mass thors

unapologetically calls ghostbusters (2016) “ghostbusters” and ghostbusters (1984) “guybusters”

unapologetically calls female commander shepard “shepard” and male commander shepard “dudeshep”

unapologetically calls female thor “thor” and male thor “odenson thor”

unapologetically calls black james olson “jimmy olsen” and white james olsen “white jimmy olsen”

unapologetically calls harley quinn’s true love “poison ivy”

because white straight men are not the default

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Mass Text // Steve & MCU Avengers
  • Steve: The collapse of SHIELD has made a lot of things feel uncertain. But us, this team, I never thought that was one of those uncertain things. I'm interested in keeping the Avengers a strong unit who can serve in times of need, and if possible I'd like to build it up even bigger.
  • Steve: As far as I'm concerned, every one of you who fought and bled with me in New York will always be an Avenger. Guess I'm just checking to make sure that's something you still want to be.