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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Requested by @estel-of-the-eyrie

I’d love to request a Thor X F!Reader (I am trash forgive me) where they try to introduce him to video games, and some of the gang keep making references to games he has no idea about/ they keep arguing which video game characters everyone is? Please :)         

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Y/N.

Thor: My love, Samuel has introduced me to a game of grand absconding of vehicles!

Thor: And then he said the game is just a way to control real life!



Y/N: Why is THAT worse?

Y/N has added Sam.

Y/N: How’d you manage to convince him?!

Sam: Patience plus a well timed explosion courtesy of Wade.

Sam: No civilians were harmed.

Y/N: You can’t see me glaring at you, but I am.

Sam: Aww c'mon, it’s pretty funny.


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unapologetically calls ghostbusters (2016) “ghostbusters” and ghostbusters (1984) “guybusters”

unapologetically calls female commander shepard “shepard” and male commander shepard “dudeshep”

unapologetically calls female thor “thor” and male thor “odenson thor”

unapologetically calls black james olson “jimmy olsen” and white james olsen “white jimmy olsen”

unapologetically calls harley quinn’s true love “poison ivy”

because white straight men are not the default


Thor eating the Poptarts because he hasn’t been to this realm in a while and maybe this is a delicacy and they are honoring him, or maybe they are poor and this is all they have to share and he is, above all things, polite to his hosts.

Thor being much happier when he gets to the diner and gets scrambled eggs because protein and do you know how much protein it takes to support that much muscle mass?

Thor tinkering with Darcy’s tazer to increase the power output after watching Star Trek episodes with Steve because her tazer only has a stun option and he wants to make sure that, if necessary, it has a kill option as well. She has shown herself to be a worthy warrior and will not abuse this power.

Thor bringing Asgardian therapists skilled in advanced PTSD treatment to Avengers Tower and locking Clint and Bucky and Steve and Natasha and Sam and Tony and whoever else is in arms reach in sessions with them. He never does it to Pepper though until she asks if it would be all right if she talked to someone for a while, and he apologizes and says “Of course.”

Thor volunteering as a sparring partner for Steve because as useful as a punching bag is, sometimes you want to hit someone, and no one else can stand up to Steve at full strength.

Thor going with Steve to visit the graves of all the Howling Commandos because he knows what it is like to lose friends and feel like it is your fault you weren’t there to protect them.

Thor getting Jarvis to set up an appointment with Tony’s tailor for him and coming back with a whole new bespoke wardrobe of suits. Jaws drop when he walks in to the main tower and he nods. That is the appropriate reaction to a Prince of Asgard entering the room.

Thor going to department stores and asking the sales girls to help him pick out a casual wardrobe because he knows that girls like touching his chest and he needs some t-shirts and jeans for when Tony has found another weird restaurant that they all have to go try. He’s perfectly capable of finding the right size by himself, but this way he has brightened some strangers’ days. Sometimes he gets Steve and Clint to come along and they get the most impeccable customer service.

Thor always buying a new outfit for Dr. Banner on these trips because he refuses to come along because he doesn’t like being touched but regularly needs new clothes.

Thor doing every Vine trend that comes along. Thor creating a few Vine trends, including one known as “The Hammer” and another known as “bilgesniping.”

Thor doing advocacy work for organizations that provide support to adopted kids.

Thor talking to Lady Sif at Natasha’s request about going on a date with Steve. Lady Sif punches Thor. So does Steve.

Thor giving the specifications for advanced vaccines against common diseases to Pepper so she can have her scientists at Stark Enterprises “discover” them.


I will never understand why people think Thor is stupid or incapable of navigating the everyday life on Earth on his own. Easy going nature and optimism are not signs of mental disability, and, as far as I know, the amount of muscle is not disproportionate to one’s brain mass.

Thor is capable of charm and manipulation, he is confident and has zero social anxiety. In real life, those are the people who will succeed no matter the odds.

In Thor, after he loses literally everything, Thor does not break, he simply accepts the situation and goes on living. Wiser, more subdued and less arrogant, yes, but essentially he stays the same person - brave and kind, with a good, selfless heart. 

In Thor we see him asking questions and learning in stride, and, no matter his obvious unfamiliarity with Earth’s customs, he adapts quickly. 

So yes, I do see why someone like that would find himself incapable of buying his own clothes, or understanding the value of blending in. 

[more of this thing - now tagged #clint and natasha’s a+ parenting]

Clint was just settling into the pleasantly empty-minded space that came with real focus when he felt a prickle on the back of his neck that let him know he wasn’t alone. Please be Nat, he thought as he turned. Please be Nat.

It wasn’t Nat.

Loki was perched on the bench by the door, feet swinging about six inches above the floor and watching Clint with intense interest. Clint shifted uncomfortably. “Don’t stop,” he said, blinking those wide green eyes at him. “I did not mean to interrupt.”

“What are you doing down here,” Clint said roughly. Loki smiled brightly as though pleased by the question. 

“I asked Sir Jarvis where you were and he said you were down here practicing with your bow, so I came down to watch.”

“This floor is locked,” Clint said. The kid’s eyes slid away from his and he looked just a little guilty.

“Well, yes,” he said. “But it was not very complicated to get past it, and I really wanted to watch you.” He looked back at Clint, eyes widening, looking a touch nervous. “Am I in trouble?” 

Clint blew out a breath. “Don’t you have anything more fun to do than watching someone put arrows in a target?”

Loki’s narrow shoulders hunched a little. “No, not really. Thor is gone and Dr. Banner and Mr. Stark are locked in their lab, and Mr. Stark told me specifically not to disturb them. Captain Rogers is on a run and Sir Jarvis would not tell me where Agent Romanoff is.” Smart, Natasha, Clint thought, but he also felt…a little guilty. A moment later Loki brightened, though Clint thought it looked a little forced. “But I am also very interested in your craft! My brother tells me that you are the most skilled marksman on this realm.”

Clint felt warmed by that. “Nice of him to say,” he said. “But surely you’ve seen people shoot bows before.”

Loki shook his head. “I have not. Training Master Hengrist says that a bow is a cowards weapon and not worth learning.” 

Clint frowned. “What? Bows are awesome. This Hengrist guy is talking bullshit. Why, because it’s ranged?” 

Loki nodded solemnly, looking a little downcast. “He says the same of magic. That it is trickery and dishonorable, and a true warrior uses a blade.” 

Clint turned more fully to face Loki, eying him. Like his adult self, the kid was slender - no, skinny, long-limbed and awkward. He didn’t have the muscle mass Thor did - just not the same build. Clint didn’t have to think too hard about how he would fare in a straight up fight against boys who were built a little more sturdily. He didn’t have to think too hard to imagine what it would be like to be told your skills were worthless, either. 

“Listen, kid,” Clint said, not sure why he was bothering. “Fighting from a distance isn’t cowardly. It’s just smart.” Loki looked at him, seeming to be considering. “Besides,” Clint added, “Training Master Hengrist sounds like he has a stick up his ass.”

Loki giggled, giving Clint a quick little smile.

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