mass shootings in america

Let’s get one thing fucking straight

The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill

He planned this out

Picked the weapon

Picked the event

Picked the hotel

Picked the room

He knew damn well what he was doing

He is sane

And he is a fucking monster

Stop trying to humanize him

Stop dragging those that actually suffer with mental illness under the bus

Stop acting like we’re the problem with gun violence

Stop IGNORING how this monster LEGALLY got his hands on 17 semi automatic rifles –modified them to make them automatic– then got enough ammo to kill 59 people and injure over 510 more

Stop letting people say that this isn’t about gun control

Stop tolerating the bullshit because it’s the easier thing to do

Start speaking the fuck up because you don’t know when you’ll end up watching people die around you just because you went out to have some fun

other countries: literally have gun control laws that work to the point where they haven’t experienced a mass shooting in years

America: hmmmmmmmmm,,,,, nah, won’t work, not possible,…

Mass shooting

follow up post here discussing gun control.

There’s been another mass shooting in Texas, at least 27 dead after someone opened fire in a church. Among the dead were several children, a pregnant woman and the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter.

After the shooter emerged from the church, an armed neighbor exchanged gunfire with him, hitting the shooter, who fled in his vehicle. Neighbors apparently followed him, chasing him into the next county, where the shooter crashed his car. The shooter was found dead in his vehicle. Officials said it was unclear how the shooter had died.

It baffles me as to why this is continuing to happen. It’s honestly absurd. We’ve become so desensitized to all of this, yet if you stop for a moment and think, This cannot keep happening. Politicians keep saying they will try and solve this, that they know how to fix this issue, but nothing is changing.

Let’s not send prayers, send emails and letters to your senators and mayors. Prayers aren’t going to change legislation. 

i am fully aware that stricter gun control regulations would not be an immediate fix to all the mass shootings just because america has long fostered a culture of violence and terrible tragedies are destined to happen no matter what… but literally what negative impact would stricter gun laws have?? maybe it wouldn’t be an immediate fix because “people will find a way to get them anyway” but is it not a step in the right direction?? like, i genuinely for the life of me can not understand why anyone would be against this 

I just read that the Las Vegas shooting was the 273rd mass shooting in America THIS YEAR. As a Brit where guns are banned it is just shocking that there is not more uproar in the US over gun control. How can mentally ill people or anyone get access to weapons that have no other use but to cause mass casualties you will never need for self defence. How long will it take and how much more hurt does there have to be before actual regulations get put in place? It is just such a horrific thing to happen and so easily avoidable with sensible regulations.

there’s been a shooting in a Sutherland Springs TX church, 20+ dead including shooter

* Shooting happend in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas

*At least 27 dead (including a pregnant woman and children confirmed by Texas rep Henry Cuellar ) and many in critical conditon

*Gunman not yet identified but is deceased after giving chase, not known if they took their own life or killed by police

Please update if more information is given


Devin Patrick Kelly identified as gunman


Can we stop with the guns now? Can we stop having news reports of yet more massacres? Of course not. Why would our loved ones be more important than our right to bear arms?
Seems as if we want to take away rights to citizenship after one person from beyond our borders turns around and hurts others, but when a locally born white male shoots up a crowd of unarmed people we aren’t willing to let that one person “ruin” our right to have excessive amounts of firearms available to the general public.
Let’s take a note from Australia. One mass shooting was enough for them. How many more is it going to take to be enough for us?
My heart goes out to the people in Las Vegas last night, as well as the people at Pulse nightclub, Virginia Tech college, and Sandy Hook elementary school. Ten years of hate, death, and pain just off the top of my head. This has to end.

“Other developed countries don’t have mass killings like the U.S.”


>19 December 2014; Cairns, Australia - 8 children killed in a stabbing attack

>18 November 2011; Sydney, Australia - 11 killed and 20 injured in arson attack at the Quakers Hill Nursing home

>18 July 2009; North Epping, New South Wales, Australia - 5 killed with a blunt instrument

>7 February 2009; Churchill, Victoria, Australia - 10 killed in an arson attack

>23 June 2000; Childers, Queensland, Australia - 15 killed in an arson attack


>2 June 2010; Cumbria, England - 12 killed and 11 injured in a mass shooting

>7 July 2005; London, England - 52 killed and over 700 injured in a bombing

>The laundry list of bombings committed mostly by the IRA -


>12 July 1989; Luxiol, France - 14 killed and 8 wounded in a mass shooting

>23-24 September 1995; Sollies-Pont & Cuers - 15 killed and 4 injured by a perpetrator wielding a .22 rifle, a hammer, and baseball bat

>29 October 2001; Tours, France - 4 killed and 7 injured in mass shooting

>27 March 2002; Nanterre, France - 8 killed and 19 wounded in a mass shooting

>7 January 2015; Paris, France - 12 killed and 11 injured in the Carlie Hebdo mass shooting


>16 May 1999; Dillingen, Germany & Sierck-les-Bains, France - 5 killed and 11 wounded in shooting

>1 November 1999; Bad Reichenhall, Germany - 4 people + 1 cat killed and 7 people wounded

>11 March 2009; Winnenden, Germany - 16 killed and 9 injured in a mass shooting

>19 September 2010; Lorrach, Germany - 4 killed and 18 wounded in a mass shooting

In other words, anti-gunners;

alright here are the facts:

  • the largest mass shooting in american history happened in vegas only a little over a year since the LAST largest mass shooting in american history that happened in orlando. america breaks its own record way too quickly.
  • the shooter was an old white dude. he was a terrorist. he was not mentally ill, and even if he happened to be mentally ill that sure as hell isnt why he shot those people. he wasn’t a lone wolf, whatever that means. he was a terrorist. if the shooter had turned out to be a poc like every racist was hoping for, people would be screaming “terrorism” until their throats chapped, well this is no different. this was terrorism committed by a white man (and statistically white men are the ones who commit the most mass shootings in america anyways so this really shouldn’t be news)
  • we need guns to be banned, or AT LEAST heavily regulated. at this point anyone who says otherwise is not only an idiot, but they are insulting the victims of vegas, of orlando, of sandy hook, and of whatever other place a mass shooting has taken place. i would try to name them all but there are too many to remember, to count, to keep track of. it happens so often here, it’s easy to almost feel as if mass shootings are normal and something that just happens. well it isn’t and they aren’t. this is terrorism, terrorism shouldn’t be the norm. we need to stop supplying these people with weaponry, with GUNS. if anyone tells you “now isn’t the time to talk about guns” they are full of shit.

After the deadliest mass shooting in American history and Americans are still trying to defend their right to bear arms, an amendment that is more than 200 years old… all I know is that last year I tried to cite a source from 1995 and my English teacher wouldn’t accept it because it was “too old to be relevant”