mass seduction

You Should Be Singing

subway songs
sung by unsung singers
there’s a hero
there locked inside
bravery in bridges
choruses chimed with courage
how can a stranger
get so deep inside
I feel you…
every line and verse
it pays to rehearse
when you sing for your living
untold joy you are giving
uniting unrelated random people
to one another
never underestimate
the power of your voice
armed with music
you’ve got a weapon of mass seduction
so get out here
if you’ve got a song
you should be singing

FollowCB | Copyright 2017


Cards Against Humanity co-founder takes sex game to Kickstarter

What the…that’s right, fuck! That’s what Weapons of Mass Seduction is all about!

Weapons of Mass Seduction plays like an indecent version of ‘Would you rather?’ in which you win points by guessing whether your opponent prefers favors like “Ask another couple if you can watch them have sex.” or “Whip opponent with riding crop.” The rules will never tell you to do what’s written on the cards, that’s up to you.

The game comes with 200 cards written by us, couples we know, porn stars at Randy Blue productions, FetLife users, MENSA members, Comic-con goers, our friends at Chicago Queer Tech, Fleshlight CamStar Natalie Star, and strangers on Tinder that Kaitlin performed unsolicited research on.

We made Weapons of Mass Seduction for Valentine’s Day 2013 and have been messing around with the favors and rules ever since. We think it’s pretty great, please check it out and support us!