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Facts from the 2014 UK Editions of Harry Potter
  • Before the Hogwarts Express, some young wizards and witches made their way to Hogwarts on broomsticks and in enchanted carriages
  • There are other fractional platforms at King’s Cross station. Try 7 1/2 for a trip to wizard-only villages in Europe. 
  • It took five and a half minutes for the Sorting Hat to decide whether to place Minerva McGonagall in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
  • Several Hogwarts students have caused mayhem at King’s Cross by dropping suitcases full of newt spleens or biting spellbooks all over the Muggle Station.
  • Peeves the poltergeist caused a three-day evacuation of Hogwarts in 1876 after escaping a trap set for him armed with several dangerous weapons. 
  • The one exception to the general magical aversion to Muggle technology is cars. Even the Ministry of Magic owns a fleet, modified with various useful charms. 
  • Many wizards were unhappy with the invention of the Muggle-like Knight Bus, and refused to use it when it first hit the streets. 
  • Headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts can teach their magical portrait to act and behave exactly like themselves. 
  • Sir Cadogan’s most famous encounter was with the Wyvern of Wye, a dragon-like creature, whom he accidentally killed with his broken wand. 
  • Only one non-magical person has ever managed to get as far as the Hogwarts Sorting Hat before being exposed as a Squib. 
  • Of the Eleven wizarding schools in the world, the African school of Uagadou is the only one to select pupils by Dream Messenger, leaving a token in the child’s hand whilst they sleep. 
  • The 1809 Quidditch World Cup final turned into a human versus tree battle when one of the players managed to jinx an entire forest to attack the stadium. 
  • The Hufflepuff ghost, the Fat Friar, was executed after senior churchman became suspicious of his ability to cure the pox by poking peasants with a stick. 
  • Every year St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries treats at least one injury caused by homemade Floo powder. 
  • Before she became a teacher at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall used to work for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic. 
  • Part of the process of becoming an Animagus requires you to carry a leaf from a Mandrake in your mouth for an entire month. 
  • A Dark wizard called Raczidian was devoured by maggots that appeared from his wand when he unsuccessfully attempted to cast the Patronus Charm.
  • Any part of a person’s body can be added to the Polyjuice Potion to allow the consumer to take their form, including hair, toenail clippings, dandruff or worse…
  • Remus Lupin’s father, Lyall, was a world-renowned authority on magical creatures like poltergeists and Boggarts. 
  • It took 167 Memory Charms and the largest mass Concelment Charm ever performed in Britain to modify a muggle steam engine and create the Hogwarts Express. 
  • Students from the Russian Wizarding school, Koldovstoretz, play a version of Quidditch where they fly on entire, uprooted trees instead of broomsticks. 

Yes, these are all canon. Thought I’d type it up to have it as a text reference. Enjoyyy. 

internet and gaming media: “So we’re all in agreement that Mass Effect Andromeda is an unplayable glitched-up turd of an unfinished game?”

me, apparently the only person on the planet who has had a smooth playthrough with few if any noticeable glitches:

Breaking theistic satanism stereotypes
  • Sacrificing animals, children and humans in general

Actually, doing so is banned. Satanists are viewing everything that is alive as sacred.

  • Using drugs in rituals

Although some smaller sects tend to use psychodelics, most of us stay away from that kind of thing, but we believe that everyone has their own right to do whatever they want.

  • Defractionized Christianity

Most see us as Christians that want to rebel and show how cool we are. There is a group that view Satan as shown in the Bible, but there are people. who see him as Seth, Enki or a completely different deity.

  • We’re full of conceit, vanity, cockiness and feeling superiority

That’s called  “satanist superman syndrome”. It doesn’t happen that often, and most of us grow out of it in some time. 

  • Raping people and kidnapping virgins

Rape is banned. So is kidnapping. End of story.

  • Selling soul

No, we don’t “sell our soul” for wishes such as fame, money or sex. Instead, we perform a dedication rite when we pledge our loyality to Satan out of pure love and not demanding anything in return.

  • Black Mass

It is supposed to get rid of any Christian residues left inside of us before the dedication rite. But as I mentioned above, no goat sacrificing and raping virgins. It’s usually a regular mass filled with satanism symbolism or performed backwards.

  • Being evil

Satanism reaches much further beyond the concept of “good” and “evil”. We simply have our own morality, but I’ve never heard about a satanist being what would be considered “evil”.

  • Eating cats

That’s just plain stupidity.

  • Burning churches

That was a practice of Norwegian black metal music lovers in the 90′s, not satanists.

  • Destroying cemeteries

Digging up graves, smashing tombstones, performing Black Masses on the cemetery… We’ve all heard it. But do we do it? Nope.

  • Hating Christians and Christianity

Although it’s true that most of us don’t have that great opinion on it, but we believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want and worship whatever they want and we’re not supposed to pick on people we’re not agreeing with.

  • Using curses

Some of us do, some of us don’t. It all depends on a satanist opinion on it.

  • Destroying the world is the ultimate goal of a satanist

Nope. We seek to empower ourselves and be equal as gods. 

If You’ve managed to read all of this and not ignore me, please, pass it on. I don’t care about the number of likes and reblogs, I just want people to finally understand what we really are. It really hurts to be ostracized from the occult community and society because of this disgusting stigma. 

Thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda after 4 hours
  • I love seeing Mass Effect architecture with up to date graphics, the reflective floors, ceilings and panel fixtures look damn gorgeous everywhere looks like a medbay and my computer is begging for salvation
  • Liam is really quite endearing and I’m liking his attitude a lot, I didn’t even try to flirt with him when we bantered on the couch it was just.. chill
  • I would die for Kallo Jath
  • My refrigerator dwelling sister is beautiful and must be protected at all costs (see source a. me frantically stuffing her pod w bags of frozen peas and cornettos)
  • I saw the tall tremendous dinosaur lady and I’m phoning C-sec as we speak 
  • “It is now forbidden to dwell outside your designated residential areas when the Tempest is docked at the Nexus, the lighting coming in through the windows is fucking awful and ya’ll deserve better than that”
  • Multiplayer is so dope 
  • Character creator is limited but suits my purposes
  • Cora could murder me with a flick of her weave and I’d finally know peace
  • @ the person who prioritised bringing that shitty ass couch along to the Andromeda galaxy……. how extra?? I better find a copy of fornax down the side of this binch
  • I’m ready for Bioware to raw me next week


Heaven’s gate was a religious UFO cult in San Diego, California. They believed planet Earth was supposed to be recycled (wiped clean, everyone dead) and the only way to survive was to leave immediately.

They believed that their bodies were vehicles only meant to help them on their journey. They performed mass suicide, but defined this suicide as going on to the “next level”. 

They thought that there only means of escape would be to board their souls abroad a space craft that was trailing comet Hale-Bopp.

The cult rented a 9,200-sq.-ft. mansion. 

Thirty-eight Heaven’s Gate members, plus group leader Applewhite, were found dead in the home on March 26, 1997. In the heat of the California spring, many of the bodies had begun to decompose by the time they were discovered. Autopsies were carried out on the corpses, and medical examiners found the people had taken cyanide and arsenic. 

The members took phenobarbital mixed with pineapple, washed down with vodka. Additionally, they secured plastic bags around their heads after ingesting the mix to induce asphyxiation.

 Authorities found the dead lying neatly in their own bunk beds, faces and torsos covered by a square, purple cloth. Each member carried a five-dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets, said to be for interplanetary toll.

You can read more about them here in this Wiki article

Only one of the group’s members, Rio DiAngelo/ did not kill himself: weeks before the suicides, in December 1996, DiAngelo agreed to leave the group so he could ensure future dissemination of Heaven’s Gate videos and literature. 

What’s really creepy is how this reddit user e-mailed them and they responded! (click picture to enlargen)


katsstories  asked:

Got a scary horse story? (H3)

Horses can be on the scary side anyway when you remember that they are the species most likely to send a veterinarian to the morgue. This is made worse when working with people that don’t really understand horses as well as they think they do.

The case that made me decide to stop mixed practice was a horse with over confident owners. The horse had cut itself on the inside of a hind leg, and was not the sort of creature that was happy to let you pick up its feet anyway, so even getting a half decent look was going to be hard, and suturing the skin flap under local would be impossible.

The decision was made, after discussing the various risks of anaesthesia, to knock the horse out and close the wound. I would have liked to have had a competent nurse with me, but didn’t have that option with it being a public holiday.

Horse anaesthetics can be dangerous, for everyone involved. The horse is a large creature with powerful muscles that can flail its limbs to devastating effect. While it is going under anaesthesia there is the danger of it falling badly, either on itself on on you, and they can go into an excitement phase where they kick, trash, or stagger around. If this happens, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop a disorientated 400kg+ horse except get the hell out of the way.

This horse did not go down quietly. It decided, as the anaesthetic took effect, to rear up and attempt to cartwheel backwards.

Now imagine you’re at the front of the horse when this happens. Neck and feet flailing in front of you as the horse rises higher and higher. 

The owner, for some reason, was more worried about the horse’s safety than her own, and was trying to yank the lead rope down to stop the horse cartwheeling. This was a stupid thing to do because firstly you can’t stop the horse anyway, and secondly you’re placing yourself in the middle of the danger zone.

So I grabbed the lead rope from the owner, yanking it forcefully out of her hands and shoving her away.

It was then that the horse went over.

With me holding the rope.

Now I am not a frail lass. I’m pretty heavy, but that’s nothing to a full grown horse that’s proceeding to trip balls. I was lifted momentarily off the ground, hooves flashing near my face and the lead rope tearing through my hands.

Tearing is the right word. It burned. Texture in the rope tore away at the skin of my hands causing such pain coupled with fear that you would not believe.

I couldn’t look at my hands. I just couldn’t. They felt like they were on fire but I would have to drive myself to hospital and now the horse was anesthetized on the ground, I only had one chance to close the wound. No way on earth would the owner, who was now a mess despite the fact that they were not injured and I was, would allow me to knock their precious horse out again.

In shock, with hands that felt like they were still on fire, I started stitching up its leg. I wont claim it was my best work, far from it, because I was not in a good state and acutely aware that I was now kneeling at the back legs of the horse, which was probably a more dangerous position to be in once it started to wake up.

And I wouldn’t have long. 

I got a few sutures in, my dexterity was awful and the surgical scrub stung badly, before the horse started to twitch and I was out of there. I made sure the thing recovered ok, left instructions and drove myself to hospital, clutching the steering wheel with the little undamaged areas of my palms, still not being able to bring myself to look.

It was a strange fear that played in my mind. Obviously i had survived because I was now driving, though probably not as alert as I should be. I was fearful for my hands, and my future.

You need enough feeling and dexterity to function as a vet. You have to be able to feel the texture of a mass inside an abdomen, perform delicate procedures through gloves, sense a vibration in a pulse when you’re up to your shoulder in a cow. If I lacked feeling or sensation, I would not be as good a vet as I should be.

When I was at the hospital I found out I had second degree burns on eight fingers and both palms. I also realized, as the adrenaline faded, that my glasses were missing and I had a bruise on my right cheek.

The glasses, as it turned out, had been crushed under the horse, and I hadn’t noticed.

It must have hit me.

That was my last horse anaesthetic.

Was The First Thanksgiving In Florida?

On September 8th, 1565, more than fifty years before the famous Pilgrims and Wampanoag “First Thanksgiving,” one Spanish Admiral Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés waded onto a sandy shore in Florida. A number of curious members of the indigenous Timucua tribe watched as he kissed a cross, then claimed Florida for both his God and his country.  Avilés was not alone, but had brought 800 new colonists with him. They were there to start an outpost of the great Spanish Empire. The colonists set up a makeshift alter, still watched by the Timucua, and celebrated a thanksgiving Catholic mass performed by one of the priests they had brought along, to bless their safe arrival.

Then the Spanish and the guest Timucua sat down for a communal meal. Was this the “true” First Thanksgiving? It could be argued both ways. In the end, what I take away is that the Pilgrims’ claim will always be disputed.

What Do YOU Want? Pt. 10

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff *******VERY light smut

Word count: 4,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 

(A/N: All right we’re not even going to comment on the word count anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this part and hope you all enjoy reading it!)

Originally posted by selva3bd

You were grateful for Bobby’s patience as you sat in silence, unable to reply to him as your anxious mind attempted to process everything that happened in the last ten minutes. Jiyong and you had been in the same room for the first time in well over six months and only one of you knew this; the same one that remained sat in a fetal position on the ground, limbs trembling beneath a wave of uncertainty. The way he spoke about you with Bobby had your head spinning.

You needed answers.

With a deep breath, you closed your eyes and attempted to preserve your sanity amongst the chaos. “Well, I’m ready to hear it if you’re ready to tell it.”

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Amon helping Donato when he was young.

Something that many people pointed out like @kingkishou is that it seems like Amon was helping Donato with killing the kids at the orphanage. Yet there is actually a lot of proof backing it up.

One of the biggest things is that it appears that Amon is wearing Altar serving clothing. One of the things about altar serving is that an author server helps a priest with everything in a mark without performing the mass themselves. Which could be symbolic of Amon helping Donato with everything except the actual killing of the other children. Also along with that Amon seems to have secs of blood on him, and a blanket kept closed with a belt, dripping blood right next to him. He is also wearing a mask which is important because the odor from decomposing bodies can make someone sick

Yet, in an early chapter of Tokyo Ghoul it was so subtly hinted that Donato after he learned Donato’s secret was going to be forced to help him.

Donato tells him that he is going to follow Donato with his lie and that from here on out they are no longer going to play house. Which means that he pulled Amon into helping him after he discovered what Donato was doing. He was probably forced to do things like keep the other children from finding out, and storing the bodies for Donato, as shown from what was in the basement with him.

So, then why does Amon use the cross as a symbol of his repentance 

Well, it could be as simple as he was given the cross before he started helping Donato or it is a part of Amon’s total denial and refusal to accept what he did in order to survive as a child.

Lie to Me | 06

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets. - Now, getting more and more involved with them, you slowly find out about their past and what happened to them to become like this. 

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS Jimin x Reader
Word count: 3,9 K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Originally posted by marikit257

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razzmatazz1  asked:

Hey there! I don't mind if this get's answered publicly or privately, though I'm a bit nervous to ask it. I've been writing a novel about something similar to a zombie apocalypse. The 'zombies' are created from a disease affecting the brain and nulling the pain and rational thought centers. I was wondering how they would kill. Is it wise of me to allow them the use of weapons, or would they simply rip their opponent apart? is there something else? Am I lacking in any areas with the disease? Thx!


No lie, I think about this all the time. 

I’m going to answer this publicly because I feel like this is something that can help a ton of other writers. This might seem long winded, but I promise that I am going somewhere with this. 

When writing about mind control and similar epidemics, it is important to create guidelines and boundaries that you can follow throughout the plot: causes, effects, cures, symptoms, infectability, and susceptibility. Setting these before you begin writing will save you a lot of headache and plot holes later on. Creating diseases as devastating as this is classified under world building, so keep the effects of this when you are fleshing out the rest of your world. You brought up the topic that would be categorized under the actions of the disease. Whether the infected tear apart their victims or use weapons depends a lot on whether the infected are aware of their actions, or if the disease allows them to access parts of their brains that control awareness. The use of weapons requires a lot of steps that lead up to the actual use. How to hold the weapon correctly (at least generally), how to aim, if reloading is necessary, the list goes on. Guns will objectively be more devastating than a baseball bat, but if the person isn’t able to figure out how to use a gun, they will find another way to do harm. If you decide to make the disease affect the motor cortex, which might happen if your disease attacks an entire lobe and the surrounding matter, how far can the other areas of the brain compensate for the lost function (more on that below)?

If you are leaning more towards the traditional physical assault, with or without the craving for brains, it is important to think about how much damage the infected person can actually cause. Human beings are pretty resilient; we are designed not to break without a significant mechanism of injury. Think through whether you want the disease to somehow cause superhuman strength, whether that be increased adrenalin or somehow increasing muscle mass and performance. There is some anecdotal evidence that people have gained super strength in life threatening positions, as in a mother being able to lift a car to retrieve her children, although this has not been widely studied. It is theorized that because the adrenaline that is released during times of stress reduces the feelings of pain and increases the blow flow to the muscles, the inability to feel pain and increased oxygen to the muscles allows for improved performance. This may or may not be enough to rip a human apart, but that all depends on your creative license. 

Now, you say that the disease only affects the rational thought and conscious pain centers, which are mostly contained in the frontal and parietal lobes, respectively. Conscious pain is being aware of being in pain. It is generally unlocalized, and generally comes later than the unconscious response. Unconscious pain is the reflexive action that a human takes when presented with pain stimulus through the skin and/or muscle. It is the jerking away that happens when you accidentally prick your finger. If you are going for damage to areas instead of specific functions, look at some brain maps and figure out what other functions will be inhibited from the disease. If the disease attacks specific lobes, is there any risk of it spreading to the surrounding gray matter? Having dulled pain reflexes would mean damage to the nerves in the skin and muscle as well. Depending on how far into this you want to go, you could come up with a reason that it only affects the wanted lobes (a tumor-like mass might do the trick). 

Something that I often think of while trying to fall asleep is how does a person kill a zombie? Since they are technically dead, would it not be possible for them to be practically dismembered by still be able to spread and attack? How much does the brain actually control in that case? Would incinerating them with a flame thrower do the trick? A lot of this has to do with your world and how you structured your lore. The way you described your infected zombies does not sound like the stereotypical undead, but rather something closer to an ant being infected with an ophiocordycep. The question of how they are defeated still stands, however. It seems to me that any fatal amount of damage to the human host would be enough, but since these zombies do not feel pain, how much force does it take? Probably enough to cause some sort of shock, but that is something to keep in mind when creating your disease guidelines. 

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

xx Sarah


The Chinese Art of the Crowd

Whether the subject is military parades or world-record attempts, mass exercises or enormous performances, the images are frequently remarkable. The masses of people can look beautiful or intimidating, projecting a sense of strength and abundance. Individuals can become pixels in a huge painting, or points on a grid, or echoes of each other in identical uniforms or costumes.