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I think I might be a little inactive for a day or two.

At least less active. I think I want to really sit down and redo my theme (I’m not satisfied with the current one) and do a navigation, go through and do a mass post editor and tag things properly and all of that so that things are cleaner and easier to use and navigate.

My queue will run! I will check in but I might not be as present on the dashboard! 😘😘

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[/joking] it's been twenty years, when will kanji have a tag

     [ I’ve been waiting so long for this ask that my hair went grey, anon ….
the short answer is I might as well do it tonight. the long answer is as long as it takes me to realise it’ll take me too long to reply p4 enough to pull dialogue from his s link in a natural way and should just give in and watch it on youtube for a tag instead ]

Mass Tag Editor?

I’m not talking about tumblr’s mass editor tool. It’s hardly useful if your blog has over, say, a thousand or so posts.

I’m talking about something to let you select all posts with a certain tag. For example, if I want to take all my posts tagged “.homestuck” and make them just “homestuck” because I’m starting to realize how bad of an idea the period was for fandom/shipping tags. I could just continue by using “homestuck” from here on out but that rubs me the wrong way for archiving reasons. Having half my Homestuck posts under one tag and half of them under another does not appeal to me in the slightest.

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Archive Update

I know finding characters of your own type is something of a mess since I’ve been answering asks … SO … I went through and added new tags. If you don’t want to sort through type comparisons, questions, etc., you can now use the “c:” tags to find characters of your type. I’ll work on re-organizing the rest of the tags better later, to easily find certain asks, but in the meantime you can find character groupings by clicking on the c: ??? tag or using c: (insert type here) in the search engine (ie, c: estp, c: isfj, etc).