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Ireland just became the world's first country to stop investing in fossil fuels
Bill will drop coal, oil and gas investments from Ireland Strategic Investment Fund

Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels.

The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in favour of dropping coal, oil and gas investments from the €8bn (£6.8bn) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the Republic’s National Treasury Management Agency.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Thomas Pringle, is likely to pass into law in the next few months after it is reviewed by the financial committee.

“This principle of ethical financing is a symbol to these global corporations that their continual manipulation of climate science, denial of the existence of climate change and their controversial lobbying practices of politicians around the world is no longer tolerated,” Mr Pringle said.

“We cannot accept their actions while millions of poor people in underdeveloped nations bear the brunt of climate change forces as they experience famine, mass emigration and civil unrest as a result.”

Once enacted, the bill would force the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to sell its investment in fossil fuel industries over the next five years.

In 2015, Norway’s sovereign pension fund divested from some fossil fuel companies, but not all.


The Chinese Onyx Dias are a special forces group tasked with mass crime elimination and suppression. Mainly they focus on organized vandal groups and anarchists, such groups are commonplace due to the ease of living and scarcity of majority employment. While China is one of the few nations to still maintain a prewar government system even strong patriotism was not able to stave off mass unrest after the post war mass automation. 

With human labor nearly worthless and no greater code of ethics to abide by enforced by a primary world power or alliance most civilized places practice mass suppression and distraction tactics regularly. Either through hyper consumerism or forced activity. 

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hello. I was reading your fic with exr where a person cough up flowers if their love is unrequited, and this quote "Sometimes they were carnations. Red like him" made me remember somtg: In portugal, we had what you call the "carnation revolution" in 1974. It is considered the most peaceful revolution. What began as a military revolution led by the army, quickly became a mass movement of civil unrest - part 1

part 2 - a revolt by idealistic young army officers quickly turned into a popular uprising when the troops were joined by jubilant crowds, They took less than 24 hours to bring down Europe’s longest-lived dictatorship and signal the end of the last colonial empire in Africa. It became known as the Carnation rev bc a flower vend. distributed carnations between the people and soldiers, almost no shot was fired, EVERYONE had a carnation in their gun or clothes,  "It was a coup like no other,“ recalled Swiss journalist Werner Herzog, who reported on the revolution."The atmosphere was more like a party,” “It was the most original revolution of the 20th century,” veteran Socialist politician Jose Magalhaes told a parliamentary gathering. I JUST… Enjolras would’ve loved this. Sorry for the spam :) i just found it very symbolic that you chose that flower when it means so much for the freedom of my country. YES, WE GOT OUR FREEDOM LIKE THAT!! OK NOW i’m thinking about this revolution and Grantaire being the one distributing carnations ahaha :D

Ohhh my God this is actually amazing. For one thing, I’m the biggest slut for hearing true revolution stories, nothing ever gets me more excited. It makes my boyfriend roll his eyes because the moment I hear the word ‘Revolution’ It’s like my neck snaps backwards to attention and the kill bill sirens begin to play!

Secondly, I’m huge on history. Especially- you guessed it- history that involves revolution. But managing to successfully protest without violence is such a rare treat and it warms my little pacifist heart!

This is an incredible read, thank you so much for sharing. 

And for the AU- imagine street merchant Grantaire falling in love with the idealistic soldier, the Hanahaki begins and to solve his overabundance of flowers he begins to sell them on the street. When he begins coughing up too many carnations to sell, he starts giving them away- at the exact same time Enjolras’ revolt is starting.

Enjolras falls in love with Grantaire during the uprising (the carnations becoming a talking point for the both of them- Enjolras is just so perplexed, how on earth does he seem to have more every day when he gives out so many? Where on earth are they coming from?) The flowers stop the same time the revolution does- due to overwhelming success, Enjolras can now focus upon other things. Like how the flower vendor has suddenly stopped selling flowers, is smiling so much brighter, and is selling paintings of the uprising on the street.


Can you handle the truth? Fair warning, reality is stranger than fiction, but if you are brave and wish to see the world in a way you’ve always known was there but was too afraid to consider it might be true… Please take my hand as I guide you on a walk through the heart of twilight zone.

-Disclaimer: I will be providing very little to no evidence to support the claims in this post. Rather I am outlining a conceptual background for you to gain a clearer foundation in your pursuit of the truth. How can you piece together the puzzle if you don’t know what it’s even remotely going to look like? This picture may appear a little crazy, and in some ways terrifying, but I assure you if you do your homework and research these claims you’ll be surprised with what you find.

-Chapter 1 - An introduction to a cosmic view: The universe is freaking teeming with life! Life is everywhere!!! If you know anything about quantum physics you likely know that physical matter only renders itself into existence when it is being observed. In an unfathomably large unknown cosmos with a known 500 trillion galaxies(that’s five hundred, million, million ,million) that’s a lot of matter to be observed and generated if you don’t mind my saying so… If the universe is 14.5 billion years old or infinite the fact of the matter is our civilization is very late to the game of development and evolution. What if I were to tell you that there is massive, thriving interstellar community and they are no strangers to earth or our civilization? Too crazy for you? Then swipe on past this post. If you’re ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes then this is my gift to you.

-Chapter 2 - The Reality that has been unjustly kept from you: You are a slave Neo. You live on a slave world. This planet is the centerpiece in a chain owned by an interstellar corporate conglomerate. These cosmic dictators are no aliens, rather they are a select few corporate and economic superpowers(rather supervillians) whom over the past century and a half have stolen and hidden major technological advancements that should have been released to the public. But instead they were hoarded away and utilized in militaristic development programs to create the foundation for a secret break away civilization. The society you live in is at minimum 70 years behind in its technological growth. In all likelihood the current advancement in technology humanity has attained is 100’s of years beyond what is commercially available.

The majority of UFO’s reported are actually man made craft. I mean this in the sense we have successfully reverse engineered and learned how to construct our own interstellar vessels. Human beings from modern society have been to not only other bodies in our solar system but in others as well. Star Wars like technology exists, from hyperspace travel to trans-galactic faster than light communication through what is known as “dimensional physics”. But those in the know dare not speak out, because the few that have like Phil Schneider have all been murdered and had their families destroyed.

Why?!… Why.. that is the question… And the answer has quite a few answers and complexities. Those involved in these break-away programs are many, and thus there hold many mixed emotions and opinions on the matter. Not everyone involved in this conspiracy know the full picture either, in fact very few do. For some it is the fear of mass unrest and vindication from the public over the decades of lies and hardships. Some are simply addicted to power and control, these corporate tyrants would lose all of their power and status in society if free energy, antigravity, and trans-dimensional technology were to come out. Certain sects in this breakaway civilization are completely engaged in trade with our interstellar neighbors. As I said before we are slaves.. In the military industrial complex there is such a thing called compartmentalization. Like in the Manhattan project you can gather hundreds, thousands of people and get them to build an atomic bomb for you without their knowledge. We are producing both many of their products and the materials for them. But that is only one side as this trade gets darker. Like we’ve done to our own for so many millennia we’ve actually sold humans as slaves to other worlds for who knows what purpose.

But you must understand there is also a spiritual component to this behavior. It’s time to get over our silly semantics and realize we are all talking about the same god damned thing. Potatoes-potahtoes it’s still that lumpy brown thing that goes good with chives. Christians call it God, philosophers call it consciousness, Buddhists call it that, physicists call it the unified field. It’s all the same thing and you are all part of it. YOU ARE GOD, We are all God, we are all I, and we all know we are I… We are literally the I’s(eyes) of God. Because of this we are all immensely powerful beyond our comprehension. We literally shine the sun, we make the earth go round, if nothing was here to experience it, the matter wouldn’t render into being as stated by the double slit experiment. And there are those who wish to take that power from you and consolidate it into their own. Because you are God they cannot do so without your permission. This is why you’re entire life has been structured in a fashion that causes you to submit, give in, and consent to things you don’t want to do. Like the sleaziest lawyers they always put it in the fine print and the language between the lines. Through half truths and tempting lies they’ve hidden this reality and your own power from you.

The force is real, there really is one all unifying, driving, interwoven force that binds all living things. This force is consciousness, pure awareness. Think of consciousness as a sandbox within which an infinite array of experiences can manifest in any degree of senses, dimensions or degree of detail. Reality is simply a physical metaphor for what is occurring in the mind. You could call them force powers or psychic abilities but things such as visions, telekinesis, and mind reading are just an evolutionary advancement in an Individuals perception and ability to access the information available to their consciousness. There is in one form a light side and in another form a dark side. The two primary emotions upon which all others stem are love and fear. These two vibrations like to spread themselves like wildfire, everyone knows laughter and fear are contagious.

Part of this secret interstellar society sees themselves in what we could describe as sith lords 😂 they literally feed off fear. This sounds hard to believe but if you’re a compassionate soul like me, you know that super awesome feeling you get when make someone’s day, help a homeless person, or bring a smile to someone’s face? Well these guys get the same thing from hurting people and forcing them to live in fear 😰 and to a much higher degree because they haven’t had the higher understandings of consciousness hidden from them allowing them to refine their connection and application of it.

-Chapter 3 - Resolution: I realize the claims seem like an iconic tin foil hat conspiracy theory, but over my years of daily research this is a brief summary hitting on some lesser talked about aspects of the global agenda.

For those of you who actually consider and investigate this hypothesis, when you look at the world I hope you look at it with the same level of amazement and wonderment that I do. Instead of becoming consumed with the daunting image of an enemy like the shadow government, realize its all part of one whole thing. Really consider what society you are living in, how crazy it actually is, and how exciting a time it is to be alive on this earth. A disclosure movement is underway, more and more each day eyewitness testimony is being promoted online, secret documents are being leaked. They won’t share any of it on the news, so it is our job to promote and spread the awareness on anything we’ve discovered and verified to be true.

As I always state in posts like this, be cautious of all the information that comes your way. Consider your sources, research the credibility of any possible documents related to your research in uncovering the truth. There are real sources out there, but to combat them an ocean of crackpot theories and disinformation campaigns have overtaken the Internet.

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October 17th 1905: October Manifesto issued

On this day in 1905 Russian Tsar Nicholas II issued the October Manifesto. The manifesto was mainly the brainchild of Count Sergei Witte as a response to the Russian Revolution of 1905. The ‘revolution’ was a period of mass unrest against the government and due to general frustration with working conditions and poverty. The tsar’s manifesto promised civil liberties and an elected Duma (parliament). However, the provisions were not enough for many and civil liberties were still limited. This contributed to the success of the 1917 Communist Revolution.

TITLE:   Second Chances


AUTHOR:  Rainefyre



          “Agent,” Loki snapped at me, “will you put that thing away before one of us gets hurt?”

          I opened my eyes to find Loki once again staring down the muzzle of my 9mm.  “You have got to stop touching me in my sleep,” I tell him with a sigh as I place it back under my pillow.

          “I wouldn’t have to if you weren’t so trigger happy.”

          “Ughh, whatever.  What do you want?”

          “Tony has called a meeting in 10 minutes,” he said as he turned around and left.

          I clawed my way out of bed and threw on a pair of black yoga pants and a black crop tank, pulling my hair up as I walked out of the bedroom.

          I didn’t really think about the change in Loki’s attitude toward me until I walked past him on the way to the kitchen.  He was sitting in his chair, the laptop Tony had given him on his lap.  As I passed, he slammed the screen down so I couldn’t see.

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Demilitarize, Disarm, Disband: If the Leaders Support the Police Then They Are Part of the Problem

We have a serious problem in this country (many, actually) that is police terrorism against black communities and POC. You know, it’d be one thing if the system was set up to protect people from unaccountable violence from people in positions of authority. But that’s not the case.

In support of this deeply embedded and terrifying problem of racialized police violence, is the representative political process of managers to whom people appeal for nominal changes and reforms to at very least, please and thank you, *hold accountable* killer police.

Mainstream organizations who want status, recognition, funding or negotiating power for those “accountability reforms” tend to shy away from more structural changes like demilitarization, disarming the police, abolishing the police or banning them from particular communities pending structural changes toward restorative “justus”. Because we might have to discuss what that actually means if the power structure does not “choose” to disarm, demilitarize or disband a failed strategy (for non-whites) of organized policing and occupation.

But while this debate happens, and the people in power pay lip service to the oppressed rising tide of black power, we should look at the meaningful effects of reform as it is practiced.

In Los Angeles the police union just successfully negotiated a 8.2% pay increase over the next 3 years including over-time. Forget the lawsuit pending over a brutal sexual attack by Olympic Division police against a woman of color in Koreatown who was thrown from a police vehicle trying to escape and suffered major injuries. Or the murder of a man in Pomona just last week at the hands of an LAPD officer now fired to save the department from having to address it’s institutionalized violence.

In Arizona this week the Senate approved a bill to protect the identities of police involved in executions and serious shootings for at least 60 days meaning that we will need to investigate the police OURSELVES and determine justus OURSELVES.

This is not a power structure that is levying pressure against the police to take seriously the cries of the oppressed, surviving family members of executed people at the hands of cops or victims of police brutality and state repressive violence.

Again, the people in power are in support of the problem (which is POLICING of poor communities of color most targeted by white supremacy, anti blackness, capitalism and so many other violently enforced hierarchies).

The organization of the police and the local city and national government are intertwined to an inseparable degree. So let’s be clear, when we are asking for reform how does that reform actually comes down. If they won’t actually reform away from institutionalized interests of police power, then they must be disarmed (at least). Either way the casualties of this white supremacist for-profit property-over-black-life system has got to stop.

If they don’t disarm, what does our own ‘intervention’ to stop police violence actually look like? If they don’t demilitarize, what does organizing for self defense actually look like? If they don’t disband, what do we need to do to organize a force capable of keeping our comrades and extended communities from their prisons and early graves?

Would this mass unrest and support of black rebellion and self defense result in anything other than catastrophic violence at the hands of the state and it’s police agents? If there is such a period of heightened conflict and violence, is that not also a reason to prepare for revolutionary war?