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Hey all!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve had my head down with some projects that hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about soon!

In the mean-time, with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda bearing down on us, I thought I would make a quick post collecting some of my Mass Effect related art!

If you enjoy any of these, please take a quick gander at my Society 6 Shop  and see if there are any you would like to pick up!  The support is incredibly appreciated!

The line of march

Defend Russia and Syria. Fight fascist Trump. Oppose CIA coup and Democrats’ anti-Russia witch hunt. Organize working people for self defense and revolution. Patiently explain.

Nobody ever said being a communist would be easy. But it’s essential that we be clear and stand strong in the midst of mass confusion and ruling class misdirection, even if we must stand alone for a little while.

pt 2 of me taking a digital art class: my future fryder!! her name is stella


Mass Effect minimalist class “posters”

And they’re done! They’re not 100% accurate, but hey I haven’t worked with Illustrator in a long time, this is as accurate as I could get with these.

Also don’t repost/claim as your own (why do you think I slapped my name on those). I’ve worked 3 hours on them.
But I might release .png files in gray colors for people who want to use them in edits, perhaps. If you peeps would be interested that is.

Been wanting to say this for a long time so here we go:

Can we please collectively stop making fun of the “meth fandom” or w/e the fuck nomenclature we’re using to describe real people who finally have a space and community to talk about their substance use? Like I’ve seen posts lump this part of tumblr in with literal fucking neo-nazis and if that doesn’t strike you as fucked up i don’t know what else i can fucking say to you.

I’ve even seen this shit from leftists. Like how can we recognize that capitalism is built on the exploitation of labor and mass disenfranchisement of working class people - and then turn around and mock people who use stimulants to cope with the godawful hardships of that life? If you can’t recognize meth users humanity, then what the fuck are you even fighting for?

I have adhd, but I still abuse my stimulants because my body literally cannot produce the amount of labor necessary for my survival. Thousands of others do the same. We’re not that different from the people on here using meth. Everywhere ~drug users~ turn, we’re denied the chance to talk about our own experiences in our own fucking language. We’re denied the chance to find our own community and engage with it on our own terms. Especially us women who use. Why propagate that shit here? What do you gain by mocking us and people like those in the ~meth fandom~? Who are you helping?

And i know this probably describes only a sliver of my followers, but I hope it’ll reach further. Because honestly? Some people on here need to step the fuck off. 

I’ve never seen a post on my dash condemning this phenomenon (which is often treated like a joke, like it’s not about you know, real fucking people), and that’s fucking bullshit. I’m not saying no one’s said this before, but I sure as fuck haven’t seen it. We can do better. We must do better.
Sanders: If Trump has the 'guts' to take on corporate America, he's got an ally
President-elect Donald Trump will find himself with an unlikely ally If he makes good on his promise to be an economic populist challenging corporate America, Bernie Sanders said Thursday.
By Edward Mejia Davis and Jeff Zeleny, CNN

Remember when we said that Bernie Sanders didn’t care about women or people of color? 

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I remembered this post about biotics and how their “power” would be meassured (tho as far as I know biotics are actually meassured in Newton(?) as in force applied to surface or smth) so I wanted to try and edited the biotics’ colors. But I included the temperatures (in Kelvin) in the desc of these edits bc why not, I used Wikipedia as a reference since I’m no scientist.

Also I think it’d be interesting if biotics could change color based on their power level, it would be like an indicator for the biotic that they’re getting better/stronger. On the other hand, maybe the other biotics would be shamed by stronger biotics bc they’re “still in the red zone” soooo…that’s that.

I really deeply hate phantom and nemesis enemies from the bottom of my heart bc god DAMN they’re so awful to fight

but also I’m sort of proud that by far the strongest fighters Cerberus has are women you feel


When my Shepard was remade at the beginning of ME 2, I chose the Vanguard class instead of the Soldier I had played in the first game. Yay for recreating my profile. But I feel the game missed out on a trick, of not ever mentioning that my Shepard had become a biotic. That they COULD be made differently,
upgraded. If it was so important that Cerberus make them exactly as they were, why allow for character changes when importing a character
from a precious game?So in my head-canon, Shepard struggles with now
having biotic powers. Kaidan is incredibly pissy with Shepard over them being different, and it is a key element to their break-up. Samara is supportive and helps train them up in the new powers they have. Anything over the game world never acknowledging the change.

I’m trying to write this paper for my Mass Communications class and I keep typing ‘Maas’ instead of ‘Mass’. I have written ‘Maas’ so many times that ‘Mass’ now looks like its spelled wrong