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Sleep deprived, man...

Ryder: *walks in* Jaal, Have you seen… *sees a horrified expression on his face* What are you doing?

Jaal: *reading Fifty Shades* Reading… Liam said it was a good read and insisted I read it but it has nothing to do with the color grey and I am slightly horrified by the events taking place in this storyline.


Me, playing as the Inquisitor: desperately trying to jump and scale my way up the biggest mountainside.

Also me, playing as Ryder: desperately trying to boost the nomad and jump jet my way up the biggest mountainside.

this of course doesn’t excuse anything in Andromeda such as the various instances of bury your gays and the whole thing with Gil but

I did find a trans character, Bradleys assistant on Prodromos, Hainley Abrahms. You don’t know unless you talk to her and ask why she came to Andromeda and she mentions starting a new life and her old name and the only options are to congratulate her or ask why she picked the name she did 

and she mentions waiting for her fiancee to get out of cryo so they can get married and well she’s just a small character but it was nice to see a random trans character who gets a happy ending

im crying I just set up that news receiver on Voeld and I spent 10 minutes fighting a giant fucking beasty thing by running away in panic while my pals shot at it from afar (a la Arishok battle) and I FINALLY beat it… and set up the tower… and I got back in the nomad and then I fucking. ran over the satellite dish next to the tower trying to turn around because I am, a very very bad driver, I keep getting banter on how Vetra is terrified of my driving. and the satellite is one of the games just like placed objects and it… fell over. and of course in game there’s no way to stand it up and it doesn’t actually matter for the plot/quest but it’s so fucking funny im just. this is who Ryder is apparently. she goes to honestly excessive lengths to help people and then fucks it up right at the end and just drives away instead. ok. ok.


save him

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