chuckled as the heavy metal fell to the floor with a clang.

Thor lunged into the elevator after his brother. “Loki!” he shouted. Instead of tackling a solid mass, Thor fell right through an image of Loki and slammed into the elevator wall. Loki’s clone saluted Thor’s fallen figure and dissolved.

Steve spun around and came face-to-face with the real Loki. Steve swung wildly, but Loki managed to dodge all incoming attacks.

“You have a chance to go back home,” Steve fumed as he continued to punch the air. “Why risk it?”

Loki’s face relaxed, and for a moment, Steve would have said he almost looked wistful. “My dear Captain,” Loki cooed. “Have you always been this naive?”

Then he took the stone out of his pocket and smashed it to the ground, disappearing in a harsh cloud of black smoke.


Magical stones made great getaway tools, but they definitely didn’t have the same amount of pomp and circumstance one would experience with other methods of transportation.

So when Loki wound up falling straight into a dumpster, he was annoyed, but not completely shocked.

He stared up at the pale sky as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments, he pulled himself out of the metal canister and landed on the ground. Now that he was finally out of his prison, his power flowed more freely. But he had to be careful. Despite his cunning ability to deceive Heimdall, he didn’t need to draw unnecessary attention to himself.

Loki felt his body shake and realized he was shivering.  At first, he thought it was from the shock of traveling, but when he saw his breath come out in puffs in front of him, he knew it was due to the temperature. This place was much colder than he had been used to the last few months.

He walked to the edge of the alley and peered out into the street. It was early morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise over hundreds of colorful rooftops. Cars dotted the sides of streets, but the city appeared to be sleeping. Steeples peered out among the buildings, and Loki could see some sort of huge mountain in the distance. It was capped with snow, even though the buildings surrounding him were clear. He inhaled deeply and breathed in the scent of saltwater.

“Afsakið? (Excuse me)” a nervous voice asked from behind him. Loki whirled around and prepared to attack, but he lowered his defenses when he realized it was just a boy. He was still somewhere in Midgard, apparently.

“Hvað viltu? (What do you want)” Loki sneered, adapting effortlessly to the boy’s native tongue.

The boy stepped back, his eyes widening at Loki’s harsh voice. “É-Ég h-he-hef lykilinn þinn (I have your key),” he stuttered. He reached into his pocket and held out a shaking hand. A shiny gold key sat in the center of his palm.

Loki reached out and took the key from the boy. He held it up for closer examination. In the faint light, he could just make out the carving of a heart in the metal. He smiled and knew it was your handiwork.

The boy cleared his throat and pointed to a door a few yards away. Loki nodded his head in thanks and walked away. He could hear the boy scurry down the alley as he slipped the key in the door and unlocked the entrance to his new home.

The apartment was small and simple. Wood floors covered the entire space, except for the large rug sitting in the living room area. The edges of the rug spilled over into the quaint kitchen. Shuttered windows sat above the sink and allowed the soft, rising sun to peek onto the counters. Loki smiled at the fairly new appliances taking up the old-fashioned space. You loved your cooking, and clearly, you had put some thought into your new home.

His gaze landed on the coffee table in the living room. A well-worn book sat on top, and Loki picked it up. A Tourist’s Guide to Iceland. On the cover, Loki noticed the exact same mountain he had seen outside. So he was in Iceland. Definitely not a place on the Avengers’ radar.

Loki put the book back down and crept into the bedroom. His smile downturned when he noticed that it was empty. You weren’t here yet. Loki sighed and promptly yawned. The traveling had taken more out of him that he thought. After rummaging through the closets and pulling out new clothes, he managed to learn how to use the antique shower to wash the dumpster stink off of himself. The warm water felt magical on his sore muscles, and he barely made it to the bed before sleep crashed over him.


Loki groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Sunlight shined through the sheer curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. He tried to roll over, but something stopped him. A smile took over his face as he realized he was holding you in his arms. He had been so knocked out that he hadn’t even heard you come in or slip under the covers.

Your eyes fluttered open as Loki shifted in bed. “Hello, love,” you whispered, stroking his cheek.

Loki gently kissed your forehead. “Hello,” he replied. He moved to your lips, and the kiss turned more heated. You slowly sat up and framed his body with yours. The moment was interrupted with one unexpected guest.

Loki’s stomach.

It rumbled loudly, and you giggled against his lips. “Someone’s hungry,” you teased, peppering kisses against his stomach. You leaned up and hopped off the bed. You interlaced your fingers with his and pulled him up with you. “Then let’s eat!”

Loki sat at the kitchen table while you whipped together eggs and pancakes. He reveled in the way your hips swayed as you hummed a random tune.

“So what’s the plan?” he asked as you plated the food.

You chuckled. “Well, after we eat, I was thinking we could…” you quirked your eyebrows suggestively towards the bedroom.

Loki smiled as he speared some eggs. “I meant, what’s the plan for leaving?” he clarified.

Your expression fell at his words. “Leave? There is no plan.”

“You mean you plan to stay here?” Loki grimaced.

“You mean you don’t?” you shot back, crossing your arms.

Loki scoffed. “And live my life in this town just existing?” He walked over and put his hands on top of your shoulders. “I am meant for so much more. I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

You shook his hands off your shoulders and stabbed your fork at him. “You are burdened with a warrant for your head.”

“Details,” Loki shrugged.

Narrowing your eyes, you glared at him. “I risked everything for you. For us.” You clasped his hands. “We can start over,” you begged. “Please. Give it time.”

Loki’s eyes gazed into yours intensely while his thumbs gently traced circles on the soft fabric of your t-shirt. You had risked everything, and it was all for him. The least he could do was give this new life a shot.

He answered you with a kiss, which you returned eagerly. He lifted you up in his arms, and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.

You giggled and kissed him back. “I love you too.”

Your plates of food sat on the kitchen table as Loki carried you to the bedroom to show just how much he loved you.


Life in Iceland was a complete change from the life Loki was used to. Reykjavík was a small town with friendly people. Loki always altered his appearance slightly whenever the two of you went out, but no one ever paid him any mind.

You went shopping at the market every weekend after wandering around the town. It was small enough that you both had discovered the little eccentricities that made Reykjavík wonderful. It wasn’t uncommon for you to grab some food and eat in front of the water.

And the food! The food could be placed into a category all its own. Whether it was you cooking the local seafood or going out to a restaurant, Loki fell in love with the local cuisine each and every meal. It was certainly an upgrade from his prison cell.

While you both weren’t club-goers, you did enjoy wandering the streets at night. The sunset always reflected brilliantly on the water, and you liked listening to the different types of music seeping from club doors in the wee hours.

Despite its magical qualities, the spell of Reykjavík wore off eventually. You knew how much more Loki wanted out of his life. How much he wanted to leave. No matter what you did, it didn’t seem to change his mind.

Loki’s intense closeness during the beginning of your new life together slowly dissolved. His hugs became more lackluster, and his eyes lost their shine as you discovered a new part of Reykjavík.

At first, you tried to convince yourself you were imagining Loki drifting away from you. That he just hit a plateau with his freedom. He still loved you, you knew that much.

But one night it became quite clear that he didn’t love this life anymore.

The apartment was dark and silent, yet you found yourself awake in an empty bed. You sat up and looked for any sign of Loki, but there was none. Pulling back the covers, you carefully tiptoed out into the living room. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw Loki’s tall figure at the window. His face was streaked with moonlight as he peered out into the night.

“Loki?” He slowly turned around, and your heart sunk into your stomach.

As soon as you looked into his eyes, you knew it was over. They shone sadly as his mouth opened and closed, trying to form a sentence that would make it better. But nothing could make it better. Finally, he settled for walking over to you, cupping your cheek in his hand and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You blinked back tears as you covered his hand with your own. “I k-kn-know,” you stuttered. You swallowed thickly. “I know,” you repeated.

He nodded and clenched his jaw as a few tears of his own fell down his pale cheeks. He walked away, opened the door, and left.

You gave yourself ten seconds. Ten silent, excruciating seconds for him to have enough time to walk out of the building and leave. As soon as those ten seconds were up, a dam erupted inside of you, and you collapsed to the floor. Heaving sobs shook your body as you laid down on the cold wood. You so desperately wanted him to walk back through the door and tell you it was all a mistake. But as much as you wished it to be true, you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

You had given him a way out, and he had taken it.

But not in the way you had hoped.

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10 Favorite Fictional Characters

tagged by @elinw98 Cheers!

I’m gonna put these under a read-more just to avoid clogging anyone’s dashboard. I’ve got too many favorite fictional characters so I just said fuck it and went with the first 10 to come to mind (in no particular order)

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For my last post at my current age, have the rough beginning of the most painful fanfic idea I’ve ever had.

Warnings: Death, dying, grief, but it’s still me.  I promise it’ll all work out in the end.  It’ll just be a while before we get there.

Every time he changed, he lost himself for a minute.

He didn’t talk about it, he didn’t really like to think about it.  But every time he changed, for a minute, for an eternity of a minute, DJ Stark wasn’t anything.  He wasn’t a bot.  He wasn’t a human.  He was just a fragment of memory, a force of will, a consciousness without form, and it was at once the best and worst thing he could do.

Because for a moment, he had complete control over his existence.

It was heady and terrifying and foreign and familiar, all at once, and when it was over and done, a physical form dragged him back to earth. Gave him weight.  Gave him boundaries.  Gave him rules to follow and limitations to try to overcome.  

He missed that instant of being weightless.  Especially when he woke up with a pounding ache behind his temples and a sour stomach.

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My Dash is Looking Dead...

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